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Topic: Wartune / Wartune: No Multiplayer - Tanks are Underpowered (No Longer Resolved)

Originally posted by KnowingEyes:
Originally posted by yoyopico:

Oki knowing thats nice to know! But is it enough to catch up all the disadvantage we had and have? considering its probly in like 6 months, with hp pots, wb and things archers will have an advantage of like… 100m?

Yuss. Eleventy billion. Over 9000. Take your pick. :)

As an Archer, when exactly will I feel these benefits?

Oh, wait, you are talking about those archers that /also/ cash.

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Topic: Wartune / Do you know the players of this game are gradually quitting? Can you feel it?

And then you find yourself in the same situation that I am in (I am a Wings+VIP-only via surveys player).
You have full sockets, all L5 gems, but have no way of improving your BR aside from soul levels and obscene grinding.


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Topic: Wartune / Clothing haters thread. (Protest/Petition)

Originally posted by SquaLLuNReaL:

Doing surveys sounds so bad.. i feel sorry for you death, you must be really poor…

Surveys are not available for everyone.

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Topic: Wartune / [Activity] Pig Out This Valentine's!

I think that if you really stretch / be awake when the events start, you can get 75 rose petals for free.
13*2 from dungeon
12 from 3v3
12*2 from BG
13 from plunder
75 (-4 if you arent on before reset occurs on the days that these events start)

(was said before, but showing the #s)

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Topic: Wartune / [Activity] Wartune Hall of Fame

Dink, get the therion back! That’s ~2407BR :D

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Topic: Wartune / Voucher shop needs update

Originally posted by alveolate:

i second this suggestion!

voucher shop could also do with a lot of smaller stuff, like some of the ultimate / elite seeds. or even small bullhorns. stuff that people can do without, but would be handy to have.

wings would be nice too, even if they are weaker than the (already weak) baby wings. i would buy mosquito wings just to fill the slot.

gem transposers sound important for late game balance too. it would be obscene if non-cashers are forced to lose late game simply because they have no access to such a crucial progression item. is it free to play or free to lose?

AFAIK we have a ‘chance’ at getting them from the Necropolis

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Topic: Wartune / Refined Blessed Health

Originally posted by TarkkaBear:

mages seem to only have 1 chance for it to activate per cast, not per target hit.

Would love a mage who played with it more to come say their experiences.

This makes me wonder what’d happen with the regeneration if it proc’d on an AoE.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Limited Edition – Soul Crystal Pack!

Originally posted by Tambar: Sure the casher kills the nonecasher in a blink, but are you really surprised about that in a P2W game?

Fixed that for you.
There are a few F2P games in which cashing doesn’t mean much.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Bonus Recharge Goodies!

mmmmmmm, YbrikIkus09, 56 crypt keys.
very tasty

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Topic: Wartune / Troop Calculator

And you just discouraged me from leveling my Knights past 50. Wasn’t planning to anyways, but, ugh…

great tool though

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Limited Edition – Magic Box!

How many legendary stones do you get for a Miraculous Shard?

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Topic: Wartune / [Activity] Wartune January Events!

I haven’t gotten a socket rod from the game since December 10th with 24spins/day.
VIP Wheel is really only reliable for the 580k gold you can get from it. And 8bucks/mo for 580k/3days+other goodies is pretty damn good and imo the best/most effective purchase you can make in this game.

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Topic: Wartune / screenshots of Chinese server

Originally posted by KnowingEyes:

You haven’t even adjusted for USD to HK plus the ratio of Balens to HK$ either. It’s… scary.

Do they use yuan or HK? Thought I saw yuan when I had been poking around on their servers.

1USD = 6.22yuan & 7.75HK ; 5yuan= 0.64USD ; 5HK=0.80USD
Whichever currency it is, a buck would still give you 500 balens

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Topic: Wartune / [Activity] Wartune January Events!

Originally posted by KnowingEyes:
Originally posted by EdTheHead:

That’s quite funny, I’d love see the percentage of weak players that planned a strategy to get around the BG, while this won’t affect me it still shows a flaw in R2’s “tad” unfair claim for these players when they have no option for their ores prior to the next event and it would be nice if R2 thought it out better to prevent players from quitting all the time as I’m seeing too many friends quit this game.

Upper-tiered VIPs can go naked and get farmed a few times, by their guildies.

Fixed that for you KE.

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Topic: Wartune / Another: be online and pay to be awesome game

Originally posted by Lifeisacarride:

The issue is not anger at players with income from those without it, this reflexive accusation of “QQ, you mad bro?” is what sickens me, and makes me want to puke.

To surmise the issue, it’s one of comparison, we feel that this game is second, or even third-rate compared to other pay-to-play/pay-for-item/purchase games out there that have had a lot more time and effort placed into them for a greater result.

Hey, it’s you! :D

Like thortag said, this is greedy, but it isn’t douchebaggery-teabagging down your throat greedy.

Plus, at least on Kong, you can do 8 surveys/mo and get VIP. Do more and you can get the wings in 2 months or less. I’ve gotten VIP, Wings, and soon-to-be 5 socket rods all through surveys.
Also the horses are nice, but not needed unlike the wings can become at high levels.

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Topic: Wartune / Weekly Maintenance for 01/16 - 01/17

Originally posted by wizzy:

Can you give any concrete examples of “They only try and move hell and high water for major-cashers”?

Also, you just need to take the time to ask for the auto VIP 2 upgrade and the effort to follow through. I did and they gave me the real auto upgrade.

I do agree that their real service is bad. Based on my own experience, they will respond very fast to your ticket with a somewhat default response but your issue usually never gets resolved without heavy intervention on your part. Even then, the wait for their action may be indefinite (they will just ask you to be “patient” and keep on waiting indefinitely if you try to follow up).

I sent them a ticket about VIP and the “mistake” of it saying auto VIP2. They got back to me after I had already reached VIP 2.
Their service is pretty damn shitty.

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Topic: Wartune / Talent System Discussion

Originally posted by wizzy:
Originally posted by Death1698:
Originally posted by wizzy:
Originally posted by Kakugane:

So Mages get stronger by a lot, Knights get stronger by a lot, and Archers get crap.
Archers will continue to get mowed down by MATK and outlasted by PDEF. Unless Lunatic Fire can be reduced to 25 seconds, I think I’ll just level up.

I just want to point out that the only passive talent that increases damage for mages is for the damnation skill which you seldom see mages using in pvp anyway. All the rest are more for the benefit of the team which benefits you as well. Bake some cookies and make some mage friends. :D

Pretty much it’s leaning towards mages being support in terms of the talents. Not many at all that have damnation true. It’s useful for PvP and thats about it. I would like to have it if I had double skills but as is it’s impossible to have what you need for mps and get damnation without sacrificing something else. Not sure what that’d be honestly. I suppose once you reach a certain level you might have the skill points to use on it.

It irks me sometimes that I have to heal for mp dungeons… I don’t get to attack at all (except for using rage skill) and while I know I am somewhat essential as a healer (especially since there is only 1 mage), I find attacking more fun than healing. It is definitely also less stressful and blame-free. :P

Oh, don’t worry, the next time they say you can’t heal enough just say that they can’t deeps enough.

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Topic: Wartune / Why are mages so important and so good? Why is this game so racist? We all need a mage to do runs. Why?

Originally posted by 19paladin19:

I will shine a light on why people fail with archers =]. Archers are a casher class. We benefit tonnes from every little bit of Patk, Critical and +% crit damage. If you are not willing to spend money to be the best at your level then go Mage they have the easiest time without Cashing

Mage still benefit the most from the double skill tree… Good luck being a large enough healer while simultaneously having awesome damage output.
Though I guess a one time 9 buck purchase isn’t /that/ bad.

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Topic: Wartune / S5 - The "L30 Jewelry set" parasite item.

Just wait for it to multiply? :S

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Topic: Wartune / When wings will be added to arena and cata shops?

Originally posted by thortag:

ummm no they don’t. the entire purpose of the wings is to entice people to buy balens for strength advantage. adding them in for free would cause a riot that would end with them losing a lot of payers, since people would just stop buying balens since the primary balen advantage is taken away at that point, they would assume all other advantages will eventually be gone too. developers have made the mistake time and time again, and by now i’m sure they have learned that just cuz the free to play players want something, doesn’t mean it’s the best idea. this game is here to make money, and can’t survive with the payers. to make a move that would cause payers to stop paying would not make sense. then again this is r2games, so maybe they will do it, as they are making every other stupid mistake they could anyway.

Nonono, you make Wings that lack the % bonus. You make free ones that only have the 120/1200 bonus or a modified flat bonus. Leave the % for the balen one.

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Activities for 01/10/2013

Originally posted by thortag:

king’s bounty only obtainable by cashing?

Seems like.

Also seems like there’s ~35 unrefined ore to obtain making it at least “possible” to get a pristine ore box.
(That 500k Kyan tastes so delicious)

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Topic: Wartune / Why are mages so important and so good? Why is this game so racist? We all need a mage to do runs. Why?

Originally posted by Death1698:

Whatever you say Tevesh if you don’t like the class don’t play it. Stop whining if your class is so terrible start over with a new class. Mages aren’t a walk in the park to play either. We don’t have to pay for double skills to make us effective in PvP and mps right?

Never said it was terrible, just gimmicky. Don’t be putting words into my mouth. I’m not whining either; however you are consistently bitching. Get over yourself and stop being hostile to everyone, your life would be a lot better than it is if you did.
Relying on crits is a gimmick. I like gimmicky classes. People just need to realize that Archers need the gem work to do work at the fullest potential.

Dual Skills isn’t a requirement, you could have gone hybrid or just damage. I will admit that it is useful for Mages, more than the other classes.

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Topic: Wartune / Why are mages so important and so good? Why is this game so racist? We all need a mage to do runs. Why?

Originally posted by Death1698:

I’m sorry to you and Gilbert Whoopie that they didn’t make archers the most powerful super class with a special that does 21,000 on a crit at 10 rage and that they don’t got a passive that gives them a 100% crit rate. If you’re so unintelligent that you cannot see thats what you’re saying they should be then yer I dunno what. All the delphics are 80 for the first one you can get and then 100 for the more advanced one it’s made so it’s not hit twice and delphic. Delphics are made as near as I can tell as a last resort. It’s a finisher it does a danged couple 100% of your attack!! I sure hope it’s not easy to get the rage for it or we’d never have a fun fight it’d be a matter of WHO CASTS THE DELPHIC FIRST instead. Thats all I got to say right now I’ll come back to rant at annoying people another time.

Calm down. You sound like a retarded 12 year old.

Archers are kind of gimmicky. The only way our 80rage Delphic out-damages a damage Knight’s Enhanced Delphic Destroyer is with a Crit. This requires us to use 8 gems slots for crit, 8 for PAtk, an Astral for Crit, an Astral for PAtk, an Astral for Determination, and all our gear to have Crit/PAtk to have a chance of critting. What does that Knight need? PAtk gems, PAtk astral, and a Will destroyer. Archers need a lot of good gear to work properly, and it’s a pain in the ass to get that gear without dropping a decent amount of money into the game.
I’ve seen damage knights that should have a lower dps than archers do more simply because the archers don’t crit.

Speaking of Delphics: Death Star is a gimmicky, derpy, delphic.

As far as double shot is concerned, it’s good, yes. Do the math and it’s basically a 175-200+% damage skill. It’s also a neutral rage skill like a Knight’s Ult. Slasher.

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Topic: Wartune / VIP Activation Question

Well, I’ll have to make a ticket to get the credit for my balens already spent then.

They really need to fix that discrepancy.
And a lot of things…

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Topic: Wartune / VIP Activation Question

Originally posted by gruntarswe:

You will automatically get vip 2, it just takes 25 days is all..

That’s like it being payday at work and your boss tells you that your paycheck will “automatically” be given to you next month.