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Topic: Technical Support / Redirected to Game of Thrones Ascent

Yeah stuff is just getting worse after i tried playing that stupid game, like now I have this retarded add on the top of my screen that wont go away when I’m on kong. I’m betting a million dollars that this is effing Disruptorbeam trying to get people to play their game, because I’ve taken a look around and its happening to the facebook players too.

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Topic: General Gaming / Monster's Den: Book of Dread custom portraits aren't working

If you still need help with this I know how… Easiest way is to upload a pic to Tinypic, and copy the “Direct Link for Layouts.” and paste it as your custom photo.

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Topic: Kongregate / Dream World

Does anyone have a really good way for leveling up and earning exp quickly? And i mean a lot. Im level 62 and its taking forever for me to level up.