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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Remnants of Skystone] Beta Testers Needed for Remnants of Skystone

it would be an honor. :D

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Topic: The Arts / ►Pokemon Fusion! Rawr!◄

lmao. there will indeed be pokemon.

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Topic: General Gaming / Shift 3!

It’s out on already, if you haven’t checked it out. Brilliant addition to the series, featuring a much larger, longer game. Revisitable rooms, more secrets and more achievments for clicking things!

I hope it gets on Kong soon so we can play it for badges.

Escape the grasps of teh ebil scientists and uncover the truth behind the phenomenon of SHIFTing.

Tip: Write down the numbers on the newspapers along with the associated shapes on your PDA (for best ending).

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Topic: General Gaming / Dead Frontier, Awesome Zombie Game!

Oy mate. Great game, I was there when we were counting down the release! Haha, I think I’ve paid you once to heal me or something, lol. I’ll look for you. My survivor’s name is Duveroux. Level 10 chef, woot!

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Topic: General Gaming / You have not burned the rope - impossible badge for finishing using conventional weapons

what game is this even talking about?

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Topic: General Gaming / Free Rider Tracks

Warning: May cause EXTREME frustration. Only skilled players can attempt. -1i,1i,1i,1i 1g,1i,44,q 5d,1e,8b,23 7n,97,7t,ao 7l,98,7c,83 7b,82,7j,96 7j,96,7o,a3 7o,a3,7j,93 7j,93,7n,9k 7n,9k,7l,96 7l,96,7p,9u 7p,9u,7j,9d 7p,9r,7m,a8 8e,22,a0,42 8b,23,8g,23 af,3m,91,1o af,5q,8p,7o 7t,al,8g,cr 8g,cr,9d,e6 a0,42,a0,5i ag,3l,af,5s 9d,e6,ac,er ac,er,bn,f9 ah,i2,db,he ah,i2,ao,in bn,f9,db,f7 db,f7,ea,en dd,he,ev,hd d0,i9,e8,ie e9,eo,h8,dc hl,hc,eu,hd ev,ii,er,i7 e8,ie,e9,i4 ic,cb,h6,cl h5,j7,fk,ih h4,j6,ij,j8 k8,d2,ic,cb ig,d4,jl,de h8,dc,if,d3 kc,hc,hk,he ji,j1,ih,j9 jl,de,ku,fc k8,d2,lg,f4 kt,he,k8,ig k8,ie,ji,j1 lg,f4,lg,fq ks,fa,ku,ft kv,ft,kc,hc lh,fo,kt,hg #84,7p 9i,1s ca,ev db,in eg,jg hk,ct i3,is Disclaimer: Duveroux and Duver Enterprises assumes no blame should anyone attempting this level destroy their keyboard/mouse/or other breakable object within their eyeshot; commit suicide or attempt to; take out frustration on small animals and other people. Use with caution.

Side note (to any spectators):Maintain a safe distance of 20 feet from anyone attempting this because they may lash out in anger. Have some ritalin or local anesthetics ready in the case of siezures. Side effects include blood shot eyes, peeing your pants because of time spent in front of the computer and/or mild to severe stomach pains. Batteries not included.

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Topic: Technical Support / Monitored Posts

The link is broken for me. It takes me to http:accounts/duveroux/monitored
I know that can’t be right because it doesnt even have in it. Does anyone know where I should go to find my monitored posts?

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Topic: General Gaming / So Many Haters...

I know I’m liable to get flamed to the extreme for this but, there are just too many fascist haters of the PS3. Now, not to point any fingers but most are 360 owners. Whenever I mention Playstation or anything that even sounds like it in the chatrooms, [many] people go straight to ‘OmG tHaT pApEr WeIgHt Is 600 dOlLaRs Of WoRtHlEsS cArp’. I mean, I haven’t even said ‘360 stinks’, which (mind you) it doesn’t and I will never say that. Its getting really annoying.

Perhaps some PS3 owners have been doing that to 360’rs, in which case, I’m sorry. I just don’t think Sony deserves that kind of disrespect. Sony may have done some pretty retarded things with the console (eg: original price, HD cable sold seperately, etc.) but it got better; not only is PSN (PlayStation Network, Sony equivalent of LIVE) free, but the 60gig system costs much less.

Game-wise, 360 has been doing much better then PS3. But performance and capabilities-wise, they are pretty evenly matched. Some could even argue that PS3 is better (which is my personal opinion, lol) which shows up in TES: IV: Oblivion, the PS version supports a much prettier natural lighting system, faster loading and on-average better graphics. There was even a compilation of Youtube vids, ‘360 is The Now, PS3 is The Future’, look it up.

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Topic: Kongregate / Famous People of Kongregate

Yo Kongregators, I’m not usually on these forums but you Barren’s chat frequents know me, lol.
Speaking of knowing people (lol, that was a pathetic segue), would anyone famous (like devs or… GREG!) care to post their myspaces here? That way, we can horde around your profile like little Japanese fanboys, lol.

I’ll start off (by looking like a jackass and) posting my myspace:

You don’t have to though, if hordes of fanboys aren’t your thing…