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Topic: Game Design / Game Released-Feedback For Sequel

I think being able to permanently clear out monsters would be great. Possibly if the sequel follows a similar story line I would just make it so that each area has been “infected” by the shadow and you have to purge it by defeating the boss. At that point the enemies would remain dead, but perhaps you could use a special item to “reinfect” the area and with stronger enemies. I feel that could work nice, sort of as a built-in newgame+. Then I would be able to add environmental eye candy that differs when it is infected and purged, to increase the atmosphere.

I feel as though the xp web, while maybe a nice idea, is a bit impractical and not very user friendly. It may be better to just have a more standard level up screen involving different perks, and it would probably be nice to add some that can reduce the effects of terrain.

Trying to figure out what to do with terrain was a little difficult. I wanted to keep the need to perform skillful jumps and avoid obstacles like in many platformers, but as you said, the actual combat was very easy to deal with in comparison. I would either need to make combat more important or make skills that affect platform navigation.

I feel that it may be better to just try and blend combat more into the level design itself, or make obstacles deal damage and knockback players instead of instakill, so that getting injured by them would make subsequent combat more dangerous.

As long as I slow level progression down a fair bit, I feel that could bring a lot more balance to the game.

As for bosses, it would be beneficial to spend a bit more time on them in a sequel, right now they are kind of lacking. I could have added many things such as your suggestions, but I ended up settling for “at least functional”.

Thank you for your input! I think with more polish and the removal of some of the clutter the sequel could be much better. There were several ideas I added, like crafting, because it seemed like crafting would be neat to have, but that just made it cluttered and harder to get to the good stuff. I suppose I need to do what has been suggested several times and write out my intended features and then cut out half of them, and then cut it in half again. Would likely be beneficial in getting straight to the point of the game.

Thank you!

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Topic: Game Design / Game Released-Feedback For Sequel

After 5 months of waiting for a sponsor on a game that I spent too many months on, I was finally able to get my game that I started on last year released to the public!

I decided that this would be a great place to get more in-depth discussion of certain elements compared to feedback I might get in the comments. Basically I felt that in the end the game had become rather poorly balanced. This could be attributed to several things including a wonky skill tree, easy leveling and possibly too weak enemies.

The game was supposed to be an freeroam-ish world with level design of games such as Super Meatboy, with a fluid combat system and RPG elements.

With that in mind, what would have been the best way to handle leveling up in a game such as this. Does the level design work in this setting or was it actually a little underwhelming?

I plan on making a sequel at some point, what do you think could be done to improve a game such as this to make it a truly great game? I had always thought having an RPG in a Super Meatboy type world be great, but what needs to be done to make it work better?

Here is the game (Ratings are appreciated)-

Thanks for any contributions!

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

Actually I want to take this next post space as well, (honestly only because so far I have had the top post on each page of this thread so far)

@TiltedHalo I am enjoying the new pictures! There is something about your drawing style that makes it seem very unique to me, of course I have never really looked at various drawing styles of different people, but of my friends who draw, yours is rather different from what I normally see, but in a good way!

@Mmebunneh I really like the metal scenery! Exactly what will be done with it after all the various layers are finished, will it be all put together in a frame? I suppose that would make sense and I would really like to see it once it can all be viewed together with depth and lighting on the frame!

@Oboe 3d modeling is something that I have been interested in for a while, I would love to see further works beyond the turtle!

I have been working on a smaller game based off of “Hidden Valley Ninja” for the past week or two and have been trying to make a thumbnail for it. What I ended up with is not too bad I don’t think, but I don’t think it would be that great as a thumbnail.

First the original version:

And a slightly modified version:

I am still figuring out what new things to add to this post. In all this time I have mainly been working on the programming side of things, and don’t actually have much art to show.

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

I have been working on several projects for the past few months, and I will pull some of it all together and edit this post with it. Along with my replies to the other posts.

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

@Gabidou The logo would benefit most if you either made the black text pop out more like the names. Having the names have heavy shading looks very odd with a simple black “&” separating them. The silhouettes of the characters is a nice touch, but the simple black text alongside texts laden with effects, does more harm than good.

@zzulian What is the gameplay going to be like? From the picture it seems to be a bit interesting. In terms of the art, I feel that you should play around with the asteroids a bit more. Try them without using black as the darkest color. Have less pronounced crevices but possibly more details and scratches.

@Dennis The first picture has gone down, but I was able to see it a little bit ago, it looked nice but I won’t be able to give any specific feedback without being able to see it again. I am a big fan of “Draw This Again” type challenges.

@Tilted That one turned out nice! I think you did great on the ruffles at the end of the sleeves and I liked the details on the body. I am just getting started with teaching myself to draw so maybe once I am more experienced I will be able to give much more helpful feedback!

@387600 So far it looks good, keep us posted with the new versions.

Currently I am working on a few small projects, I will post a screen of them once I get a good amount done.

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Topic: Technical Support / Revenue Questions

Well it started showing the views from a few days ago, so I guess it does just take a bit of time after it says it is updated before it actually shows it. So I guess my question was answered.

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Topic: Technical Support / Revenue Questions

Hello, I have a few questions about the revenue report. On the first day I uploaded my game, it showed that it generated $0.14 from 101 plays. So everything seems to have gone well the first day. However, every day after that it has said the report was updated earlier that day, and it shows the new play count, but it does not show new revenue. It still shows that it has only generated $0.14.

If I switch the view to the past 7 days, then it tells me that $0.14 has been generated from 101 plays, so why isn’t it showing revenue from the recent plays even though it says the report is being updated each day?

I am not extremely worried, because I do not think I will be hitting near the mark soon, so it is fine, but I am wondering why it is doing this. Is this a normal occurrence and it should work itself out within a week or so? I didn’t see anything in the faq or previous threads that had quite this problem, so I decided it may be worth it to report it here.

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

@HQ Shortly before prophets died, I realized I pixel art just wasn’t my thing haha, so I switched over to vector art, and I enjoy it much more!

As a small project, while I am waiting for sponsorship bids for “Hidden Valley Ninja”, I decided I wanted to make an idle game, because I had always enjoyed those, and always wanted to make one. It is based off of hidden valley, so I guess you could say it is like the idle version. I hope yall enjoy it!

Remember to rate, subscribe, follow me on twitch, like my facebook, follow my twitter, add me to google+, and leave a review on yelp.

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Topic: Off-topic / I am bored recomend me some game

I just found out about mount and blade warband the other day. It is $20 but is really fun. If you haven’t heard of it, you should watch some youtube videos of it. It does not have the best graphics but that doesn’t matter so much. I have already put about 30-40 hours into it and it keeps distracting me from working after having it for just under a week.

There is also a demo which I probably put in 10-20 hours before I even bought the game, so you can try it free. It is pretty fun. You can get the demo on steam or by going to taleworlds website, just search mount and blade on google. Make sure you get mount and blade warband, it is an improvement on mount and blade.

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

@HQ Good to see you back, haven’t seen you since prophets of pixel I think. Keep us updated on the game!

@MmeBunneh I think the main thing that is detracting the quality is the shading. Particularly around the nose, the top of the nose looks very flat and needs to be worked on I bit. The side of the head is also bothering me, (But that just may be due to the fact that she is missing an ear and hair), so that may look better later. Overall I think it is coming along nice!

The only thing I really have to show at this point is a small gameplay clip I made, to show sponsors. The quality is a bit bad, and there is no audio but I wanted to show sponsors some of the later game areas in some form. If anyone feels like it, you can see the gameplay here.

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

@Dec_Pan Besides a few test games I made while learning the program, this is my first game. I never actually finished any of the EBF’s but I would imagine mine is a bit shorter.

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Topic: Off-topic / Favorite Disney Princess

I haven’t posted in off-topic for quite a while, I want this to be my first new post.

I like Belle (I don’t care if she is actually just an inventors daughter, she is a princess to me).

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

There is now an objective bar at the bottom, which will display the current task. I hope that this will make the game feel less cluttered. I have also made the saving pause less noticeable, though it stills needs to be further fixed. The HUD has been updated as well and the wall jump glitch has been fixed.

There is a problem with the objective bar not appearing right in the first level, the first time you start a new game, but this is not a huge issue.

Here is the new hud.

Any feedback is appreciated! And here is the link for those who can access it:

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

Ah thanks for the look into the process. I originally asked my question because I did not imagine you glancing at a picture as your reference, but the projector makes sense, though I would not have thought of it. I like this style, however I do not have space currently for such a setup. I have never been much into painting, but hopefully I will be able to try my hand at this one day!

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

It’s good too see some of your paintings again, I always enjoyed them! I know you have been asked this before, but I have forgotten the answer and I don’t know how many pages of your art dump I would have to go through to find the answer, do you typically use a reference for these paintings or do you paint from memory?

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

@Burnt Optimally I would have different music for different areas, but because of the large file size of music and the already large file size of my game, I am opting to only have a one main track and then a different track for the final area. I would like to have different music for each though!

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

I was holding off on posting until I really had something to show for it. But it has been almost two months, and there is no reason for me holding off on responding to you guys.

@Taper You should definitely look at some 30’s-40’s art, that’s what your art reminded me of first, and I like it.

@MmeBunneh The mosaic turned out good! A bit rough but that would be expected of course. As your first mosaic, I like it! Are you planning on doing anymore, or are mosaics just not your thing?

Also got any music you can show us now? Whether it is from the group you are director of, or any personal stuff?

I also really like the ring, would be interested in taking a metals class to cast my own ring, unfortunately my school does not offer any classes like that. I think yours is coming along great and the bunny is a nice touch! I look forward to your projects next semester!

@Attack I think the main thing you need to work on now is the text, it looks a bit odd with such plain text on the background. I think making the a appear as a 3d block letter would improve it dramatically, but I like the background!

@1337al If you could post a new link to your logo, I would appreciate it, it is currently broken and I think even when I first checked this thread after you posted it was broken at that time as well.

@Gabidou Once you have a rough draft feel free to post it here!

I have spent the past two months mainly working on music and making additional changes to my game, which is practically done now. I have also been teaching myself a few coding languages, starting with html/css and php. Because a lot of this time was just learning about music and practicing, I do not have much to show, but I do have a few things.

This was an attempt at music for the game, but it does not fit the theme very well:

This was the second piece I ever made and was done during the summer, it is currently the boss music for my game:

In interest of time, I ended up having my friend do the music for me. He currently has the menu music done, which you can hear here:

I have also made a new logo for the game:

I plan to have the game open to sponsors by the 2nd, but if you want to play and give feedback, I can send you a link. If you have an fgl account and at least one game, you can play it here:

All feedback is appreciated.

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

It will be available on Kongregate, I am not sure what type of sponsorship I will be going for at the moment, but one of the terms will be that I get to host it on my kongregate account. If you want, I would like to send you a version and get some feedback before I start looking for a sponsor, I would just want to fix a few things before I send you it.

After this I am allotting 2 months to learn html, css, php, and probably python. I will also make a smaller scale game or two. All of this is for a website I will be creating. The next games will be for driving traffic back to the site and hopefully build a nice user-base if everything goes well. Also, if I am able, I want to create a multiplayer game, driven off the website.

Also, just in case you didn’t see because you posted right after me, I put a edit on my last post regarding your other post, that I had not seen it yet when I originally posted.

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

@cabbawargod Yes, I like it much better like that!

@tilted It is coming along great! I do have a few things about it that bother me though. The fold on the shirt right above the waist on the left, looks really odd, like a flab of skin that it hanging over her skirt. I feel that if that part was flattened a bit, it would look better and fit in better in regards to the apparent motion she is in. The other thing that bothers me but is less important, is her face. The lips bother me due to their shape, but I realize that this fits the style you are going for and this is just a personal preference for me, which is why I labeled it as less important. Other than that i think it looks really nice.

@burnt I have never really gotten to play fallout but I think making the props sounds really interesting. The only feedback I can really give, is that I think it would be better if you used a fine tip sharpie for the writing instead of a pen, I think that will help it look more like the in-game graphic.

@taper It looks interesting, I think you should make a whole coffee shop scene now that you have made all of these smaller depictions.

I almost have the game completely done, at this point I just need to finish these last few secret areas, do some balancing, and add music and sound effects. I will probably start looking for a sponsor tomorrow.

Here is a screenshot of the new menu, I would like to improve it, but I would be okay using this as the final.

EDIT I had my reply to this post open for an hour or so, before I finished writing it so I did not see the new post.

@MmeBunneh I keep thinking of Daymare Cat when I think of your game. I really like the strange and surreal atmosphere, is this atmosphere the sort you would want in your game or would you go for a more whimsical feel? I would think you would go for a more whimsical mood but the hand-drawn graphics make me feel like it would work well with a Daymare Cat type atmosphere as well.

Congratulations on getting the Youth Artistic Director position! I look forward to whatever may come from this, however what will this mean for the acapella? Might the acapella be pushed back a bit due to new responsibilities?

The mosaic is looking good and I really like the card soldiers, they look really great! The tea party scene also looks really good, I don’t really have any critique to give on it, I am really enjoying the portfolio so far!

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

Originally posted by MmeBunneh:
Well it’s my art portfolio actually. But besides that, I am having it Alice in Wonderland themed! So what I have planned is to have each level be a scene or part from the story and the top floor will have the final battle between the Queen of Hearts and Alice the Bunneh. It’s pretty much going to be covered in bunnehs and small little things here and there that I add. I’m currently working on the tea party scene but I’m not going to draw anyone at the actual tea party, they’re all going to be walking towards the next floor!

My long term plan for this is that once I get the entire portfolio done I’m going to actually redraw it as a webtoon of sorts on the computer and have it be all cute and nice. I am thinking of turning it into a game possibly.

Ah okay, sounds interesting! I will be looking forward to the finished version because I really enjoy the “Wonderland” theme! Also depending on the execution, I feel like a game based on this would be pretty fun. I realize that this would likely be quite a ways away (if you even decide to do it), but do you have any ideas about how exactly you would envision the game being, because that is something I would be interested in!

Actually the shape of her face was bugging me too. I was going to work on that when I lost my tablet charger. Another thing with the face is that the shading was on another layer and I can’t remember what happened to it exactly. If I can find it I’ll just layer it under the current facial makeup layer so it’ll be nicer. Here’s my drawing process that I usually do:

1) Sketch
2) Colour blocking
3) Highlights/contouring
4) Makeup
5) Merge layers
6) Begin polishing
7) Skin
8) Details
9) …..

If it helps I follow Imagine FX Magazine for digital art so I try to aim for my end pieces looking similar to the ones that they publish. I adore that magazine due to many of their excellent tutorials and their tips. I highly recommend looking at it. Some of their editions I especially treasure for their articles on skin, etc.

I hadn’t heard of Imagine FX before, but I checked out some of the tutorials on their website and they look like they should be pretty helpful, so thanks for that! Hopefully you will find the charger, it would be nice to see more drawings in that style.

I would most definitely recommend the Wacom lines. I’ve found over and over that Wacom just provides the best tablets and they’re the most versatile for their cost. They have low range products to professional products so you can tailor the products to your budget.

Thanks for all the advice! I think I will probably end up getting the Intuos Pro. Although when I have the money (depending on how my experience with drawing tablets goes) I think I would like to get a desktop drawing monitor like the 24 inch Cintiq, but of course $2500 is a bit out of my price range currently. I do not know if I would even need it, but you deny how great it would be to have anyways!

Originally posted by cabbawargod:

Editing some of my old weapon 32×32 sprites… :)

Here’s the axe I’m working on atm:

It looks good! However I am trying to figure out what exactly it is, but I think something about the old version looks better. It may be that in the new version, the decoration on the blade stands outs more and does not fit in with the blade itself. The blade looks like it is just slapped on the side of a metal rod, but in the old version, they fit together and it looks overall more harmonious.

Tomorrow I will get to work on my game again after a week of chemistry tests, speeches, and astronomy; so I should have more things to share, such as new npc sprites and secret areas.

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

@Tilted Ah okay, makes sense. Keep us updated!

@MmeBunneh Thanks! Although many people I have shown Perilous Peaks refer to it as the water level, it is indeed not water. Its just blue grass, haha. I could always change it to be a tad bit more green, so it is more apparent, but of course it does not really need to make sense so I may just leave it because i like the color scheme!

I’m really liking the wonderland sketch now! Before I had thought the mushrooms looked a bit strange by themselves as they were, but now that you have expanded upon the scene, I think it is looking really good! What exactly are you planning with the wonderland drawing? Is the whole page going to be covered in similar styled boxes depicting various scenes of bunnehs in wonderland?

The girl looks nice, however the shape of her face is bugging me. In the original sketch the two sides of her face are even, but somewhere along the way, the left side of her face became more squared and really throws off the image. I also feel that something should be done with the shading on the face. The nose is heavily shaded but the face is rather plain and flat, I would suggest to either reduce the shading on the nose or try to accent that shadows that would be forming on the face (depending on what style you are going for). Other than that i think it is nice so far!

Also depending on whether I make my goal amount of money from my game, I am thinking about getting a drawing tablet. Are there any you would recommend, the one you have or any other?

@1337al Thanks, I was not sure whether the style looked good or not, since many of the flash games that I enjoyed had a style using thin outlines with bright and saturated colors, and I have always enjoyed that look. However, I developed my style as this and ran with it! My game should hopefully be done this weekend and then I will start looking for a sponsor for it, and then who knows how long it might take before it is actually released. Right now the game is completely functional, at this point I just need to place all the weapons/equipment/treasures and add more easter eggs and secrets. I also need to add an ending and a bit more to the story possibly as as well as make the intro better.

Another thing that I still need to do is the music, however I do not really have any experience with music. I practiced a little bit and was able to make two little tracks that I think are passable. It may be better if I just get someone else to do the music, but i kind of want this game to be completely made by me, so I guess if I can not create better music by the end of the weekend, I will probably start looking for music elsewhere.

Also, I will go ahead and send you a link to a slightly older version of the game. (I can’t send you a new version I am currently in the middle of fixing a bunch of stuff.) I will include more details in the pm. Enjoy!

Looking forward to the logos or whatever else you decide to make!

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Topic: The Arts / Seeking feedback for interactive fiction

I ended up rather enjoying it a bit. The style of dialogue was a bit strange. I suppose that you were going for a more relaxed/humorous tone but this mainly just kept me from becoming more fully immersed in the story. I can appreciate your writing style and it would not affect my view of the story too much in the end, but I think I would enjoy it more and become more immersed in it if it had slightly more serious dialogue options. Given the nature of the subject, I suppose that the problem comes from me expecting for the execution and dialogue to be more serious as opposed to comical. Of course this is just my opinion and others may prefer to had the comical dialogue options to keep the story from getting too serious and feely.

Other than that, I still enjoyed the story, I explored 3 of the endings and I will say that some of the choices were pretty hard to make. I could either jump after faith or attack god. Even though I really wanted to jump after her I knew I wouldn’t really do that, but on the other hand, I didn’t quite want to attack god. Having to choose between such extreme choices was difficult but I guess that’s just part of the fun! Out of the three endings you could reach from those two choices, the jump after faith ending was my favorite. It was kind of sad and I don’t quite know how I feel about it, but this confusion of feelings made it good! The dialogue itself was a bit awkward but still well written and gave me a bit of feels.

I may end up doing more endings later, but I am done for now. Just one last note: is the ending counter not functional yet or is the fact that the endings counter never changed a bug?

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

@MmeBunneh Thanks, I’ll see what I can do to improve the UI. The mosaic is coming along nice so far. When putting it together do you just have to sort through the pieces to find a shape that works for what you need, or are yall able to cut yalls own stone as needed? Also, I like the signature on that drawing, the bunnies are a nice touch!

I’m looking forward to the acapella! I’ve seen a few like you described and they are pretty cool, so hopefully yours will not disappoint! Do you play any instruments also or otherwise mix music? Or are you mainly just interested in vocals?

@1337al I look forward to it!

And just because I decided I might as well post something related too what I am working on, here is a scene from the “Perilous Peaks” area. As I had said, at this point, trying to keep within my deadline , I am making whatever comes to mind and running with it, which can explain the strange looking creatures and eye candy. I am not sure what the creatures are supposed to be, or what those arches are, but its something and probably wont be changed!

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

@MmeBunneh, It looks nice so far! I suppose that it may be finished by now, since that was almost a week ago. If so seeing the final version would be great! (Of course I don’t know how long mosaics actually take, so you may be nowhere near done). I would love to hear more about your acapella, me and a few friends have been interested in acapella, although we have never took the time to try actually organize something.

@burntfires If you are still in need of motivation I have just the thing for you.

@Tilted I rather like the style! Was the pixel version an original version and now you are sketching out an actual model, or maybe the other way around? Either way it looks nice. Is it for a game or just for fun?

I am now on the final stretch for my game. I expect to be finished by Sunday, assuming of course that I put forth the effort required. I have added new eye candy for the areas as well as other graphics for alerts and equipment. At this point I am focusing on getting things done then getting things done good. I could have spent more time making better looking decorations but I am running out of time.

Here is shot that shows some new objects in the village. The house still needs to be redone.

Here is the equipment screen with the new equipment art.

And the new decoration for the the camper quest.

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Topic: The Arts / Post Whatever You Are Working On!

@DragonArcherZ I look forward to seeing them!

@burntfires22 I would have no experience with that, so I wouldn’t be able to help, but good luck!

@MmeBunneh Sounds good! Although, photography is one of the art forms that I have never understood, but that may be because the most experience I have had with it was a week in English 3 where we learned about taking pictures, for a project. The mosaic looks nice so far (I just realized it is on wood, so is each piece being attached to the wood and eventually the whole board will be a mosaic?), but the bunny in wonderland sounds interesting, hopefully you will have time for it!

I have not really accomplished much graphically for the game so I have nothing to show. But I finished all of the weapons and equipment over the past few days and now I just have to make all of the equipment-related graphics. After that I need to work on level design of the last two areas, implement work secrets, easter eggs, and eye candy. Along with a better story and tutorial. Then I will be about done.