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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Suggestions!

I want an auto sort button for the items in the item storage. Its cluttered to hell, why not have 1 in the item storage too since we have 1 with normal items menu?

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Topic: Spiral Knights / All my 14 000 CR got stolen while I was still online.

My 14000 CR got stolen while I was actually still online & at the AH. Since its asking me for my username & password which only KONG knows about since it logs me into SK with its own generated username & password I cant complain about it or report it to spiral knights website or anywhere that I know of.
Anyway I suspect 2 ppl.
I dont know them, & they both asked me to friend them which I sent a request to, & then 5 mins later all my crowns are gone….. all 14 000 crowns missing. ALso both of them still never accepted my friend request I sent them on SK, yet they both asked me to friend them while chatting on KONG…. this could be 1 person with many usernames.
These 2 ppl are :ZeyadBakr and DemiTrio123.
I dont know what else to do after reading the 3 rings policy which legally allows them to do nothing through 3rd party hosts like kongregate…..