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Topic: Card Monsters / Live play and Account Migration problem

Do you want it here? Live play blank screen produced this:

TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
at TournamentLeagueView/updateRatingInfoBoxes()
at TournamentLeagueView/update()
at TournamentLeagueView/createChildren()
at com.edgebee.atlas.ui::Component/initialize()
at com.edgebee.atlas.ui::Component/childAdded()
at com.edgebee.atlas.ui::Component/addChild()
at com.edgebee.atlas.ui.utils::UIUtils$/performLayout()
at com.edgebee.atlas.ui.utils::UIUtils$/performLayout()
at com.edgebee.atlas.ui::Component/initialize()

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Topic: Card Monsters / Crystal Cost BALANCE

Not saying this is a bad idea, but I’d like to point out there could be some downsides.

Originally posted by BULWAHR:

Yeah, i guess x10 is not a must but its easier to see calculate with 10s ;-)

10s are easy – 60s less so. Working out combos that add up to 60 is harder than combos that add up to 6 (even if it just that 60 seems more overwhelming) People, especially new people, might find it off putting.
Balancing of abilities would need to be much more accurate – a difference of 0.1 now doesn’t mean much – but might if costs are multiplied by 10.
Card evolution might prove harder – it’s easier to see a card is better if it’s stats increase and it’s cost doesn’t, but much harder it see if it’s worth it when the cost goes up. However, this might just give more interesting desicions.

I’d suggest multipling costs by 3 and giving 10 crystals a turn – 10s are nice and easy. Or just use decimal points – I suspect that will feel less overwhelming than 30 crystals a turn.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Alliance Thread

‘Weedballs’ alliance looking for active players. Rank 47. Message me (Fyrax) or Bitshift.