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Topic: Kongregate / Want to be interviewed?

I’d be honored to be interviewed; to fulfil my dreams. I thought I could get this over with.

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Topic: General Gaming / Hello everybody.

Haha thanks.

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Topic: General Gaming / Hello everybody.

Pretty much, I’m new. Well, my first time on the forums really; been on this site almost for two years before. Anyway, thanks for reading. By the way, I won’t came back as often as I have to prepare for my exams. So I hope I do well.
How are you people?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Crush The Castle 2] Crush The Castle 3?

Do you think Crush The Castle 3 is coming soon, because it is rumored to be.
I’ve made a plan for the game:

New Character: Miner, Monk, Beggar

New Weapons: FireBomb(It puts the castle on fire, It can’t fire on metal), Three Metal Blocks( It can break through glass, can’t go through wood, metal and brick)

New Backgrounds: BonFire(that’s in the far background, it’ll show three unimportant people sitting near the bonfire in the back-background)

New Blocks: Glass(It is powerful enough to kill a person if touched)

New Provinces in New Game/Continue: Inkonia(Wooden Castles live there), Bloodinia(Glass Castles live there), Betsonia Ruins(Metal Castles live there)
Vegor&Magor(Mixed Castles live there including the biggest and hardest of them all).

Is this a good idea for it?

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Platform Racing 4

There is a possibility that Platform Racing 4(PR4) might be coming out. Rumors say It might be June 2011 or January 2012. Rumors also say that there will be new backgrounds, new texture and higher quality. Some say we could customise our own character if you want. People also say that you could add pictures on PR4 Chatrooms. Also, There might be new blocks, new music and faster Speed. People also say, the person who won the most races will be ‘’Racer Of The Day’‘. Also the person who lost the most races will be ’’Loser Of The Day’’. Some say, Every Sunday, The 6 Winners Of The Game Contest(Which might start every Monday) will rank up. This is people’s ideas,not mine. If you have any ideas or information about PR4, Come on and Reply!

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Play My Level!

Level Name: Mining The Race
Summary: You get hit by bombs…


Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Back To The Past

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Ask a Moderator

How Do You Be a Mod?

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Mining The Race

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