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Topic: The Arts / WANTED: kongregates musicians

Originally posted by I_love_you_lots:
Originally posted by 997847: this is the link I forgot to paste…

That is a very interesting song. I feel like you should make another like it; if you could focus those vibes a bit into more tangible melodies, it’s be amazing!

Thanks a lot. It really wasn’t supposed to be a song just some practice and proof of concept but I ended up posting it anyways.

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Topic: The Arts / WANTED: kongregates musicians this is the link I forgot to paste…

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Topic: The Arts / WANTED: kongregates musicians

“Decay” is the only original on my sound cloud the rest is stuff I’ve done with other artists. I currently have another in the works :D

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Topic: Collaborations / Experienced Sound Designer / Composer taking on new projects!

Don’t be so quick to dismiss an amateur looking to collaborate on here. Everyone has to start somewhere. I’m sure at one point everyone who was above looking through “those threads” was making them.

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Topic: The Arts / Wrote a song

going back and listening with a better system its not really a mixing issue. Most of your instruments seem to be playing in the same register, or are so close together that the song gets a bit muddled. On laptop speakers the lead was completely inaudible and the pads seemed to take over the mix.

With some better headphones things are a bit more clear but when you’re making music you have to be sure it will come through on any system. Some ways you could help remedy this (and you may have done some of this and I’m just not hearing it) but when I make electronic music I usually limit myself to a few tracks. That way I don’t have many instruments playing in a similar register. So for example I’ll have a bass, a lead, a rythm, a pad and then drums. I don’t do much 8-bit music but the formula usually holds over all areas. The bass can play single notes or arpeggios, the rythm can copy the bass or vary slightly, the pad in your song was just fine as it was and then the lead was just fine as it was.

Being your first attempt I’d say you did a pretty good job. Making electronic music is a fairly hard task. I’m not sure what program or softwares you are using but if you’d like some help with anything just shoot me a pm and I can help you get to the tools that’ll make your music better.

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Topic: The Arts / Wrote a song

Its not bad. I like the amount of layering in some parts. My main issue is the mixing, some parts I felt should be louder weren’t and some parts I thought should be quieter weren’t.

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Topic: The Arts / Best music studios out there for windows

I personally have used Pro Tools and Cubase on my own computers and I’ve had some experience with most of the other daw programs.

My preference is pro tools. You can pick up a lite version along with an audio interface for about 500usd and you’re pretty much set. Its the heart of my almost 1 year old home studio and I can put out professional sounding work with it. Pro tools comes with a lot of great plugins that do everything you need and can even be used for mixing and mastering. Cubase is also a good option, i personally don’t like it but its gaining a lot of headway in the professional industry and also comes with a lot of great plugins out of the box. Reason is good if you’re into electronic music and/or know a lot about synthesis. Its a great program and the newer versions are all in one studios. The older versions are just midi suites I believe. The cool thing about reason is you can use it inside another DAW as a plug in. Its a powerful tool. NI also has a program called machine that can be used to make electronic music. I’ve only played with demos at the store but its a fun tool to play with.

There really is no best program. Each DAW’s layout promotes a certain style of creation and some are easier to use than others but in the end they are all essentially the same. Any tools one has that another doesn’t can be found as plugins. Its really just a matter of picking one and rolling with it. But if you’re uneasy about picking one I’ll help you out here.

If you’re into making electronic music pick up Reason or FL. If you’re interested in preforming your sets live as well pick up ableton live or Traktor.

If you a windows user and want access to the vast array of free vst software pick up cubase.

If you’re wanting to learn production from an engineering standpoint pick up Pro tools.

If you’re a mac user pick up pro tools or logic.

If you’re looking for a free option pick up reaper. I’ve heard wonderful things about it and out of it.

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Topic: The Arts / help needed with my music (vst's etc)

I’d be more than happy to help you out. I run a pro tools system with NI’s Komplete 8 arming my arsenal of vst programs. You can send me the midi and whatever else you need worked on and I can do pretty much anything with it.

hear my stuff at

I don’t really care about money all I ask is that you give me credit for whatever work I do.

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Topic: Off-topic / How do I approach first time having sex

Just make sure if you do it, you do it sober. Because I can’t remember my first time. Not like it was anything special but I just sorta woke up not a virgin with no memory to show.

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Topic: The Arts / Writing Music?

Dissonance is within theory. There’s a difference between dissonance and noise.

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Topic: Collaborations / Need a composer, a coder, and an artist

I’d be willing to do the audio for you. Just shoot me a pm and we can talk about it.

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Topic: Collaborations / Looking to get my name out in the gaming industry

I’m an artist looking to get my name out into the industry. I’ve been working as an amateur audio engineer for some time now and can provide sound effects and sound tracks for your game using a library of professional softwares and sample packs. I’ve also been doing a lot of writing lately and can create a world for your game to take place. I specialize in scifi and fantasy lore. I can create systems of theology, government, world history, race relations just about any sort of thing you’d like.

If you’re interested in any of my work I’m currently just working to get my name in your credits so just shoot me a message and we’ll see what I can do for you.

You can check out soundcloud at

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Topic: Stencyl / Turn play rpg in stencyl

A friend and I are beginning to work on a concept for a turn play rpg and I’ve been slowly learning how to work inside stencyl. The game includes multiple optional party members, cutscenes, changeable equipment, spells, skills, and so on. I’m new to programming and literally know nothing as of now (likely why I am using stencyl) so I’m coming here to ask a few questions.

First off is this possible to do in stencyl? Preferably without having to go into the actual script of the game to edit and create certain events and parameters.

Second, does anyone know any reliable tools in stencyl forge that I could use to help me along with this project? I know a lot of tools are there already but I haven’t seen anything that looks applicable so far.

Third, is there anything that could be part of a turn play rpg that is not possible to do in stencyl?

Any time taken to read and respond is greatly appreciated!

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Topic: Collaborations / Story-Centric RPG Project - Looking for Programmer

I know you’re not looking at this point but I am a sound designer currently looking to work for free to gain exposure in the gaming community. If you’re interested you can send me a pm. You can find my work at

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Topic: Game Programming / Sounds for games

I’m looking for some exposure and have a studio at my disposal hahaha.

Send me a pm and I can see what I can do for you. I can also make music.

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Topic: The Arts / Good audio recording/editing software?

If you wanna go the free route audacity is a pretty powerful and straightforward DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). The interface is clunky and it can take some work to get it to actually work but I’ve had some ok results with it. I’ve heard great things about Reaper as well, i’m not a fan but a lot of people I know like it. And its sort of free.

As long as your DAW supports the vst format you can go ahead and grab G-Snap which is a fairly good auto tune program. It has its glitches but you’re not going to get the super polished auto tune for free. You can also try Kerovee if it still exists. I had a lot of fun with that one and its interface is a bit less taxing on your cpu. It does a better job if you’re going for the t-pain effect.

You can pick most of what I just talked about over at vstplanet. Its a website with a large host of vst effects, instruments and DAW programs. The best part is its all free.

If you can drum up around $100 usd you can grab a “starter” kit from most of your big name companies. Avid has a package thats an interface and a lite version of pro tools for around that still. I love pro tools but it can be a pain if you don’t know much about engineering. A lot of people who aren’t engineers like Ableton and Fruity Loops. If you go this route I’d recommend grabbing Antere’s Auto tune or Melodyne. Both are wonderfully powerful programs that let you get the auto tune effect.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions feel free to pm me.

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Topic: The Arts / So um. Here's my soundcloud.

So far I just have a rough song up for people to look at. But I mean if you’d like to take the time to listen, let me know what you think and such.

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Topic: The Arts / Malevolant33's music attempts.

You can learn a fair bit about them online. What I mean by that is basically learn about the parts of a synth and how to use them. Things like LFO’s, Oscillators, envelopes, sequencers and so on. One of the best tools for me was Native Instrument’s Massive. It has a simple interface and there isn’t a lot of bs that gets in your way. But like you said, experimentation is always a great way to learn about it and there will always be some involved. The defaults are a great way to learn about synths as well. You can see how sounds you like are made and imitate the process.

If anyone has questions about basic synthesis I can help you out if you shoot me a pm.

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Topic: Collaborations / Who'd Like to Work

< Amateur audio engineer at your services. Send me a pm if you’d like to talk about working together.

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Topic: The Arts / Malevolant33's music attempts.

I used to have the same problem. I’d work on a track for just a few days and then show it off to everyone I knew. Only recently have I really started valuing my production time.

Generally when constructing an electronic song I start with the drums, keeping them simple for the moment. After that I work on a rythm section and a bass section. They can be one in the same or separate entities depending on what you want to do with your song. After those are laid out I usually go back and touch up the drums to fill things out a bit and move on to the melodies. Once the melodies are complete its back to the bass/rythm lines to edit them a bit and then back to the drums to fix them up. After that I just keep going through that patter, editing from the top (melodies) to the bottom (drums) over and over again.

As for my actual creation process I have professional softwares but you can essentially do the same things for free with the right know how. I’m not sure what you’re working with but vstplanet (a google search will land you on the site) has a lot of free resources so long as the program you’re working with supports vst format. It also has a lot of music creation programs such as audacity that are free or almost free or kinda free and so on. When I used cubase nearly every virtual instrument and effect I used was from the site.

I highly suggest learning about synthesis and at least having a basic understanding of how it works. Being able to engineer your own sounds with a synthesizer (not just your keys but you can create your own drums and sound effects) will take your music to another level. At first your sounds will probably sound like farts and noise but eventually you’ll develop the skills and knowledge to literally think of a sound and then make it. Also when doing this you’ll be taking a lot more time to listen to what you have and inevitably put a lot more work into the progressions.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to be simple. Some of the best electronic tunes are. Plus if you can create a killer song with just 3 instruments you have some skill. Its really all about finding your own sound and becoming the best and making your sound. Unless you’re looking to make money in music you really shouldn’t worry about pleasing anyone but yourself.

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Topic: The Arts / Writing Music?

I write a lot of electronic music and I’ve done quite a few metal projects.

I find when writing its best to start from the ground up.

So for example when composing an electronic song I’ll often start with the ambient synths or samples and build them up. After that writing rythms and basses sort of comes naturally as you can have them play within the notes of the background synths. For drums I usually use a simple beat to back everything until I’m at a point where the basses are done, then I change the drums up to accent fill the spaces.

Usually at this point I begin working on the melodies and leads for the song. Having them play with the empty parts or imparting mood over the not so empty parts. After this I begin adding layers to the song. A second bass with a different tone or register over the original. Additional sets of pad synths playing with the original and usually a second lead tone to fill out the first.

The same steps work for all types of music and like OiiO said the chords play a big part. Actually they play every part in setting the mood. A lot of musicians feel that theory limits them but really in a lot of cases you can adapt what you already have to a scale with little to no change at all. Feeling things out can often let you create uninhibited.

As far as rules go you can follow them as little or as much as you want. I find in the end what sounds good usually follows the rules. Knowing the rules just helps you get to that sound faster.

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Topic: Collaborations / Let's Make Awesome games together as a team, Earn money, get equity!

Hey smiley! I’m an amateur audio engineer looking to gain experience and exposure. I have a vast array of professional audio software’s and a fair amount of electronic music creation and midi programming under my belt. Shoot me a pm if you’d be interested in taking me on to work with. I have not experience with doing audio for games but I’d love to learn some of the trade and I can bring a lot of my own knowledge to the table! I hope to hear from you soon.


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Topic: Collaborations / List of Available Talent

My names Jon, I’m an amateur audio engineer looking for work and exposure. I’m an extremely proficient midi programmer and have a lot of experience in synthesis using programs such as massive, reaktor and fm8.

I can provide midi loops, soundtracks, samples, effects pretty much anything audio related. I’m not asking for money just a name in the credits.

If you have something that you need and are willing to go out on a limb give me an email.