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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Game Update: April 22nd

Great update, thanks Digit!

Any news on the proposed alliance update?

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Alt abuse

Originally posted by warplayz:

There is nothing in the ToS for Kong that states anything related to Multi’ing is against the rules, in fact it is allowed according to Kong admins, I’ve asked this question due to RP reasons in another MMO, it is frowned upon in most communities except rp communities sometimes.

I know that in Tyrant multi accounting or alting is perfectly ok until the two accounts start colluding with each other. In my opinion this is completely fair enough as it does not hurt anyone else and in some rare cses people buy premium things with both accounts which give more to devs.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Extreme Alt Abuse?

Build more troops and have some fun with them.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / New Arrivals!

Originally posted by coolboy0286:
Originally posted by Redlaw:

If I joined just before Digit’s post, does that make me a noobie?

Yes it does noobster :D

Your point is irrelevant as you said “noobster”.

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Topic: Tyrant / Do you want/need a merge?

Originally posted by JordanTGS:

Officers are not just a rank to give away, officers actually have authority and the power to make changes to the faction, they also are the main bodies to help and support the other members within the faction. That is why we do not just give officer ranks so easily.

I am pretty sure now that Supermooo is armed with this revolutionary knowledge his faction will now rise to the top. Thank you JordanTGS!

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Topic: Tyrant / [Recruitment] Army of Desire are recruiting!!

Originally posted by Snowdog000:

You know you want to…

I want to :)

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Gold Suggestions

I am open to their being a one off or subscription system but I beg Digit. Don’t be like other devs and secretly create things for the people who pay to win. I have played numerous games in which the devs have done this (to varying degrees) and by far the worst case the devs turned a blind eye to anyone who had paid for ‘gold’ for breaking TOS – multiple accounts, etc.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / New Arrivals!

If I joined just before Digit’s post, does that make me a noobie?

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Topic: Tyrant / Why Was This Thread Locked?

I thought the forum mods had to give valid reasons why threads get locked? Clamping down on free speech kills the community.

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Topic: Tyrant / Steps toward the shutdown of...

Originally posted by JRJetu:

Step 3: Profit.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Battle Engine and Troops

Originally posted by xland44:
Originally posted by fishfarm:

My apologies for the previous post i didn’t realize it isn’t a guide and it is an explanation,please disregard my ignorance and careless posting

You can delete posts…

But then you lose post count :O

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Alliance - Suggestions

Also alliances between alliances that are official add to the game. I used to play Three Kingdoms Online which was a lot of fun because of it. At the moment I don’t see much point in alliances.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / [Guide] How to Herd Orc Camps

Bump, this will be very useful for new players.

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / BUGS - Official Thread

I am unable to rename my army – whenever I try it gives me a message “Something Went Wrong! We’re sorry, but an unexpected error has occurred. Please try again, or contact support if the problem persists.” Then whatever I named the army resets. What should I do?

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Advice For The Noob?

Do you guys/gals have any advice for a noob like me? Any would be greatly appreciated!

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Topic: Tyrant / Haileon future

Moraku is 99% of the Tyrant community. Without him/her we are only 1%.

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Topic: Tyrant / x Quick n Vicious x = GAME OVER

Bye bye :(

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Topic: Tyrant / Kongbot gameplay service

A(VI) What’s the name of the place where who does the hill what to the how do what?

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Topic: Tyrant / [fansite] Any info about the 'duels' feature?

Originally posted by sss1:

1. since i live in Ukraine, i have other things to do atm
2. it’s not profitable thing, yet it requires a lot of time which could be spent on a hobby or at least earning money.
3. fansite isn’t something i would bother to develop any time later unless devs will change their “game support politics” – the game has nothing new since ages (packs, raids, missions – really?)

Agree 100%. The devs are being lazy and need to do something. Also, hope you are safe!

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Topic: Tyrant / Ghost Walking's FR...

GW for president!

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Topic: Tyrant / Bye SSS

Sorry but I can’t remember abbreviations that well, who where SSS?

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Topic: Tyrant / [Dev] Status update - March 7th

Originally posted by synapticon:
Originally posted by ElMoldovan:

What do you mean “a Raid”? A completely new one?

I understand that TBD is something veerry unclear.. but, please, at least an approximate period..

It may be an epic version of an old Raid, but it will include new cards. Note that this is just the first update of more planned.

I can’t be more specific yet on the TBD date.

Boring. Please create something new that does not add to the grind.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Missing person] ...

God has abandoned us.

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Topic: Tyrant / All good things must come to an end

Best of luck in med school!

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Topic: Tyrant / Faction Recruitment Thread

Army of Desire

Level 18 (In other words full tokens)
Best group of lads and womens

Message me your level and reason if interested in joining.

Much love,