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Topic: Rise of Mythos / lucky draw

Did anyone else have their lucky draw reset today?

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Topic: Kongregate / Another Generic Giveaway

My old favorite game use to be Tyrant, i use to do a ton of surveys and ended up getting about 2000+ in kreds just to spend on the game but burned out on the game. The new game I’m playing is a love/hate sort of thing, Rise ofmythos. I like it because my friends play but hate it because its a pay to win sort of game wheres some ppl spent thousands of dollars on it.

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] New Promos + Legendary!


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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Tribute to all you whales

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / crit and block in pvp

it makes free players stand no chance in tournaments against whales, but then again who cares right?
devs get money $$$$$$$$$OH$$$$NOES$$$$$$$TYRANT$$$$$$$$$$$ALLL$$$$$$$$$$$$OVER$$$$$$$$$$AGAIN$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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Topic: Tyrant / why NOT nerf pyro rigs?

Its not rig that is op, its mayumi. chaos, sunder, jam, disease all suck now when ur against mayumi. it makes slowrolls powerful as heck and forces u to run fear

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Topic: Tyrant / Usial is broken

Originally posted by DeviousRogue:

On-hit stun so you can’t kill him quickly, even with a strong poisoner (which he can get cleansed of), plus he spawns Gold Cards.

Rig/Osprey doesn’t work because it just results in him clogging up the field with Summons, especially with Moya/Mayumi.

Refreshers don’t work because of stun.

Beserkers don’t work because of stun.

Sabres don’t work because of the stun, and because you’ll get overwhelmed anyway. Even with Octane/Cassius, Iron Maiden, Photon Dish, yes, you could one shot Usial and almost anything that’s sitting next to him, but then you’re stunned and still outflanked.

Protect spam doesn’t work because you get outflanked, and also stunned.

Rally spam doesn’t work because of the stun and outflank.

Fear only works when they have a weak commander and no wall-stalling.

The only other option is to out-spam the other team with Xeno Fortress, more usials etc.

i think i surge just fine without any of those cards :)

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Topic: Tyrant / [Dev] Tyrant Roadmap 6/25/2013

Originally posted by Rudgutter:

We’re working on the Raid revamp with hopes to release it in July. This will also include a new raid and the addition of tougher versions of old Raids with new prizes.

We are strongly considering making Conquest a limited-time event with frequent resets, rather than a continuous territory grab. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

We also understand that there are still tournament bugs. They are quite elusive but we will continue to be on the lookout for them.


this sounds really good, conquest gets boring if its a long-term type of thing, it being an event will making things interesting…maybe add more rewards with it? like during the end before map reset u get a prize for having a certain amount of tiles or say 25 wbs, 15-20shards, 20k gold

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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant is boring

i play both!

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Topic: Tyrant / [To DEVs] About the Metagame

Originally posted by bc007004:

There’s a simple solution to counter Pigs*, although it will bring more powercreep:

Create Cleanse All (Faction) Commander.

Maybe Upgrade Gaia to 15HP Cleanse All Righteous/Heal Righteous 1, then let us test how strong she will be?

charged purge + genetic chem, no need for cleanse all commander, a universal cleanse commander more likely

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Topic: Tyrant / [To DEVs] About the Metagame

wallstall is still strong imo, u just have to find dfferent ways to adapt…which is the whole point for each meta

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Topic: Tyrant / Flashpoint Mini-Set 2 feels like a scam

at the start of the pack they will be bringing back old cards but in different forms or w-e, y bash on just flashpoint 2? they made it clear that this pack will have older cards

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Topic: Tyrant / [Petition] Awakening for Tokens

+1 60-80 tokens perpack

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Topic: Tyrant / King And Legends has killed Tyrant

is tyrant really dead if ur still posting in their threads?

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Flashpoint Pack 2 Announcement!

Originally posted by asd123:
Originally posted by Holfti:
Originally posted by discowookie79:

Awakening for tokens, please!

Please? :)

Pwetty Pwease :3

pretty prettyy please? dont do drugs

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Topic: Tyrant / [thegil] event points contest

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Topic: Tyrant / Regarding 1WB in daily chance

make it 20k gold

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Topic: Tyrant / [Tournament season 3] Round 2 tomorrow

Originally posted by ManuelDevil:

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Topic: Tyrant / Questionnn

can 1 card be: poisoned, diseased, sundered, jammed, stunned, chaosed, immobilized at the same time?

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Topic: Tyrant / I love the RNG

iv been having bad luck in the gold tourney, alot of the times when im going first i play a card but the screen freezes so i have to refresh. when i get back into the battle it plays some random card that i didnt choose to play first and ends up making me lose

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Topic: Tyrant / Kendar's Legacy vs Pyro Rig

Originally posted by MagoMerlino:

Now just to talk, can someone tell me why Kendar’s Legacy is legendary while Pyro Rig can be spammed?
I’m not whining, (because i use Rigs too), it’s just a matter of developers to admit they did a little mistake.
I mean Pyro should be at least unique.
Who would ever want to have Kendar’s Legacy instead of a Pyro Rig in the deck? Answer : nobody.

They should fix them as happen in all games, fix Pyro Rigs stats and give 15 days to people to sell them back at full price if they want.
I never get why in this game developers never fix things, but simply go over…

rig was updated after legacy, theyre still upgrading cards. Also legacy can be used for conquest

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Topic: Tyrant / Nerf erelim

erelim looks interesting now :)

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Topic: Tyrant / Thule Hound Decks

my tourney hound deck, moya, 4 hounds, kapak, cyclops, strider, foc, launch codes, destruction$

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Topic: Tyrant / [Recruitment] Pwnersaurus Rex: Competitive, upper-tier faction seeking interesting, active, articulate players

i am mind blown :O

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Topic: Tyrant / [Powercreeped] Bye Soulsteel Mount, Hi World-(Game)-breaker

Originally posted by w1thj0y:

This card will equalize Cyclops. Because now it is just OP. This one card could destroy DECK ARCHTYPE. This is not very good. I use Wallstall and can say that if Cyclops was played earlier than turn 5 you will lose (draw if you have Moya and your Soulsteel Mount will kill a lot of units)
This new card is veery cool. But it can’t be rallied by Metalworks. )
You can buy Terminus packs for something different. ) And Terminus mb will cost 5 shards less then Flashpoint. But I wiil share shards for Flashpoint bacause in mini-pack the chance to have Worldbreaker is bigger.

Wallstallers also should look at “Fusion Silo” card – it can replace EQG.

…And if this card has “on attacked” ability this is a crap. SSM is better.

i replaced eqg with mortar bunker