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Topic: Off-topic / The Touhou Thread

Whazzup guys! this Thread rockz, i’ll be coming to check it when i can… hey, i have a touhou youtube channel, im posting like a video a day of touhou boss playing xD check it out:
hope ya like it ^^

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Topic: General Gaming / Orbular Glitch?

Happened to me to O.o

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Topic: General Gaming / Multitask 2

Hey icylime? is everything O.K?
so, my favorite game is AVOIDSTER, i ill wud enjoy much more avoidster 2 than multitask 2.
BUT, if you wanna make multitask 2, make it almost like the other, but with a 4° minigame a little easier and a shop for the player to make the game easiear/harder.
and you shold talk with KONG, because the badge in multitask is not HARD, it is medium!
good programing
your fan