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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dawn of Darkness] A thread to collect advices

Originally posted by cmaine:

Just started playing a week ago and I have a few thoughts.
You should revamp resource war to different levels. I mean how is a new person suppose to ever stand a chance against all these lvl 71 being the first person to fight. So you are perpetuating the higher lvls to rule this game and not giving lower levels any chance. You will lose players this way. Same goes with cargo run. Im lvl 47 I may get to attack another ship maybe once a day. Level the playing field.

Arena problem. I haven’t been able to attack anyone for 3 days now. The others you have on my list are to strong. Yet if I were able to maybe refresh the list I would maybe get others I could fight. Also wish someone would attack me and knock me back a few spaces instead of being locked.
Even if I bought gold to help my character out. I am not sure they would ever have a chance of being in the top 100 at this point. I would have to wait until all those higher then me quit. and Since I am probably ranked somewhere in the 1000’s thats a long wait. You need to make it interesting for new people. Instead of grinding then realizing you cant battle in cargo run cant battle in resource war cant battle in arena. Hmmmmm

They’ve solved all those problems by creating a new server. Everythings sorted now :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dawn of Darkness] Differences between factions

Ironlood Legion has the most people in it (I’m guessing by the fact that we regularly have like 100 or so people leaching off .1 Kingsley Mine), and has the most players in the top 5.

Divine Council’s general strength lays slightly above that of Ironblood, since they have more top 25s.

Dawn Vanguard has the “weakest” strength, because it doesn’t have the firepower to take on the top 2 players (Devs for Ironblood, Sucomi for Divine), but Herald is catching up so might be able to take them on in the future.

So basically, the choice is:

Quantity (Ironblood);
Quality (Divine);
Underdog (Dawn).

Although that is an incredibly simplified version of the differences, and presumes that you are aiming for the top guild in your faction. :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dawn of Darkness] Best build of heroes

If you have the right star level, Jason is a must have.

Angelina is really powerful, since most heroes don’t have good magic defence, but she is quite inaccurate.

Colby is really useful too, since he’ll take out a row of enemies and his damage is consistent.

Then there’s also arnie – useful for hitting everyone, but doesn’t do strong concentrated damage (which is more useful for arena battles).

Later on, there’s heroes like blossom, pancho villa, elvira, baja and phoenix, which are all really useful.

Formation doesn’t really matter. You just need to keep switching between them to suit the enemy. Even high level players like Devs has to constantly switch formation to fight his way through gladiator, and it comes down to the luck of RNG at the end.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Miscrits] We need change

Proof that we are being neglected:

Was launched on 10th December – funnily enough, around the same time their coder had just moved house and lost his internet connection.

This company is a complete and utter joke. They don’t care about their consumers, who are asking for ANYTHING new. Heck, it’s not like aerobia is impossible to implement – there’s probably only a couple pieces of coding preventing us from getting into it (considering it was implemented into the game from the start).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dawn of Darkness] A thread to collect advices

Originally posted by Z__Y:

I understand that any player can get hero cards once in a while. If a player obtained and sold enough hero cards in auction to get 100+ gold,
where can we spend the 100+ gold? By doing so, will our star level increase to level 1+ ?

aka Is there any way for a non paying player to increase their star levels?

cos the 100 gold gift pack isnt really that attractive to a higher level player.

Nope, that wouldn’t work. It needs to be gold purchased, not spent.

Also, unless your level 61, the Opal IV is very attractive, regardless of your level.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dawn of Darkness] Report the in-game issue, bug and so on

Originally posted by Itsaku:

Level 30 achievement “Yo ho ho” for “Attack a ship in Cargo Run” also will not unlock

Same for me, but once I attacked someones “Mayflower” ship, it unlocked.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dawn of Darkness] Report the in-game issue, bug and so on

Can’t even enter the game now :/

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dawn of Darkness] Report the in-game issue, bug and so on

1. Got the opal I bug as well. I’ve leveled three times, and it still hasn’t stopped.

2. Whenever I try to fight the lazy porter in Wasteland IV, it keeps saying “Challenge failed”, so I can’t progress any more.

3. I haven’t received the 38k exp reward from the raffle.

All problems sorted after leaving for a couple of hours

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Miscrits] Rare/Darks Available On Kongregate

Hey everyone. As Kongregate is different from the Facebook version, I thought I’d make a (alphabetical) list showing all the currently available dark/rare crits on this version. If I have missed anything, feel free to say and I’ll change/add it. Crits denoted by a * mean they are only available in paid areas.

MF = Miscrian Forest, MG = Mt Gemma, SS = Sunfall Shores, Man = Mansion, JS = Jungle Shores, IT = Ice Tower, EI = Emerald Isle, Moon = Moon, CoM = Cave of Mists


Dark Arigato* (IT top 2 floors, CoM)
Dark Breezycheeks (Mansion, outside of the Moon)
Dark Bubbles* (IT, also available from collector)
Dark Craggy* (IT)
Dark Croaky * (IT)
Dark Cubsprout* (EI)
Dark Echino (CoM Exclusive)
Dark Elefauna* (EI, JS)
Dark Equestrion* (EI, also available from collector)
Dark Flameling (MF, Man)
Dark Flowerpillar (MF, EI, also from Collector)
Dark Flue (MF, EI)
Dark Grubbean (MF, EI, JS, Man)
Dark Hotfoot* (JS)
Dark Humbug* (JS)
Dark Hydroseal (Man, Moon, IT)
Dark Kiloray* (EI area 1, CoM)
Dark Nessy (MF area 3 – confirmed on Sundays and Mondays by Provokes, – the flower has a 100% chance of nessy, so there will eventually be a dark nessy spawn)
Dark Owlie* (EI)
Dark Prawnja (MF, EI. also from Collector)
Dark Salamindra* (Moon, IT)
Dark Snatcher* (IT, CoM)
Dark Snortus* (JS area 5, spotted in area 1 as well)
Dark Sparkslug (Collectors Only)

Rares (By my definition, or others):

Aegis* (IT, top two floors)
Barkley* (EI)
Beetor* (JS)
Blazebit (Man, MF)
Bloombat* (JS area 3, EI)
Bludger* (EI area 1)
Bullo* (JS area 3)
Charix* (JS area 3)
Crickin* (JS)
Darryl* (IT, JS)
Dravo* (IT)
Duggy* (Outside IT)
Eggy (MG, EI (More common in EI)
Ekidna* (IT, outer Moon)
Felis* (IT)
Flintly* (JS area 2) (By provocative demand)
Flutterpat (SS, IT, Man)
Fossillia (MG, JS)
Giggles* (IT, JS – rock near orange tree in area 3)
Gurgleplops* (EI, IT)
Hoghedge* (EI, JS)
Honeybolt* (JS area 5)
Ignios (SS)
Kelpa (SS sandcastle)
Liquifien* (Moon)
Luna (MG, very common inside Moon cave)
Monk Munk* (JS)
Mooncrit* (Moon) (By provocative command)
Mun Kee (MG, EI, JS, IT)
Nanaslug (Man, from the Collector)
Narlope (Man)
Osmeron* (Outside Moon)
Pachydo* (JS area 3 & 5)
Pamboo* (JS area 2)
Pollifog* (IT, outside Moon)
Poltergust (MG, JS)
Quackers* (EI)
Quartex* (IT, also available from Collector)
Raldio (Man)
Rockodile* (JS area 5, directly right of IT, several locations on the Moon outside)
Scintillion* (Outside Moon)
Shanghorse* (EI area 1)
Slithero (Man, JS)
Snorkels (SS, directly across from ship in IT)
Thundercracker (Man, JS)
Tongutail (Man)
Toro (Collectors only)
Treemur (MF, EI, Man)
Tulipinny (MF, EI, JS)
Vexie* (JS area 3)
Vhisp (Man)
Waddles (MF, IT)

Arena, Shop & Spin Exclusives:

Dark Drowsie
Grimm Kiloray
Light Blazebit (Exclusive reward for platinum purchase of 2500 kreds)
Scarecrow Charix

Note: At the beginning of the game, Aerobia was open for a few days. So some people have been able to capture critters there which won’t be available until it’s full release.


Hopps (Emerald Isle)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Grinns Tale] SUggestion

Suggestion: Knights need more health. It’s utterly ridiculous that my knight with constable armour can’t survive a round of spider attacks. They tear right through his armour, and his health is no way near the health of my beserker, so in the end I just use my beserker as a meat shield.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Grinns Tale] Best combinations of "Jobs n' Subjobs"

Knight – Life steal + Regen + Rage from Dark Knight set = Epic