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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] pacachomp says goodbye

Dear friends,

Basically I’ve decided it’s time for me to leave. I’ve been sticking around for a while because a) I wanted to realise my dream of having the highest gold total, b) I thought the devs might eventually make something fun, and c) because I couldn’t bear to leave the many amazing people I’ve met through Tyrant. In the end, though, forcing myself to log in every day is just wasting time which would be better spent getting drunk with friends, or out for dinner with my girl, or studying, or playing some tennis – life is full enough already.

I want to do some shoutouts to some of the incredible guys (and girl) who’ve made the years spent playing this game worthwhile.

Anna – You held team Zero together for so long. I would never have stuck around as long as I did without your sense of humour, the care and support you give to everyone, and your pre-morning-coffee grumpiness.

Hoschi – You’re one of the most dedicated players this game has, and you work so hard to improve the game for everyone else. Already missing your drunk messages in latenight faction chat :)

Elmo – Just a great guy with a great sense of humour who always made me laugh. No one ever forgot to save stamina with you around.

Obabis – You always livened up faction chat. I miss hanging out with you and the rest of the guys during our farmwars.

Counter – Just some guy who left ZeroPhobia ages ago

Penga – One of the rocks of the Zero clan. You were always fun to talk to, and always did the right thing by everyone in the faction.

And everyone else…lightmoon, menacra, KMH, DrBoson, FWTB, dalci, norri, MSnub, mrmastermonster, irgso, ben_sisko, and all the others. Even if I can’t remember your names right now, I won’t forget all the great times we had :) Thanks also to the forum trolls for keeping things interesting, and to the devs for making an amazing game.

I wish all of you happiness, success, and good RNG, and I’m sure I’ll see some of you again in the future :)

paca out :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Happy B-Day HoschiWoschi

Originally posted by SeanDougherty86:

This is stupid

We don’t need a thread everytime someone has a birthday

They lock the thread about the girl that died of cancer, but they leave this thread open

At least show a little consistency

The forum is shitty enough as it is

I completely agree, but hoschi isn’t just “someone”. He’s one of the most successful, best liked guys in the game. Plus his drunk contributions to faction chat are hilarious. If anybody deserves a birthday thread it’s him :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] New deck

Um yeah. It’s a deck.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] What kind of commanders are we ready for?

Hmm, we’ve seen a sizeable commander power creep lately with first Svet and then Kleave*. I wouldn’t mind seeing a continued power gap between universal commander effects and faction specific commander effects to encourage mono builds. To answer the questions:

Weaken all 2 = No. Only narrowly, but no.
Strike all 1 = No.
Enfeeble all 1 = Yes, especially on a low HP commander (similar to Gnorlock).
Siege all 1 = Yes. Siege 2 with powerful added effects is already becoming standard.
Rally 2 = Yes. Just be careful not to break Fear.

The meta’s definitely ready for Summon commanders as well. Summon on Attacked makes a nice anti-Fear measure and provides some safety against flanking, which is a very real threat in this meta (Lions Mane Gauntlets and to a lesser extent Grims). Generic Summon could also be made to work, again as an anti-flanking measure, obviously so long as the Summons were sufficiently weak.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [Deck Theory] Mono Xeno

Well no, it needs a new thread. But there are three basic mono-Xeno builds in the current meta; Thules, slowroll (usually with a Thule), and Knifarum + Strike All builds.


Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [To Devs] <3

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [To Devs] You Suck

Originally posted by codemaster3000:

  1. No new packs for the past 5+ months
  2. 1 batch of upgrades over the past 6+ months
  3. No new raid for the month of December – we were promised a new one every month
  4. No new missions for god knows how long (not counting the Frozen Dawn Event)
  5. No communication from Devs about any sort of road map for 6+ months
  6. C’mon devs, seriously? Everyone who is still around has been loyal to this game for probably over a year, and this is how you treat us? Get your act together and start bringing updates to this game before even your most loyal veterans quit.


Seriously this is the worst period of dev activity I’ve seen in, what, 3 years? And by a massive margin. No communication, no action. Christmas is over, it’s a new year, even if they’re not going to release anything for another month they need to tell us.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] SubZero is disbanding

Originally posted by annaw3:


Here we are again, the end of another great era.

I would like to personally thank each and every one of the players that have played with us in SubZero. So many players contributed so much to make SZ such a wonderful place to be. We had fun, very little drama, lots of the best personalities around, and the greatest loyalty that I have ever seen.
There are so many people to thank and to recognize. To each of my dear friends:

Pengawain – my partner, my co-leader, my rock. You have been by my side since the first day I started playing Tyrant. Thank you for teaching me the game and letting me have the spotlight so many times. Thank you for being the backbone of both of our factions.

Hoschi – my support, my advisor, one of the pillars of our team (my Scarecrow) You are amazing. You work so hard to make this game so enjoyable for the community as a whole. Thank you for being with me for so long and for your friendship outside of Tyrant. I am going to really miss you but I am looking forward to being back together again one day!

Elmo – our entertainment & personal ‘radio Elmo’, our glue, another of our pillars. You are like the big brother of the factions. Always watching out and making sure everything is good. Thank you for always being a shoulder I could lean on and someone I could talk to.

Menacra – solid, another pillar, always had my back & was willing to help me. You are such an awesome person and player. Don’t ever forget that. I have really enjoyed the game with you in it.

lightmoon – organizer, deck builder, rock solid, always helpful. Thank you for always helping me with raids and never leaving me out. You helped so many players.

Kickmeheight – been with me for so long. KMH was recruited into SZ when it was a sister faction to ZP. He stuck with us through everything, thick & thin. Always level headed & helped me in many ways.

DrBoson – another pillar in the faction. Strong player, great encourager, reliable! You are the like the people behind the scenes. You make sure things are going well and help in your own special way. People forget to recognize you, but I didn’t forget and I appreciate you and your sweet friendship.

FWTB- the veteran of SZ. He joined us the very first day that SZ was made. He stuck around when my attention was only on ZP, he kept SZ going, almost singlehandedly. True loyalty & a fantastic player.

Pacachomp – fabulous guy. I love your wit and sense of humor. You never failed to make me laugh, no matter what kind of day I had. Thank you for your continued loyalty to me and the team. I look forward to being in the same faction again.

Cyclonea – you are such a wonderful person. You worked tirelessly without any reward for a long time. You did so much for our faction without asking for anything in return. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.

cslaci – you were the brains behind the operation. So many times we loked to you to figure things out and you always came through. Thank you for making everyone’s job so much easier with all of your spreadsheets and updates. I am forever grateful for your brains, loyalty, and hard work.

xslicex – another brain of the faction. Thank you for always making sure that people had the right decks and that things ran smoothly. I appreciate all you did.
Entername___ – thank you for allowing me to hound you enough until you finally joined us. I appreciate all you did for both factions.
Obabis – it took a while to get you back SL, but we did it. Maybe next time you won’t wait so long…lol. Thank you for being so loyal and for always making me smile.
Dalcimer – you are a fantastic player and guy. I appreciate your loyalty and friendship.
Norrinator – I am so glad that you joined us. You have been a great pleasure to have in the faction. Thank you for working so hard to become such a great player.
Lezasa – another brain of the faction who liked staying in the background. Thank you for your hard work as well.
Darkfang77 – thank you for ‘abiding’ by my rules and being nice. I know that many people took you the wrong way but I always appreciated the work you did for our team. You are a good player and a good guy.
mrmastermonster – thank you for your work as well. You were always willing to help in anyway you could, I appreciated that.
Jeffrey838 – you are such a solid player. You didn’t make a lot of noise, but we could always count on you. Thank you for your loyalty.
Irgso, greyjones, LordBucket, Dequator, Ben_Sisko, badivan1, toom96, ray792, Olj4es, noskk, n1vin, acryn, and all the others….I didn’t get to play with you or get to know you as well as I would have liked. But I know that each of you worked hard and made great contributions to the team. I want you to know that I appreciate all that you did.

SubZero was only meant to be a retirement faction and I think that as a testament to all the players I mentioned, as well as the ones that have moved on and who are no longer with us….you ALL ROCK!!!!! I have enjoyed playing with you all so much. I have been touched by your loyalty to me and the team. I am honored to have played with so many great legends of the game. You each deserve a standing ovation and I stand now to each one of you and praise you all!!! Thank you. I will miss all of you but you know where you can find me!

As for me, I am moving back to retirement…for now.

But is it the end or the start of the next chapter? The ‘Zero’ trilogy lives on!!!! :)

Yes, we will rise again!!!

Thank you anna, this came so close to making me cry. It might be a couple of months but I know we’ll end up in the same faction again. Love you and everything you’ve done for all of the Zero family.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] SubZero is disbanding

Can’t imagine a better group of people to have wasted the last couple of years of my life with =P

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [To Devs] BW is broken

Look. I dislike BW but this is an absolute ******* joke. The devs have an obligation to let us know that they’re aware of the problem and are working to fix it, even if they can’t find a solution.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [To Devs] BW is broken


10/10 for the devs

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [POLL] Most annoying Tyrant Player {VOTE NOW!}

Originally posted by Sloth139:

ECB all the way. Not only all the alts, hes been a stinky turd since he got on tyrant.

Originally posted by felixx89:

I agree… He keeps on pretending on his alts to be a nice guy.. joins then attacks wildly in CQ and Wars and starts attention whoring in the chatroom we hang out. Now i do not care for the second as he is free to move in any chatroom he want, he does gets us infamy everytime and our defense can never be stable this way.
At least give us an option to ban his ip from the faction or something… It is not our fault that there is an idiot on the loose abusing multiple accounts to gain an advantage in CQ or Tyrant in general. Have been playing this game for quite a while and have never seen such a sad person.

Says the obvious alts.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] What happened to skill being a part of deckbuilding?

Usial does nothing against strike, structure, summon (not on attacked) and fear-based strategies. It works well against nearly everything else. I don’t see that as unacceptable. Zarak works well against everything but Siege and Structures (w/ Siege), for instance. It would be barely relevant in this meta if it weren’t for Grims.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] What happened to skill being a part of deckbuilding?

Well…defense decks being spams is perfectly expected. A diverse deck needs intelligence behind it. Implementing targeted mechanics to artificially force people to use non-spam decks is just silly.

The bigger problem is the unprecedented staleness of offense decks. The rate of power creep is massive but the rate at which meta-relevant cards are being introduced is slow, leading to ridiculous situations such as in the last PvP event when virtually everyone in the top 500 (including myself) used the same deck.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] {Spoiler} New upgrades and missions!

Mawcor is pretty decent, Counter works well on it imo and it fits well in Grim decks (anti-Rat, anti-other Grim, and to take advantage of Salvagers). Kyrios and (especially) Marrow both look like nice boosts to the burgeoning Xeno slowroll as well, although I feel they could both use another point in attack.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Buff Mawcor upgrade!

I don’t mind the Counter, it’s fairly useful for taking out Rats and Grims. Pierce really isn’t necessary, the only thing it helps against is an activated Mammoth Tank.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Powerful 1-wait ...... with Valor

To get any use out of Valor, you want a card to have Blitz, 0 wait, or else be a super tanky slowroller. A fragile 1-wait with Valor is close to useless.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Rat Catcher, the uncommon that stands above the rest.

This is just a bad thread in general.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] The event is ended

All done. 25 winning streak, one loss, and then a 46 winning streak. Feeling more than a bit cheated of a Terraformer by the start time and attack-recharge system, but it doesn’t matter a great deal.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Hi, a couple of questions from a level 21.

Nothing really at your level, unless you feel like splashing out 125 WB’s on some Thule Hounds. Most other meta-relevant cards are high level raid rewards.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Current PvP Decks

^needs Talon / Goreus

Anyway, this is a decent list, but you definitely need to include Pursuer / Mantis decks with LH or Atlas*, and Frost Bite-based archetypes

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Ospry or Pursuer?

Originally posted by aquaquake:

/Mhm, I see. Bad thing is I only have one pursuer… Could you guys please Pimp my deck?


…whyyyy? If you’re running Mammoth Tanks, just use Primus and Radio Officers and Usial instead of Siege, you’ll beat Cannon Walls much more easily. Pursuer isn’t really worth using outside of a Mantis spam, since it’s usually marginally outclassed by WWF in rainbows with CW’s of their own.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [Tournament S7] WINNER: Warpway Fortress

Originally posted by ratius55:
Originally posted by Maharid:

A beast in the past and not bad at all now.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Common Surge Decks

Can’t be bothered with actual decks, but the main archetypes are just Svet w/ Overseers / Usials / CW’s, Raider slowroll (either full Protect-oriented or with Hammerthorn / Plunderer etc mixed in), and Frostbites (usually with Plunderers, or other Chaos and Strike All). Then there’s classic wallstall, which is making a serious comeback but still struggles against Summon on Play, Thules (not recommended but can work against bad defense spreads), and Grims (best left to Fight but whatever). Oh and Imperial Slowroll.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [the hoarder]i got another 1,000 of something :D

Second behind LDV

gtfo out Shadow