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Topic: General Gaming / Rex the Fighting Chicken - Kickstarter Campaign, Get Great Rewards Now!

Hello everyone in the Kongregate community. I have been a part of this online gaming community for awhile now, ever since I discovered Unity game engine, and I have been making some game contributions as well during that time.

I now come to you with my platformer game called Rex the Fighting Chicken. I am asking for only $5,000 to fund this game and get a release date for the end of this year. I am offering all sorts of great rewards. Everything I am offering is in-game content like having a statue in the game, or a birds nest, or an artifact that players can find and collect.

I appreciate you time and interest in this project and thank you in advance if you choose to make a pledge.

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Topic: Kongregate Labs / Great FPS game that needs your help!

So I made an FPS game with unity that is getting some great initial feed back but I don’t yet have enough feed back to show a score on kongregate. I’m hoping that I can get you, reader, to go to my game and give it an honest rating.

Now to warn you, some of the feed back I’ve recieved complained about lag, so if you have an older computer then it might drop too many frames for a reasonable gaming experience. Also, some complained about the dificulty level. I have changed the difficulty to very easy by default and no one should have any trouble.

This game features a hovercraft, a physics based crane, and a fast paced gameplay.

Here is the URL:

I thank you all for your interest and your rating.