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Topic: Shonen Idle / List of trainings (so far)

Psionic burst – 1.9 Sp

Kinetic control – 16 Sp

Vishuddha chakra – 140 Sp

Excalibur slash -1.2 Oc

Stone skin – 11 Oc

Ajna chakra -100 Oc

Final blast – 990 Oc

Metal skin -9.4 No

Sahasrara chakra – 89 No

Galactic shot – 800 No

Diamond skin – 8 DC

Life communion – 90 DC

Big bang attack – 930 DC

Dimensional warp – 9.8 UDC

Earth communion – 100 UDC

Mokushi-roku – 1,1 DD

Kami Yuroi – 12 DD

Universe communion – 130 DD

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Topic: Shonen Idle / List of trainings (so far)

Punch – 50

Block – 175

Run – 615

Kick – 2450

Dodge – 9.800

Climb – 39.150

Throw – 176.250

Counterattack – 793.150

Weighted suit – 3.5M

Power punch – 17.5M

Kawarimi – 87.5 M

Chakra flow – 435 M

Flying kick – 2.4 B

Energy shield – 12 B

Mahatala chakra – 66 B

Gumgum punch – 395 B

Fire wall – 2.3 T

Atala chakra – 13 T

Electric blast – 78 T

Levitation – 500 T

Muladhara chakra – 3.2 Qa

Beam shockwave – 22 Qa

Supersonic flight – 150 Qa

Svadhish chakra – 1 Qi

Meteoric kick -8 Qi

Teleport – 60 Qi

Manipura chakra – 450 Qi

Fireball – 3.6 Sx

Taiyo flash – 29 Sx

Anahata chakra – 230 Sx

Psionic burst – 1.9 Sp

There, I fixed for you. You just can’t fit them all in one post.

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Topic: Shonen Idle / Suggestion:unlocking training with cash

I agree, a button to buy all or a feature costing like 100 ryos to auto-buy masteries as they become available would be great. Also, the trainings could be needed to be unlocked just once.

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Topic: Shonen Idle / Ultimate grinds

56.28 M att
110.37 M def
101k ki for first monster

Which results in 28 ryos per reset putting only Run at 375, I never timed myself but it’s less than a minute.

Edit: 49k atk
49k def
106k ki for first monster

Which results in 15 ryos per reset putting Run at 300, punch at 50 for the skill, still resetting in less than a minute.
The last update hit me like a truck.

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Topic: Shonen Idle / Need ryos?

I’m one of the people that consider it cheating. You are not even playing the game atm, the grind makes part of it.

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / Honor Bonus

That happens when you get assisted by your faction.

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / Tips and tricks

I would swap health with defense on the dark blue belt, seems like a solid build otherwise.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Bugs and Glitches

The scroll bar isn’t locking, the whole window scrolls instead of just the game.
Maybe a fullscreen option?

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / 35 clic in 1 sec

Energize→clickstorm→reload→clickstorm→just click 5 times in a sec.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

Showing us the total hero levels we have would be extremely useful for planning when to ascend and when to wait a bit more to lvl a few heroes and get that extra hero soul. Of course this is more helpful for the starting players but still I find it a worthy idea.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / All I can buy button

Bumping in hope of the devs noticing this thread.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: Developer / Optimum Strategy - Lead Designer Thoughts

I’ll try to lower my OCD to x10 instead of x100.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

Just one suggestion, deactivate those flying coins.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Shortcut key for 25 levels

Having shift for 25 would be better, ctrl for 100 is prettty much only to get ready to ascend.

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Topic: War of Omens / Multiplayer matching times

In the beggining of the game I had little interest in multiplayer, I had a few matches but when I started to get really into the game I completely ignored that aspect.
Now I maxed my commons and do my dailies, which sometimes include MP quests, which are impossible to do due to 5+mins of trying to find a match, and never actually finding one.

I wonder if I didn’t raise my elo along the way and now I’m not compatible with anyone, be it because of my elo is lower than people with compatible decks, or my deck is too good for the ones with a compatible elo.

Edit: I tried just leaving it trying to find for some more time, 15 mins and nothing.

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Topic: War of Omens / Share your deck

This is what I’m currently using to farm journeyman games, an extremely straightfoward blue deck

Waylay (2 and 3)
Ambush (2 and 3)
Reconnaissance (6)
Deceit (0)
Surveillance (2)
Mayhem (4)
Robbery (1)
Satchel Bomb (5)

The idea is just to bomb your enemy with all you got, deceit and robbery are enough to give you money to buy the bank.
Misdirect/Frame can screw you up, but the idea here is farming quickly, not winning 100%.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Event Planning] Want a deck suggestion?

I mostly have old cards, and a few Worldship ones too.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Game Failing to Load for Multiple People (UN-RESOLVED)

Same problem here, the loading for the game stops at 95% and refreshing is being useless.

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Topic: Cloudstone / (no) energy for PVE and some users complaining

+1 to everything you said

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Topic: Cloudstone / "Add me" topic

Add me too, I mean, if that is ok with you…

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Best Endgame Ninja?

In the end, you just go for the higher %, wheter it is power or health.
Just don’t get the ones that give x per ninja, % gives more power (or health) to your strongest ninjas (the only ones that matter), just forget about your white-belts and give them some weapons to deal some minor damage.

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Tournements

I think we should play against the AI teams instead of player teams.

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Catface's "Seriously guys, stop asking the same questions over and over; because it's getting annoying." thread. Totally not a FAQ.

In what lvl do we unlock the relics you mentioned?
(Leader Seal, Water Seal Jutsu, Lion Paw, and Energy Ball)

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Topic: Card Monsters / Prices Discussion

Things are overpriced in the game, wheter it is the amount of crystals you need for a pack, or the amount of light you need for a mission.

I created this thread to discuss what prices would be fair, isntead of just complaining.

To start I think the Master and Expansion pack could be 15k instead of 25k, or at least start at 15k, then 20k, then 25k, to give a chance for players that don’t have epics to buy some.

And about the light cost for missions, considering we have 100 max energy, and some missions cost 12 or more, ALSO considering that we usually need to do them 3 times, I guess their cost could be capped at 10 light.

Instead of reducing the price of the packs, the reward for missions could be increased, with the current rewards they could even be doubled, including experience (at least for the beggining of the game, to make the new players like it more).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Red Alliance (85 members, FULL, Current Members Please Read) *Primary Department of World Alliance

I want to join, lvl 24.