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Topic: Game Programming / Closed Browser Idle Timer

Originally posted by SoulGame:

As a side note: by using the method which record local Time and then compare it to the current Time, players will be able to cheat by saving their game, quitting, changing their clock and then come back to the game with incredible amount of cash/xp or whatever resource they might gather offline :)

Indeed. If you are doing any kind of multiplayer or highscore reporting you will either need to do this calculation serverside or drop it altogether.

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Topic: Game Programming / How to make the simplest p2p

remember when we used to pop in a quarter in the arcade machine?

I’d like to point out that this is a landmine for all people against this type of payment model. Just because we used to do something doesn’t mean it was good. If we suddenly made slavery legal again, we would all be saying “but we used to do it”. Right? Right? NO. Slavery was bad. So was popping quarters. Popping quarters was a thing because “personal gaming”, or owning your own gaming device, was not yet an established thing.

I also want to make a VERY VERY fine line here. I don’t inherently despise microtransactions, pay-to-win, or things of that nature. I hate it when games are designed around making money, and I hate it when these games advertise themselves as things they aren’t. These games have been mired with shady ethics and false advertisement lately, so at this point I’ve been lumping them all together. There are exceptions to every rule on both sides of the field.

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

Originally posted by Indy111:

Tokyo Ghoul Root A was alright.
Death Parade was okay.

Here comes the new seasons.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A was a huge disappointment by itself. When you compare it to the manga it is even worse.
Death Parade takes my Anime of the Season award.

Originally posted by randomboy839:

Kancolle was trash. The game and the anime.
At least the ED’s nice.

To quote Badger: “Kancolle is a show about girls trying their best.” It was pretty bad, especially when they forgot what the main plot point was in the last 2 episodes.

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Topic: Game Programming / How to make the simplest p2p

Pay to play is actually loved by most gamers as it basicly stops the game from becoming pay to win

I believe there is some misunderstanding here and I want to apologize for that. Pay to play is synonymous with pay to win in certain contexts, usually when referring to multiplayer games. Pay to play as a payment method is superior. Pay to play as monetization is a horrid practice synonymous with paying to get certain goods that are required for the game to even be playable.

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

Back to the sub v dub war…


- They are closer to the creator’s original vision
- Japanese voice actors/actresses express more emotion and aren’t afraid to make weird noises.
- Often available online the day after they air

- Required to read, moving your attention off the action
- Subject to poor interpretation by subbing groups


- Can understand instantly
- Grammar is almost always correct
- Attention is always on the action

- Female voices are atrocious
- Limited to the same select voice actors/actresses
- Subject to localization and loss of original intent

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Topic: Game Programming / How to make the simplest p2p

Don’t use P2P to refer to multiplayer. P2P either refers to “peer to peer” or “pay to play”, the former being a torrenting term and the latter being something that is highly despised by anybody who actually cares about gaming.

You’ll want to take a look at networking and sockets. Instead of using a server IP address you use the IP address of your friend’s computer. The best way to do this is to insert a input field for the IP so the value isn’t hard-coded.

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Topic: Game Programming / Closed Browser Idle Timer

onGameExit() → save cookie or dat file storing current time
onGameStart() → read the data saved in the cookie/dat

TimeGone = Time.Now() – StoredTime;

Any engine worth their salt has some time data structure with a subtraction and addition operator.

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Topic: Off-topic / if gravity keeps us on the ground then how do CROWS fly????

Bird bones are lighter than human bones.

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

Originally posted by Indy111:

Highschool DxD has just become so ecchi but I don’t want to stop watching the series. I seriously am enjoying the plot and the fan-service on the side is nice.

Get ready fellas, the new season is coming in!

That series is an example of excellent plot ruined by ecchi. At least this series handles ecchi relatively better than most.

Originally posted by KiNGDOMHEARST:

The summer season so far looks like it’s going to be absolutely atrocious. Prison School is going to be so bad.

95% of them are moeblob. What the hell? I feel like that list is incomplete. Looks up list on anichart …fuck…

Originally posted by Seesine:

Finished Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
The feels are real

Yes. Yes they are. If the show didn’t have certain lapses of writing that made me wince I would have given it a solid 10.

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Topic: Game Programming / Tips on code organization

Depending on what the functions and possibly variables/constants are, yes. If you’re holding the player as a static variable, no, don’t do that.
Take a look at the Math class in AS3. All it has is static functions and constants (aside from properties and methods inherited from Object).

I wouldn’t consider programming practices for AS3 the same as practices for super large applications and game engines. Generally the only file with “statics” are definition files, statics being in quotes because definitions are global but not exactly static. In most cases you should place statics in their associated base classes. For example, if you have an array of sound clips you would store that array in the Audio.h/as/cs/whatever file. It is extremely bad practice to throw a bunch of unrelated statics into a single file. It makes it harder for others to find and read your code.

Also of note, in C-based languages Math is a struct with static methods – it is not a static class. Java is the exception since Java does not have structs.

TL;DR – Don’t put all of your statics in a single class. Put them in the root class they are used in –,,, etc… The exception is C++ defines.

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Topic: Game Programming / Unity WebPlayer Data Persistence

You can use WWW to GET/POST data on a website, for example.

I always assume most developers on this site don’t have the means to create a server for their games or don’t make the effort to create one (no offense to anyone or the OP). Using WWW is an option, but it is bad practice unless the game is hosted server-side.

Originally posted by pugzy:

From what I’ve seen, it’s good. If I recall correctly, it used to have performance problems, but they fixed that. So unless you’re using a lot of data, or want to load/save any where, you’ll be fine with this.

That recollection is correct, and PlayerPrefs will always be slow. Any IO operation is slow. It’s safe to use it at non-performance-critical points, but you shouldn’t be using it every frame.

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Topic: Game Programming / Unity WebPlayer Data Persistence

Originally posted by pugzy:

Use Unity’s PlayerPrefs if you don’t want to write your own save/load system.

It’s not possible to write your own save/load system in WebPlayer due to security concerns. Most IO operations are not allowed. You can read, but often times you are not allowed to write. The exception to this, as you mentioned, is PlayerPrefs. You can find the documentation here. Should you need to save anything more complicated than a string, float, or bool you can serialize the data into a string then save the string. Be careful though, as the last time I checked you can only save up to 15MB with PlayerPrefs.

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

Originally posted by Speaksforthenoku:
Originally posted by Meistheman:
Originally posted by Speaksforthenoku:

Oh yeah, sorry for double posting, but apart from Nyaa, anyone else knows where I can download other anime series, like single handed, because torrents don’t work without people seeding.

If you find them on youtub, you can convert them and otherwise thepiratebay

YouTube blocks a lot of stuff from viewing here in Australia, especially when it comes to Anime and Music. And I do look on TPB, but can’t find anything there.

BakaBT. All torrents are guaranteed to be well seeded with the exception of rare shows.

There are some caveats though.

1) It is a private tracker, so you will need to seed in order to download (your upload/download ratio must be at least 0.5)
2) It only hosts complete series. You can download individual episodes, but they only offer batch torrents with very few exceptions.
3) They only accept subbed and dual-audio – no dubs.
4) Only the best release is accepted for each slot (A slot is 1080p, B slot is 720p, C/D is 420p).
4.1) Torrents are only accepted for offer once moderators compare the offer to all other releases and approve it.
4.2) This means that newer shows won’t be hosted until many months after release. (read this as get the new shows from Nyaa, old ones from BBT)
4.3) TV releases are often replaced quickly by BD releases, meaning you may not be able to seed what you’ve downloaded for very long. It is always safe to seed BD releases.
5) They do not offer anything licensed by FUNimation, NIS America, and two select shows by Aniplex.

Why do you want to download them? Isn’t it easier to just stream?

I used to swear by streaming and wondered why you would ever want to download anime. You’d think there is no reason to. Ultimately streaming downloads the entire episode anyway, and there is a risk of internet connection issues. Buffering kills the mood. You are also restricted to a usually crappy subber. When downloading you usually get better quality (720p over 420p), you can choose whose subs to use, and you don’t have to worry about buffering. The only downsides to downloading anime are you need to manually delete the file when you finish watching and you need a lot of storage space if you download multiple episodes at a time.

This has been a pretty decent season (decent being there are at least 3 good shows airing). I’m absolutely loving Death Parade, Shirobako is surprising good, Assassination Classroom is quite unique, and Parasyte is…overrated, but overall of good quality. There seems to be a few good ones coming next season. I feel this year will be a better year for anime considering the trash we got last year.

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Topic: Game Programming / Why your game is getting low ratings...

2) I can’t begin to tell you how many games I’ve not played due to a missing mute button.

4) I also can’t stress enough how important it is to get others to play your game before you upload it. Make them play it and don’t tell them a single thing about your game. Nothing. Make them figure everything out on their own. If they aren’t up and playing your game within 120 seconds you either made the game too complex or didn’t do a good job with UI or pacing. Again, I’ve stopped playing multiple games because it seems like the developer threw random stuff together and thought it was good enough.

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Topic: Game Programming / How to create multiple cookies?

W3 explains it quite clearly.

You are thinking of document.cookie as a string literal. It is not a string literal.

“document.cookie = x;”

document.cookie now equals “x” (“x” being a string literal).

“document.cookie = y;”

document.cookie does NOT equal “y”. It equals “x; y;” (“x; y;” being a string literal).

Think of document.cookie assignment as an array, but its return value is a string literal.

document.cookie = X → append or modify X to document.cookie array
var x = document.cookie → returns the array of elements as a string.

In C-style syntax:

(document.cookie = “x”) == (document.cookie.add(“x”));
(var x = document.cookie) == (string x = document.cookie.toString());

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Corrupt a Wish: CH Edition

Granted. Your prowess at clicking your tongue spreads across the galaxy. A highly venomous alien species finds your clicking attractive and will stop at nothing to make you its mate.

I wish Steam would stop adding shovelware to its marketplace.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Corrupt a Wish: CH Edition

Originally posted by tntspy:

granted,but it is very glitchy.i wish i had infinity gold

Granted. You are crushed to death under the weight.

I wish to live long and prosper.

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Topic: Game Programming / Selling Source Code

Originally posted by Athorivos:

why bother sell it for 1 euro? i mean either just give it away or dont sell at all. 1 Euro is like money to buy a milk or a bread…

Man I wish I lived where you live.

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

Originally posted by sddsdd:
Originally posted by bobby71983:

Started Kokoro Connect, usually the idea of gender switching/changing is a reliable go to for comedy.

It’s not all that funny, but it might just be a bad dub.(I just prefer dubs, helps with multitasking).

I’m curious enough to just binge the rest of this. Even by supernatural standards, the plot doesn’t make any dang sense yet, so I wanna see the explanation :P

I considered Kokoro Connect to be more or less a romantic drama, rather than a comedy. I really enjoyed it myself. Inaba <3

I hated that show. While intentional due to how the plot in that show works, things felt forced. It was like shit happened and they the show was like “DO YOU FEEL BAD NOW? COME ON, FEEL BAD.”

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

Originally posted by Indy111:
Originally posted by sddsdd:
Originally posted by Indy111:
Originally posted by sddsdd:

Speaking of bad things, Tokyo Ghoul Root A is REAL bad.

Real bad? Why do you say so? I’m enjoying this new season.

For me, at least, this season has incredibly poor pacing, little emotional impact, and generally not enough suspense to retain my interest.

It ain’t over yet!

I have to agree. I wasn’t a total fan of the first season to begin with, but this season has some incredibly bad pacing and relies too much on emotional attachment to the characters to be engaging.

One of you recommended me to watch Future Diary. I watched about 13 episodes of Mirai Nikki, but I didn’t like it because the main plot or concept was repetitive (Yuno loves Yukki, they see an enemy, enemy dies, Yuno likes Yukki) But it may be because I have a different taste.

You aren’t missing much. The ending is kind of garbage. All you needed to watch was the first 2-3 episodes to understand the meme surrounding her.

Yet, I still remain to be anime-starved and I want to watch good anime. To help you recommend me the anime I most likely will enjoy, I shall tell you what anime I have watched and enjoyed. Here is the list: Fate/Zero, Another, Seven Deadly Sins, Darker than Black (I was interested in the fights), Magi, and Hunter X Hunter.

Its nice to see someone who has consistent tastes making it easier to recommend stuff. Unfortunately my domain lies outside of that genre.

What I hate about some animes is if there are plot holes, if something about the plot keeps repeating over and over again (Strike the Blood has a lot of this), and when something very serious and central to the plot is turned into something trivial at the end (Terror of Resonance has spoiler).

Try to avoid spoilers if you can. Anyway, welcome to anime where 90% of the plot is cliche, overused, full of holes, or not innovative. I can’t recall a show I’ve watched in the last three years that has had a solid plot with no inconsistencies. Ultimately you get that kind of thing in fiction – it is extremely hard to create a universe without breaking its own rules. You may hate it, but you’ll need to overlook the stupid plot holes if you want to enjoy any shows set in a fictional universe.

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Topic: Game Programming / Need a java programmer consultant for my gane

Your scale is way too big. If you are just learning a language you need to make a really small game first so you understand the language and can actually make something. What’s even worse is you are using a language with really bad libraries, especially for game development.

If you have some conceptual problems you can just post a thread here, but otherwise I don’t think many of us are Java programmers.

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Topic: Game Programming / JS, HTML, PHP for Project with Games

Penises. Penises everywhere.

In all seriousness, I wish you the best of luck.

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Topic: Game Programming / pls help

Try again, this time being less vague.

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Topic: Game Programming / Why my game is hosted in cookies problem

Technically any student could solve this problem, there are guides on the internet explaining what needs to be done.

Then why are you asking here? Go look up a solution for yourself. If users have disabled the ability to save third-party cookies that is their fault, not yours.

All of Kongregate’s games are saved on another domain as you have figured out. Most websites do it this way. They store their content on CDNs to increase load speed and uptime reliability. It would be absolutely foolish to store all of your data on a single domain.

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

It’s kind of embarrassing to say, but I actually liked the story when it wasn’t being ecchi.

Nothing to be embarrassed about. DxD has a decent plot underneath all of the ecchi bullshit. There are quite a few shows with A LOT of plot potential but it all gets drowned and tossed aside for the ecchi.

Originally posted by sddsdd:

Serious question guys:
Do you read the manga for anime that’s currently airing or is going to air? I am trying to decide that for myself.

I have a policy of not watching anything that’s airing. This season I am breaking that rule and watching all the airing stuff to see whether I like it or not. As it stands I absolutely hate it. I can’t go at my own pace and I forget everything that happened the previous week. While the circumstances are slightly different, I believe the effect is the same. Do you prefer to know what’s going to happen ahead of time? At what pace do you want your content? Where do you want your surprises to happen, in the TV version or the book version? What is more important to you?