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Topic: Siege / Why people play/don't play this game

Originally posted by Goldcardgames:

No web GL build

whats web GL build ?

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Topic: Siege / Why people play/don't play this game

Pros / Why people play

1) paid and free players share the same card pool
( not pay2win like some other ccg . eg tyrant )
2) PvP oriented
3) quite fun ( but only after u understand the game.. usually lvl 5-8 by then )

Cons / Why people dont play
a) PvP oriented ( We are forced to PvP or waste energy )
b) energy system ( upgraded from 7/7 1energy/h to 10/10 to 3energy/h . in my opinion, it went from too little energy to too much energy)
c) lack of viable pvp targets at higher lvl ( both ai and players )
d) PvE cant be repeated
e) limited PvE ( whoever do pve get penalised cos high exp , low gold and you run out of pvp targets at lvl 8+ )
f) they quit before reaching lvl 2/5/8

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Topic: Siege / Bug at game start

lvl 12. still dont have enough low cost red/blue cards to make a proper deck.
guess i will be stuck with green for a while.

I think most of the top players using different decks cos everyone started with a different starter deck.
I just switch from heavy green / red to pure green around lvl 9. If I remember correctly,

samdc green + red
xerros blue + red
alex mono red
me mono green
shin ? ?
aivvv mono ? ?

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Topic: Siege / Bug at game start

u started with heavy blue light green deck ?
I started with heavy green light red. Alex started with red/blue.

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Topic: Siege / Dev Overview and Timeline

lvl 8 unlock card upgrades
lvl 20 unlock tier 2 ( for now )
lvl 20 tier 1 cards can be upgraded to tier 2 as well ( for now )

faster energy system will attract more players but with high cooldown + faster energy..
the problem of not enough targets within pvp range will become worse.

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Topic: Siege / Feedback and Suggestions

once we complete pve content around level 6-7, is there anything for us to do/use our energy ? cos next pve content is unlocked at lvl 10.

how peoples go from lvl 6/7 to lvl 10 after they are stuck in pve? stuck cos they either killed the boss or they really cant win in pve ??

perhaps allow us to repeat pve as one way to use energy ? not enough players to pvp non stop with current 22 hour cooldown

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Topic: undefeated spider / Enchanted Sword Build Tutorial

depends on how many stars/gold u get at the start of stage 1….

if i get good ultility items , i tend to try killing slowly . this will allow me to get max stars per stage.
if i dont use any ultility items, i tend to rush kill.

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Topic: undefeated spider / Builds that work

defensive builds work but i rarely use defensive builds when trying to go beyond stage 100/500 ++

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Topic: undefeated spider / Post a crazy item!

I think these are crazy enough.

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Topic: undefeated spider / Basic Guide(s)

Since its a basic guide, lets do one for the spell tree…

goal = stage 101+
suggested class = mage/wizard/sage
Build = glass cannon

From high to low priority
Mana regen = fast cast > magic dmg > 5x > 25x

Focus on getting the 1st 3 skills until u hit diminishing returns then focus on 5x until likewise THEN u start on 25x
May need to get skill : cancel evade after stage 60+

items = 4 shields with high armor, all on auto.

Should hit stage 101+ rather easily. Enjoy.

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Topic: undefeated spider / Post a crazy item!

Some of my better items in the middle of my last run.

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Topic: undefeated spider / Enchanted Sword Build Tutorial

For people who want to play enchanted sword build but keep getting stuck,
I suggest you do the following

1) make 1+ runs using ALL stars in defense tree ( green skills only )
2) make 1+ runs using ALL stars in sword tree ( red skills only )
3) make 1+ runs using ALL stars in spell tree ( blue skills only )

If you can get to stage 50+ for all 3 runs, you should know how the combos within each tree work.

Enchanted sword build requires us to balance between offense/sword/red , defense/green and burst/spell/blue. If you kill too slowly? upgrade sword/spell tree, almost died last stage ? upgrade defense.

From high to low priority in each tree for enchanted sword,

Sword Tree
Attack speed > hp on hit > flurry 3x > flurry 9x > attack dmg > enchanted sword > Attack charge efficicency > 2x crit > 4x crit > Block cancel > magic on hit > counter attack > 8x crit > 16 x crit > the rest

Spell Tree
Shock = Shock bonus = Armor Flat > Magic dmg > Cancel evade > the rest

Defense Tree
HP >>>> phy dmg red % > Status recovery > the rest

The skills suggested above are what I find more useful/important for enchanted sword build. Once u understand how different skills combo with each other, you can make many types of enchanted sword build and most of them can reach stage 100++.

Gd luck, have fun and take care.

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Topic: undefeated spider / Builds that work

my wiz build that went crazy just before latest patch

stage 1-40+ wiz
stage 40-80 + merchant
stage 120-140
+ Tank
Auto died at stage 323. Think I started the stage with negative hp.

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Topic: undefeated spider / Builds that work

Originally posted by dachende:


Do you have any tips for starting out ?
e.g specific classes to avoid, which ones are better to start with.

I’ve tried building so many different ways, but I think I’m missing something. I have hit lvl 30 once, out of 30 tries lol.

The one build that had the most success for me was mage, focusing on Multi-attacks and atk speed, plus mana regen , with +shield, armor, armor% bonus. but eventually I just end up not being able to outheal the dmg when they get lucky 25x bursts.

Armorer is slow but dont die easily.

Swordsman / Vampire is consistent but is vulnerable to frost

Mage is fast, consistent but fragile

Wizard either kill fast or die, luck based at early levels. Fragile

Scholar / Sage are useful after you have at least cleared stage 50 once.

Many Types of SpellSword. Very Powerful but not easy to balance 3 school of skills.

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Topic: undefeated spider / Post a crazy item!

my shock bonus was about 700-800% bonus without that item.. found it around stage 120-150…

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Topic: undefeated spider / Builds that work

Account got reset AGAIN in 2 days… posting my build for my last 2 runs.

2nd last run. Mage Build ( modified from itztaytay’s wizard build )
game bugged out at stage 142


last run. Spellsword Build.
Flash crashed around stage 171.


3 stage combo deck. this is how it looks like during stage 2.

items i was using

Note that these were taken before spider won. So the actual stats are higher than posted.
According to dev, iztaytay is the 1st legit to hit lvl 100+, I am the 2nd.


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Topic: undefeated spider / Post a crazy item!

Item with add 503% to Shock Bonus ??

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Snowstep Strider

its a decent junk grade epic at br 14+. even if u quad it, you wont be using it for long.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / My Final Gift to you All

they are increasing cap to br 18 soon.. that way ‘newer’ players wont know that many pple quit in ‘top’ br.

only managed to get 4 deposit 6 ore in 2 weeks.. need 5 more. have 12 chunks though.
So easy to collect arcane nowadays. 3-4k dust and nothing useful dropping from gold packs.

Hope the epic pack from events is given out on a weekly basis.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / [To Devs] Major bug

lost a few matches/energy/gold lately due to this bug. The problem is i see them while using firefox on a laptop.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Freemium with 0 Legs @ B10. Delete myself?

Originally posted by foo48:
Originally posted by Snake616:
Originally posted by Z__Y:
Originally posted by Snake616:
Originally posted by Z__Y:
Originally posted by markus0i:

I had no luck on the 2-3 packs I could get as freemium but kept trucking along. Now I feel like I’m facing decks with all “purple” cards and winning basically no pvp games. Is it time to delete this character or the game?

There are several BR 15 accounts who are still waiting for their 1st legendary to drop from gold packs. If you are a free player and still interested in playing the game, I suggest you focus on getting 15 quad epics for your deck. If after playing for more than 12-18 months, and you are lucky enough to quad any legendary, its a bonus.

I know drop rates are horrible but I didn’t think people were havin that much trouble with Legendaries.

12 f2p legendaries in pool. At 0-6 legendary from gold packs every 3 months. Most free players are not going to quad any legendary anytime soon. At least not before hitting br 15.

That I know. You said there are people at BR15 waiting for their first legendary from packs though.

That’s what I was surprised about.

I could have been br15 for a while now, I’m purposefully losing to avoid the p2w wall, but I’ve never gotten a legendary from a gold pack. The only ones I have are from the epic packs that dropped from quests. The drop rate is criminal. I haven’t even seen an epic drop in over 25k worth of gold packs

You are not alone. I can name many players who can’t get a single epic with 30-70k gold. With a larger pool of epics, even if u finally managed to find 1 epic every 2-3 weeks, most of the time, you cant/dont use it.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / (To Everyone) Needed updates

Originally posted by mshojat:

If you wanted a guaranteed epic or higher from gold you should pay like 9 000 gold, not 500 gold.

Also I think a better idea would be to buy epics with dust. Around 300 dust for an epic or so.

By implementing a free buyback for any card ever vaporized, it would eliminate the point of having an inventory limit, as well as removing almost any reason to not keep your deck at 0 inventory, having vaporized all the cards your not using, then restore them if you decide to use them.

Those two suggestions were not well thought out at all.

The live battles are a good idea, but I presume that every single person who’s ever played this game has thought of that already; they probably don’t need a reminder.

I think most of those players who quit game in the past 1-2 weeks belong to those who cant even get a single epic from 30-70k gold. Getting 1 epic EVERY 9k gold seems a bit too optimistic…

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Topic: Spellstone: General / What you think of the new cards, and the new skill, Berserk [UPDATED]

just a different/weaker version of ‘bolt all’
As with rush/bolt all decks, the key cards are still those hex all units like nidhogg.

Introducing ‘junk’ skills like swipe/frost breadth is just a way to ‘slow down’ powercreep.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Rainbow vs Synergy in a f2p deck

If you are f2p, avoid using rares. Too much dust is lost when you convert from a rare deck to an epic deck, br 12+.
Unless you got really lucky with ur quest rewards, you may want to avoid using legends as well. 12 different legends, 5 pulls from quest. Took some players as long as 3-6 months to find ONE legend from gold packs. Gd luck trying to quad your legends.

13-15 quad epics, 0-2 quad legend should be a more practical goal for most f2p. “rainbow grade” units tend to easier to synergize cos they work in most decks.

Offensive rainbow = Fire titan, venom dragon, fallen angel
Defensive rainbow = glass colossus, paladin
support rainbow = heroic frog, lightbound archer

Rares still worth considering = QUAD fire imp ( if you are still using rush deck after most of the f2p rush cards got nerfed )

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Wings of void unreal strong

The devs claimed that they will be nerfing map 4 campaign some time ago, due to the rare nerf.

All I see are paladin , glass, etc getting buffed with barrier BGE. Gd luck trying to complete pve map4.