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Topic: Zombidle / Rats instead of people ran from broken house

Originally posted by Mugi4ok:

Well, I was not really smart and killed them fast enough, and I’m not sure which house it was, but I believe rabbits should not make squeaking sounds, in fact they don’t produce any sounds at all :) And they really looked more like rats.

But, well, if you’re sure it was rabbits…

Surprisingly, they are bunnies. It’s the first time I see a dev so proud of producing an accurate “sound of a bunny that dies while on fire”. My sides were on fire too when I read it.

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Topic: Zombidle / UPDATE PLEASE

Well, it was already answered by the developer himself. There’s nothing else to discuss. I feel it wasn’t the good way to ask either, sounds pretty demanding if you ask me (At least on the first post, got addressed on your second answer). Let’s just wait ’till the update is ready okay? I ran out of content to do as well, just gathering orbs like a champ right now. Thankfully this site features a lot of other games to keep me “busy” during my spare time.

Patience is key.

Edit: small correction based on a thing I overlooked.

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Topic: Crush Crush / If you're going to turn my 8x into a 4x, which is cheaper, give me the 10 diamond difference back.

I support the idea. Refund or riot!

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Topic: Zombidle / Ad issues reports

Originally posted by Mayhem7:

I can’t boost my buildings because it says i have an ad blocker (which is false) tried with firefox, chrome and edge and of course reloading and clearing cache, no luck :/

Exact same problem here.

EDIT: I had that issue last night. This morning I was able to boost the building no problem but now it’s happening again. No idea what’s going on.

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Topic: Zombidle / 4h boost on hell buildings bugged

Yeah, same here. I can’t use the 4h boost because it keeps saying I have an Ad Block software running. I first set my AdBlock on Chrome to allow this site’s ads in particular, it didn’t work. Then I completely deactivated it. No luck. Then I tried with both Edge and Firefox. GUESS WHAT. :D Nothing. :(

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

I wish they could add an event badge with an item called “Kongpanion’s Magical Shiny Stardust of Eternal Light Reloaded” that make you turn a regular Kongpanion into a shiny one. :( I’ve missed 2 shinies so far. I’m sad and everytime I open my profile, I shed a tear.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Grinns Tale] No Daily Quests since I received the Ruffian Lookers

I had a related bug the other day, I completed the daily, it appeared “completed”, I clicked it, got the reward. Then I went back to the tower, killed some creepers and when I go back to the village, there was the daily quest again with the “completed” flag on it. Wth… ok, clicked it but nothing happened. There’re some issues with those quests, it seems. Until now, I just got the Chancellor’s Hat, still looking for the Ruffian’s. I hope I could get it soon, I’m just getting lots of metal bundles…

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Topic: Technical Support / Can't access to Kongregate from my PC.

Thanks for your answers, I changed my IP adress and turned off my anti-virus. Then I turned on again and I can access again, thanks guys!

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Topic: Technical Support / Can't access to Kongregate from my PC.

Hi to all.

I am having an issue when I try to access to Kongregate from my desktop PC. It just doesn’t load. From my phone I’ve got no problems at all (as you can see now). I’va tried rebooting my PC, my router, my modem, I deleted cookies, temporary files. I’ve tried with other internet browsers (Opera, Firefox, Chrome and the evil IE). I’ve got another computer in my house that can’t load this website as well. Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.