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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / Maps and Strategies

I like this. A lot. Do you mind posting some of my tactics from the other thread, on the second page? You can crop out some of them, there was a lot, but I think it would be best to avoid re-posting it since it was huge and took up way too much space.

Also, there is one thing that I would like to note: before attempting the team/map strategies, check your lag benchmark (M key). If you are lagging say 20 seconds behind everyone else then say it and probably leave since everything you are killing is likely to have already have been killed and you are not actually contributing at all.

P.S. On any map where you try to make a large train of zombies, make sure everyone runs in the same direction or else you will run into someone’s train as a large wall.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / News from

All right, if you are like me you are wondering what is with his lack of updates recently? Well I decided to check over at the developer’s site ( and after checking the blog and forums and finding nothing I was going to start a thread asking WTF? but druing a small PM conversation asking how to post threads I got this message from one of the mods. The user is from the Ninja Kiwi forums and I figured I keep him unnamed so no one goes being a d*ck to him, he was a nice guy.

I’ll tell you upfront, though, NK will probably not be working on SAS:3 anytime soon. They’ve broken away from Mochi/other companies to make their own login system. Hopefully, when SAS:4 comes out, it’ll be more bug-free and overall better.

So assuming this is true (which I do after a brief look around the site) we can assume no more updates since they are no longer working with Mochi, which ironically is probably the whole reason this game is now available on Kongregate: they don’t use Mochi to login anymore. Assuming THAT’S true, then why would they promise to update the game after it was launched in the top comment? So, unless Ninja Kiwi is a complete liar then we can assume at least one update by assuming there are no more updates…upception?

Just relaying the news, figure it would be nice to spread it. Hopefully.

EDIT: We got an update…so…upception?

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / Should have a chat button

Good idea! In fact…

There is a beta chat system currently in the works (apparently) that uses preset chat messages, also known as the green text. You can’t see it yourself, but other players can. To send a message, press one of the keys between F1 and F6. More info here:!!!!!

/Edit/: Kongregate cuts out the link at the first dash, so you will need to copy and past it into the address bar.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / Reviving

Why should revives cost so much? In fact, why should they even cost money? I am all for being able to revive players (in fact the sheer fact that the stat exists likely means that it will be implemented in some way, shape or form) but I am getting lag at 20 seconds behind other players or more, in one bad instance at a full minute behind other players where an Onslaught game ended a full wave early on me. This would need to be fixed before we can make any decent revive system, sorry if I was unclear.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / Please: Make the game save XP if you quit a co-op match

I would normally say that quitting shouldn’t give you XP, but until the servers are fixed and everything we need to let this slip. I have a practice of playing a single-player game to warm up before going off into multiplayer for several matches, and that single player game has accounted for 50% of my XP gains so far when you account for the XP lost from bugs and glitches. The worst thing about it is that they are more likely to happen later in the game when there are more zombies, so when you make that 10 minute run into an apocalypse match you will most likely not reep the rewards for your skill, which sucks for both the people who get there often and the people who get there that one time and they don’t get anything out of it.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / Bug Reports

This is one bug that is really annoying me recently. You see, private match codes don’t always seem to lead to the right game, as in even if it’s the correct code it sometimes goes to a different lobby of the same code as the person who sent me it. I’m sure it’s not just a mistake, it has happened repetitively over the past few days and I have confirmed it with other users.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / players types and stratagems

As someone with no life, I have gotten a lot of top-down flash shooter experience with zombies in other games. This is my player type based from that experience coming from other games.

Generic Title Name Goes Here:

Basically sticks to high mobility guns such as pistols and runs around in circles. Pretty basic strategy since all zombies in this game are melee enemies and if you run around in a circle, the zombies trying to go straight towards you instead of cutting you off ends up running in a smaller circle in the center. Lower mobility weapons such as assault rifles and shotguns are generally only used to punch a hole in zombie hordes for you to run through, which is actually much more possible to do than on paper since the zombie takes a split second to actually throw the punch before it delivers, so as long as you don’t spend too much time hugging a zombie you can get pretty close (while still moving) and not take serious damage.

Now if that is my strategy, these are my tactics. There are a lot and some of them are pretty basic so don’t be afraid to skim.

Semi-automatic weapons are generally more powerful than fully automatic weapons. The game counts on the fact that semi-automatic weapons have a lower fire rate than fully automatic weapons, but actually if you can click fast enough the semi-automatic weapons can fire at the same rate as say the AK-47. Anyone who has gotten 15 ranks using mostly pistols knows what I’m talking about (though pistols are an exception to the semi-automatic rule since they also have infinite ammo, so they are balanced to be weaker).

Most weapons pierce zombies, so try and line up your shots in high intensity situations so that it hits another zombie after it hits the first. Both conserves ammo and kills zombies faster.

The higher rank you are, the less you should rely on barricades. Unlike in the other games they don’t have an option to upgrade them, so when you get harder zombies as you rank up the barricades generally don’t live up to par. For instance, the Devastator can destroy pretty much any barricade in one punch and since he becomes more common at higher ranks you can’t use barricades as much. That said, if you run near a barricade see if you can touch it for a second: just hitting it for a second gives you enough time to hit the F key to fix it without even needing to stop moving.

Panicking and running around in circles works out rather well actually. If you circle the entire map with a high mobility weapon you don’t really need to worry about killing anything that’s not directly in front of you since you pretty much outrun the regular zombies. They form in a big group behind you (a train, if you are unfamiliar) and are extremely vulnerable to shotguns and other high-penetration weapons, such as the FAL.

Cryo grenades are awesome with my play style. If the zombies get behind me they are pretty much non-existent, so if I see a big horde in front of me I just let out a cryo and run past it. Cryo grenades have a bigger AOE than frags as well plus they work 100% the time (zombies sometimes dodge or survive frags) as well, but you generally should only use them when you can’t dodge zombies on your own since they are limited. The 6 cryo grenades shouldn’t usually be used until the second half of onslight for instance. That said, if you end the game with grenades left they were a potential way to extend your life which you didn’t use. If you manage to reach the final wave of onslight with 24 frags for instance, let them all fly.

Don’t hide in a corner, because when you are cornered the zombies are able to surround you much easier. When surrounded with nowhere to run you are certain to take damage, so stay away from small rooms and buildings. In fact this is the reason why Farmhouse and Air Base give more XP: being smaller, more cramped maps they are harder than the rest.

Warm up before you start to play. Usually when I come back to the game I do a match in single player because not only to I get all the XP without any risk of the super-low kills bug or lagging out of a match I also get the adrenaline pumping, improving your performance in multiplayer where it is harder. Playing a single player game with just a pistol is also a nice way to improve your skills, or even doing a match without firing just to see how long you can last to get better at dodging.

Lag also is slow-motion, so when lag starts to increase use it to think about what you want to do next while it is still slow. Really, lag does actually help at times.

Save power-ups. Like with grenades, if you use a power-up right away in a situation when you could have just used your regular guns to survive it is a waste. Turrets also should be saved and placed in an area where it can shoot a lot of zombies, such as in the middle of a plaza or covering multiple barricades. However, you should make sure you use them by the end of the match as well since they are even more powerful in most certain death situations than grenades, assuming the power-up is an upgrade. You can also use bad or equally powered power-ups early on to score a bit of free ammo for your weapons, but remember that most power-up guns give you about 3 1/4 clips of ammo so you should reload early once when convenient so that you are not left with an awkward 1/4 clip of ammunition.

Buy reserve ammo. If you buy clips as you use them your reload time increase a bit, which can kill you in certain situations. That said, don’t spend all your money on ammo so you can buy new guns as they come out and can buy ammo in-game in case you happen to go through a rather long match and forgot to stock back up.

If you ever played cod, you know the first thing the game says: switching to your pistol is faster than reloading. This game has almost instant switch times, so if you run out of ammo and you don’t have time to reload switch to another weapon to make time. Remember to reload all your weapons during breaks though, or reload reserve weapons when there is a lull in the zombie horde.

You do not have to see a zombie to hit it. Once you get the radar use it as a spotter to snipe some zombies while they are at a safe distance. It can drain your ammo rather quickly though, so always shoot the closest zombie when practical (which it is generally).

Always have at least one high-mobility gun you can switch to quickly. If I need to get moving quickly, I usually can only afford one press of Q or E to switch to a light weapon before the zombies reach me. So keep at least two high-mobility guns in your inventory, spaced two spaces apart so that you never need to cycle through slower weapons to get to the quick ones.

That’s about it. Sorry for taking up so much space, but me using more than one post would make it even longer.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / Reviving

I’m going to stop this right here. First off, no. Figure I’d answer your question.

Second of all, imagine the ability to buy revives in combination with the fact that you can buy in-game money. A rich idiot could just buy his way to virtual invincibility. So self revives are not an option.

However, the fact that there is a revive stat which I cannot for the life of me figure out how it works is likely news in itself that there could be an eventual revive system where players can revive other players, but you have to realize that we need to fix the server issues (or better yet, just get a new server host) before we can interact at that level. For instance, I’m pretty sure you have all experienced the walk out of the map bug, which is just the server misreading player’s movement. If we can’t get the view of the movement right then we can’t make any decent revive system I can imagine.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / Clan

Originally posted by techno45:
Originally posted by Destroyer80:

No thanks, we don’t need another Black Ops.

u barely know black ops just cause we know CoD doesnt mean it is look at TDP4 they have clans and look where they are now.btw NinjaKiwi is not making updates at all so i doubt there is clans

I think you both are are on different pages. Destroyer doesn’t like the idea of ripping off another game, and techno thinks from other flash games it would be a nice idea.

Destroyer, I think we are past the point of ripping off CoD. Look at the name. Any more really wouldn’t hurt.

Techno, if you want to use TDP4 as an example of clans, you really are not helping your argument. Clans are a way of promoting community interaction for the benefit of the player’s experience. Now, look at the TDP4 community. I’m pretty sure that if a random person off the street started playing the game the average IQ of all the players would increase by 10 points. Clans obviously didn’t work.

P.S. Admins don’t actually develop the game, so if you asked him you really were just trying to get him to relay a message to NinjaKiwi. Sorry.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / What the h***?

Originally posted by UltimateGamer32:

So 3 days ago the game was working fine, the following day it stopped working. Then the next day it wasn’t working, but then started get better for some reason. Now it’s working like crap again. Can someone tell me what’s going on?

It could be a number of reasons, but I am assuming you think it’s related to SAS Zombies 3 since you posted here, or it is exclusive to this game. So let me offer some possible explanations:

1. You happened to get much more zombies on the slower days, due to either you performing better or playing with higher ranking players to bring the difficulty up. If this is the case then hopefully lowering the quality of the…oh wait, yeah, no quality button. Hopefully that will come soon.

2. You downloaded something you really shouldn’t have. Viruses, spyware, or even badly written programs and such are really unpredictable since you have no idea what exactly they are trying to accomplish and when they are running. Usually this isn’t the answer but I’m writing this out of personal experience. Check what background programs are running, usually Windows Task Manager or Whatever Mac People Have can tell.

3. The servers could have just been acting up, as they are known to do on this game. Dig around the NinjaKiwi site to find more information, I would for you but I’m lazy.

4. Your internet connection was acting up. This could be a number of reasons why, but to help internet try to limit the number of devices using it at once, restart the router and look in the router manual to see if there are any problems that it could be experiencing (if you even kept it).

5. The game doesn’t like you for some reason. The world of computers is weird and there are a number of obscure problems that could be happening you don’t have control over. As long as the computer isn’t freezing from flash games then you can probably deal with the slowness, otherwise try getting it checked out.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / Guild

From another forum from another user (quote from ACC Yoshi) on another game, but rather relevant to the club/guild idea. I am about to de-rail the conversation with this in all likelyhood, but ah well.

Oh and a bit of a warning, this guy’s pretty harsh.

The way I see it:

1) Clubs are a person’s way of feeling important.
2) Most of them are 100% pointless.
3) They start unnecessary conflicts and cause the forum to degrade.

I say that all club-related posts should be terminated on the spot. Clubs are not necessary because if you can do something with a club, you can do the same thing without one.

Am I for or against a club system? I am currently against free-reigning clubs, but should I encounter a system which would work perfectly and solve the big issues with them, (conflicts, confusion, flame wars, pointlessness, lack of contribution, etc.) I would support it.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / REcruiting: Zombsploders alliance

Originally posted by DragonArcherZ:

This is gonna fail. Full stop.


Well, clans require good organisation, and a lot of multiplayer interactivity. There’s not a lot you can do in a clan in this game, and considering the OP doesn’t seem to be older than 10…

Exactly. You can’t even try and start a clan war in this game (which suck anyways, just encourages general n00biness). I would recommend this be shut down, and hey as an appointed owner I bet I could do that.

So as clan owner, I highly recommend you either quit the clan or don’t join. And to other owners (AKA just halolover) please hide this topic.

P.S. I prefer semi-auto rifles anyways.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / REcruiting: Zombsploders alliance

All right, while I like the idea of player interaction I am personally not really a fan of clans/clubs/alliances/ect. There is a long and complicated reason why, but for now I would like to take a leave. Maybe if I get more experience with the game (I just started yesterday) I would be willing to help share tips and train newbs, but for now, consider me on temporary leave.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / REcruiting: Zombsploders alliance

Don’t remember joining…ah well.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Am I playing this game incorrectly?

Originally posted by Quinton0227:

So I went through act 1 on veteran difficulty…

Let me just say bravo, I give you a lot of respect for trying out the higher difficulties earlier on. However as weird as it may sound some people actually start off on lower difficulties (I KNOW, it’s crazy) and I’m guessing Garin took this into account when he put in the leveling and difficulty system. The difference between veteran and normal is more significant than other games and if you want a hard mode to go through the game with then you are out of luck.

As for why you were able to get through Act I and not Act II: When you start a campaign, the enemies are at the same level as you and go up one level with every floor you descend. Now, since when at level one you rarely see enemy parties with more than 3 monsters (you can get a lot of battles at level one with just one enemy you need to defeat) you were able to get started in Act I, and you could level up faster than the enemies by battling more enemies and getting more EXP to deal with the difficulty increase on lower levels. However once you finish the campaign, when you start a new campaign the enemies are back at your level and you have lost all your advantages over them. Now at the first battle you are stuck and can’t get a grip since there are no enemies you can now kill to gain EXP. It’s a flaw that is really hard to tackle: you need more than an on-the-fly strategy you develop from playing the game like most RPGs, no matter how good your execution is, but you can’t really develop one without the wanted gear and abilities and you will likely need to spend some time into the game to get the gear and abilities you need.

In other words, you need to grind before you do hard.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] What's in the Premium Content?

Extreme has been killed by the gamekill style strategies such as the retaliation builds, and it can be hard to find a way to make your character the best you want it to be but also keep the game fun. So I can see the people who’s spacebar is now broken from that rock sitting on it need a new challenge.

Also, I’ve looked over the premium content from both this forum and your website and I noticed there technically is no more gameplay in the premium content. So say if you have 100% completion of this game, when you buy the premium content you still are at 100%. With that in mind could there be something we get in the premium content that we can earn via gameplay? Maybe some of those mysteriously absent legendary and artifact items, or some new skills to obtain? I want to buy this premium content myself and support you, but I don’t see myself spending a lot of time with it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] An option for leveling on Act IV

This is getting better the more I think about it. Pure tactics and strategy, you can have a build visioned in your head but those abilities you are trying to get just are not showing up so you have to adapt. I would back this a lot after playing through Act IV with Lvl. 1 characters to test my Epic gear and had so much fun I did it again with all these exotic parties and weird gear combinations. Besides, you remove pretty much all the between battle tedious stuff. Of course if you would prefer to test out your characters builds and experiment to find the best party combinations you can still do that, but this mode is pure gameplay. Woo!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Random questions you'd like to know the answers to but are difficult/tedious to check:

Um…do you know if there is a character limit first? If there isn’t then there really isn’t a point of changing my image hosting site.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Random questions you'd like to know the answers to but are difficult/tedious to check:

Originally posted by Dragonerdamon:

Anybody knows the requirements for a Neophyte to turn into a Aetherguard? I’ve try to figure them out but they seem random. Is there a way to prevent the Neophyte from turning into an Aetherguard?

From my experience, the Neophyte tries to milk you for as much as possible by letting his health go as low as possible before he turns into an Aetherguard. However they sometimes instead use fanaticism, and when they have fanaticism they are unlikely to turn into a Aetherguard. There are exceptions to these rules, and the only surefire way to prevent an Neophyte from turning is to kill him before he can turn.

Also, I need a bit of help myself. I’ve been trying to figure out why an image isn’t loading for my sprite, and I’ve gotten rid of the following problems:

It was not a shortened URL
It was posted in the correct area
It was an appropriate file type

But I noticed my image’s true link is over 100 characters long, while an image under 100 characters could load fine from the same site. So is there a limit to how long the image can be? And if so, does anyone know a image hosting site THAT LETS ME USE THE TRUE IMAGE LINK?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Sprites not loading...

I think I figured out the problem. Is there a character limit for the image? Mine is just over 100 characters long and might be breaching it. It would explain why an image from the same host worked too.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Another guide and optimum party

This isn’t bad formatting, actually. See those dashes? When you type them into it is supposed to appear as a full line, going from the left end of the post to the right. Somehow this post decided to ignore formatting shortcuts entirely, even though they are there. This would also include pressing ENTER to go to a new line, bolding and italics, and even links.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Sprites not loading...

I just checked, it is not that. The images are direct as direct can be. My dropbox is giving a shortened link but not wikia, and this image can actually be seen in most search engines.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Sprites not loading...

Originally posted by sai0:

I’ve had the same problems when I first inputted some sprites, at first I thought it was the file extension since what I did was saved the file into jpg and then converted it back into png without touching the original file. That didn’t work so then I used another computer and the image loaded correctly, not sure if it was because I did that switch or not, but whatever the case I believe there’s some luck to it. Hope it helps.

Also I used SkyDrive instead of some photobucket or similar websites, maybe that can clear up the issue as well. Just Google SkyDrive and have a @live email and its easy to upload pictures from your computer and save them there.

Yeah, this seems rather random. I am actually loading the pictures from the MD Chronicles wiki where they have been uploaded, a rather convenient alternative to most image uploading sites. I also have a Dropbox account where I upload my images and other stuff, it’s pretty convenient. I don’t have another computer on me right now but I’ll see if it’ll work with a different crapcom 8999.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Sprites not loading...

Hey people, I just went through several days of trying to get this image edited right for use and after some help from 1234qwerty1234 (thanks again, these will help the wiki I promise) I got these two images ready to be used as sprites in the game. As you can see from the images being embedded they are not misspelled in the image location, and they are both PNG files.

Now the problem is I can’t seem to use them as sprites for the game, for whatever reason. At first I thought it was because I already had a custom sprite for the character, but after going through all the other classes without custom sprites already it was not that. The game is a bit vague on custom sprite requirements, so I was wondering what is wrong, if there is anything wrong in the first place.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Beginner and Badge Hunter's Strategy Guide & Choosing a Party

Originally posted by Frostguard:

Quite a good guide, though I don’t quite understand why you use Captain instead of Champion. I’ve tried Captain once (took him to level 12), and my experience was that he is useless compared to the Champion.

I used the Champion too, and I wanted the captain SO much. If only for the rearrange party skill, and all his intellect bonuses to abilities that would benefit from a set of Siege plate. Basically you can make him whatever stat bonuses you want and he will benefit in someway, so he is extremely flexible with equipment. This is great for just starting out when you don’t have full storied sets, let alone epic. Not to mention I put my assassin in the back row at the start of the battle so he could sneak attack finish anyone who got too low on hit points (and my Conjuror was unavailable at the time). Of course going into the back row with a melee weapon isn’t always the best idea if you can’t back it up, and occasionally I wished I could use other skills than just sneak attack and sneak assault all the time. This would be solved if I had the captain’s skill to rearrange the party, very useful when lots of summons are going around. But I still trudge on with my champion tank-ish character through the campaigns, and I will finish Act V with my starting party.

P.S. Enemies level with you, but not exactly. When you enter a dungeon, enemies are the same level as you. The next floor they are one level higher than when you came in the dungeon, to compensate that you have likely leveled up. This repeats to the end of the dungeon, BUT if you were to try and clear everything from a dungeon you can likely reach the final boss a few levels ahead of him, making your job easier, if not a bit longer. Also note that you can use a scroll of deception to go behind the boss and explore any rooms you would normally not be able to reach. Just a little tip for anyone starting out.