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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Bug Reports and Issues

i keep getting error id #865793 and cant move to next day.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / error id #865793

im facing the same problem

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Topic: Outernauts / Outernauts Guide

use the help button to send a ticket asking devs for a restart. also this guide is outdated

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Topic: Outernauts / Outernauts Beginners Guide


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Topic: Outernauts / Can't Progress

If pvp battles are too hard you should try lowering or increasing your BTs. By doing that you can find easier battles

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Topic: Outernauts / Stat boosts and fusing inconsistency

I agree that changing how fusion work will screw the game for most ppl and removing the buff was a bad move from IG.

Even if that was a bug ppl that got great beasts using it will now be unbeatable and the others that were waiting to fuse will have a huge disadvantage.

So lets hope IG changes it back.

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Topic: Outernauts / Post your 4 sigils results, or how u got an epic.

Originally posted by beater1793:

fungoo+fungoo 2 chlorophyll= 100% fungoo.

You can use only 1 chlorophyll and it still works all the time

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Topic: Outernauts / Booty Hideaway-Unaccessible Area?

you need several friends entering the dungeon to be able the open those chests. and it doesnt worth the effort

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Topic: Outernauts / Outernauts Beginners Guide

Originally posted by thenewampkit:

Ooh. Another formatting suggestion:add codes so that you can ctrl+F to find a specific section?

I don’t know how to do that…

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Topic: Outernauts / Outernauts Beginners Guide

1. Introduction
2. Choosing Your Starter
3. First Steps
4. Catching Beasts
5. Homeworld
6. Star Gems
7. Getting Lunar and Healling Items
8. Dungeons
9. Breeding and Incubating
10. Fusion

1. Introduction

Welcome to the Outernauts training facility cadet. Here you will learn everything you need to know to progress through the game in a seamless and efficient manner.

The game's objective is to catch and breed monsters, with the emphasis on 'breed' in order to defeat other Outernauts, Space Pirates and Sludge Goons. This guide will walk you through the game in the most efficient way possible. From starter selection to the last challenges at Pandora Arena.

2. Choosing Your Starter

You will have a selection of five beasts to start your adventure with at the game start. I have taken the time to write out the strengths/weaknesses of each, so please do not bombard the chat asking which is the best beast. It is ultimately up to you to decide and know that starters all lose their effectiveness later on in the game. So don't get too attached.


• Snow type - It is weak to Flame and Terra moves and resistant to Snow and Phantom.

• Defence based - It is somewhat more durable compared to other starter monsters. It is also Attack based, physical attacks will deal more damage. It has weak Cosmic Defence.

• It is primarily a physical attacker and to a lesser extent a cosmic attacker, it learns mediocre status abilities.

• Chimzee is an average starter, who's main use is to take down Lightning type beasts. The lack of Cosmic Defence really hurts this creature later on. Starting out this beast is useful in that it has few weaknesses, it'll be one hit less and has more versatility than other starters.


• Aquatic type - It is weak to Flora and Lightning moves and resistant to Flame, Aquatic and Snow.

• Cosmic Attack based - It's cosmic attacks will deal greater damage. It is also Attack based, physical attacks will deal more damage. It has weak Cosmic Defence.

• It is primarily a physical attacker (which seems to go against it's high Cosmic Attack stat), with few cosmic attack abilities, it has a good selection of useful status abilities.

• Chamopee is similar to Chimzee apart from having better stats. The lack of cosmic attacks hurt this creature, but it learns a good one, Waterfall, which can change the enemy's creature type to Aquatic, allowing strategic combo attacks. Of it's status abilities it has one that inflicts sleep, which is nice for shutting down opponents and allows for easier capture. Lucky Rain is also a useful ability that cures status elements on your party. Other than this Chamopee doesn't have many other uses.


• Lightning and Primal type - It is weak to Snow, Venom and Terra moves and resistant to Flux, Phantom and Lightning.

• Speed based - It's more likely to be higher up on the turn order. It is also Attack based, physical attacks will deal more damage. It has weak Cosmic Defence.

• It is primarily a physical attacker, with few cosmic attack abilities and fewer status abilities.

• Using Patchoo doesn't require much strategy, it's best attack is Tesla Zap, a Lightning attack that always goes first. Because of this, the fact that it's a speed based monster makes it weaker than it should be. Being a Lightning type makes it useful in several places in the game, good Lightning beasts are somewhat hard to come by and Patchoo will help you breed even better ones.


• Flame type - It is weak to Aquatic, Flying and Terra moves and resistant to Flame, Snow and Flora.

• Attack based - increasing the damage of Physical attacks. It has weak Cosmic Defence.

• It gets some good AoE cosmic att. moves and healing ones later game. It is also good for breeding better flame beasts.


• Terra (and later, Flying) Type - It is weak to *Aquatic*, *Snow* and *Phantom* moves and resistant to *Common*, *Flying*, *Terra* and *Tech*.

• Defence based - It can endure more damage from physical attacks. It is also Attack based, increasing the damage of Physical attacks. It has weak Cosmic Defence.

• It is primarily a physical attacker boasting a wide variety of physical attacks, with few cosmic attack abilities and many status abilities.

• Rokling has a well deserved title of being useful in the end game, a fact that all other starters fall short on. It takes a long time to evolve which makes it weak starting out. I advise you stay away from PvP until it evolves. It has some game breaking good abilities such as Cleave and Meteor Storm which are both one of the strongest attacks in their class. While it has many status abilities, most of them fall short of being useful. Worth noting is that it has Catapult and Locust Swarm which makes the attacks useful against beasts that are typically resilient against Terra attacks. If you want a good balanced beast that can hold it's own in the end game but don't mind it being fragile until level 35, then this is the beast for you.

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3. First Steps

You start the game out in tutorial mode. I suggest you follow it.

After you arrive on Forgotten Valley planet you will get a quest where you need to battle a Sludge Co Goon. That battle will be hard (3v3 battle against lvl 7 beasts) so you should have a party of 3 lvl 8+ beasts to make it easier.

Cactinee, Grawlinx, Luproo and Volco are the best wild beast options you can find before facing that battle.

The tutorial will take you through the first section of the game and then explain your Homeworld's function. Homeworlds are very important so I recommend reading carefully. Once you're done with tutorial mode you will be given free reign over what to do next. For now resist the urge of getting to work on the questions and read the sections belows.

Once you unlock your home be sure to use the link below for free stuff.

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4. Catching Beasts

You will find several beasts during your journey so which ones should you get?

There is no right answer to that question and you may try all of them at some point to see if you like it or not. You can find more details about beast moveset and stats here

For most top player there are a few uncommon beasts considered the best ones for a party for lvl20+ beasts. Those ones are the following:

Tier 1: Luproo, Grawlinx, Equifoal (those are considered the strongest amongst the catchable beasts)
Tier 2: Volco, Cactinee, Crysling (Glass Cannons, high damage potential, low sustainability)
Tier 3: all beast that aren’t named in 1 2 or 4. (If you really love them you can try hard to make them valuable. I do not recommend so.)
Tier 4: Chiroo, Hortabud, Vippee (Kill/Sell on sight. Period)

Also there are 2 tech rare beasts (Cyroo and Nezzy) that can be found digging junk piles. If you find one of those use a gold orb on it.

Late in game you will receive 1 rare (burning tundra dungeon reward), 1 Elite (sector 6 quest), 1 Epic (moonheads quest) and 2 Legendary beasts (Pandora as arena reward on sector 6 and Inlarga as quest reward on sector 7).

Tip: asking about beasts on chat

If you have questions about beasts and what to ask them on chat never use the "Is that beast good?" or "is it worth to train some beast?" questions. Those ones will be ignored for most top players that could really help you.

So instead of using that question go for smarter ones like "Should I replace my abc beast for xzy?" or "Is a beast better than other one?"

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5. Homeworld

Your Homeworld serves you as your base of operations, covering everything from fuel production, item manufacture, to looking after your beasts while you're not around. It is also the portal into which other players interact with you. Your friends can speed up your productions and heal or resurrect your beasts. The later is important, your beasts will be knocked out quite a bit. I have split the section up into multiple parts to explain each function of your Homeworld.


Adding friends is just about the best way to start in Outernauts, not only can you exchange speedups on each other's homeworld but you save a bunch of lunar which you *will need* very soon by providing heals. Each friend has 5 energy and one action requires 1 of this special friend energy. This energy recovers every day so do not worry too much about that. Due to the way the Kongregate friend system works, you will be required to follow a specific set of steps to add a friend to the game properly.

Add them as a friend on Kongregate.

Refresh your browser window

Use the 'Invite Friends' button in the game in the upper left (above your picture).

Ask your friend to check their inbox and accept the neighbour request


Friends that have accepted your neighbour requests are referred to as 'Neighbours' by the game. You may need to zone out to your active planet, or Homeworld to get them to show up on the Neighbour List on the bottom of the screen. This list is ordered by 'Beast Value' from highest to lowest. As you add each new neighbour you can gain rewards including Super Gravity Orbs and even Star Gems. You can access and claim these bonuses on the Dash Board > Invite Friends button.


Each neighbour can gift you an item once per day and you can gift them an item once per day, you access this feature by clicking Gifts at the top of the game, you choose a gift here and select neighbours to send them to. They will appear instantly in their inbox for them to claim.

Important Note

There are many crap gifts you can send, this usually results in your neighbour removing you from their list, which is extremely bad if they're an active player. I have a list of recommended gifts below for low and high level players and a list of gifts that you should never send.

*Low level player, less than 5000 Beast Value*
Good gifts:
• Healing items, preferably Ulm Bulbs. This helps with their heal costs.
• Resurrection items, preferably Nectar. This helps with their heal costs.
• Fuel, preferably 25, but only for those who asks for it.

Bad gifts:

• Glow Bugs. Only send them if they ask for them.
• Common dig items. People usually get the maximum (50) very quickly.
• Lunar. Sending 25/100 Lunar is absolutely useless to everyone.

*Mid Range player, 5.000 to 150.000 Beast Value*

Good gifts:

• Spirit, Obsidian, Claws. Craft items for Sigils, a breeder item that raises the potential rarity of a beast, available on lab level 3.
• Cosmic Dust. Although common, a high level player burns through Cosmic Dust like nothing. it's used for everything.
• Planet Essence. Also usefull for crafting.

Bad gifts:

• Glow Bugs.
• Common dig items. People usually get the maximum (50) very quickly.
• Lunar. Sending 25/100 Lunar is absolutely useless to everyone.
• Fuel. High level players will have fuel 'banked'.

*High level player, Beast value 150.000+*

Good gifts:

• Cosmic Dust. It's used for crafting everything.
• Planet Essence. Also usefull for crafting.

Bad gifts:

• Glow Bugs.
• Common dig items. People usually get the maximum (50) very quickly.
• Lunar. Sending 25/100 Lunar is absolutely useless to everyone.
• Fuel. High level players will have fuel 'banked'.

Knowing all of this you will be considered a good neighbour. But there is still one thing that can potentially annoy a neighbour...

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There is some etiquette involved when you visit someone. Follow the rules below and you'll be able to help your friend as much as possible.

• Speed up breeders. If your neighbour has 3 breeders, then 3/5 energy goes to speeding up breeders, always.
• Next speed up incubators, they look like eggs floating in a glass tube. More often than not, people will use a block of 4 incubators and a block of 2. The 2 are there to serve as an indicator that you should speed those up as opposed to the others since they're used more.
• If you need bugs, speed up 1 incubator only and do the tree last. Always last. Why? Because when people see you run to the tree they'll stop viewing you, so anything else you're doing for them probably won't get counted. (Your avatar only moves when they are viewing you on their screen)
• Starting a run at a tree will often result in them flat out rejecting your help.
• Never, ever touch fuel pumps, especially if they're making an effort to hide them. High level players keep finished fuel banked because the limit is 999, they used finished fuel to add to that limit, having you using their fuel pumps and dumping it on the ground will often result in you being removed from their list.
• If you need fuel badly, take it from an inactive player, but bear in mind I've finished the game and never needed to do this.
• Heal monsters only when asked. Do not heal them otherwise.
• Only speed up labs/armoury only when asked. (There's some nasty 8hr/24hr quests so you may see people asking for this)

By following these rules you'll most likely never lose a neighbour and when you do a good job, they'll learn and do a good job for you.

Optimal Homeworld Construction

Now that we finally have the friend stuff out of the way, I'll advise you on what to build first. This requires lunar, lots of lunar.
I recommend getting into PvP in the beginning if you have a good team. Look for easy opponents with low Beast Value, these will be easy to defeat and you'll get some cash from doing so. Dice planet Arena is also a good place for easy lunar and healing items. 3v3 fights with wandering creatures are good money too. Boot Camp gives you okay cash (and a rare creature) so consider doing that dungeon. If you are in sector 3 then do Booty Hideaway, 2 trips can max your lunar and I'm not even kidding. So here's the list, ordered from greatest priority to lowest.

• Buy fuel pumps and get them working. Early game you may only need 1 or 2 but once you go to other sectors fuels costs will be huge.
• Build 1 Incubator. This is to hatch any eggs you find while digging.
• Build 1 Breeder. Breeders are important if you want to become strong quickly. This is the most used building on any Homeworld.
• Build anything the quest asks you to (leave that for when you have spare lunar).
• Expand your Homeworld (Also requires resources to dig up, so get digging.)
• Now your building limit is increased. Breeders > Incubators > Fuel Pumps > Expansion.
• Soon you will have 3 Breeders and 6 Incubators and the maximum number of Fuel Pumps, build your Feeders, Laboratory and Armory.
• Start researching cheap and time efficient junk, you require a level 3 lab for sigils, an important component for breeding.

Once your Homeworld is looking great, block off any entrances to your island from the bridges with stones. This means you and neighbours can instantly click anything without walking towards it. You should put your Breeders and Incubators in front near your bridge, so people do not need to search around for them.

Use the 2/4 block incubator trick and always fill the 2 incubators that are away from the rest so you can get more egg speed ups where your highest rarity eggs are hatching. Tree should be elsewhere, but still easily found. I would recommend hiding your pumps behind the tree along with the major stache statue because you will want to amass 999 fuel quickly and not have people dumping it out. (Look for green highlights before you accept their help).

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6. Star Gems

Star gems are the real money currency in game. You get it mostly by spending Kreds but you can earn some for free in game.

The invite friend reward from dashboard mentioned before gives you 25 gems. You will get around 30 more from Dice quests on Dicestroid planet.

Also Skill points on player button rewards more than 100 gems if you finish them all.

The Highlander arena also give Star Gems as rewards for some challenges.

And for playing the game 7 days in a row you also get some free gems on day 7 reward (2-10 gems each week)

The best way to spend those free gems is unlocking extra party slots.

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7. Getting Lunar and Healling Items

If you are running low on lunar and healing items you have a few good options where to get more.

The easier one is the arena on Dice-steroid planet. There you have 6 challenges where you can get up to 800 lunar per run and some healing items also. There you will face wild beasts and NPCs up to lvl 13 (that don’t scare you anymore, do you?). Find more info about that arena on

Another good way to get lunar is running dungeons. More details about that will be added on a new section of this guide.

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8. Dungeons
A dungeon is a vast and complex place in which players can team up to complete it for amazing rewards.
Currently, 3 dungeons exist with each offering different rewards.

a) Major Stache's Boot Camp
Location: Burning Tundra in Sector 1
You need to be lvl 8 or higher to enter. Beasts lvl inside the dungeon scales based on you highest beast lvl, up to 30.
You need to be lvl 8 or higher to enter. Beasts lvl inside the dungeon scales based on you highest beast lvl, up to 30.
Reward for completing it the 1st time is the rare beast Bisoo.

b) Round Roger's Stash
Location: Booty Hideaway in Sector 3
You need to do some sector 3 quests to unlock that dungeon. This dungeon is one of the best places in game to farm lunar, crafting material and battle items.
You also get some rewards for completing the dungeon:
1st time: Space Pirate Hook (+5% on earned player xp)
2nd time: Space Pirate Suit (+10% chance of earning an additional 5 resource item from a building)
3rd time: Space Pirate Boots (+5% loot)
4th time: Space Pirate Hat (+5% rare loot)

c) Sludge Co. Refinery
Location: Sludge Co Quarry in Sector 6
You need to do some sector 6 quests to unlock that dungeon.
You get some rewards for completing the dungeon:
1st time: Sludge Co Gloves (25% chance to prevent confuse)
2nd time: Sludge Co Suit (25% chance to prevent charm)
3rd time: Sludge Co Boots (25% chance to prevent zombie)
4th time: Sludge Co Hat (25% chance to prevent poison)

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9. Breeding and Incubating

The Basics

To get into breeding quickly, you should have at least 3 breeders and 3 incubators. To breed, you require 2 beasts. While breeding these beasts will be unavailable to you to use in your party, but you will get them back after they finish breeding so you are not going to lose your beasts.

Breeding has 3 conditions as to what type of creature you get and what rarity you will obtain. These factors are:
- Type: Your creature's Type will affect what sort of egg will be produced. For example, if you were to breed 2 primal types, chances are you will get a Primal Egg. These eggs will hatch a certain number of beasts depending on the type.

- Rarity: Your monster's rarity (ranging from common to legendary) will more likely produce higher rarity beasts. A common breeding practice is to use 2 rare monsters when you are starting out with this. (So your starter and Bisoo from Boot Camp)

- Ancient Trinkets/Ancient Sigils: These increase monster's rarity, the more you use, the greater the effect, but remember, there is still luck involved. Common practice is to use 2 Sigils with rares to try for an Epic monster. Usually the worst case scenario is you'll get an Elite which isn't bad. For my experience I say you must use 2 or 4 sigils for better results. Using 1 sigil or only trinkets seems to be useless.

Factors that DO NOT influence breeding.

• Level of beast.
• Evolution form (you don't need to get its final evolution for it to work).
• Number of fuses (info confirmed by game devs in chat several times).
• Creature's stats.

What have my creatures bred?

Once you pop your creatures in for a period of lurrve making, the type of egg will be displayed. The egg type will be most of times Fiery, Feral, Frosty, Mossy or Stony and each egg can hatch beasts of 2 or 3 types.

You may also get Shiny and Fabled egg types from breeding and those are the eggs that give the best beasts so your goal is getting one of those.

The most useful information is how long the breeding is taking. Using the table below you can work out the rarity.
- 2 Hours := The beast is common or uncommon. You'll be getting alot of these.
- 4 Hours := The beast will be rare. Rare monsters are typically good breeders.
- 5 Hours := The beast is elite. Elite monsters are useful for battle and can breed Epics more often. Usually the result of a failed Epic attempt.
- 7 Hours := *SHINY EGG TYPE* The beast is Epic, well done. All Epic monsters are useful and include some of the beast sweepers. It's time to celebrate.
- 12 Hours := *FABLED EGG TYPE* The beast is Legendary! These are ultra rare, so good luck breeding them. Legendary monsters are great.

Tips for breeding your first epic beast

There are 2 ways to get an epic beast even without using sigils, but be aware that you still need to try several times and have good luck to succeed. Those ways can be called Venom and Tech routes:

a) Venom route: just keep breeding 2 random venom type beasts until you get Grunny and Pugwing (rare venom beasts) or 2 copies of one of those beasts. Once you have that keep breeding them together for a better chance to get Venom Molto (Elite) and the Epics Blightfly, Fungoo and Perchie. Grunny + Pugwing is one of the best breeding combos in game.
b) Tech route: to start that one you need to find 2 wild tech beasts from junk piles. Once you have it just keep breeding them together until you have 2 Mantix. Keep breeding Mantix and you may end up with Robo Eyesee and other Elite tech beasts and with some luck maybe even the Epics Rowl and Rockee. When breeding 2 tech beasts using the 2 tech boards seems to improve a bit the chances for getting a rare+ beast.

There is also a 3rd route not well tested that may work. I would call it Primal route. It consists in using the Bisoo (rare) you get from 1st dungeon and breeding him with other primal beasts or with Jiroo for getting Skoone (rare), Pann (elite) and maybe Bokka (Elite).
Once you have Pann and/or Bokka breed those two for Chroma and Electria (Epics)

Find some more good breeding combos here:

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Obtaining Sigils

The primary way of obtaining Sigils is through a level 3 laboratory. You must create 25 items before you can create a Sigil. A Sigil requires Cosmic Dust, Claws, Spirit and Obsidian. (If you read Gifting you'll see how to easily obtain these) It takes 8 hours to create, so getting speedups can be a good idea.

Another way is through weekly challenges. Annoyingly, these show up quite often. Be sure to participate in these to score some free items. (even premium ones!)

For players that have completed the game. Go to Pandora Arena and do 47 Challenges. On the 48th one you can grind for sigils over and over. Be wary as you must be able to defeat three legendary beasts in 1v1 matches.

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10. Fusion

Fusion works by combining 2 of the same beast (like 2 Jiroos or 2 Tortas) to make a better one. Its purpose is to increase the main beast stats by sacrificing the 2nd beast.

At low levels is ok to fuse uncommon beasts at low level since they are easy to catch, but the best results are achieved when both beasts are at level 60.

It is also possible to use 8 copies of one beast to make a super fused one like described here

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Topic: Outernauts / Outernauts Beginners Guide

I’m editing the Guide made by FinalCheetah here since that player is inactive. Special thanks to him/her for starting it.

Also want to thanks o0Siming0o for her great advice on chat and profile and thanks also all other top players that helped.

This one also still under construction and needs your help for improving its content.

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Topic: Outernauts / Outernauts Guide

that guy is not playing this game anymore…

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Topic: Outernauts / Vortex outfit

sector 2 arena

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Topic: Outernauts / What to buy with free star gems?

go for slots for sure.

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Topic: Outernauts / Leveling - Where to start?

Fusion guide here:

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Topic: Outernauts / Ways to get ur monsters healed/ready

Also asking friends for healing/reviving is free and not that hard at low levels. and you can ask for healing/reviving item gifts also.

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Topic: Outernauts / Support Issue Thread

Originally posted by Perillion:

I have been playing for several days(this is day 4), but I haven’t gotten the daily reward.

Player ID: 56033143

Did you click on daily reward button above the star map one or that button never showed?

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Topic: Outernauts / Support Issue Thread

Originally posted by PANAFLORIN:

I am in the new chapter in the Forgotten Valley, in the Flying City, one bridge disappeared, the seed is planted in the past and in the present is missing, i can’t finish my quest. Please help

Player ID : 45406299

I have the same problem. Seed planted in past and the bridge disapeared in present. and the bridge gone is the one leading to the gate you need to open. player ID 44277004

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Suggestions Thread

- PVP needs a timeout since some ppl don’t move/play their cards hoping for easy wins when the opponent disconects.
- add a pause button on single player mode or get rid of the time restraints as someone said before.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Bug report

pvp is crashing on chrome. some times it doesnt load opponents cards and stop working in the middle of the battle.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Bug report

Operation Odds and Even is not working if the NPC uses Hand-to-Hand combat. is that how it should work?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Elemental Power] Elemental Power EvoPedia update 6/26/2013

Originally posted by kubapal:

why is Gold pack worthless?

After the recent updates i believe most tips said here are not valid anymore. The one regarding the packs is one of those…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Bug report

Wizened Swamp Mushroom hability is dealing only 15 damage per turn instead of 20 as said on its description.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Bug report

Put here all bugs found on game.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Elemental Power] New Cards - Submit Your Ideas!

Originally posted by bestsam2233:

Some Cards should resist elements… other should counter magic,evolution table of monsters should be a must!

I agree. Also a Magic card that blinds your opponent for x turns if you were victorious would be a nice add.