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Topic: General Gaming / [Shonen Idle] [Bug Thread]

Originally posted by BrommerLegions:

The enemies don’t deal any damage to me at all.

That’s not a bug. That’s the enemies having attack lower than your Defense.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Shonen Idle] What's the Vitality Bonus now???

As far as I can tell, there isn’t any good use in putting your Ki/Ryo into VIT.

I have it where my DEF keeps me from getting hurt at all, otherwise, I will get 1 shot by a mob I can’t beat, in which case I probably don’t have any business messing with it if that’s the case.

The VIT boost is also very tiny, and has about a 4.95526204e-7% Take on my Defense points alone. As long as I did my math right idk you can check it if you want.

(23260000000000[VIT Bonus] ÷ 46940000000000000000[Def] =

That’s a very small percentage, and seeing this I didn’t bother checking the amount my ATT had Sense it is 20 Qi above my defense right now.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Shonen Idle] how big is firefox download ?

It works on Firefox.

Firefox works just as well as Chrome, I use both, Firefox specifically for Unity stuff now.

Answering the question: It’s a less than 1 minute download. It’s very small.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / I can't figure out the created map save system.

So I think you found a bug, because I tried to recreate your problem, and kinda succeeded.

If you tried to load a map while inside another map, it will overwrite the map that you were in, deleting the new one and saving over it in the process, but wont be loadable.

So pretty much just make sure NOT to load while in another map, only save.

If you want to load a map make sure to go to the main menu after saving.

If you’re still having problems while taking precautions, say what you’re doing step by step so I can try recreating it again. Otherwise hope that helps.

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Topic: Technical Support / Redirected to Game of Thrones Ascent

Yeah stuff is just getting worse after i tried playing that stupid game, like now I have this retarded add on the top of my screen that wont go away when I’m on kong. I’m betting a million dollars that this is effing Disruptorbeam trying to get people to play their game, because I’ve taken a look around and its happening to the facebook players too.

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Topic: General Gaming / Monster's Den: Book of Dread custom portraits aren't working

If you still need help with this I know how… Easiest way is to upload a pic to Tinypic, and copy the “Direct Link for Layouts.” and paste it as your custom photo.

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Topic: Kongregate / Dream World

Does anyone have a really good way for leveling up and earning exp quickly? And i mean a lot. Im level 62 and its taking forever for me to level up.