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Topic: Swords & Potions / Things I would consider bugs.

These things irritate me, right off the bat.

The game doesn’t pause when you press P.
The game doesn’t pause when you open chat and/or chat starts maximized.
The game doesn’t pause when focus is lost during game-play.
The game doesn’t pause when focus is lost during a ‘Waiting for Server’ screen.
The game doesn’t pause when focus was never given and/or the game starts automatically.

Feel free to add your own.

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Regeneration

It’s so you have time to go and play Sorcery Quest while you’re waiting. ;)

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Topic: Kongregate / Unity web player games suck!

First; Compare any game made by an independent developer with one made by, for example, Armor Games. What do you expect? Who do you think will win when you compare what one person does in his free time versus a team of people who get paid by the hour?

Second; Most Unity Games are created by independent developers. I’d like to see a studio like Armor Games take a crack at Unity. I think we all would.

Third; There was a contest recently, which caused a LOT of developers to release their apps in an unfinished version, or to not include all the features or refinement that they would have wanted. I’ll politely ask that you don’t judge Unity games that have come out in February, particularly, when you say they are low quality.


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Topic: Kongregate / 3d Tactics Game Builder...

I’ve been hashing together a 3d Tactics Game Builder using Unity over the past few weeks. I’ve uploaded the most current version to for peer review.

I ask that you don’t judge Tactics Beast by what is not yet functional (as I was forced to release it a little early for possible eligibility in “The Contest”), but by what IS functional; A Tactics Game Builder which allows you to define levels and units, and which accepts custom XML documents as definitions.

A level editor and XML specification document are available via the link in the game. Future versions of the program will accept and improve upon whatever XML games you make, so feel free to save your creations.

And yeah, I built it having no prior knowledge of Unity, nor of building Tactics Games. In three weeks.

Constructive Criticism is more than welcome. Thanks for your time!

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Topic: Technical Support / Badges

Why don’t they just remove the badge sorting feature if they’re not going to fix it? No sense taunting us with a non-existant feature. Just link us to the badge sorter, like you guys do in the forums and be done with it.

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Topic: Game Programming / What every good flash game needs...

Sometimes, popup windows happen. I say, if your game loses focus, you should pause it for the player.

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Topic: Game Programming / What every good flash game needs...

How about; the pause screen IS the options menu, and your only available option is ‘unpause’. ;)

But yeah, mute and quality are important (though you can often just rightclick to change quality). And some games don’t need save or load… But some games could benefit from a save-state! If you’re a good enough coder, you might try implementing something like that!

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Topic: Game Programming / as2 multiplayer?

Or run your own server. But it means that when you’re not online, your multiplayer game is down and nobody can play. It also means you have to run the server program when you are online, and that could eat up all your bandwidth so then you couldn’t do other important things, like play other people’s games on Kongregate.

Or if you’re friends with someone with Cable or a T1 line, have them run your server. ;)

Also, I hear good things about the Nonoba Multiplayer API. I might have to try it myself.

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Topic: General Gaming / Bug:Typing Ninja Hunter

Hey Matt, while the dev is working on the game, do you think he could put in a button, at endgame, to return to the Menu screen? It’s not too hard, but it looks bad on the game and the dev when you have to refresh the entire page just to get the game to start over.

I don’t get some of these words at all. All the misspellings and curse words; you’d think the dev let a three year old make up the word list…