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Topic: Elements / WAR

War has now started and it’s to late to signup.

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Topic: WarLight: Multi-Player / Game improvements

I already posted this in comments field but I’ll add it here as well.

Boot timer
It would be great it the boot time was adjusted so it gave you less time early and more time later when you need it.
1,5 minute the first 5 turns
2 minutes turn 5-10
3 minutes 10<X

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Topic: Elements / WAR

Play another war has started. Feel free to join and ask questions.

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Topic: Elements / Ed's quick tutorial for beginners.

Hi people. I know that most people like short text and thats why I’m gonna make this as short as possible.

For you who want to keep your old deck
•Keep deck at 30 cards
•Never play more than 2 elements
•Try to focus you deck for extra speed and efficiency.
Your decks should be able to beat lv3, if you don’t feel free to ask for help in chat. Note these suggestions only applies to beginners.

Pre made super decks

This deck beats Lv3, pvp1 and bronze. If you get arsenic you can add it for a monumentum.

This deck works vs Silver and lv4 with acceptable win rate.

This deck works vs false gods. Use this guide to play it correctly
If you like another false gods deck ask for Limitless speed in chat. ( note it demands 5 uppeds )

Common questions
•What is the fastest way to gain 500 score?
Play pvp1. It should not take more than an hour

•How do I upgrade cards?
Finish quests than 1500 each card

•What rare weapon should I pick?
I’d suggest either discord or arsenic

•How do I get rare card?
They are obtained in spins or in oracle

•Why can’t I play false gods?
You need to gain 500 score first

Pro tips
•If you need help with deck ask in chat. Also don’t forget about elements official forum_

•Never sell nymphs or other rare card. Everyone who does it later regrets it.

I hope this helped! Feel free to ask more questions in chat, Ed.

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Topic: Elements / Time deck help

Hi undeadNecro. Feel free to post your questions in this thread and I’d be happy to help you.

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Topic: Elements / Elements-dead-game

Grinding + pvp +arena. I think you missed the most fun part of the game. The official forum.

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Topic: Elements / Corrupt a Wish, Elements Style

Granted, but only spammers posted here.
I wish I could play guitar like Jimmy Hendrix.

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Topic: Elements / PVP SERVER IS DOWN.

Originally posted by Sychu:

How does looking at the number in the lowerr corner somehow guarantee that it’ll be fixed. If the maintenance of the server is up to kong then i think it nay be fixed but if up to the sole developer this game will probably slip by the way side as he/she seems to have abandoned this game. (+server fees)

The server went down half a year ago. The developer fixed it after 6 weeks I think and added patch 1.25 and 1.26. So if he will fix them again he will most likely change patch again.

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Topic: MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 / How long does it take to complete the sun temple??

Originally posted by XXXXZ:
Originally posted by gamebuilder15:
Originally posted by Agalloch:

Tell me something, I already end Sun Temple, why I didnt get that badge?

probably because you need to complete the sandflow caves and dark temple too…

If that’s a medium badge, I don’t want to know how long it takes to get the impossible one! o_O

I think the Sun Temple is complete once you replace the warding stone, or maybe once you talk to the priest that gave you the quest (the one with the silliest hat!)… The impossible badge takes at least 40 hours, unless you use the walkthrough the entire time.

I managed to complete the game with the impossible badge in 20 hours. I’m sure you could do it faster if you didn’t read the plot. O and I did use the walkthrough.

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Topic: Elements / PVP SERVER IS DOWN.

Yes server is down and have been for almost 2 months now. I make this since more or less 10 comments have been made in the comment field and several hundreds in chat.

NO one knows when it will be fixed. What we do know is that it will be fixed.
Best way to find out is to check left down corner where is says elements 1.326 when that changes the servers is most likely back online.

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Topic: Elements / Happy Belated 5th Birthday :D

Ah the first 5 years been good, let the coming 5 be even better. Congrats elements! Way to go!

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Topic: Elements / Depression (Hilarious Aether-Light)

Atm the forum is more or less out of function. YOu can use it but only if you change org to all the time which is very annoying. Wait a few days and try again and I’m sure it will work.

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Topic: Elements / Possible invincibility tactic

This is my version of it. It’s actually quite okay but other decks are better.

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Topic: Elements / Lost Password

Originally posted by JadinSu:

Hi, can someone plz tell me how I can get my password back for this game???? Cos I put my email in when I made the account so I could recover it, but I cant see a ‘forgotten password’ button to get a link to a password reset? Could someone plz post the answer in the forum below? Thanx in advance!

Please ask that question here.

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Topic: Elements / How many nymphs do you have?

Originally posted by qazzaq123:

Light Nymph today wooooo! :D

You so lucky. Haven’t goten a single nymph on my main this year I think…. While you gotten several. Congrats

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Topic: Elements / any idea on killing FG with a non-upgraded deck?

Originally posted by GIRTHQUAKE:

Youre right…

I am crazy…

Oh well.

On another note Girthquake have you an account on the forums?

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Topic: Elements / Ask a simple question, get a simple answer.

Wops seems like this thread actually fill a purpose and is used a lot. :)
On a second note Girthquake best way to learn is to try so feel free to try to help maybe you both learn something new.

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Topic: Elements / Ask a simple question, get a simple answer.

Originally posted by qazzaq123:

I got 1, When is update 1.4 going to be added to the game lol :P

It all depends on zanz and his activity and atm he hasn’t said anything. So approximately 4-10 months hopefully.

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Topic: Elements / Ask a simple question, get a simple answer.

This is a exact copy of the official forums thread named the same thing

And the text is the same too:

“The premise is simple, if you have a question, and no idea where it belongs, post it here. We’ll be sure to answer it for you.”

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Topic: Elements / how do people get 1,500 electrum

Originally posted by marksingh12345:

i want to upgrade my cards

I’m happy to answer that question in chat or here.

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Topic: Elements / How do you make use of Shard of Bravery?

Originally posted by yensama:

- Your opponent draws 2 cards, 3 if your mark is Fire. Draw an equal amount of cards.

I just received it. The situation I can think of its use is when you are ahead. How do you use it?

Typical chat question, no need to make a thread for it. Ask me or anyone in chat and you get the answer.

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“This weekly tourney is:

I won’t update this anymore since no one seems to read it.

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Topic: Elements / Account problems

Okay. Well it was a long time ago I made a new account so I don’t remember anything of this. Well I do recommend you to make a real account either way if you want to play the game on main site and so on. Things like this regarding the game is things only the developer can change and he is to bussy to fix that. And your account name will most likely be removed when the developer clear server space and remove all accounts with less than X score/plays.

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Hey dear elementalists.
I’m one of those who has hang around for quite some time here and I’ve noticed that people tend to ask the same questions over and over again. So here I will give you an introduction to the forums and also keep you up to date with events and stuff. Feel free to ask me questions in pm’s, chat or here.

Link to forums

So to start with, what is the forums?
The forum is a place where lots of stuff are happening all the time. There are thousands of different decks and many viable grind decks, there are all kinds of events and pvp tourneys with prices, you can come up with card ideas that might be added into the game and a lot of other stuff as well.

How to join the forum
You don’t need an account to watch decks and so on you only need an account to post and join events. ( Note that as well as the game the forum aren’t money grabbing and is all founded by donations and commercials( which there is none at the moment )
After you singed up you could start by making a post in this thread

Now remember always,always read the Read this first thread before posting anything. People will take you a lot more serious then.

Now you are free to join some events.

Battle league=BL
This is the most played event on forum I guess. The rules are simple: you play other people that has joined the event; best of 3, the matches in Bl has no restrictions besides uppeded cards are banned as well as shards. You are free to come up with certain rules for the particular match with your opponent if you want to. After a match you have to post the result in a thread and you will gain and lose score based on the score of the other player. The player with highest score at end of season will win.
You can join this here.But don’t forget that you will need a forums account first to join. I suggest reading the long version of the rules too!

Champions league=CL
Same rules as Bl but you are allowed to play with uppeds. I don’t recommend you to join this if you have less than 100 uppeds. Same link as above if you wanna join^

Weekly tourney
Note that you will need 10 forum posts to join this event!
Every week there is a tourney on forum, the top 2 will get a mark/nymph card of choice. The time is different every week so in the long run everyone may be able to join. The rules are different every week but it’s use to last around 3 hours and is always best of 3 and is single elimination, brackets can look like this.
I also recommend you to read the long version of the rules. SO you know what to do if you disconnect and so on.
Here is a link to the tourneys.

Elements official chat
Well this is the best place to ask question and to get deck help. People are very friendly so don’t be afraid. This is also a good place to find bl/cl opponents and it’s here you join tourneys

Okay that is the most essential on the forums. Now I will talk a bit about the other sections.

Card ideas and art section=CIA
This is the place where new card ideas are born. Feel free to make your submission but always read the Read this first thread first.
CIA section

To submit and watch other decks
Well this is quite easy. Go to the main page and scroll down to Post Deck Ideas Here and you will find an endless amount of decks.
If you are looking for a grinder deck you can check this thread.

Okay thats about it this time. I will keep this up to date and will add all the new events and happenings that is coming up on forums. I might add a deck helping guide somewhere here to and how to go from noob to false god(Fg) slayer.

Hope this helps and see you around Blacksmith