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Topic: Monsters & Dungeons / Best Dungeons to Find Specific Monsters

I’m questioning the Dread Lord and Depthjaw drops because the Monster Book doesn’t list them as dropping anywhere. Corpsecarver is listed, however. Also, I’ve gotten Carvers from the Utopia Gardens Master several times, including 2 in a single run. Could be a statistical anomaly, but you fight more of the fully evolved monsters on Master, so the drop rate seems like it should be better than just fighting one of the 3 on Expert as the boss.

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Topic: Monsters & Dungeons / Questions for our Design or Development teams? Post them here!

One thing I’m curious about is drop rates. Not hard numbers (unless you really want to give those), more in a comparative sense. An example is the Star Chamber, which has the same monsters in Expert and Master, save the boss. If I don’t NEED any of the mask, does it really behoove me to do Master? Should I expect more drops that way? Currently, Expert would allow me to fight an additional normal monster, as well as use less stamina – it seems a no-brainer to select Expert, ESPECIALLY since I don’t have to grind though the boss at the end.

Secondly, are things in development (beyond the “wouldn’t it be cool” stage) to take this game to unique territory, away from it’s obvious inspiration? I confess I’ve never played Puzzles & Dragons (I don’t use a mobile device), nor had I heard of it prior to trying this. Thus I have no concrete information about how similar these products are. While this game seems interesting and fun, though at times frustrating, it also seems largely lifted in function from P&D. That’s not strictly a BAD thing, it’s a solid system on which to build the game. But while only glancing at the P&D Wiki pages for 30-60 minutes, I noticed several things present there that don’t exist here – dual-element monsters, passives that don’t require leadership to help, ways to improve monsters from otherwise “stock” values. I’m not asking for more features to be lifted from P&D (though some of those would obviously be nice), I’m asking what – if anything – you guys are working on that ISN’T in P&D; stuff that would make MaD its own entity.

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Topic: Monsters & Dungeons / Master Daily Dungeons Spreadsheet

The DEF for the Monday monsters is quite absurd. Using the Dread Lord activate (50k Fire damage to earth monsters), he can kill the Nutrinut though I couldn’t see a final damage value. That puts armor high, but under 100000. With a 50% armor break, he can kill the Harvespore with damage of 12500. If I’m doing math right, that means they have 175000 Armor. It’s silly, but I find it fun to know the actual value.

I also feel I should mention that according to the monster book ONLY Corpsecarver of the 4* Destiny monsters can drop regardless of difficulty of on Utopia Gardens. If you need/want Dread Lord or Torrent Depthjaw, you need to build one yourself.

EDIT: Tuesday’s monsters have 200,000+ Defense, I only managed 1 damage even with a 50% armor reduction.

EDIT2: So I found out that though it says 50k Fire damage, it’s still just 50k to earth targets. Meh, disappointing. So that makes Harvespore have 75k Armor, Nutrinut sub 50k, and Tuesday monsters and Friday’s Corpsecarver have over 100k.

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Topic: Monsters & Dungeons / Suggestions & Ideas

My largest complaint currently is the “sucker deal” in the buying gems page. Gems should get cheaper as you buy in bulk, no exception; yet the 565 Kred package stands in stark contrast to that. At 6.80 Kreds-per-gem, they’re more expensive than the next option down, 30 Gems for 200 Kreds or 6.67 Kred-per-gem, and up, 6.39 Kred-per-gem. While the profit margins aren’t huge, the existence of an option that counts on the customer to not do math suggests at best a disrespect for that customer or something akin to total arbitration regarding your pricing structure.

My second largest complaint is the friend system, namely the friend code. I have no clue what the point of it is… all it seems to serve is to make it harder for people to get friends, which is a potential money maker since there’s a limit to the friend list size that’s expandable via gems. Yes, the community has stepped up to provide a workaround, but it’s extra legwork on the part of the player just to find someone labeled as a “friend” whose primary purpose is providing 10 FP a day and potentially a useful monster to help in a harder dungeon.

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Topic: Monsters & Dungeons / Elementress' Drop Rate?

Probably somewhere in the region of 20-30 Expert, possibly more. No more than 10 novice. No drop.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Late-game hero power

Originally posted by eternel:

Is it actually better to alternate heroes, such as 1500 to treebeast, then 1500 to ivan, then 1500 to britanny. I pumped everything onto 1 hero, which is treebeast. Getting him to the next 4x multiplier seems better than waiting and spending the gold elsewhere. Maybe it because my treebeast is 3x gilded?

Also, I applied equivalent level rule value instead of equivalent gold rule. And because of that, treebeast is roughly around 13.5% more valuable than ivan if both are the same level. Since the only thing that matter is every 25 levels, tree beast get there faster with less gold.


Gilding certainly throws out the normal values. 3x gilding would give him 250% normal power, making him far better than everyone else. It might be enough that no one else is really worth the money, though “only” 3x doesn’t sound like enough to toss it all out. More than likely Treebeast would be worth a healthy 50-75% of your DPS, but since it would cost a fraction of the cost of upgrading him to the next 25-level point to up the lower heroes, it’s probably still worth it.

I don’t bother keeping levels level, though. I get Beast, Ivan and Samurai (since they’re all equally gilded) up in 25 level blocks together (focusing on one at a time, of course), but not to the same level. Beast is 25 levels above Ivan and 125 above the Samurai. Only time it’s worth breaking that habit is approaching a 1000-level marker, since the 10x is so strong.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Late-game hero power

I’d ask for a recheck on the math on Frostleaf… he has only 2 +100% skills, and his base DPS is about 550 times that of Grant, while his base cost is something like 500 times. He seems like he should have a number close to Grant’s.

I get that he needs to get to high levels (well over 200 to start getting the multiplier boosts), but it feels REALLY off right now.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Best gilded Hero?

As a rule of thumb, the further down the list, the worse DPS/gold. The very early heroes seem to violate this, however.

I have a gilded Frostleaf, Treebeast, and Ivan, and here’s what I find. Frostleaf allows for a meaty start, since he’s responsible for so much DPS when you first get him, and continues to be good until about level 100, then his gain for cost becomes prohibitive for growth as he has no multipliers anywhere near his level. The earlier guys start to come into their own when I can afford them to around level 950+.

When Treebeast is 25 levels higher than Ivan, they have similar costs and similar DPS. Example, at 1025 Treebeast is 65 N and Ivan is about 60 N at level 1000. Treebeast gives 72 O DPS and Ivan about 78 O.

I also did a cost comparison with Ivan and Brittany, though I don’t have a gilded Brittany. At 1000, Brittany would give 261O for a 241N cost. Ivan at 1025 gives 318O for a 328N cost. The cost ratio holds though 10x and 100x raises, so Brittany gives 81% of Ivan’s DPS at 73% of his cost. She has a slight edge over him. Since the next 2000% hero is the Samurai, most likely Brittany is the overall most cost effective hero. However, I can’t afford to level him to 1000 at this point, so he may edge them both. I DO know that he’s leagues ahead of Aphrodite, a much more expensive hero. At level 925 he offers 50% more DPS than her, at 75% of the cost. Even if Aphrodite had her Kiss of Death changed to 150%, she would still be worse as it would grant an overall 25% boost to her DPS.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Woah. My first gilded hero is...

First was Aphrodite, then Ivan, Broyle, Samurai, Frostleaf, Abaddon, Treebeast. I can say without question that Ivan is better than Treebeast. At Beast with 1025 and Ivan with 1000 levels, Ivan gives more DPS and costs less to level. The only tipping point is that Treebeast gets each 1000 level mark earlier than Ivan, so for that short time until Ivan catches up he’s better.

Brittany might be really useful, too, though her cost isn’t as easily comparable for me at a glance.

It’s easy to see why the “450%” heroes are the best… it’s not 450%. It’s 100%, then another 100% compounded (400% power), then again (800%), then 150% at the end, which is a 2000% boost overall.

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / Suggestion Superthread

Suggestion: Realize that browser people are not mobile people, and adjust the game accordingly. Since there’s (currently) no thought to merge the mobile and browser versions of the game, relaxation on the stamina constraints seems logical. I think that this game has interesting concepts going for it, and something that’s fun and a bit different, even while being random and sometimes frustration inducing. However, I’ll likely never come back since it takes all of 5-10 minutes to use up my 5 “blocks” of stamina, while taking an hour to recharge. This might be fine on a mobile game that I carry with me and can reasonably fire up every few hours but I’m not stopping what I’m doing on a computer and rushing back to TDD just to play for maybe 10 minutes.

Also, dungeon rewards seem totally out of whack. The tutorial zone gave me 300+ coins, then the next zones… 30-50? Or an item I can’t use yet? The heck? And what’s with the multiple boxes at the end of dungeons? False choice nonsense? The number went up as I dungeoned, going from 2 to 3 to 4 then… 8? 10? Some large number I didn’t count. Thinking that it might be some sort of representation of unique zone rewards for replaying zones, I went back to the training ground (which had 2 boxes at first). Nope. A whole line of boxes, and over 450 coins as my reward for the zone intended for level 1 folks. Oh, and plenty of XP, meaning that wasn’t tied to zone difficulty either.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Most efficient Hero Buying Order?

With each hero providing less DPS/Gold than the one before, I find it’s generally good to gain 10 levels with any hero, then move on. Exceptions are heroes that don’t double their own DPS at level 10, they usually result in my getting the previous one to level 25. This is with about 40 souls

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

An ability like this is only useful provided there’s more heroes after him. 25% increased gold is in terms of G/s the same thing as 25% increased dps. If your hero proposal were treated like Frostleaf who accounts for 99.9999 percent of dps, a 25% gold increase would be horribly underpowered compared to the standard dps increase abilities. But as long as there’s other heroes beyond him it would be more beneficial. For the same reason the 25% dps increase on Frostleaf is currently terrible.

Seriously. Frostleaf is the last hero, has 4 upgrades, and two of them are piles of junk. So my only request is that any future “last” heroes not have so many stinking black holes in them. The previous one had the horrendous +10%, but at least she also had 3 +100%s and a skill.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Tips for the game

Strictly speaking, DPS per Gold goes DOWN with each new hero, all taken at level 1. Level 10 is always worth getting, and level 25 is often. You almost always gain more power per Gold spent, unless the hero in question has a support ability in one or both slots.

Super Clicks edges Deadly clicks in DPS if you use Super, Deadly, and Powersurge all at once, though the difference is slight.

The very highest DPS can be gotten by double Energizing: Use Energize then nothing else until Energize is cooled down. Pop a skill, Energize, then another skill. Use on Super Clicks and Deadly Clicks for the highest output, along with normal Powersurge; each click should be worth about 5.4x of your DPS value with all of them going.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Boss HP

Failure to defeat a Primal boss does not waste it, a new one spawns. Similarly, leaving also respawns the Primal when you come back. So it’s there until you kill it. Basically, there’s just a chance to have the bosses flagged “Primal” when a new world is made, which is only removed on killing the boss or on a new Ascension.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / AdVenture Capitalist References

Holy Hockey Stick may be a reference to the deadly “Holy Hockey Stick of Terror +5” from D&D of old. Or it might just be a weird coincidence.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Stuck Again

About the busts/idols: Draft packs are the best use of them almost all of the time, but if you don’t want to spend money it’s not a bad idea to hold on to them until the moment you want to draft. If that means you have 3, or 5, or 20 of them, so be it. The reason is that every once in a while, there’s a promotion even better than the draft packs available for the LC you can obtain from busts. If you do turn them in for the Coins, try to do it with 4 at once. Drafts are wonderful, but the odds of getting an Epic+ rarity card (let alone more than one) seems to be about 1 in 4. You should be able to get some handy Rare cards, though, if nothing else.

Also, it’s generally a better deal to draft on a Monday during the Monday Night Heroes event if you can. You’ll see the Draft button be red and say “Draft Night!” while it’s going on. Your first draft gives you a free bust along with your normal rewards. If you can manage more than one draft, there’s also other prizes to be had as freebies, but the Bust is the best because it requires only a single draft, and is worth a free pack OR LC, your choice.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Bug Reports - Official

Timewar, this probably is not an actual bug, but an effect related to the order of event processing this game has. It seems to go Badge Effects → Damage Calculation Effects → Reflection Effects → Other Card Effects → Apply Damage → Apply Shield. The Pointed Response example you gave sounds like the results of a Nonstop’s Reflex badge depleting cards. Or does it also work that way with Scoreboard (as the Boards deplete before the damage numbers appear)?

This order is important, however. Imagine a situation where you have up a Firewall or Helios Genesis buff and no Shield. Your opponent hits you with a Martial attack for 10 damage. They deplete 10 cards, one of which is Moxie. Now, should the attack hit for 10, or 20? The depletion suffered by your opponent happens before the damage, but in order to make certain that the correct amount of damage was taken from such reflection effects, the damage has to be calculated BEFORE the actual reflection happens. Decay is lumped in with reflection effects, so LDE is already calculated to not meet the Survivor requirement before the depletion.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] How Many Free Drafts Have You Earned?

Make that 23 Epics (24.2%). I went back through what I had gotten out of curiosity.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] How Many Free Drafts Have You Earned?

May as well bring on the some of the hate/jealousy

Drafts entered: 95 (285 packs)
1st: 38 / 2nd: 27 / 3rd: 23 / 4th: 7
Draft packs earned: 191 (67%)

Legends drafted: 6 (6.32%)
Epics drafted: At least 20 (21%)

I actually had all 6 Legends before Draft 60

I’d also like to note that this was all done as a free player, with no pack jackpots.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Blanking is a terrible mechanic

Retranslation: Blanking has made some of my overpowered cards do nothing thus losing me a fight, and I now hate it for that.

Seriously, Blanking is possibly part of a response to some cards (PM, LDE) just being seriously overpowered. If it’s wrecking your decks or your fun, you may need to rethink your strategy or your involvement in the game.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Biggest hits and scores of LoH!

It’s a shame that the MegaBrawls were so laggy. I was in a brawl with a PM hit for 592, but I couldn’t get the battle log to work from all the terrible, terrible lag

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] New Player Pro-Tips

One more for the “Honor packs are worth it” category. The advice that they’re crap seems to come from people that assume that they only contain commons. This is completely untrue. I’ve personally opened packs with up to three uncommon cards in them. Although they don’t pull from the complete set of uncommon cards, many are a vast improvements to starter cards.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] NonStop FireBadge

I had a firewall stack, and if I remember it dealt reflected damage on the next two threats. But my memory may be faulty, or there may have been an attack causing the deplete (like Falling Timber).

One fun thing about the copy is that the original lands in the Deplete before it goes off. This means Spitfire would gain a bonus from the first one played, and that things like Icy Resolve can Recover themselves.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Broken Cards

If we’re going after Last Ditch Effort, why not Sibling Rivalry? It requires a bit more focused deck construction, but the effect is almost a better LDE. Especially with very usable and useful Martial attacks like Too Fast (helps cycle the deck to get power cards like SR faster) and Calm Before the Storm, this has the potential to practically be “Deal 1 damage for each card in your Deplete pile”. LDE is much easier to get, however.

I support changing PM. Seriously, it’s awesome for brawls… but what the hell? 1 damage for each card you’ve already taken from them? At no cost to the user?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Bug Reports - Official

@The5thRider: Read your card text. “Not so Fast” Ploy: If an opponent’s threat would recover, banish their depletion pile. “Oh, really?” is not a threat – it’s an event – so “Not so Fast” is not supposed to fire on it (unless it were actually played from the hand). Yeah, “Oh, really?” sucks like that.