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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [ShellShock Live] Suggestions

A digger strike, like airstrike, exepct it rains three diggers

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Topic: General Gaming / Agony : The Portal

Originally posted by ElLocoXII:

anyone got good strategies for the lather kings ??

All you need to do is hit the king from a distance using all the spells you have. Then when he gets over to you hit him a bunch of times until you only have half your health left. Then teleport to the other side of the screen and heal yourself. Then wait for the king and his little army of idiots to get to your side of the screen. Then you hit him a bunch of times and teleport. Keep hittiing him with spells whenever possible and make sure you get away when your health starts going down. Sooner or later the guy is going to die and then you can take care of the other people running around the screen trying to kill you.