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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / New Update Lack of Scroll Bar: Terrible Design

I can’t spam click buys anymore (on a restart going from 0-3000 lemonade stands is a PAIN).

I can’t foresee playing much longer with this UI responsiveness.

Oh. and the achievement popup takes forever and covers the donut buy button.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / First Reset

Originally posted by markjuk:

Reading other topic posts it appears that with each reset Angels become incrementally harder and harder to earn.

Do they become harder and harder to earn per AI? Like after 1 reset, getting 1 angel is harder than getting 1 angel before the reset?

Or do they simply mean that getting the same multiplication from AI… if you have 100 angels, you have a 200% boost, which means you now get 300% original. So 100 angels is a 3x multiplier. To get another 3x multiplier you have to get to 9x original, which is +800%, or 400 angels (total). which means in your second reset, to get the same benefit of 100 angels, you now have to get 300 (more) angels. Each angel is worth far less the higher you go.

clearly its easier to get a second angel when you’re already raking in a few trillion a second, rather than resetting after each angel, but I wouldnt imagine resetting the game actually affects the AI breakpoints other than causing you to have to spend time getting back up to your former income rate.