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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Corrupt a Wish: CH Edition

Originally posted by tntspy:

granted,but it is very glitchy.i wish i had infinity gold

Granted. You are crushed to death under the weight.

I wish to live long and prosper.

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Topic: Game Programming / Selling Source Code

Originally posted by Athorivos:

why bother sell it for 1 euro? i mean either just give it away or dont sell at all. 1 Euro is like money to buy a milk or a bread…

Man I wish I lived where you live.

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

Originally posted by sddsdd:
Originally posted by bobby71983:

Started Kokoro Connect, usually the idea of gender switching/changing is a reliable go to for comedy.

It’s not all that funny, but it might just be a bad dub.(I just prefer dubs, helps with multitasking).

I’m curious enough to just binge the rest of this. Even by supernatural standards, the plot doesn’t make any dang sense yet, so I wanna see the explanation :P

I considered Kokoro Connect to be more or less a romantic drama, rather than a comedy. I really enjoyed it myself. Inaba <3

I hated that show. While intentional due to how the plot in that show works, things felt forced. It was like shit happened and they the show was like “DO YOU FEEL BAD NOW? COME ON, FEEL BAD.”

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

Originally posted by Indy111:
Originally posted by sddsdd:
Originally posted by Indy111:
Originally posted by sddsdd:

Speaking of bad things, Tokyo Ghoul Root A is REAL bad.

Real bad? Why do you say so? I’m enjoying this new season.

For me, at least, this season has incredibly poor pacing, little emotional impact, and generally not enough suspense to retain my interest.

It ain’t over yet!

I have to agree. I wasn’t a total fan of the first season to begin with, but this season has some incredibly bad pacing and relies too much on emotional attachment to the characters to be engaging.

One of you recommended me to watch Future Diary. I watched about 13 episodes of Mirai Nikki, but I didn’t like it because the main plot or concept was repetitive (Yuno loves Yukki, they see an enemy, enemy dies, Yuno likes Yukki) But it may be because I have a different taste.

You aren’t missing much. The ending is kind of garbage. All you needed to watch was the first 2-3 episodes to understand the meme surrounding her.

Yet, I still remain to be anime-starved and I want to watch good anime. To help you recommend me the anime I most likely will enjoy, I shall tell you what anime I have watched and enjoyed. Here is the list: Fate/Zero, Another, Seven Deadly Sins, Darker than Black (I was interested in the fights), Magi, and Hunter X Hunter.

Its nice to see someone who has consistent tastes making it easier to recommend stuff. Unfortunately my domain lies outside of that genre.

What I hate about some animes is if there are plot holes, if something about the plot keeps repeating over and over again (Strike the Blood has a lot of this), and when something very serious and central to the plot is turned into something trivial at the end (Terror of Resonance has spoiler).

Try to avoid spoilers if you can. Anyway, welcome to anime where 90% of the plot is cliche, overused, full of holes, or not innovative. I can’t recall a show I’ve watched in the last three years that has had a solid plot with no inconsistencies. Ultimately you get that kind of thing in fiction – it is extremely hard to create a universe without breaking its own rules. You may hate it, but you’ll need to overlook the stupid plot holes if you want to enjoy any shows set in a fictional universe.

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Topic: Game Programming / Need a java programmer consultant for my gane

Your scale is way too big. If you are just learning a language you need to make a really small game first so you understand the language and can actually make something. What’s even worse is you are using a language with really bad libraries, especially for game development.

If you have some conceptual problems you can just post a thread here, but otherwise I don’t think many of us are Java programmers.

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Topic: Game Programming / JS, HTML, PHP for Project with Games

Penises. Penises everywhere.

In all seriousness, I wish you the best of luck.

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Topic: Game Programming / pls help

Try again, this time being less vague.

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Topic: Game Programming / Why my game is hosted in cookies problem

Technically any student could solve this problem, there are guides on the internet explaining what needs to be done.

Then why are you asking here? Go look up a solution for yourself. If users have disabled the ability to save third-party cookies that is their fault, not yours.

All of Kongregate’s games are saved on another domain as you have figured out. Most websites do it this way. They store their content on CDNs to increase load speed and uptime reliability. It would be absolutely foolish to store all of your data on a single domain.

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

It’s kind of embarrassing to say, but I actually liked the story when it wasn’t being ecchi.

Nothing to be embarrassed about. DxD has a decent plot underneath all of the ecchi bullshit. There are quite a few shows with A LOT of plot potential but it all gets drowned and tossed aside for the ecchi.

Originally posted by sddsdd:

Serious question guys:
Do you read the manga for anime that’s currently airing or is going to air? I am trying to decide that for myself.

I have a policy of not watching anything that’s airing. This season I am breaking that rule and watching all the airing stuff to see whether I like it or not. As it stands I absolutely hate it. I can’t go at my own pace and I forget everything that happened the previous week. While the circumstances are slightly different, I believe the effect is the same. Do you prefer to know what’s going to happen ahead of time? At what pace do you want your content? Where do you want your surprises to happen, in the TV version or the book version? What is more important to you?

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

Yakuindomo best show JP.

Ya ever had an anime that you totally thought you’d dislike but instead you loved it?

Probably 3/4 of the shows on my list.

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Topic: Game Programming / Optimisation with assets in Flash

You only need to worry about optimization in two cases:

1) You are making your own game engine
2) You hit your performance cap

If you fail to hit either of these you don’t need to worry about performance. The goal is to make it work, then fix it later.

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Topic: Game Programming / Is this using too much memory?

Check that audio is compressed enough.

Are you using pools for anything? Pools sacrifice RAM for processing time.

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

Not really. JoJo did it in a way that was self-aware and almost satirical in a sense.

I still haven’t watched JoJo to completion due to how painfully over exaggerated the characters are.

Yeah, that’s about it. I wouldn’t say the episodes are slow, just extremely peaceful and calming. It is a fantasy drama, and a very good one at that. Don’t watch this one all at once either.

I’ll reiterate. It is extremely difficult to explain the atmosphere that Mushishi has. It certainly isn’t full of action or anything, but it somehow works. I can only watch one episode a night. It is weird how a show can be so hard to sit through and watch while still being interesting.

@Kasic You only need to watch one episode of Mushishi to get a feel for the entire series. The series is 98% episodic and each episode plays out almost the same way. If you hate the first episode it won’t get better. If you love it, it won’t get worse. That doesn’t mean the series isn’t worth watching if you like it. It doesn’t get boring.

Please don’t watch Nichijou all at once. That’s bad for your health.

Unless you are looking for cohesion and stuff to make sense this is blasphemy.

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

Trigun never caught my eye. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about it like it’s super good, but I’ve also heard the main character is more overpowered than Goku in DBZ.

Not overpowered, just really goofy/try-hard.

Never much liked Hellsing either. Came off as just a “Vampires are awesome, let’s make him a weird monster and give him a gun while squeeing to ourselves about how he’s a vampire!”

Yeah, that’s what Hellsing TV was. Hellsing Ultimate was more faithful to the source.

Attack on Titan is good, but I wouldn’t call it the best of the action/gore genre

Keep in mind that a lot of shows make use of Japanese culture and customs while others lean on existing tropes to be entertaining. Without knowledge of these things the show loses some value. Attack on Titan requires absolutely none of this knowledge and is a straight-up slaughterfest with no mess. In terms of trying to win over a Westerner with little exposure to Japanese weirdness I think Attack on Titan comes out in the lead.

the same goes for Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun for comedy

Nozaki-kun is in a weird place for me. I wouldn’t call it a comedy, but it isn’t exactly romance either. Either way it works well as a starting point for either with likable characters and decent pacing. Jokes are well timed and the romance isn’t overbearing.

Nichijou I never was able to get through because of how boring it was

Different people have different tastes. People raved about Lucky Star and I absolutely hated it. If you are into “slice of life, girls talking about random shit, and random shit happens everwhere” Nichijou is unbeatable with excellent voice acting, decent visuals, and a good OP/ED.

Haven’t seen or heard about Mushishi.

Mushishi is essentially about a guy who goes around curing people from what are essentially ghosts. Episodes are extremely slow but it has a certain indescribable charm to it. It appeals to a certain type of audience but I can’t say for sure what that audience is (I am part of this audience).

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

Originally posted by sabercow:
Originally posted by nikolas10161:

What’s a good anime to start with?


UGH no. Trigun was shit from beginning to end. Starting anime needs to provide a lot of entertainment for little investment from the viewer. Trigun is one of those shows with little entertainment that requires a lot of investment from the viewer to even care what’s going on. Hellsing (preferably Ultimate), Attack on Titan, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Nichijou, and (to a lesser extent) Mushishi are all at the top of their genres. Easy to watch, not completely boring (assuming you didn’t recommend a sports lover Mushishi), and plenty of memorable scenes.

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Topic: Game Programming / Displaying a loading screen during intense calculations

Originally posted by Nate_25:

So there is no soloution for me Endless ? Appreciate the help by the way.

Most flash games load all assets into memory in the first (or second) frame. I imagine there is some kind of threading happening here since the load bar is still updating while assets are loading (this means that the main thread, or more importantly, the renderer thread, isn’t being blocked). As I mentioned before I do not know the threading capabilities of AS3, but there is always the option of throwing up a small window with a loading message on it while the game does other stuff. Since the image is static it won’t matter if rendering is blocked (because the rendering is done on the main thread).

There is also the issue of which engine you are using. Most game engines, regardless of target platform and language, that are worth their salt these days do rendering, physics, and the main process on different threads (read this as no less than 3 threads). Since progress bars and rotating icons are actually materials their logic is done on the rendering thread meaning they update and animate even if the main thread is blocked.

With all of this said, I remind you again that I have very little experience with Actionscript game engines. You will need to wait for others here to assist you. What you should take away from my feedback is that there is most likely a way, but how clean that way is depends on the threading capabilities of the engine you are working with.

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Topic: Game Programming / Displaying a loading screen during intense calculations

All of that stuff requires threading. Im not sure to what extent AS3 lets you do that.

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Topic: Game Programming / Buy High Quality Real/Novelty Passport,Drivers License,Id Card, Diploma,University Degree, Green Card, and Permit for all Countries.

And here I thought the title could potentially make a really cool game.

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

Originally posted by bobby71983:

Speaking of “emotional” endings, makes me think of one I watched a long time ago that had a stupid ending that was probably intended to be emotional.

H20 Footprints in the Sand

I think it’s only redeeming quality is that I genuinely hate every single character on this show, which was somewhat impressive.

Did anyone actually like that show?

It was one of the first shows I watched and I remember jack shit about it. Goes to show how much impact it had.

lol get them to watch deadman wonderland
It’s actually got a similar feel to AoT.

The potential in episode one was absolutely astounding. It was 10/10 on episode 1. It dropped down to like a 7/10 by the final episode. It was originally supposed to be a 26 episode series, but funding was cut causing a rushed story.

Originally posted by Indy111:

Accel World had an annoying main character, mainly because of how stupid he looked. He was like 3 and a half feet tall and was chubby. He looked like a joke character whilst everyone else looked normal. I was okay with Accel World but I just could not stand that MC.

You and me both. It was an ok show, but the MC was rather obnoxious.

Heh, my list of “Things I’ll get to eventually” keeps getting bigger and bigger.

My list is over 100 episodes at this point. It almost looks like my Steam library.

Originally posted by Indy111:

Unfortunately Log Horizon has become boring for me and I just…I can’t handle it. There’s less mystery in it than what was originally, it is more of a slice of life.

1st season was alright, 2nd season started out nice but after episode 16 I can’t take any more. Oh well!

I have similar feelings. Both SAO and Log Horizon had things that were distinctly great about them, but season 2 of both series were/are kind of lackluster. They were/are leaning too hard on the slice-of-life portion to be entertaining. Still, Log Horizon 2 > SAO 2 by a longshot.

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Topic: Game Programming / Lag on Firefox when clicking buttons

I’ll admit that Chrome has its issues like having each window as its own process, causing the app to eat more ram, but in terms of random CPU eating crap and random stuff running in the background Firefox takes the cake.

Anyway, as feedback for your game the GUI is really unintuitive and the pacing of the game isn’t great for an idle game.

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Topic: Game Programming / Lag on Firefox when clicking buttons

All I can say is that Firefox is a really bulky browser.

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Topic: Off-topic / Something I've noticed...

More accurately, the reasons why OT is a cesspool is because the users are immature children, the mods aren’t strict enough, and there isn’t enough site traffic to make this place active with stricter enforcement.

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

Originally posted by Seesine:
Originally posted by Indy111:

^ I’m enjoying Death Parade too. I do have a few questions though. Can both people go to the same place and do the elevator positions tell you which way they’re going? (It looks like one is a demon and one an angel on the elevators). I wasn’t sure and I just assumed they wanted it to be up to you the viewer on where you think they went. (Which is cool)

Yes, both can go the same place and the masks are not always the same, for example snip because spoiler, here.

As Seesine said, both can go to the same place. The masks above the elevators indicate where they are going. The monk indicates reincarnation while the demon indicates the void. These masks change per person. Also, shame on you for spoilers, Seesine.

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Topic: Game Programming / Any FREE game making programs

Quote me where I said it was worthless and lame. I listed facts as somebody in the industry. It simply can’t do what it needs to do to be viable in a business scene.

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Topic: Game Programming / Any FREE game making programs

Originally posted by FlashGrenade:
Originally posted by CaptianKirk:

Learn C++.
ActionScript is a dying language. It’s also really annoying to work with and the documentation stinks. The biggest downside is the cost involved with adobe products.

I recommend code::blocks and SFML

These are both great tools for making games. SFML is just one of the many options out there. Learning C++ opens up so many opportunities out there. More than flash or HTML5 or whatever popular these days.

I look forward to the the day they invent an app or prog that will allow me to reach thru this computer screen and give you such a bitchslap.

Face reality. C++ skills are way more desirable than Actionscript skills will ever be. C++ is used for servers, games, big data, industry applications, robotics, research, and even the foundation for other languages. Actionscript is used for internet ads, some websites, and some flash games. I’d like to give you a little slap as well and hope you wake up from the dream you are in.

This goes to everybody here. I won’t dissuade you from making games in Flash, but don’t even dare say that ActionScript is a good or viable language in the computer science field. That is fanboyism at its worst.