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Topic: General Gaming / Mass Effect 3 review

If you are going to review a game, why can’t you do it properly? Your not helping anyone who come here to get help on wether they should get ME3 or not.

Your just flaming the game, and to me it looks like you haven’t even played the game.

I only played a little of ME3, and it seemed like a good game, currently going through ME1 and that is atleast a superb game.


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Topic: General Gaming / Black Ops 2 VS Halo 4

I have played CoD alot, but only for Coop and multiplayer. The storys seem absolutely meaningless whatsoever.
And I just got into Halo not too long ago simply loving the gameplay multiplayer and story. So I have to go with Halo 4, but no doubt people will have alot of fun with CoD multiplayer aswell.