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Topic: Kongregate / *Unity Contest Winners Announced!*

Originally posted by Phoenix00017: It was wide open to everyone and all games, regardless of dev time, team size, etc. If we wanted to do a coding blitz, we would have come up with specific rules, theme, and a longer time frame to make that work.

Which was quite, well… not really fair. A “coding blitz” as you call it would have be at least fair to all competitors. With the current form of the “contenst”, there were only two parties who really benefit from it: a) people with their games already finished and a high enough fanbase to vote for them and b) kongregate themselves. Everyone else never had a real chance at all.

Originally posted by Phoenix00017:

As for downvoting, the top 25 games were all selected as finalists, with only 10 winners. By having a wide finalist pool, the effects of downvoting are significantly minimized, since as long as they make it in the top 25 they have a legitimate shot at placing in the contest if the judges felt that it deserved it.

Well, no. That’s not really true. 25 isn’t really enough to “minimize” the downvoting effect, as for every new published game there would be 30-50 (or even less) be enough to push it back to >150 placing, pracitically rendering the game it invisible for everyone, since the downvotes hit newly published games (which don’t have that high number of plays) pretty hard.

While it’s hard to downvote a game which has been there since the beginning (which is also one of the advantages the people with already finished games had that they were explosed so long on the first page, and got so many votes, that it was basically impossible to fall below that 25ish mark), once on 5th or 6th page (sorted by either highest rating or plays). So basically it was enough for the top 25 placed people to downvote any new submission with 1 star ratings, to get it far back in the list no one wound ever find it.

The first page for the contest ( could have be set to display games in random order during the competition and submission phase, instead of “Highest rating”. This makes sense to order it that way for the non-competition ones, but during the competition it will simply tamper the results.

The only real way to minimize the abuse (and huge advantages from developers with finished games) would have been to accept submissions from 21st Dec. 2010 until 16th Feb. 2011 but NOT displaying them for anyone, so no one could neither play, preview, nor test the games until 16th Feb. was hit and then make all games visible at once. That would have at least gave everyone the same explosure to the public (well not really, already published/finished games would have quite some community or fanbase already, but it wouldn’t be like it ended in this contest).

I’m not that disappointed that we didn’t win, but I’m quite disappointed how the event was handled and carried out and simply aimed for people with finished games, which is actually quite of a bad aiming. This people would have put their games on Kongregate anyways, since their games were already finished and putting it there would mean just more revenue anyway. Imho the point of the contest should be to expand the penetration of Unity3D engine/webplayer and that’s something you do with the number of games and by getting more developers into making Unity3D games.

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Topic: Kongregate / *Unity Contest Winners Announced!*

Second Prize ($5,000)

Sarah’s Run (Preview) – The audience favorite, and one of the first Unity games on Kongregate, Sarah’s Run combined smooth graphics with fun gravity defying gameplay into a very cool 3D platformer.

Yea, that’s “quite supprising”, that it was one of the first games. With a publishing date of 27th Dec 2010, it was like 4 days after the contest was announced. WoW. Oh no wait. That game was already in production and in a playable state 8 months ago.

What the hell is a point in taking in a Unity3D game contest where you have 6 weeks to submit your game, if you accept games which were indevelopment >8 months before the contest even started or even better: What point would be for people, who weren’t having an almost done Unity3D Game to join in, to submit games there in the first place? Maybe you should have called the contest and call for people to submit only their already finished games, because all other would have no chance anyways to make anything which comes even close to something that has been in developement for more than half a year.

Not to say, that this games sucked or are bad, but it’s simply not fair to have games enter the contest which have such a, well, huge time advantage, or at least do two contest which are somewhat more fair and doesn’t involve people “rating” games, so you can downvote your competitions games just cause they are competitors…

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Topic: Kongregate / Unity Contest Announcement Delayed! New Date: March 8

Originally posted by Danaroth:

According to the rules, the time used to make the game isn’t a factor to be considered by judges, as it isn’t stated anywhere that the games should have been made during the time the contest was on, so “Sarah’s Run” should get its well-deserved victory.

Yea, but how can you objectively judge games which had months of time to make textures, gameplay and content with some who just had merely 6 weeks to make the game from scratch? It’s like having a contest about the a game and EA coming and submitting their game which was 6 months in development, has AAA quality graphics and 100 of people were working on it.

Beside that, games who are in development for many months already have a bigger or smaller community around it which can be “directed” to vote for their game, destroying any kind of “objectivity” such a contest could be. Which is acutally kind of stupid to have the players to vote the games in the first place, since long established games can direct their fanbase to vote down others and vote up theirs.

Imho there is no point of having a contest, if not all participants start/enter under same conditions. That being said, there should be always a theme given for a contest, so people can’t submit already finished games

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Topic: Kongregate / Unity Contest Announcement Delayed! New Date: March 8

Originally posted by Drovoxx:

Probably SARAHC or whatever her name is won.

I hope not. Imho games which were developed long before the contest begun should be disqualified. Cancer Wars and Sahars Run are such examples, both of the games are older than 8 months (if you throw on a look at for example, there are some games which are also on Kongregate). I think that this isn’t really fair for a contest to submit games which have been in development months before the contest was even announced while others have to start from scratch.

I home the people on Kongregate takte this into account.