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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Planned Update: Balance, Synergy and Tactics #1 **

1) + / – 50% elemental buff/penalty seems a BIT harsh.

2) combined with forced PvP in dungeon. How to play ?
example fire 30 ( deviless, firedragon) need us to use as many water units as possible? what if pple in pvp spam nature ( naga )

yes we can double or even triple the amount of grind to use 3-4 max lvl 200 units to carry 1 new unit in team to clear stage 25-30. Then we need to clear the same stage for 10 hours a day for 10-14 days.. just to get one epic artifact to drop. only to see a large exp potion or another ‘useless’ epic artifact.

repeat the above 4 times to get your 4 epic artifact neeed to evolve ONE gold unit from gold rare to gold legendary.

Even when I used 2U 2L 1 epic in PvE, in fire 30, with 25 gold marks, I barely have 50-70% chance of clearing the stage. No all 5 units are not lvl 200 yet then. How a normal player clear stage 28-30?

3) skill evasion = ‘end’ of stun meta. The top players dont need stun but can the normal players handle it ? or will they quit before they can handle / enjoy the game ?

4) Forced PvP
PvP and PvE work differently and require different marks.
Top PvP teams use 4-5 speed marks and base spd 12-15
Top PvE teams use 2 speed + 3 skill for most units and 1-2 Hp + 0-2 def + other marks for tanks.

With marks degrading + marks loss, how does a normal player even bother to clear stage 28-30 for thousands of times just to unlock ONE gold unit?

If enough top players afk/quit while equipping their PvP team , the rest of the server dont need to play? Forget about clearing stage 28-30.
I think most people cant even clear stage 17-20. cos a basic 5 epic PvP team has minimum speed 12 × 5

5) no more energy in dungeons. energy only found in chests at the end of dungeon.
a) are you further lowering the drop rate of rare/epic artifacts ? to increase the grind/enjoyment of the game?
b) how people even have enough energy to clear stage 28-30 with 110 energy ?
when u force people to PvP + PvE ?
HUGE elemental buff / defbuff
Marks loss/degrading
and ‘clan war’ waiting for you ? if u cant even complete 1 run with full energy, does all players in clans need to skip PvE once we enter a clan?

6) ZERO reward for clan related activities
people need to pay kreds/gems to start a clan
people need to pay kreds/gems just to apply to a clan

Instead of introducing new PvE content or Clan related activities / reward, most of the patches in the past 1-2 months are related to increasing the amount of grind in the game ?

More grind may make a game last longer but too much grind may make most players leave the game. Other than making people repeat the same dungeon a few hundred/thousands times to unlock ONE gold unit, what else does this game provide ? in order to attract people to play this game?

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Topic: Evilibrium / Should i sacrifice a lvl 65 chimera to get EP?

i can easily get 5-10 chances to catch an epic, every hour.
chimera is unique and is decent in arena. useful in getting the marks that you need.
I suggest u keep ur chimera

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Topic: Endless Dream / Your Party?

What items do u use for your gambler ?
3 tombstone for max exp /stat buff ?

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Topic: Evilibrium / this game is a literal piece of shit idc if it was purposeful i was 3 percent away from getting a unique

Originally posted by 343434:

i lost all the progress on cards i evolved away for my grimier and I’m done with this game i quit i might check once in awhile to see if it chafed but other then that I’m out

I was 1-2 % away from my U. hope to see u again. where ever it might be.

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Topic: Evilibrium / Deck composition

If you plan to play for a long time, using the best team in pve may not be the best choice.

There are 16 U, 13 L 16 epic in game. If you dont want to waste exp using max level units,
and if you dont want to ‘waste exp’ by using repeated units, you just need to use a team
that is decent enough to clear which ever stage u need to do.

Examples of teams that work in stages like water 29.
3 epic + 2 common

1 tank 2 stun + 2 common
1 tank 1 Silence 1 kill + 2 common
1 tank 1 kill 1 heal/revive + 2 common
3 stun + 2 common

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Topic: Evilibrium / Legendary card capture chance at levelX

Baba c28
Naga L19
Hippo L30
hippo L30
deviless f30
deviless f30
deviless f29
fairy queen L19

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Topic: Evilibrium / Feature/vote request: *** Make artifacts useful ***

cant remember which artifact i have or dont have. cos just cadaver alone i have 80-100 and i still need 2 stone heart to evolve 1 gold cat.
jay eggs were at 2786 a month ago. not sure if they hit 10k yet.

Max 10-15 units in chaos 28 alone . 0 epic artifact dropped so far from c 28. Hope its getting better on ur side.

Originally posted by minusa:
Originally posted by Z__Y:

Hopefully its the ‘correct’ one and not some junk like large exp potion.

Yay, I was a bit slow on joining to “Got Large XP Potion instead of artefact I was looking for for a week” club… Now I’m in, how’s it going? :D

Enpgame point of view:
I have hundreds of commons (if not thousands for some of it)
I have hundreds of uncommons.
I have dozens of rares.
I have 1-10 of some EPs.
I don’t have EPs I want (rare ones, from lvl24+ that drops 0.01%). I want to get them somehow.

Early game point of view:
Hundreds of commons
Dozens of UC
Can’t get rare artefacts to evolve cards UC→R. Ones like Elixir that supposedly drops from 4th level with 0.00% chance.
Doesn’t have a clue about game → gets frustrated.

I was that clueless noob a while ago. I even farmed that 4th level for a day iirc.
So – dunno, maybe fusion for C and UC artefacts isn’t bad either.

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Topic: Evilibrium / If you have issues with Evilibrium

1) game freezing 5-10 times daily

2) lost over 30 gold marks in 24 hours
all the marks are lost every time i get either
a) technical defeat ( how does a lvl 140+++ U with 80-100k hp lose in stage 3 ? even if the other 4 uc/r/c are dead ? yes stage THREE )
b) recover from profile

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Topic: Evilibrium / Sales and Promotions

Originally posted by minusa:

Main thing you will get for gems: 2500 gems for 1 legendary card to capture it.
Also: 400 gems for your 1st octo/archmage
Promotional packs contain artefacts suited for some gold card upgrade, cost is 500 gems, good chance to get extra-rare EP artefacts there. Buy it if you got gold cards from event.

I bought a cuttlefish for 21 gems and evolve it to octo.. cheaper..
useful if u have exp potions AND at least 1-3 epics.

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Topic: Evilibrium / If you have issues with Evilibrium

Too many unannounced updates
and most seem to either create more bugs ( which they do not compensate)
or tend to cause a lot more grief or grinding.

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Planned Update: Collections**

Originally posted by Arthemiss:

2. If you evolve the card (lessay C > UC) it will not count towards C any longer.

@Organis: wait a minute, i believe there s misunderstanding between what u said here and what we understood from that, so care to clarify pls? is it A or B

A: own C at max lvl and skill (100%) AND owm UC at max lvl and skill (100%) AND owm R at max lvl and skill (100%) AND owm EP at max lvl and skill (100%) AND owm L at max lvl and skill (100%)
(all cards in line on hand ) to get U

B: have C get it to max lvl and skill (100%) THEN EVOLVE TO UC get it to max lvl and skill THEN EVOLVE TO R ….. and so on
(thus having only 1(ep) or 2 (ep, l) cards in line on hand) to get U

so evolve unit is the same as reset collection as per last ’invisible and un announced update"

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Planned Update: Collections**

Originally posted by theamph:
Originally posted by Organis:
2. If you evolve the card (lessay C > UC) it will not count towards C any longer.

This doesn’t make any sense at all, why would we ever want to evolve cards then?

They expect people to farm hours to find 1 common, then spend more time to train it upto 40, then evo and get it up to 80, then evo and get it up to 120, then evo and get it up to 160. then pay 2500 gems to catch the related L . then repeat the 1st few steps 3 times to unlock the same U.

so instead of 160 + 200 to unlock ONE U. they expect people will bother to play long enough to get 40+ 80 + 120 + 160 + 200 = ONE U ??
and there are 16 U ??

No wonder Hikarihaze who paid 2300 usd in this game decided to quit 1-2 days ago…

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Topic: Evilibrium / Feature/vote request: *** Make artifacts useful ***

I assume people know we need hundreds of hours of farming in stage 28-30 to get ONE epic artifact to drop.
Hopefully its the ‘correct’ one and not some junk like large exp potion.

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Topic: Evilibrium / Missing collection reward

ID = 3721

No reward for

witch ( r )
troll ( r )
Baba yaga Daughter ( L )
Wyvern ( epic )

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Poll: Marks **

marks removal is useful.
marks auto upgrade is bad for everyone except top players.
marks upgrade is useful.

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Planned Update: Marks **

most people enter arena to get/earn/pay for 1 bronze mark

if people lose/degrade 1+ marks per arena ? whats the point of arena for most players?

If we must have marks degrading, is it possible for marks to stop degrading once they hit bronze ?
meaning gold can degrade to silver and silver can degrade to bronze. but bronze marks cannot further degrade.
will be better for the new players.

at least with bronze marks, new players can still handle stage 12-25

whatever u change to marks, I have enough marks to still use 25 gold marks in arena for the next few weeks/months..

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Topic: Evilibrium / Evilibrium 1 and Evilibrium 2

Originally posted by xalthia:

I think the biggest issue that causes the complaints is that there have been 0 updates to the game thus far. Yes, I can join a guild now, but it still does nothing, there are no new creatures since the Kong release in February, epic drops are still difficult to farm (it takes around 8+ hours of nearly continuous grinding to get a specific epic).

Also there is the issue where players at 200 need to farm energy after every map as well as the issues with evolution levels. The evolution levels make it more beneficial to capture higher rarity units rather than attempting to evolve lower tier units, this is not something that affects me, but it is a common complaint in the chat.

Many of us only have a handful of maps to farm with fingers crossed for a Raskovnik/Devil’s Game/Nimbus or other gold card specific evolution material. The events can be nice for these, but in the end it’s still problematic, I recall farming the Stone heart all day for about a week, I believe I ended with 4. 4 from over 1,000 gold chests.

To end on a more positive note: this game is a lot of fun, very polished and has a lot of potential, I hope for more substantial updates in the future.

4 stone heart is considered a lot. I farmed 2786 jay eggs only to get 1 stone heart.

and my devil went from lvl 1 to 200 in chaos 28 and guess how many more stone hearts arrive ? NONE . zero.

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** "Profile recovered from server" problem **

everything u exit a dungeon, u lose what u are suppose to gain. example if u are supposed to gain 20k gold this run, u lose it instead.

gold went from 4.89m to 4.87m to xxxx 4.81m after a few runs.
have 30 gems from daily but i havent collect it yet so i duno if it decrease like it does for gold.

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Update: March 16, 2016: Evolution **

with this update, whats the point of participating in events ?

1) gold units not counted for collection , yet need to be lvl 160 before they can evolve ?
2) exp potions taking up artifact slots = artifact drop rate nerf

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Topic: Evilibrium / Grinding :-(

many of the rare artifacts become a lot easier to farm once you are able to handle stage 12+.
If you need help clearing stage 12, can consider going arena and LOSE enough times to get marks.

bronze marks are strong enough to help an epic team go from stage 11 to stage 20++

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Topic: Siege / Deck building discussion - Army decks

Tier 1
Common / uc / rare / Legendary
sell for 5/10/15/40 gold

Tier 2
Common / uc / rare / Legendary
sell for 10/20/30/80 gold

That’s how i confirm a card’s rarity. You dont have to actually sell the card after checking their selling price.

There are other methods to check a card’s rarity though.

common = ‘no border’
uc = special border
rare = special border + name surrounded by gold ribbon
legendary = special border + name surrounded by ( red / purple / any non gold ) special ribbon

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Topic: Siege / This is not good enough, devs

doesnt work on safari for me

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Topic: Siege / Why people play/don't play this game

Problems that I encountered

1) game penalise players for playing pve.
the more pve you do the higher your exp and the lower your gold. when compared to other players of similar levels..the harder it will get when u run out of pve and start to pvp

2) game penalize top players. lack of pvp targets once you hit lvl 8+

3) cant load game for 2+ days. tried firefox IE chrome.

4) not enough pve/ campaign to attract casual players. lack of pvp targets to attract players who love pvp
how this game intends to attract/retain players ?

I love the concept of 3 color cards and mono/multi color decks and tier 1/2/3 cards but I think this game need more improvement to be able to attract and retain players

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Topic: Siege / Defense designs and issues

i am using pure green. no problem for me if i get a good hand.
i cant load the game though.

2 willing worker
1 stone fist (cant find the 2nd one)
1 spirit whip
2 rest root
2 champion
2 sweet pea

those are the main cards in the deck. of cos i dont always win

30-50% to win with those cards upgraded at 3 stars / lvl 16..

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Topic: Siege / Why people play/don't play this game

Originally posted by Goldcardgames:

No web GL build

whats web GL build ?