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Topic: Collaborations / Looking to contract game dev

Please make sure you try out some of our games first so you get a feel for what we do. We will provide the art, but the game and code need to be top notch. Everything is real time multiplayer.

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Topic: Collaborations / Looking to contract game dev

depends on the size of the project, and the person doesn’t have to work out of our office (although you can stop by to talk if you are in NYC).

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Topic: Collaborations / Looking to contract game dev

Hey. I’m from and I’m looking for some talented souls to hire as game devs.

Not sure who we are? Well, check out some of our existing games on Kongregate (like Draw My Thing, Pool, Balloono, among others).

All our games are multiplayer, and we have the API and documentation so you can develop for our platform. We also have a super talented Art Team that will provide assets .

If you have the skills, we’d consider contracting you to develop a great game for us (using our API, and art assets we provide). We offer competitive rates and excellent incentives for you to make an awesome game.

We have a team of existing developers, they are super busy, but they’ll be able to answer specifics about our platform and stuff.

So, if you’re interested, send me a message with your BEST work. I don’t care if you aren’t great at Art, we have a team for that, but you’ve gotta know your stuff when it comes to games, and flash. Having an understanding of networking between players is a huge plus.

Here’s a sample job posting from our site for a position at our HQ. While we’re not looking to hire any additional full time devs (unless you develop for iphone/mobile platoform), you can use it as a guideline for the kind of skills we look for.

Game Developer

We are seeking a rockstar game developer to join our team. Our offices are in SoHo, Manhattan, NYC.

Primary Responsibilities:

Development of new social games and related features.Contribute to the evolution of existing games.

Required Skills:

*Strong programming knowledge across several languages and platforms including ActionScript 3, Java and/or C++.

*Solid understanding of algorithms, physics and math.

*A natural feeling for and understanding of good gameplay mechanics.

*A desire to make games which privilege being played, popular and that are fundamentally social.

*Ability to work on games that other developers have started and “jump-in”.Flash/AS3 knowledge is a plus.

Please include examples of games produced (that we can play).

Look forward to hearing from you!