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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Buildin' a sentry here!

I was told to come here… So…. BUILDIN A SENTRY!

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Water based towers.

Here’s one thought I had a while ago, why aren’t there many water based towers? There’s only two which is the buccaneer and the submarine, I thought maybe we should add more water towers and maybe if we get enough water towers maybe we can get some more maps that are water based (but still have some land not to screw up all strategies)

EDIT: I remember now that the tribal turtle can also be placed in water but still… Its a secret agent.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / best characters

Originally posted by AlexC1713:

the best characters are atlas, the masked samuri, and the 4th last character.

I disagree completely, everybody knows the best characters are cid the helpful adventurer, betty clicker, and of course Broyle Lindoven. They dish out the most dps out of any character.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Think of your own bloons!

The rogue bloons

What they basically do is they are bloons that reached the negative areas, they somewhat allies in a way, that is if you don’t destroy them, if they reach the end they give you 1 live and 50 dollars, HOWEVER if you destroy them, they will turn into the highest bloon you currently see (so if the most powerful bloon on the battle field is a lead bloon, then it will turn into a lead bloon), also if you destroy a negative bloon, instead of gaining 50 gold, you will lose 50 gold, however your lives don’t change.

What happens when the reach the end: if they are still intact and not destroyed, they will give you one life and 50 dollars

When do they appear: they appear at any time, completely at random

What do they look like: a grey bloon, in the same size as a pink bloon

Something you should know?: they are attacked last on the map, so if they end up being the last one on the map then they will be attacked and you will lose 50 gold

Health: they can take 3 hits before turning into the highest power bloon on the map (BEWARE ZOMG), when they pop and turn into another bloon they leave behind a little skull with crossbones, that’s a sign that states you just lost 50 gold.

Speed: as fast as a green bloon for the first layer, as fast as a blue bloon for the second layer, and as fast as a red bloon for the third layer


This bloon ends up showing at round 200 and is technically the final boss, its not only a pain in the ass to defeat this thing but if you do manage to defeat it, you will get an achievement and 1000 money (the kind you use to buy agents), this thing will take strategy and patience to defeat, it literally summons its own camo and regeneration bloons.

What do they look like:They look like a massive Zomg only they are gold with a nuclear explosion symbol on the top of it

When does it come: round 200

Special effects: can create 10 ceramic, camo, regen bloons per 5 seconds. The ceramics come bunched together and are shot out into the front of the massive bloon and act like a shield. can create a rapid number of red bloons in a constant state.

Health: the equivalent of four ZOMG’s

Speed: 2X slower than a Zomg

Splits into: 2 Zomg’s