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Topic: Blue Moon / New player FAQ

“Which class should I play?”

-Often asked, the best answer is to just choose whichever class you think you will enjoy playing the most. You have free skill resets up to lvl 20 as often as you like so you can play all the classes to experiment and see which best suits your style.

Why are classes gender locked?

-This is the developer’s choice, it is what it is.

Does this game have pvp?

-Not currently. Down the road, who knows.

Is there any way to trade between players?

-No, not implemented and no idea if they plan on doing so.

How do I bind skills?

-Click the gears icon at upper right corner and then again for “game settings” to assign quick slots. You can also access this via the Training Ground where it says “settings”

How do I sell unwanted gear to the npc for coin?

-Click Shop then “Merchant” and then sell mode to manually select what you want to sell or you can just use the autosell features to sell common drops or those not for your class.

When/what time is the daily reset (mail rewards, hard mode attempts)?

-Reset occurs at midnight GMT +9

What is Hard mode?

-Hard mode are extra dungeon attempts you get daily that allow you to revisit dungeons for a much better chance at epic loots (purples). The recommended lvl is +5 over the usual lvl for that dungeon so for example: “Natural Cave” is lvl 20 in easy, hard mode is 25. Trash mobs hit harder and move faster, bosses as well so be prepared and stock up on pots if you need to.

Once in a while I see a system msg that a “mutant” has spawned, what are these mobs with purple skulls over their heads?

-Mutants are like treasure goblins/rare spawns and completely random. The multiplier you see indicates their chance to give more/better quality loot (x2, x4, x8, etc).

What are the pinkish system msgs I see across my screen saying so and so just got an epic?

-Exactly that, just a system msg for all to see when someone secures an epic chest. You’ll see a lot of these usually throughout the day but especially after daily reset.

What do the base stats do?

-Click on your character profile icon (upper left). Then click “base stats” Now click the circled ? mark upper right for an overlay of what each stat does.

Do passives stack from both skill trees?

-Yes IF they also have no other requirements (weapon, shield, etc) then they do stack. So feel free to invest in passives from both trees if you so desire.

What is the max lvl a skill can be trained?

-Max lvl is 20.

How many total skill pts can you have on one char?

140 total. Max player lvl is 70 so 70 from lvl ups + another 70 that can be bought with moonstones (20 moonies for 1 sp)

What is Infinite Dungeon?

-This is a special mode that you can attempt once per day only (your next attempt will be +24h from your last attempt so different for everyone). This is a small map with waves that will spawn endlessly until you die. You can not use potions in Infinite and have to rely entirely on your own skills, health and mana pools. You get pts for each wave cleared and bosses give a significant amount. After 7 days the highest scores are tallied and rewards given out via mail.

What is gold coin used for?

-Many things: purchasing potions, training skills, crafting weapons and armor, enchanting, etc.

What rarities exist for loot?

-Currently white (common), green (magical), blue (rare), and purple (epic). Legendary quality will be released at a later date. What color they will be remains unknown.

Why does crafting take so long at higher lvls?

-Crafting is meant to be supplemental and not the player’s primary source for gear and upgrades. Most ppl will be gearing themselves up from gear from loot so think of crafting as just something to do before you log off for the night, etc. You never know, might get lucky with some nice rolls.

How hard is it to acquire moonstones?

-Moonstones are the premium currency in the game and are actually easily obtained given enough time and effort. You can sell back unwanted epics to the merchant for a small amount (1-3 depending on the item lvl). You also earn a single moonie each day sent to your mail. Many players farm epics via hardmode to sell back for moonies.

This is just a rudimentary FAQ atm, I encourage others to feel free to add anything else I may have missed. Cheers.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Can we ban this nazi clan

This thread was dead for over a year before MishaK41 rezzed it… Hell, I even had to come out of retirement just to make this reply. 8-)

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Suggestion: Allow capped units to accept sacrifices.

I think I am done with this game for now. I’ll check the forums periodically to see if they make any updates but for now its just pointless for me when I consistently get high lvl summons en masse coupled with a lvl 10 altar. Anyways, have fun!

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Wraith, male or female?

Good question. Not sure myself on their gender.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Suggestion: Allow capped units to accept sacrifices.

Yep, once you hit cap you can’t sacrifice any more units, doesn’t matter if you are at 0/800 or 799/800.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Suggestion: Allow capped units to accept sacrifices.

“Reason for it: It’s already easy enough to cap unit lvl at your level. If they make you can accumulate exp, and immediately hit next cap lv after breaking current cap (Ex: You accumulate too much exp for lv 19 that when you break the lv cap, you immediately jump to lv 29)”

I never said anything about accumulating xp beyond cap… only that sacrifices be allowed to count towards next quality upgrade on that unit. Atm you can not sacrifice any units on a capped unit. This would not be a shortcut because it still takes the same amount of sacrifices and grinding if the unit were not capped and still requires the same conditions to evolve and raise cap.

Current system:
lvl 69 Legend (0/800) when placed in Altar requires two more legends to raise cap. No sacrifice option available.

My suggestion for revised system:
lvl 69 Legend (0/800) when placed Altar still requires two more legends to raise cap BUT sacrifices can be accepted towards raising quality counter. Ex: sacrifice 4 units to raise to 4/800, etc rinse and repeat.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / Suggestion: Allow capped units to accept sacrifices.

I probably have one of the highest lvl altar and taverns in the game (not a good thing). Problem is this was all done in the beginning before the changes were made to the evolution system allowing sacrifices to count towards quality (who knew I would regret racing to upgrade my structures in the beginning…)

I took a sample today of 50 sacrifices and noted 37 were lvl 7+. This is just one sample and I have noticed a similar trend over time daily. I get stuck with so many high lvl summons each day that its become a huge waste of gold. This is not a kneejerk reaction, I have probably done between 50-100 sacrifices every day since the Dec. 15th change.

High lvl tavern + high lvl altar basically screws me over meaning I have to work twice as hard as everyone else for quality improvements hoping to get one or two lvl 1-3s instead of six or seven 8s and 9s, etc. My current team was already near cap when you made the changes so having a headstart and high lvls has actually been detrimental to my progress. My advice to any new player reading this is keep your Altar at lvl 1 and you are GOLDEN

The current evolution system works imo and I am fine with that. I only ask that you allow capped units to accept sacrifices for the quality upgrades PLEASE so I can at least have a reason to keep playing. Thanks for your consideration.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / New Cards on development

Those look sweet. Looking forward to seeing them.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / SECRET ROOMS AND LOOT!!! with pictures

Nice info. I knew about some but not all, thanks.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / New Mode Suggestion - "Adventure"

I like it, nice idea.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Choose wisely

You can see the skillset of each option beforehand. That should be enough info for anyone to make an informed decision unless they choose based purely on aesthetics. Worst case scenario: if still unsure about who to choose, a new player can always ask in chat what the better options are (something I have seen many players ask about).

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Topic: KingsRoad / Engulfing Dark Lockbox - Getting Jewels all the time

That’s just bad luck though. What I am saying is the more you do it the better your chances are it evens out. I once got 5 keys FOUR times in a row from boxes lol. Talk about frustrating. On the flip side, I have also gotten 50 and then 40 keys back to back. All random, can’t be helped. Just stick with it and keep grinding, you’ll get the gear eventually.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Engulfing Dark Lockbox - Getting Jewels all the time

The dmg reduction/vs. faction jewels actually help quite a bit when you have enough socketed. 20%+ extra dmg vs faction is no joke and will help you clear the event map faster. I was at 7/8 set for like 4 days straight… sold off many multiples of duplicates I already had (5 capes, 6 gloves, etc) before I finally got lucky with weapon drop to complete the set. I didn’t use gems to buy any keys or lockboxes either. No boost potions for farming coin as well. Just got to grind away, that’s all there is to it. It CAN be done.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Wizard Builds

Tested a new build today (I like to play around and reset skills often). This is by far the most optimal for me in clearing the new event. Very fast:

Dropped the 10 points in max mana passive leaving me at 140. This is more than enough for what I need.
Maxed fireball
Maxed archmage
Maxed mimic

In that order on my hotbar. Basic attack + fireball is good enough for most encounters. Archmage immediately followed by mimic followed by fireball spam is very efficient. Works great for dropping bosses or bringing down towers fast. I have good mana regen and bonus from basic attack that my 140 base mana fills up fast even after casting arch and mimic back to back so no worries there. Seems like this approach works well.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Wizard Builds

Once you’ve invested heavily into your passives your basic attack actually becomes pretty useful. You have crit dmg passive but not crit chance which is a must imo. 20% extra crit chance may not seem like much but it adds up when coupled with gear and benefits whatever actives you have slotted.

I also like the more defensive oriented passives but early on they may be more of a luxury than a necessity. Defend, Parry, and Dodge are all useful but early on glass cannon works fine with less emphasis on defense.

I only slot 3 actives atm: fireball (1), breath of fire (10), and archmage (10/10) which may look like a strange setup but so far it has worked wonders for me. Can solo IR 60 and the current event with relative ease using this setup but it may not feel right for you.

Max fireball is always good (I use it as a 1 point wonder for hitting those exploder packs and for applying a burn to help bring towers down faster for current event). I run over 50% crit now normally and my max mana never seems to empty so you may ask yourself why Archmage? Again, this goes back to an earlier point about basic attack being very effective with enough passives invested. I think of it like this: with a high cooldown from gear plus celerity passive, Archmage is like a free 100% crit elixir that lasts 15 seconds you can reuse over and over.

Its entirely possible to get over 70% attack speed on your basic and when combined with 30% lifesteal from passive plus max regen passive you can actually tank pretty well thus I have no need for using Frost Armor although I know a lot of people love that skill (great for leveling purposes, post-60… not so much when you have good gear). Add your crit on top of that and basic attack becomes beastly for single target dps (especially when Archmaged, pew pew pew…)

Anyways, everyone has their own approach and this is mine. Whether or not you decide to emulate it or evolve it to suit your own playstyle is up to you. It all comes down to personal taste so just go with what you like. Good luck!

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Topic: KingsRoad / Are people seriously going to let this slide?

I used to think along similar lines but the more I played the game the more I realized it didn’t really matter… p2win gives you an early leg-up against the AI but that’s it really. No pvp means no real competition per se against anyone else so what does it matter if Joe Schmo bought himself 50 skill points? Doesn’t affect you or anyone else directly, just means they can clear the map faster for themselves. A f2p player can do very well for himself if he puts in the time to grind. Allow me to illustrate:

Once you hit lvl 60 you can continue to accrue xp for further lvl ups. Each new lvl grants you an additional skill point. I am currently at 144 skill points total last time I checked and grinding new lvls is relatively painless imo. The amount required is a static 105k every time so even without boosters and only using your QB when not on CD you can continue to acquire new skill points easily. It’s actually a little TOO easy imo.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Damage and Armor Calculation

Valendaria’s comments about sums it up.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Lag

If you are experiencing lag you can try this solution if you play via chrome (might work for other browsers as well, dunno):

Follow the simple instructions and you will be able to play via Kong virtually lag-free without having to refresh every other 15 minutes like before. The difference is amazing once you disable the pepflashplayer.dll I highly suggest you all try it yourselves.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / M40 I miss it!

I watched your vid. If you want to earn more than your repairs after each game you should play a different mode other than DM imo. Deathmatch has low cr payouts unless you are constantly streaking. TE like Evac or Old Sawmill would earn you a lot more cr because of VIP kills even without boosters of any kind.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Devs, REAL Asian servers plz???

I play from Japan and my ping is fine. Pretty much the same for all servers (Us, Tw, Br, etc) with only a slightly higher ping in Kg and Eu servers but even those I can still play just fine. You should consider upgrading your connection to something better imo.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Are we going to get this ?

Clan sp will be used for cammo, arsenal, etc from what I have heard before. Right now we don’t have those in game yet.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / New system for GP?

I think the current system is fine imo. GP model is here to stay but at least the Devs have been more than generous with their premium currency.

We shared in the FB rewards going all the way back to:
5000 likes – free skill reset for 2 days
6000 likes – 150 000 credits
7000 likes – another big daily discounts
8000 likes – increased EXP rates on all maps
9000 likes – random premium weapon for free (no set limitations on this, many ppl got nice weapons)
10000 likes – SECRET
and on and on up to 200k likes (there was some free GP in there on a couple of occasions I believe).
Bonus double GP for first time purchase
Bonus free GP when you reach lvl 60 and upward
Bonus Holiday GP like the 300 we just got.
Contract rewards that offer bonus GP should you bother to do them.
Monthly promo contests that offer huge GP payouts for rewards (more people should participate in them)

Combined with huge daily discounts (I had 60% off on Desert Eagle the other day), most free players who play smartly and save their GP can buy the weapon(s) of their choice if they are patient enough.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / "The Doctors" Message

“P.S. Kids, this is a message for all. Dr is best, we will not prove anything to anyone. You know we best.”

lol, sure some of you guys are very good I will give you that. The problem I have is you come off like a douche. I play with NO xp booster, NO assault armor, and NO GP buffs like dmg or penetration or armor and I can still hold my own against you guys. Lose all your precious GP buffs and stop acting so arrogant then maybe just maybe this community will respect you more. Respect is given when respect is earned.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / CW 1 year anniversary

Happy B-day CW! Let’s see how many old-timers are still around:

User ID: 3038

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Advice on good guns

“Just making things clear, there is no one who owns the devgru and has a 0.5 kd. So basicly it depends 50% on weapons 30% on skill tree and only 20% on the player’s skill”

That’s a pretty skewed analysis imo. You only attribute 20% to actual player skill? lol…