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Topic: General Gaming / How to raise a dragon 2 sugestions

“I know those suggestions miss the point. So really, my suggestions are for another game entirely, a game that is about the life of a dragon; that game is similar to How to Raise a Dragon.
For the original game, I don’t want it to deviate from its original concept. So really, all you can do is make another game entirely.

The new game could be composed of two parts, or modes:
The Dragon Saga: This saga focuses on the life of a dragon. It has three chapters, ranging from Hatchling, to Drake, then to Dragon. After fully growing up, you can only continue if you have a save file on the Hero Saga.
The Hero Saga: This saga focuses on the adventures of a hero; you can choose different classes and maybe races. The hero will explore a variety of locations, finding treature and doing good deeds. If you have a save file on the Dragon Saga, eventually your hero will meet your dragon.
If you have a save file on both the Dragon Saga and the Hero Saga, you can unlock the following:
The Rider Saga: Your dragon will be paired up with your hero. There will be more adventures, and in this mode you will be able to fight the final boss.

I don’t think I’ve ever played a game like the one I just thought of above, one that combines the save file from two different characters. This game will be completely different from How to Raise a Dragon, but you can say that it is inspired by that game."

I hope we get someone to make this game. I will glady pay (but i’d rather not >.>) for this game, I hope we will find someone to help us develop the characters and graphics.