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Topic: Evilibrium / Post your invite code here

works when you are alredy prgressed too :)

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Topic: Evilibrium / Post your invite code here

one way to get super strong cards instantly when you are level 1 is to just create random accounts and use your referral link at the FIRST TIME you start the game, put your main account’s code there and voila, super strong cards, and ez game.

Do yourself a favor and minimize the grinding ;)

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Topic: Evilibrium / Post your invite code here

Send me a message when you used this code, and i will help you in return!

The code is:


Cheers, dont forget to pm me or i cant help you!!

PS.: include your referral code in the pm

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Topic: Evilibrium / Post your invite code here


Lets win together!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Where have almost all snow maidens gone?

it is better to buy the Humo- medal. saves lot of energy and stress. if you have the money buy it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Tourney board


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Agony potion, need more changes :)

well well well. if you get to lvl 4-5 you will se that NOBODY uses agony in pvp. you will have to face much bigger problems there. but i think you’ll just whine for more nerfs :D thats the way to go..

also.. WTH is an OVERCHEAT? :D i loled out on that

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] medals

yes that how it is now since the update.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Game improvement wish-list

@AnachroNia we are not FORCED to pvp. i personally take great plasure in killing ex shadows and lower lvl stuff as well because the medals they give are good and i dont like the where pvp is headed.

all pvp in arena if not vs bots is: potions potions, silence or stun something something (snowball) end. WOW HOW FUN!!

Dont come here just to bash ppl unless you have something constructive to add. I still think we need at least weekly monster rerolls because as ppl level up they’d spawnhigher lvl monsters thus making it more efficient to farm mobs (or even encounter them). a refresh once a week would be enough and would be very well implementable as we saw with the xmas event.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Game improvement wish-list

OOoookay, So here is my new Game improvement suggestion/ wish.

This will be regarding MONSTERS found on different islands.

This game spawns monsters on everybody’s islands. That much is nice, but if you are hunting for monsters→ after a while you will run out of Good quality monsters and only the low lvl / common monsters would remain making lvling/ hunting with monsters inefficient and very time + energy consuming.

If somebody (like me) have hit this barrier the only way to continue (and get the medals) is to SPEND ENERGY on monsters to scare them away(stil no xp for the energy) and roll for a RANDOM!!! monster which might be just as bad, or worse as th one before.

My suggestion would be to respawn the monsters on the islands every day or so. this way we’d have a constant flow of monsters to play with and wouldnt be forced to Try you luck in the arena and hope not to get 1turn killed if you dont get the first move.

So in a short summary: Implement a daily monster rotation on the islands.

I want to hear your ideas about this so post, post, post!


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Hardcore night alternative


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Next discount? You decide!

Okay, i have been browsing the forums for some time now, and i see quite a few posts about cult changing.

If i remember correctly we were not given any information whatsoever when choosing our CULTS so we just chose randomly (except for those few who knew the russian game before this), resulting in much dissatisfaction when we we saw the results.

I personally got suffering so i’m happy about the lot of free crystals we’re getting, but there might be a lot of ppl wanting to change cults but find the 50 dia too much to spend. Why not include a discounted cult change in the next / future weeks? i’M sure ppl would be spending dias like crazy. (again there might be a few people who’d not benefit from this since they are happy with their cult, but you cant please everyone).

yes this would be a discount for the low budget players since the rich folks can already do pretty bloody well whatever they want in this game anyway.
see crazy_bee at lvl5 with 40khp and 6kdam with armor too. <— thats …. CRAZY XD


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Next discount? You decide!

Originally posted by KidSwiss:

I don’t see how 500 energy puts anyone at a disadvantage for playing I spend the majority of my time in school and then doing work when I’m not there so it would be nice to raise the max energy cap. I’m sure people who are in a similar situation such as working and such would understand me. Besides I think a screenshot from the Russian version where the max energy cap was 500.

Having 500 max energy would be disadvantegeous for the players who are continuously playing the game( From now on referred as CP), it would benefit those who are only “hobby players” (HP). Let me explain:

Present state:
The energy gets restored at the same pace (1 energy every 30 sec) meaning that if both CPs and HPs exhaust their energy To 0 in 50 minutes it will be full (100) again (supposing both CP and HP go offline for that time, if not, the better for the CPs). Here the advantage gets shifted to the CPs, since they can start doing stuff again by that time, while the HPs get NO BENEFIT from this point on, allowing the active players to reach HIGHER ranks than HPs since they took the time and played the game. Thus resulting in a logical more gameplay→better scores kind of result.

The 500 max energy sceme:
The energy gets restored at the same pace (1 energy every 30 sec) meaning that if both CPs and HPs exhaust their energy To 0 it will take 250 minutes (4H 10M) to fully charge again. Meaning that HP-s are 5times better off relative to the present 100 state while the CP-s get Much less/NO BENEFIT from the 500 system. (Maybe except for the energy accumulated while you slept, and that is only 1 / day). I as a CP of Heavens am never away from the game for 4 hours- thats why its called a C P-(except when i’m sleeping), meaning that after the initial higher energy i’d get no advantage for continuously playing the game:→ only if the HP-s do not check back for MORE than 4 hours!!!!! (instead of 50 mins with the current system). If they do, there’d be no point in putting effort into the game. Mindless mining/arena bot killing/monster mashing would start to waste the energy and than log off again for 4 hours. Rinse and repeat.

Dear KidSwiss (and others) do you understand my concerns a little better now?
Also what Crazyeye11 proposed is a bad idea seeing how it would eventually lead to the above mentioned problem, and would also make it impossible to catch up to the higher lvls because of their naturally higher energy cap.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Next discount? You decide!

In my opinion 100 is fine. Any more would totally flip the game upside down.

The way things are NOW are rewarding for those who are spending their time PLAYING the game (This is how it SHOULD BE). And what crazyeye suggested would only benefit those who are laying back. 500 energy would mean thats its ok to log in every 4 hours and then mine…mine..mine.. or do whatever.

Why design a system where you are basically in a DISadvantage for playing the game? that is downright stupid.

In my opinion raising the max energy is out of the question.

hope this helps

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Hardcore Night

I totally Agree with ralkkdillon. Hardcore nights are nights of CARNAGE and FUN. Monsters are killed withourmercy and ppl are throwing themselves to the pits of the arena.

KEEP THE MASSACRE ALIVE!! keep the hardcore alive

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Plase change the turnaments back to how they used to be!

I can see the reasons behind Laurent’s thinking, however the others are raising a very valid point here.

If Laurent and the others are worried about ppl moving stuff we should keep the amount of tournaments to a minimal.

On the other hand people would also want to have them at different times to have access to these scarce events.

if we want to get the best of both worlds how about getting them: Every 10 hours!!!

This way we can have max 2 a day ( very rarely 3) and since they are at 10 hour intervals they will be at different times every day. This way people all around the world will be able to join a handful of tourney every week. Even if one stars at the middle of the night (like now for me, at 1AM 4AM and 6 AM) the next one would be at a reasonable time. an if that doesnt work for you, there is the next one at a more reasonable time.

Tell me what do you think about this suggestion in the posts below. ^^

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Game improvement wish-list

Indeed stackable potions would be nice, but i dont really see that happening since that way you wouldnt need SO MANY backpack slots. so i dont see that happening any time soon.

One good improvement would be a few avatar for the Tournament side of the game.
Something like be “be first 10 times in diamond T” on one and be forst 10 times on another one
etc. you get the drift.

thats it from me

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Next discount? You decide!

Do we have a exact price on the discounted military accounts? i assume they will be 75%off to be affordable, but it’d be nice to receive actual confirmation from the devs.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Next discount? You decide!

Some suggestions:

Well, the repair system should be modified, so we could decide to pay 30k crystals, or ONE diamond.

Secondly, we really need More tournaments at reasonable time intervals.

Third, we’d really need to at least DOUBLE the rewards for the rankings in the top 100.

Discount ideas: I’m thinking most people would love a Discount on the Military accounts, seeing how beneficial it is.

Other discount idea would be 50% off of cult spell upgrades. energy, diamonds, and crystals.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Next discount? You decide!

I dont care about the discounts at all, but if you want a game improvement solution: MORE TOURNAMENTS. I was told that you cut the number of tournaments because “some people” were using it to move energy and stuff around to their alts this way. i can understand that, but this way some players ( like me for example) are totally exluded from these tournaments because of the TIME of the events. For me, the earliest one starts at 1AM and the others are at even more unreasonable hours.

How about adding another set of tournaments 12 hours from the current ones. That way we’ll have a CHANCE of reaching the tournament content.

There, thats my advice.

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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread

Originally posted by M59Gar:

I’ve solved this game. Listen up.

Don’t use any defensive structures. They are made worthless by the extremely overpowered Chargor unit. Chargors add +13% damage to anything in range, but also 17 hp. Optimum strategy, by far, is to eliminate all defensive structures and replace them with Chargors. Each Chargor not only adds as much or more than an offensive turret, it also acts as defense.

If you replace the 10 walls and 4 defensive structures I see in most bases with Chargors, you will gain +182% damage on ALL of your offensive turrets (tripling damage), and you will gain 238 hp on ALL of your units. That’s just from replacing defensive structures. Chargors also help offensive turrets go into a ‘super-mode’ where they do crazy damage.

At max, you should have 4 Sanctum Beacons, 8 offensive turrets, 1 tech center, 1 command base, 5 neg voiders, and 36 Chargors. Anything else is a waste.

Why 5 neg voiders? Because the most dangerous things in the game are not damage. Confusion effects are the most dangerous things in the game. Your randomly exploding turrets on Tesire and beyond are because an enemy confused one of your turrets and it killed one of your own in a single shot. Darkness is also fairly dangerous. To give you some scale, with 36 Chargors, I have +612 hp to my units. Backed up by 4 Sanctums, none of my structures ever get damaged significantly. However, a single confused offensive turret, when it’s got +468% damage, will annihilate half my base in seconds.

If this game is to have any long-term replayability:

- Chargors need a nerf. They shouldn’t add both damage and defense.
- All turrets other than Nyon Exist need buffs. Nyon Exist is far and away the most effective turret in the game.
- Thor shield bug needs fixed (if an enemy ‘shield drops’ it, the shield never comes back unless you quit/reload, can be prevented with 5 neg voiders)

Interesting. Can that build survive insane zone one? ( no taunt of yourse)

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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread

If you dont know the answer dont talk. I answer questions to newbies in games all the time without lecturing them to read an entire thread first. There is no “FAQ” or convenient links in first post or anything like that… sorry if i wanted to cut to the chase and not read the whole thread… i actually did read multiple pages first before asking. Whatever dude, just chill out before you go online ok?

Anyway back on topic: Im thinking it looks like people love Nyon Exists even though apparently a few people here and there are saying Korazons and Galaxy Turrets can compete with them. Ok well what about Zakanas? Zakana seems really nice, it kills shield, and boosts other unit damage too… and how do you determine the right number of chargors to use? Ive seen bases from 5 to like 10 chargors… i mean whats the calculation i guess, as to when another weapon is better than another chargor? Right now im going with 6 but im not at all convinced its best or what.

SO far ive only found two Lightbringers and they are extremely strong, no Aries. The X-ZACs work great clearing almost every mission at least on normal. Its kind of tricky having to bank rare items you might need later when youre redoing your base, that 55 unit max is so low lol. SO im guessing Fortresses on top with walls on sides is best? And obviously max lightbringers, max teslas, max XZACs? And then how many chargors? And pure Nyons or also Galaxy Turrets and/or Korzaons? Thanks in advance

ehem. No links? even on this page is a link to a decent guide( in MY post lol). And i know my answers. For your interest: 1 chargor can give 13% firepower boost. So, if your chargor can cover (100/13=7.7) 8 units (nyons) than it is better to put chargors in my opininon. Also it gives range boost and hp boost. nyons dont. You get more damage out of the units than putting a new nyon on the field. Forts on the top Walls for the side. READ PAGE 12.

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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread

Originally posted by lackinglack1:

What does everyone think about the Void thingies? I think one is a good idea to help resist statuses no?

Also how many Chargors is a good number?

And Korazons and Nyon Exists are the best normal units? Assassins? What about the things that spew mines?

And thoughts on Walls vs Invincible Fortresses vs Aegises?

Lol READ THE DAMN THREAD!! basically the whole thing is about this. Read Page 2-3 and 12 for most info. I cant believe you have 2077 posts and you dont know how to use a forum. Facepalm

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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread


Lot of material is already covered there. The guide is on the bottom of the page.

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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread

Full Strategy Guide Part 3/3

Units And Base Building

Well, the last part, and probably this will be the longest yet. Since KidGamez (the creator) does not supply any background data on units most on the things listed here will be my own, and my fellow forumers’ Findings and experiences.

Now, If you read through the forum before coming here you might be aware that the game has a Premium Content part. But since i dont have that, and it only differs in units that will not be discussed here. That is for somebody else to write, who has access to it.

Okay, here we go:


All units start at Rank 1. As they progress (take damage, heal or kill units) they gain exp and will rank up until Rank 7 . Some units on level 7 are able to “upgrade” to better units in exchange for a LARGE sum of money. Some of them are worth it, some are a complete waste. You will see in a moment which are these.

As I already mentioned in Part 1/3 There are 4 categories regarding units(Attack, Defense, Heal, Support). I will list the best few to use in each section. The others are not included because you dont have unit space to not to be using the best units available to you. I will divide each section into Standard units and rares(I’ll inroduce the most common rares you will find and if you find anything else Keep IT)
Dont forget, Your opinions can differ from mine. These are Guidelines not rules.

1.: Attacking units.
Now this is a good part, Up for discussion.
According to my experiences there are only 2 Standard units who are able to keep the baddies at bay even at higher levels.
These two are: Nyon Exist-s, and Korazon-s.
Which one is better? Well this is up to you, but here is the reasoning I did to find a winner:

The winner is NYON EXIST. Why? well after the first 5 levels or so you will encounter enemies with SHIELDS. Shielded units take reduced damage and reflect any bullets shot at them.
Take this scenario: these two shoot at the same enemy. Korazon shoots, (its bullet go through every unit they Hit, until they leave the screen or hit a shield) it hits the target successfully BUT the bullet rebounds, back to your units, hurting every unit in its path. Those are your units. At level 7 it shoots 4 times. That damage has to be healed, and your healers will have a hard time keepeing your walls alive if they have to heal units in the middle of your base.
Nyon Exist Shoots. (nyon exist always penetrates shields so there is no unit it is weak against) The beam goes through the shield. Difference? the enemy is dead(since the shield doesnt matter) and your units didnt take any damage. Your healers can focus on your walls.

In addition to this Nyon exists have better upgrades in the long run. Better aiming makes it actually ABLE to hit the enemies. Even after the damage upgrade the nyon exist still has more dmg (750 vs 709) also the Korazon Confuses the enemies for a short time, the nyon turn them into zombies for you (ghost units fight for you with the same stats for ~20 mp after that they die)
So for standard attacking units i say go for Nyon Exists.

Rare Attackers:
Tesla, Ledgend (thats not my typo, that is the name), and Lightbringer (and aries).

Occasianally the enemies will drop various “icons” . Those are rare units, click them to them up.

Out of these three you can only find 2. Tesla and Ledgend. The Lightbringer " Evolves" from the legdend.

intresting fact: To get the lightbringer you have to sacrifice " 3 random level4+
units." This is what the description says. Well be awed: They are not random at all. To find out what 3 will your Ledgend eat up, SAVE YOUR GAME. Go to formation editor, Upgrade. If you are ok. with your choice then no more to do. If not, Load your save game, put the units you want to save(from the 3) into the bank, and upgrade again. IF happy save, if not repeat. Instead of 3 of my lvl 7 Sanctum beacons I managed to haggle it down to a nyon a drone and a scorpion. (i found it early in game)
From the rare attacking units the best i have is 3xLightbringer, and they dominate the playing field. I found all 3 of my Lightbringer ON TESIRE!!! farm there if you want them.

Tesla has lower damage then the nyons , but attack more frequently. Keep 3 at your base. Definitely keep the legend, and upgrade it as soon as you get it into a lightbringer.

So Stick with nyon exists and lightbringers if you can.

Defensive Units:

There was a heated discussion about which is the best Defence, and again, i come with my own experiences.

There is only 1 standard defence unit the Aegis, so I’ll compare all defensive unit at once.

Aegis barrier, Infinite Fortress, Defensive wall, and Arcane Sanctum.

I found, that if a unit does not have healing amplifier in it, it dies too soon to be effective.
Sorry but the The Aegis barrier and the arcane sanctum have to go.
Now at this point one can say, "but the aegis barrier has a shield and can be upgraded to TITAN barrier at level 7( FOR 500.000 GOLD, hah). True.

Lets Look at the figures: (all Level 7 + Fully upgraded)

Arcane Sanctum: Forget it. That Unit is a Joke. (low hp shield unit, with a weak attack)
Titan Barrier: 549 Max Hp 5Hp/sec regen(1hp every 0,2 sec) And Shield (40%dam reduct.)
Inf. Fortress: 455 max Hp 5Hp/sec regen(1hp every 0,2 sec) And 550% Heal Boost (10 heal=65heal)
Defensive wall:481 max Hp 5Hp/sec regen(1hp every 0,2 sec) And 550% Heal Boost (10 heal=65heal) Also, you are able to rotate it, to protect your sides, while with the FORT you cant.

Here is the Conclusion: Once the Titan Barrier’s Shield is down it is basically dead within seconds, which is a risk I woulnt take. Also, it lack healing amplifier.
The Healing amplifier of the Fort and the Wall does SICK healing with a lvl 10 healing wave. It can completely repair Both of them instantly, while it is not so effective with the Aegis. ~30%healing.

Basically it is up to you what you use Forts Or Walls, but only use forts for the top or buttom of your base, to cover more area. Use Walls for the side. (i have to use both to cover my base)

Intresting Fact: You can have a total of x number of rare units of each kind before the game stops dropping it to you. That number is 10 for Walls, 3 for Forts and 3 for Ledgends(and i think 3 for all super attacking units. (but not for beacons and Gold Generators). Trust me, Its like this. Ever since i have the 10 walls in my field (or in bank) i get 0 walls. I also heard others say the same with different units, so 1 more proof that it is true. Pay attention to this. ( you can have 11-12 walls by hunting for walls with 9 walls in your posession, and a full unit bank + 55 units. That way the game will ask you if you want to keep it on the field. Say yes, and the unit will not disappear. you can find 2-3 walls on the same map if you are lucky.)

Healing Units

Again the most common ones you will encounter: 2 standard (Vira healer, and Vira Savior) and 1 Rare, Sanctum Beacon. If you find anything else, Keep it. It is probably better then these.
First Numbers again: S. Beacon Heals 32 but sprays it randomly, Vira Savior Heals 27 but goes where it is needed. Vira Healer is patheric. Dont use it if you dont have to.

My Solution is: Use Sanctums to cover your base, and use 1-2 vire saviors as supervisors. (because the Sanctums dont heal themselves—lol).( See screenshot)

Supporting Units

Anybody who is towards the middle of the game will agree that these are essential.

There are 5 units are worth mentioning here. Chargors, Neg Voiders, Gold Generators (rare), Tech Centers, and ZAC assimilators.

Chargors are used to Boost the RANGE(max5), DAMAGE(max13%) and maxHp(max17) Of the units. On top of this they SuperCharge your units as well (see Guide 2/3 Status effects)

Neg Voiders Are kept for 2 things. to give Resistance to negative effects and secondary healing. I suggest buying at least 5 or not buying 1 at all. Go for 23%negative resistance for units( upgrade) on all 5 to get IMMUNITY to negative effects. This is a must, for later levels.

Gold Generators These funny little gadgets are rare drops from enemies. They can be boosted to give 5%gold boost + 600 gold /10 sec and it can make gold stay 6 sec longer on the field. I dont think that these stack over a given value for exaple 12 seconds. i have 4on my field all the time and gold does not stay on my screen for 30 seconds.(24 +original 6)
Again I suggest maxing these all the way except the longer gold. Leave that at level 1.

Tech centers
These are required to make better towers function, so you ill always have at least 1 on your field. They have the zava detector upgrade which makes it more likely to find rare units (5%) but i think it is bugged. I had 3 and i actually had the impression that i got less rares then when i had only 1. It also Has the Gold generator upgrade. Max this as well, since this unit will stay with you during all of he game. It is up to you how many you build.


Yes i think these are support units. And i also think they are HUGELY underestimated.
They do not attack directly, instead they keep a continous supply of permanent fighter drones in the playing field. Since it is so powerful you can build only 3. I recommend fully upgrading it. Fully upgraded it support 3 (instead of 1) zac-fighters, which have ~150hp and a STUNNING, HOMING attack. I love these toys. Well worth the investments.
At level 7 you can upgrade the assimilator to X-Zac Assimilator. It Costs 2 million, but by the time you get these to level 7 you will have the money for it. It gives the Assimilator 1100 Hp, and 250 Hp to the drones Higher attack value and a much cooler look.

Base Building

There are ~30 units in total, and it is COMPLETELY up to you how you design the base you play with.
You can use these tips as guidelines but remember, this game is very flexible, play around to find what suits your taste :)

I hope you read the rest of my Guide as well, because all the explaining is already done there.

1: Now, You should aim for a boxed-in base. This means have walls or forts on all sides, to protect yourself from attacks from all direction. However there are certain enemies that are able to shoot past walls so be careful.

2: As you can see I use 5 Neg voiders to counter any negative effect on my base. Also they sometimes provide additional healing to my units. Use Chargors to boost their effective range.

3: In Missions ALWAYS aim to have all 3 Zac-Assimilators in your base. These units are super cool, And can be upgraded at level 7. (see Support units) Put these in the back of the base so they protect the flanks and the back of your base. They can take care of themselves.

4: CHARGOR PLACEMENT. (Yellow units).
Noice how my chargors are not clumped together. This is because they Shoot out energy pellets, and they SuperCharge your units. You need to charge your attacking units, not the other chargors. Aim to have as many attacking units close to these as you can.

5: Healing:
I Personally prefer to use Beacons as my main healing force for walls, and throw in a few extra saviors. Saviors are way more effective than beacons when it comes to healing power, but their AI is STUPID. They go after the same wounded unit instead of focusing on different ones, or they just cuddle together and play with each other only. I originally used only 1 but on insane i needed more healing so i switched my GoldGenerators for more Saviors. On the bright side they are fast, strong and cheap healers.

6. Attackers:
Keep these on the edge of your base. They can reach more enemies this way. Anyway with 5-6 chargors your units can reach ANYTHING. Use nyons . I am planning to add teslas as i find them and delete that korazon from there. Its rebounding shots hurt my units. Also Teslas’ Stun is nice.

This base is not special in any way. You can make the same with no effort what so ever.

This base can handle all maps but Zone One on Insane. I have yet to figure out a solution for that.

6+1: If you are having trouble with bosses(which you shouldnt) then use these 3 skills to easily kill them. OBLIVION + Healing wave + AIM HERE.

Spawn oblivion BEHIND the boss, use aim here in front of the boss to make all your units attack it, and use healing wave when you need to.

Okay, that was it for now, If you read this guide i am sure you are familiar with the game concept and most of the answers. However if you still have questions after reading through this just send me a message, and i will try to aid you the best i can.