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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Dotrawr's Tanking Guide

The tank’s E move is called Either Comet Rush or Comet Crush.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Achievements

I disagree with achievements. It’s like what kainsaw said, I don’t need a sticker that pops up for 5 seconds saying “CONGRADULATIONZ YOU GOT 10 KEELS YOU SO PRO.” to have fun.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / May 23, 2012 Update Build Notes

Originally posted by dryflyriver:

Also, since I predominantly use the Rail Gun. I noticed you added some shot flash that ‘blinds’ you for a split second after the shot. I don’t mind much. It makes it a little more difficult to use but it was a little easy to begin with. I love this game and love what your doing with it.

I agree with this however I’ve improved a lot with the rail many people target me, this makes it hard to see what is coming at me even for the 1 or less second that i’m blinded in.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Class loadout inside base

If it’s possible I’d like this too.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

Originally posted by ChickenBarbarian:

Focuses on… er… hunting.

Primary: Shotgun.
Secondary: Grappling hook (electric if upgraded).
Q-Bility: Spawns a robotic hawk that is weak but vicious, and will attack the enemy player with most kills.
E-Bility: Pounce (pounces on victim, causing him/her to fall).

I like this class only for the shotgun.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / FAQ


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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Classes Guide

Healing beam is calling repair beam. Also small note, comet crush is the tank’s E ability.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / FAQ

Note: Damn footnotes don’t work. Scroll down for the links.

Alrighty. Considering I hear a lot of people asking the same question question over and over again I thought “Hey. Why not do a FAQ?” So here I am. Any contributions are appreciated and in time hopefully this becomes a sticky.

Q: Why is the load so long?

A: Freerangegames(FRG) said that the 3d graphics of the game make the download size large.

Q: Is this game good/worth my time..etc

A: See for yourself. People in the chat will tell you yes, that includes me.

Q:Is this game FPS/Strategy/Whatever?

A:Third person shooter.

Q: Armory is bugged/Why can’t I access it?

A: You must be Rank Corporal to access the Armory.

Q: How do I get sword/sniper/hammer/whatever?

A: Refer to probandit10’s guide to classes. 1

Q: Damnit I’m lazy. How?

A: Scout has the sword, you find it by scrolling your mousewheel in either direction or pressing 2.
Tank has the maul/hammer. Gunner has the sniper. Tech has the healing weapon.

Q: How do I upgrade my turret? What does it do?

A: First, press Q to create a turret. When the cooldown ends, point at your turret till it glows in your team colour(It’s been said right clicking at it with the repair(healing) beam and pressing Q does so, but It repositions my turrets. I’m not sure though) and press Q again. The turret is maxed at level 3.
As for the “Suppressed” effect, with my brief experainces with it I can tell it reduces your rate of fire and movement speed. I’m not sure about damage though. Remember the turret has to have sustained fire on a target for a while(3-5 seconds, although unconfirmed) to get the suppressed effect.

Q: How do I play?

A: Self explanatory. If you are too lazy to figure out, the instructions just above the comments/threads is for you.

Q: Is there only one map/four classes?

A: New maps and classes are being developed. What’s been confirmed is the new map will be lunar base and the class will be blazer.


A: Get out.

Q: What’s the xp/name/symbol of (insert rank here).

A: Refer to Glock243’s guide to ranks. 2

Q: What’s the best class?

A: You aren’t a herd of sheep. Try them all and see for yourself. Mostly it’s personal preference.
(Sorry if this is mean)

Q: I’m stubborn/too lazy to try! Which one!?

A: Scout is for taking out snipers and protecting teammates in peril. You get massacred if you go in rambo against an entire team that is focused on you. Diffrent story if they are distracted.
Tank is a defender(I’ll have to ask someone who plays it regularly for this).
Tech places turrets and heals others. His pulsar can pack a punch though.
Gunner(my personal favorite) is shock gasp, a sniper! Protects others from other snipers, takes out turrets and people that are a serious pain to your team. In other words, your target should be MAX PAYNE! Ha-Ha. Get it? Get it? Ah whatever.

Q: Can I suggest something/report a bug/WHATEVER!?

A: FRG is usually in the chat room. If not, try one of the stickies on the forums.

Q: Respawn time is too long/varies!

A: Read this.

Q: This guy has an ability I don’t have!

A: Most weapons(exculding gunner’s rail rifle) have an ablity with R. SMG/HMG/Pulsar: Reload. Doped saber: Saber chop. Lunges at your enemy and hits for about 100-120. Blitzkreiger mauler: Smash. Hits for an unclear amount of damage with a small area of effect radius. Repair beam:(Once 100%) Heals for 100-150 with an area of effect radius. Mauler and saber have cooldowns(the % bar) so don’t expect to spam it.

Q: I keep dying a lot!

A: The robot in-between-respawn voice has a point. “Don’t be ashamed, it happens to everyone.” You are probably having a bad game, not every single game you have you are at your best. Try a diffrent combo with your scout or an aiming tactic with your gunner. Tanks aren’t invunerable with their neutron shell. Make sure you have backup, place turrets in good spots and are healing everyone with your tech. If that doesn’t work, take a break and try again.

Q: I can’t connect/lagging/having trouble with some server

A: Refresh.

Q: Freerange, can I ask you a question?

A: Yes. Just ask the question, no need to ask “Can I ask you a question?” I know you are trying to be polite, but there are so many questions, it’s easiest for me to answer if you are direct. I will always try to answer, if I don’t, I’m either busy working with our team to try to make FreeFall Tournament better or you are being mean.

Q: Freerange, how old are you, what’s your name, etc.?

A: Sorry, I’m all for us becoming in game friends, but I also value my privacy. I’m not asking for your personal information, please be courteous and not ask for mine. Feel free to ask anything about the game. It helps if you have read the above FAQ, and if you have read this far, you most likely have. So thank you very much.

Q: Freerange, how many people use your account?

A: One. Just me. I use an account named Freerangegames so people can easily identify me in chat. Other devs from our team are also in chat from time to time, but they usually use their own usernames.

Q: When is XYZ coming out?

A: I will always tell you as much as I know. But honestly, we are working on fixing a lot of bugs at any given time, so we know updates will be released usually the day before we are releasing. Then sometimes we have a hick-up getting the update out and it is delayed a day. We will always list major features Coming Soon on the landing page for the game. The dates are not precise because we just don’t know. As this becomes more routine for us, we will probably become more precise in our dates. For now, please enjoy the sense of anticipation that comes with seeing a new game grow.

Q: How do I reconfigure my controls / keys?
A: Read this

Q: What if I have a question that wasn’t answered here?
*A: Try the wiki. Or contact Free Range Games. Thanks for reading this far.

So that’s it.
Credits to:
FreeRangeGames for making the awesome game(And the upcoming weapons me and glock found. :D).3
Glock243 for the ranks guide. He helped a lot with the FAQ too, so this is technically both our FAQ.1
Probandit10 for the classes guide.2
ValentyneSmith, ISkyDriveI, Zephilinox and Brohaha for the fun rival games we had. I’m glad I lost once in a while because it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun. Also they gave me the information to make this.
You for reading this.
The formatting guide for helping me edit the forum a bit.

Hope this helps, good day/noon/afternoon/evening/midnight/dawn to you.

1 Ranks Guide

2 Classes Guide

3 FreeFall Tournament

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Unsighted vs Sighted

That’s my question. It’s probably user error on the HMG and the pulsar, but on the SMG crosshairs are too large for it to be.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Unsighted vs Sighted

Note: First of all, I’m not some sort of retarded elitist who thinks that EVERY single one should use unsighted because it’s “pro-er” or so. I’m just pointing out that sighted gives an advantage to players, beginners or not IN MY OPINION. This is not fact, and any comments saying I’m spreading wrong information will be ignored. This is my opinion, share yours or ignore it.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about the sighted vs unsighted weapons.

Sighted(right click/auto aim):
Less damage, burst fire, spot on accuracy and locks on target so you don’t lose him/her.

More damage(Apparently, haven’t found much difference. Then again I haven’t used sights in a while.), any setting.

Now here is my problems.

Scout’s SMG: A while back I read that auto aim was for newbs and none was for pros… How am I supposed to hit a moving target from a medium range(Somewhat 3- 7 times the range of the saber), let alone a flying one with the huge, HUGE crosshairs and spread? Doesn’t matter if I’m standing, bursting, flying, tapping or spraying, somewhat between 4-6 shots hit. Not only that, the game seems to have an issue when pointing straight downwards. I’m not sure how exactly to explain this so you’ll have to try it by yourself. When you point downwards, at your feet, your sensitivity speeds up like crazy and It’s near impossible to aim at your target.(I use a combo that usually ends with a thunder kick and firing at the target while he/she are stunned.)If that’s the case I’d rather have a shotgun with a decent range(And not the CoD “hur hurr close combat means right in front of your face and otherwise the pellets disappear”).

Pulsar and HMG: I’m not sure how to describe my problem with these. The thing is, I feel not a single diffrence other than a slightly higher rate of fire with the HMG with this weapons. I have no idea to describe those other than Sights>Unsighted. I used to play tribes 2 a few years back(Before it was shutdown) and I have a general sense of how projectiles work. Yet I feel that their sights are even more accurate(and damaging) than my shots.

My point is, Sighted gives more benifits than unsighted. Want another example? Let’s say team fortress had an auto lock that reduces damage to 75%(which seems to be the case for this game). Imagine how many heavies would tear apart other classes with it.

What about you? Do you feel the same thing? Or is there something I’m supposed to do that I don’t know about? Share your feelings.

And sorry about the wall of text.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Gunner is overpowered, more specifically, sniping

So my scouting wasn’t annoying you zeph? I’ll make you pay!

On topic, I agree that gunner can kill quickly and I wouldn’t mind a (slightly) slower reload. I do play gunner frequently to all the people who would probably accuse me of getting owned by them/sucking at them.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Red Crucible 1 & 2] My problems with this game

My problem with the game are the following.

1) Shotgun and magnum. I don’t understand why these weapons are one hit KOs from any range, Magnum, ok. Shotgun, I have no idea. You should at least put a range to them.

2) The spawn defence system. This completely sucks in Kiev considering every part of Kiev in FFA is a spawn point, I’ve had countless kill streaks ruined by someone spawning in front of my face and not being able to run away.

3) The bugs/glitches/hacks. Ever since the game has been stuck on the connecting screen and worked again, every time I(or another player) reach 42 kills, the game instantly crashes. Happened THREE TIMES. As for hacks, in one FFA match, someone ([Sam]the- I forgot the rest of the name.) was using the light rpgs as a machine gun. The entire server kept having fps drops by the tons and anyone who wasn’t just spawned was killed instantly. How I know for sure he was hacking? Every kill of his was an rpg headshot.

That’s about all of my problems, other than that the game is great.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Red Crucible 1 & 2] Best weapon and vehicle

Originally posted by probandit10:

-snip- using this tank. Thanks to its extreme armor (3 bazooka hits or so), snip

Fixed, My opinion the weapons I’ve tried so far(doesn’t include starter weapons):

SA80: Good weapon, scope may not appeal to anyone.
Fahmas: I do not recommend this, while it has good accuracy and damage, the sight blocks out most your vision.
G3: Also a good weapon, somewhere between 3-6 shots for a kill, and the sight is easy to get used to.
L1A1: Not sure what to say about this one.
M60: One of the best machine guns, sight, accuracy and damage are very good. Only downside is slightly slower movement.(NO ninja’ing around with the SA80.)
Magnum, 1 hit KO pistol, sights are somewhat similar to the AK47
Shotgun: ^
That’s about it, there is another machine gun I’m going to try after I get back on.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Red Crucible 1 & 2] best weapons to get

What is a good machine gun to rent?

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Topic: Off-topic / PC gamers admit that skyrim sucks

If I have a problem with skyrim it’s the huge amount of bugs, and the third person camera is broken for mages and rangers, endings are terrible and the melee combat feels a little meh.

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Topic: Dream World / New server?

Odd I seem to have encountered a time warp, since I saw something similar to this in runescape, except the thing that people were raging about was hp and damage being multiplied by 10…

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Topic: Dream World / Alien Invasion

At which level do alien and greater alien items drop from these invasions?

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Topic: Dream World / [Q] What the adjective of name of item name means?

It’s tiers of equipment. Diaversai posted the high level ones as no one really cares about the lower level ones. However in one case does the adjective affect the item, in weapons, each class has their own enhanced version of a weapon, a Guardian demon slayer(example) for a knight gives a 20% block rate. A scoped Crystal blaster would increase crit rate by 20% for a gunner, and an Enchanted(not with potions, the name of the weapon has enchanted in it) alien staff would have a bonus to magic spells, varies on something.

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Topic: Dream World / Another new drawing

The big headed gorrila got changed.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Red Crucible 1 & 2] why Always crash the game

Usually the server closes my connection for no reason.

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Topic: Dream World / Should I reset my skills?

I’m currently a level 61.8 Big shot, but from what I hear sword is the best to go for at the higher levels, so should I reset my skills using gems? Or should I make an alt and see if that works for me?

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Topic: Dream World / Invasion aliens

About the invasion aliens, can I get an equipment from them at level 61? and if so, which tier? Thanks in advance.

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Topic: Dream World / Question about pills.

…Many thanks mate.

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Topic: Dream World / Looters - GM read before accepting people

Hey, quick solution to prevent looting. Put vault permission on and don’t give newcomers whom you don’t trust valubles.

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Topic: Dream World / Question about pills.

After softcapping my Dex,int and quickness, can I get pills from normal puzzle boxes or only Mystery boxes?