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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [to devs] raid battle locking up

Happened to me, but I was playing via Mobile.

Had to surrender, then I was able to play another raid…

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Topic: Card Monsters / how to increase starting crystals

You get 3 crystals per turn… Using the discard card button (the one at the left of the battle button), you can gain +1 crystal per equipment discarded or +2 per monster discarded (you’re able to discard only one card per turn)… Also there are some cards with “Crystal Ability”, which allows you to gain extra crystals by the amount of crystals determinated on the card (it can be +1 or +2) upon discarding…

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Topic: Card Monsters / Login

Well… I think it is not supposed to happen, since my login count is at 34-35 now o.O

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Topic: Card Monsters / Master Or Expansion Booster

If you have no tankers – high attack(30+) or high hp unit(50+) – I would recommend master boosters (expansion booster have cards with more attack – or nice effect cards – but they have almost no HP, so it is useless if you can’t sustain damage)

And about the rarity of cards…. doesn’t really matter… Some ’’rare’’ cards are more useless than common cards, everything is based in the cards you have in your deck… You can make a strong deck without rare/epic cards, just build up the deck with your best strategy…

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Topic: Card Monsters / Shield's Revenge

You can get one moon globe three maps later… and it is way easier ;)

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Topic: Card Monsters / Counter Requires Buff

If you run your deck with collectors and tear the 7 crystal cost is no big deal…

Counter is nice against epics (musculard, red dragon, kukulkan)… since a hit and a Counter KO the enemy unit…

I find this strategy easy to use… but it is my opinion

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Topic: Card Monsters / Counter Requires Buff

Personally I like Counter… One of the easiest ways to kill flying units with melee and units with reach (like musculard)

I’m using a Initiate (level 3 now) since I got him in a advanced booster…

The key to Initiate survive is using cheap armors, since thorns will reduce/destroy armor and you will have no trouble to make the Unit survive… Or in case of reach units, you may lose armor, but rarely the monster at center can deal 50 damage…

And about the cost reduction: Master (level 3 Initiate) have cost 5, 40melee, 50hp… I think it is almost impossible reduce his cost without unbalance the game…

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Topic: Card Monsters / I am new

By buffs you mean equips cards?

Does the color of the equipment match with the color of the monster? o.o

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Topic: Card Monsters / How to retain players

It’s a good idea… but how it will work?

You donate cards to alliance, they weaker players get them… or will be a offer and demand system? 0.o

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Topic: Card Monsters / Strategys

I beat this area using a Collector, a Sniperoo, a Champ (level 2 initiate), a Acolyte, a Bone Chill(level 2 coldfoot is better on this build) and a level 1 wolf spider… (items: 2x thief’s cloak (f), 1x plain clothes (f), boomerang, Staff of Power(g), and dragon’s tear)

I got a win on 60% of time (if dragon’s come out first its almost impossible to win ¬¬)

Since Champ and Bone Chill cost 4 each, sniperoo cost 2 and wolf spider 1, you can put two units (or Champ with armor) at 1st turn, and kill the enemy, sometimes i was able to put sniperoo, acolyte and wolf spider (just put the spider on the middle… no big loss) … or if you get a bad hand, just play wolf spider on field (1 cost, so no crystal loss) or a sniperoo with armor (sometimes he manages to survive :P )

Since NPC only have 20 dmg ranged/magic units, using 30hp ranged unit’s enable you to survive for at least 2 turns with them… the only problem is the Amber Dragon… which i killed most times on Champ counter (deals 20 against shield), or even a ranged unit with SoP… thief’s cloak helps dealing 10 damage sometimes… cost the same as plain clothes, so it’s useful :P

the only problem with this build is when you discard Tear/Collector and the next units are a cost 4 and a cost 3 (acolyte), or when you discard tear and the next card’s aren’t armors (SoP and boomerang)…

I used boomerang because i got no other item that deals damage :P

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Topic: Card Monsters / Match without end

I was doing a survival… then I got the “match without end” warning… but this was really weird…

and 2 waves later finally i was caught in the “without end” part…

But that was really odd… If i give up on this part I would miss some kill count, and gems and xp…

This is supposed to occur at this time really, or was a weird bug? :P

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Topic: Card Monsters / Alliance Thread

Alliance Chocolate still with 2 open slots (rating 19)…

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Topic: Card Monsters / Remove the duel+swarm alerts

I did them once (maybe twice)… and they no longer appear for me O.o