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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Evocation Spells

*Note: All numbers listed are base values. That is to say, before any stat modifications. Numbers are gotten from a freshly created Orc Warrior. No elemental affinities, no bonus INT, Magic, or any other skills.

It’s also worth noting that not everything scales equally so seemingly simple spells end up much stronger than these base values would imply (they deal more damage or hit more often).

Magic Missile
Requirements: Evocation 2
Cost: 5 Energy
Range: 7 Tiles
Hit Bonus: 5 Against Spell Defense
Damage 3
Launches a magical bolt at your target. You must have a clear view of your opponent (in vision, no obstacles/enemies/summons in the way) to hit them. More affected by the Magic skill than other spells.

Fire Breath
Requirements: Evocation 2, Fire 1
Cost: 10 Energy
Range: 1 (4 AoE)
Hit Bonus: 5 Against Spell Defense
Damage: 10
Sends out a breath of fire in a cone. Range is 1 but it can hit up to 4 tiles away, expanding in width by 1 per tile traveled. The fire is stopped by terrain obstacles but will pass through enemies.

Cold Blast
Requirements: Evocation 4, Air 1, Water 1
Cost: 10 Energy
Range: 1 (4 AoE)
Hit Bonus: 5 Against Spell Defense
Damage: 10
Sends out a breath of water and air in a cone. Range is 1 but it can hit up to 4 tiles away, expanding in width by 1 per tile traveled. The fire is stopped by terrain obstacles but will pass through enemies.

Iron Missile
Requirements: Evocation 4, Earth 1
Cost: 5 Energy
Range: 3
Hit Bonus: 0 Against Spell Defense
Damage: 15
Launches a short ranged but power missile at your target. You must have a clear view of your opponent (in vision, no obstacles/enemies/summons in the way) to hit them.

Requirements: Evocation 6, Fire 2
Cost: 10 Energy
Range: 6 (AoE 3)
Hit Bonus: 0 Against Spell Defense
Damage: 10
Launches an explosive ball of fire at a target location. The fireball will explode, dealing damage in a 3×3 square around your target. This can deal friendly fire; do not use near self.

Requirements: Evocation 6, Water 2
Cost: 5 Energy
Range: 7
Hit Bonus: 0 Against Spell Defense
Damage: 10
Launches a missile of water magic at the target which can slow it down. You must have a clear view of your opponent (in vision, no obstacles/enemies/summons in the way) to hit them.

Requirements: Evocation 6, Holy 1
Cost: 5 Energy
Range: 6
Hit Bonus: 5 Against Physical Resistance
Damage: 10 (Appears to scale better though; deals damage comparable to Iron Missile)
Smites Demons or Undead with holy energy. Deals heavy damage but can only be used on demons and undead targets.

Magma Missile
Requirements: Evocation 8, Fire 2, Earth 1
Cost: 10 Energy
Range: 5
Hit Bonus: 0 Against Spell Defense
Damage: 20
Launches a powerful missile at the target. May burn foes (deal damage every turn on victim).

Lightning Bolt
Requirements: Evocation 8, Air 2
Cost: 10 Energy
Range: 7
Hit Bonus: 0 Against Spell Defense
Damage: 10
Shoots out lightning in the target direction. The lightning bolt will go 7 range or until it reaches a wall in the target direction, dealing damage to everything in that line.

Death Nova
Requirements: Evocation 10, Death 2
Cost: 15 Energy
Range 0
Hit Bonus: 0 Against Physical Resistance
Damage: 15
Damages everything on screen, including yourself

Requirements: Evocation 10, Water 2
Cost: 20 Energy
Range: 4
Hit Bonus: 5 Against Spell Defense
Damage: 20
Conjures an ice storm, dealing damage in target area. Damage is dealt in a 9×9 square around the target square. Can deal friendly fire/ avoid using near self.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Dont want to pay???

Better yet, have an option to enable finding prem items and maybe have a much lower chance for a separate drop

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Dont want to pay???

Either way, what I’m saying is what you have a time limit/money limit on for, you can spend on accident which is another design flaw (IMO)

Sorry about 2 posts, I couldn’t find an edit button :/

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Dont want to pay???

Oh yeah, and with a store, you don’t accidently spend money :/ With this game, you can accidentally spend turns by moving and ending up with a random encounter. These battles have turn penalties which isn’t so great when you don’t get nearly enough exp/gold for the turn as you would, say, in the sewers.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Dont want to pay???

I’m pretty sure 6 of them are locked. 2 for each type. For example, Paladin and Beserker(or barbarian. I think it was).

At any rate, You’re right you can unlock a lot of it, but a lot of it still remains locked to you, and getting that within a week most likely means that you’re playing at least 45 turns a day :/

You’re right, the knight medal is fairly easy but on the other hand, earlier on especially, you can do with a guard and be done with it. Why not a healer if you got an evoker? Or a bard? Or maybe a thief to augment your money? Yeah. Frankly, the game’s least needed class here seems to be the physical classes (considering the game, there’s no “necessary” class, yes I know don’t rant to me about it.) Comparing Guild Wars to this is just… _ pointless really. Guild Wars let’s you have it all at a 1 time payment and leaves no content actually unlocked to you; it gives you exactly what it promises. Nobody asks to have all the classes at the same time and you can dual class anyway. Well sub-class but the effect remains essentially the same. There are several parts in the game where I found it especially frustrating to have found, more than once, an awesome looking weapon but be unable to use it due to having to pay for it.

I feel half the game is locked, you can feel otherwise. That’s a difference of opinion. You CAN view it in a positive light but the fact of the matter is content is locked.

FOR GOODNESS SAKE, when did I EVER act like programming knowledge and development experience made me king of the internet? Don’t treat me like an idiot here. I simply said, the only thing I said, was that I DO KNOW WTF goes on with the development and the difficulty. So don’t treat me like an idiot, k thx.

Here’s the thing, and I said it before. You’re right Edgebee does provide a service, and I did say the game was good, which to me, seemed like I was appreciating them at least. So don’t talk to me like I hate them. (I feel like I’mbeing talked down to at this point _) The difference between this and a store is that a store is just that, a store. It SELLS. It’s a vendor. It’s doing exactly what I expect it to. Also, I said it’s annoying I have to PAY for what I EARNED through some work in the game. I say in the game so you don’t go off on some tangent about how it’s a freakin’ game. The thing is I grinded and spend some time for it and it’s a moot point to argue, it’s opinionated. Thing is, I did something for it but I can’t get any returns? THAT pisses me off.

Another thing. The store thing? Again Edgebee, whether they did it on purpose or not, really markets to a minor’s audience. That means it really does seem like a teaser sometimes when these people can’t get what they want.

Furthermore, FREE GAMES give 100%content too. It’s a point I’m pretty sure I made clear to note that yes, years worth of effort, can be made free. It’s the developer’s choice, I was just showing the flip side.

AND, if you didn’t notice my last 2 paragraphs: I don’t blame them for putting money limits (other than the whole reaping our benefits thing) and I understand why they want money. However, to me, some parts seemed to be a real teaser.

I know it was a long post so I don’t blame you for responding to the whole of it, but for goodness sake, before you talk down to me like that, read the whole thing. IF you’re going to talk down to me like that. This isn’t some blind idiot’s rant about the payment for a game. That was an actual response that, while not entirely thought throughout, did have some thought and common sense put into it.

One more thing, you’re yelling at everyone who talks about the money like they’re idiots. I don’t know if you do it on purpose or not but that’s the tone you’re giving. We’re not all idiots. Sure some of us are expecting free everything, but not everyone. My post was only meant to give some perspective, (like I said, we’ve become a little spoiled for it after thousands of free games) and to give you an idea as to where these people come from. I haven’t actually made a complaint directed at edgebee before and the previous post was the only comment/post/whatever that I made that directly criticized the money. That was only for perspective though. So really, look at it from both sides. They’re not entirely justified but neither are they completely unjustified.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Dont want to pay???

Alright then, here’s what: I AM A DEVELOPER. Not for flash admittedly, but I have experience with more than one platform of gaming. I haven’t shared these with the world (for some reason, game-making seems to be the only thing I have a natural perfectionism thing going on for… _) but I am well aware of the difficulty to make a game so don’t go off on a rant about it when I make this post.

Here’s the thing, I see where you’re coming for. It’s a lot of time and effort, but just to share with the world? Doesn’t seem worth it, eh? Money is important and time is money, therefore I spend time, I expect money. Alright, great.

However, you are very narrow-viewed. There are thousands of flash games (literally) out there, and take other platforms: GameMaker7, RPG Maker 2k, 2k3, xp, vx, Shockwave (outdated now but… :P), downloaded games in C++, java, and so much more. So many of these are free, thousands, literally, and possibly from each of the categories too. Not all of them are high quality but some of them are. Some of them have 2-5 years of development, actual programming (yes even rpg maker), actual graphics done with high quality, and have good music to boot, all custom done. Some of them are, at least in my opinion, better than many of the marketed games out there, either for console for pc or online and sold.

After all that, sure we’ve become a little spoiled and come to expect it now. The problem with this game, and what really annoys me (it’s a pretty good game, that I won’t deny) is that it’s a teaser. That’s all it is. Sure, money is far from necessary to play the game at all, but uh… There’s more to it. To get the WHOLE of the game, you need money. The seemingly super-rare uber-sword you were all happy to get? Oh, uh, yeah you gotta pay like 3 bucks to even use it. Don’t worry about just getting the sword, worry about using it. The classes? Only 2/3s of them are available to you. Oh yeah, don’t expect to get a whole party for a while either. AND if you want more than 2 of a class type, don’t expect that either. At least not for a while. The game is fun, it’s pretty addictive. It’s a classic style dungeon-crawler. It’s aimless and limitless, and there’s actual considerations to make. But STILL, you have to pay, and keep paying, to get to 50% of the game. You can say money’s not necessary all you want, and it’s true. However, you want/need money to get the other, the better 50% of the experience.

The turn system isn’t what pisses me off, it’s the rest of it. It’s like you don’t even get the game unless you pay but you give us a teaser. The turn system is fairly common, and hey, what can people care? The long recharge time kinda annoys me but oh well. People can complain about the turns all they want. It’s not the issue. It’s everything else. The game is, as I’ve stated, a teaser. And nobody likes being teased and then having a bunch of things they want but having to pay for it.

What’s even worse is that a lot of this game, the style, its networks, etc. make idealized for targeting minors. People under 18, dependents. They don’t have credit cards and their parents sure as hell don’t wanna pay. But then, hey what’s it matter right? It just means that a bunch of kids have a whole lot waved right under their nose and then taken back. That’s another thing annoying me about it.

I can go on forever about the marketing of this game, and there are a lot of issues with it. I don’t blame you for placing money limits on a bunch of things, but do me one major favor. Don’t make us pay to reap the benefits of our work.

I guess, overall, there are a ton of issues, all between minorly and moderately annoying. However it doesn’t detract from the actual gameplay for the most part. Some fixes, to me, seem mandatory. I understand why you want us to pay for so much. It’s okay to that point. However, don’t make the game a total teaser either please.

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Topic: Dream World / Wrong Website

The largest issue with the energy system is for people who have 30 mins+ to burn. It just takes too much time and frustrates them. I personally dislike the energy system as well but I wouldn’t bother to argue against it, it’s just there and how the game is. Nobody’s going to restructure the game. It really doesn’t belong on kong where the rpgs are actual time consumers not 20 minute play, hour rest, rinse and repeat. This is a short and quick game. People just aren’t used to it.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

I do recommend making the energy system more efficient

Example being: 70 coins: food, recover 7 energy or 30 coins: mushrooms for 3 energy

HOWEVER you wanna balance it, but removing it or not is fine by me as long as we can make it more efficient so we don’t have to wait to play a game.

Skill points done similiarly

Finally, make the learning point system a little more versatile in the beginning. Like, instead of 3 LP for magic learning at lvl 3, why not 2? Shows rewards for saving up and allows some ability of dual classing earlier.

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Topic: General Gaming / does runescape suck?

I’ve played this game around 2002-2003… Didn’t like it then. Someone told me it improved so I tried it 2007ish… didn’t like it then either.

Let me give it a rating… I’m an out of 10 person… So that’s that.

Graphics: [4.5/10] I’ve seen flash games with better and this is using something a bit more advance. You can’t distinguish figures on the face, there’s little variation… it greatly lacks there. I’m not stupid, I realize the requirements on graphics, but considering that 1 and 1/2 month flash games could do better, they should put some more thought in the graphics. They never vary certain patterns either.

Playing Value: [5.5/10] Consider this sort of like replay value but only for endless games. It’s a question of what makes this game playable. It has a lot of VARIETY in skills but it’s tedious to level them up and the fights are: stab, stab, slash, cast, run, eat, stab, stab. I am giving this a higher score than I should for variety in skills

Creativity: [3.5/10] Honestly, an open minded RPG like feel game where you do whatever and there is no main story line? Remind anyone of Elder’s Scroll without a story line? The old DnD board games? Those really cheap MMO’s like Maple? There is no new concept introduced. I’ve seen games where you have to gather lumber but you have to work for it in your own skill not tedious grinding.

GRINDING: [1/10]: Grinding is a concept where you compare interesting, medium long training sessions with tedious, long training sessions. You have to go down to those trees, drop your lumber, repeat. Selling is as tedious. Fighting is even longer. Cooking takes forever. This game shows very little new stuff while training and is repetitive. Also, I’ve understand taht children are the main target but it doesn’t prevent me from saying that the repetition is tedious and unnessacary.

Gameplay: [4.5/10] Tedious, repetitive. Initial appeal is alright but in the end it’s the same ol’ same ol’.

Sound: [6.5/10] The radio system was interesting and the sounds in battle weren’t that bad but nothing new.

Horrible occurancs: [2.3/10] Horrible occurances are those things that happen and blow off your character. For example, you’re level 5 and you got a ton of gold and stuff from your high level friend. So, you take your axe and take some lumber for cooking. Your axe breaks but you have a spare luckily. unfortunately that was a 10 gold price but you got some cash. Now, you take your axe again and this level 70 tree spirit comes up and kills you in a hit. Now you’ve lose all that nice stuff. There are drunk dwarves, genies with bad wishes, and evil spirits smacking you. These occurances on their own in ones or twos would not be so bad. However, this is multiple occurances and close to common. Also, the death penalty is horrible. Thus, I conclude that horrible occurances are severe and common.

Etc.: [4.2/10] an average. Nothing new, not too bad. All the stuff I didn’t include goes into this.

SO: (Not an average but a compilation) [5.6/10]

Whereas the initial appeal is nice and there are a few new things to check out, it quickly gets old. The maps are plentiful but have little to do on them and the graphics are mediocre at best and honestly bad. There is almost nothing new and the quests are tedious collections, message sendings, monster killings, nothing new. The grinding is horrible and if you make a mistake and die, you lose all your money and your best of your equipment. Fights incorperate less strategy than a game like maplestory! You don’t just hack and slash and jump and cast, you stand and hack. Without the slash. Like, there is so little interaction. The game’s sound has nice appeal and isn’t bad but I’d say I’d rather stick to my iPod. Also, there should be more high level and low level appeal. Tutorial island should be skippable. They need to do something about the hacking. 5.6 would go 4.6 but looking at my too kind reviews, yeah. I’m not Simon (americans will probably know the reference) but I’m not going to let go easy on it. It sucks, I’m sorry. Again, its initial appeal is all I’d play it for. Like every game maker that gets players, they can make it seem better than it is until you’re in the game. I don’t like this game. Sorry!

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Topic: General Gaming / Feudalism II Sucks

In my opinion, all these complaints can be fixed with one word: SKILLS

1: Army Max: Well, it gives you a certain number to work by instead of guessing how many you want… Also, with aura levels and later hero levels, you can fight and tank for your units until they can fight for themselves.

2: Rogue Issues: Random chance, I can’t say this game has no flaw, but it’s fine… Just try again. Sorry

3: Hero weakness: The hero, unlike in F1, is the strongest unit now. in F1, you were a lot more reliant on units, making the game more realisitic, but i found that this is an improvement as to general gameplay.

4: Potions: Hotkeys for potions would become tedious with 5 different ones. If you can click 10 times a minute(not hard) then you’re set with USING them-don’t complain there.

5: Weapons: GET MORE DEX. That’s all I’ll say, if you’re missing, then you haven’t been allocating your points well. Also, get more points for your weapon skills. In F1, the points in patriotism and war were the only ones really important, now stats have gained in value as well as weapon skills.

6: Army Upgrades: F1 wasn’t changed. Besides, using passives makes your guys stronger until you can hold yourself.

7: Everything not taught in tutorial was based on a common sense ideal… I really think the name is a misnomer since no1 has it. IT’S IN BOLD ON YOUR BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: STATS!

8: Conquer: It’s not that hard, save up for a ship, go to smaller countries, pwn them, level, use other city’s powerful equipment, pwn bigger cities, keep going up, own the world. There!

9: Champion Fighting: It’s actually easy. Just fight harder. As you level, you can beat them or with a little skill (NOT MUCH) walk away when they jump for lightning jump thing or gullitone when the letters come up…

10: General Gameplay/Rating: The game was fun. Those negative reviews show very simple to solve problems and seriously, they must suck. NO offense meant, but they must suck at this sort of game. EPIC FAIL i think they say… GLitches? Yeah, but all games have them. Too small army? Aura+Passive=Raady. Not to mention if you have a lvl 3+ 2nd tier skill of any weapon, you pwn the units in one hit at smaller cities and medium cities. The tutorial lacked, but again not perfect game, F1 wasn’t perfect either.

Your hero is 1000x stronger than your units if you stat allocate right… geez stop complaing retards… use a little common sense and you realize how easy it is… Just a note