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Topic: Tyrant / Laura's Survey Guide

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Scammed!

Originally posted by Eonian:

Racists :P


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Topic: Tyrant / [Boycott] Force Devs to take action against cheating

I find this game terribly greedy. Playing it on a daily basis mandates that you spend money. Just stop playing Tyrant >:(

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Topic: Kongregate / Any way to request moderators to a specific game room?

I actually felt belittled and depressed trying to argue with these people. Their stupidity was many, relative to mine.

Originally posted by adv0catus:

Nope. We nominate candidates that we think would make good moderators. Personally, I try to go to areas of the site that would otherwise be neglected. But, once someone is a moderator, it’s quite easy to take on new rooms and games.

[Edit: I see that you mentioned TDP4. I assure you that I’m doing everything in my power to improve the conditions of the game and chat. They’re better, but it takes time.]

[Edit2: Anyone giving you trouble, you’re strongly encouraged to mute and report them. I know there’s the misconception that it does nothing, but it really works.]

I reported, but I didn’t mute them. I felt compelled to argue. It was a futile attempt.

Originally posted by 4rkain3:

There was a relatively recent switch to room mods, but some global mods still exist. In order to find one, check GlobalModfriend’s friend list.

Also, for games that have chat rooms, there are often mods who are specific to those chat rooms.

I wish they could have more moderators on.

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Topic: Kongregate / Any way to request moderators to a specific game room?

I’m tired of certain immature brats trying to belittle me with their skewed logic of how I should just “go with the flow, brooo” and “yolo”. They constantly spam and curse, and people need to stop their ways and try to educate them. Specific games like TDP4, SSL2, UMAG. I am not uptight, I am a reasonable person who doesn’t want a game site with people that are just barely eligible for the age maturity requirement running amok.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Content] Which Will Happen Next? More Packs? Or (finally) Missions?

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:

I want Side Missions back
I want Events abolished
I want Raids fixing
I want Tourneys fixing
I want fewer Upgrades, more buffs
I want to reduce my ego
I should really stop being so selfish

EDIT – I also want more Achievements

I’m pretty sure I quit because of these feelings.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons / Who's the best non spending player in DotD?

Level 589
10100 attack
7119 defense
BSI of 29.23

Never spent a dime, but quite a bit of survey kreds. No real money.

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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant owes you money due to improper tournament rewards

Originally posted by FlamingMo:

and once again the bearded guy with a dire need of clothes is right ;-)

I’m curious how the guy has a computer, and I’ve been curious long before I quit Tyrant.

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Topic: Tyrant / Better World Catfaced

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:
Originally posted by discowookie79:
Originally posted by Kerrrigan:

How could you !!! It is not funny, this happened again!

If it really happened, it most certainly is funny.

It is still April 1st though.

I don’t even play this game anymore, but I think I’ll slit a wrist if this isn’t real.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons / Potions

If this game didn’t cater to its elite (I mean level 2000+) players, even if there are only 5 or so of them, they’d lose a substantial source of income.

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Topic: Tyrant / Dear Ralkkdillon

Originally posted by Eonian:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I have no part of this, I just thought you should know…

Your avatar is different from which I remember-ed.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons / Transcension recruiting all

This is a great guild. Accepts all members!


Topic: Tyrant / Laura's Survey Guide

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Topic: Tyrant / survey = kreds = wbs

Originally posted by LauraxRawR:
Originally posted by Eonian:

Why does Laura brag (advertise) surveys so much? Maybe shes being paid by the survey people, trying to get people to infect their computers with the every virus imaginable found on those survey sites take the surveys…

not brag so much, u missed the part where im saying which surveys r good to take, this would be bragging

majority of those surveys were from the ones iv listed..lab42, myview survey, and daily surveys…opinion surveys use to be really good to me but last couple times i took them i finished the survey without receiving any kreds. even small offers are there like watching a youtube vid for 1 kred, i got 5 or 6 kreds from it..this was during the superbowl. also id like to stream a vid it would prob be easier than a guide since theres different type of surveys but i dont know of any streaming website thats free.

Please tell us how. Proxies?

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Topic: Tyrant / survey = kreds = wbs

Originally posted by FlameHazeSnS:
Originally posted by Ryeeee:

Do a video tutorial with Jing

And many other surveys!

I need 30 more kreds and surveys are being stubborn :(

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Topic: Tyrant / survey = kreds = wbs

Originally posted by LauraxRawR:
Originally posted by Soleil_Noir:

A survey guide would be much appreciated.

i may need someones help in order to make one, never made a guide before O_O

We are all in desperate need of your godly survey guide.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons / ADD FRIEND POST

Add me please!

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons / ADD FRIEND POST

Originally posted by becata123:

Add me!

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Topic: Tyrant / Catyrant



Strike 1

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Topic: Tyrant / Advanced counter cards game (squabble edition)

I want to shorten this horrendously big rule. I’ll abbreviate the names of the packs, and I hope you aren’t too much of a noob to decipher them. I’m also countering this card with this Worldship card, because it interests me.

because I want to or

I’d prefer it if you counter the worldship card :)

Rule 339b: Cards can be countered by the pack immediately before or after it. Order: Gold<>Encl<>Nex<>Bli<>Pur<> HW<>Phob<>PA<>Awak<>Term<>Occu<>(Maybe Worldship). The order loops. If no counter is found in the sets, use Reward. Reward can be countered by any set. No Upgraded or Promo cards.

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Topic: Tyrant / [SPOILER] New Worldship cards! Pictures and Stats: No need to click links!

This better not be coming in divided releases.

Originally posted by floppynoodles:
Originally posted by Perfs:

OMG a 0 drop

+1 that looks spicy

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Topic: Tyrant / Sisters Unite!

Originally posted by JIRAIYA31:

I flagged it. How dare that noob create a thread similar to mine and make my believer believe its me. <_< shame on you nirav alt or MSU.

amen goil

tired of these pseudo-jiraiya alts in this rather serendipitously pleasing forum

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Topic: Tyrant / Rushed a quest, and NO MORE TROLLS

Originally posted by ladolcevita:
Originally posted by ladolcevita:

incredible story.

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Topic: Tyrant / 1-800-Howsmyposting

Originally posted by JIRAIYA31:

If anyone has any actual concerns about how I post to Tyrant threads, say them now. I will not get offended so they will not be offensive. Post what you think I do wrong, what I do right, and what I should improve on. “we all want attention, the argument for it is unreliable.”

You shall never compete with me!


Exhibit A: This post was for postcount.

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Topic: Tyrant / Proof.

Originally posted by Deli_Drama_Llama:
Originally posted by Kaeel:

So now you have the proof that all the drama is created by a single person, that controls all the spam.

MSU, I’m really disappointed by you.
You’re one of the worst trolls I’ve ever seen in my life… Thinking about all the shit you created in last weeks just to reach the 2k postcount is disgusting.

I hope that you’ll have the balls to not flag this post and that your troll-friends (even if I could bet that 98% of them are alts of you) will do the same.


You are wrong. I am the drama llama and the drama llama controls all spam and drama.
I do not know who this msusparten is.

peace out.

Yay LDV is back!