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Topic: General Gaming / Pingy the Ping Idle RPG - suggestions?

From playing for way too long now, I feel as though a lot of the initial problems have been taken care of with the most recent updates, however a few still exist. For example, if you click to convert 5 snails to 1 burger while already creating burgers, those 5 snails get used but no extra burger is created. To alleviate this it might be helpful to simply not allow adding more snails until the bar has finished loading. I would suggest a snail queue but that basically defeats the purpose of buying the Burger Ping upgrades.

Also, as well as the notification for market prices changing, there should be a separate notification (maybe just a red, blinking dot) for around 10-30 seconds before the prices change so that a player can make sure they won’t miss selling all their fish during a time when the prices are high.

The movie tab is extremely annoying to click accidentally since the sidebar disappears, making navigating away from it time consuming if you’re anal about getting to the market or bank at a specific time and misclick the movie tab. Maybe making a smaller version of the sidebar on this screen would be helpful for navigation purposes.

And finally, having descriptions (however subtle you may like) for house upgrades might be nice so you know what you’re about to pay upwards of $1000 dollars for. The same idea for secondary effects of hats would be pretty cool too.

I know these suggestions are kinda nit-picky but so many large problems have already been addressed that I feel at this point minor things should be pointed out in order to get the game to the level of perfection that it could definitely achieve.