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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Proudest Freefall Moments

My proudest moment would be when I got my best score yet. 21 – 0. I just started this game just a few weeks ago so I’m just a newb. The worst part about it was most of my teammates barely got kill. We ended up losing. I earned 1 exp.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

Originally posted by drew1017:

(AKA ze spy >:3)

Health 1000
Shield 1500
Armor 25%
Speed Average (About speed of blazer)

Description: The Infiltrater specializes in taking out defenses and getting into enemy HotSpots
Role: Trick enemys/Destroy Turrets

Primary Weapon: Shock Charger – a revolutionary beam that fires a giant laser beam at the opponent. Right click to scope (50% of Rail Gun’s scope Efficiency) Hold left click to charge the beam, release left click to fire a GIANT LAZEH BEAM

4 seconds to fully charge. each second of charge grants a damage bonus.
1: 500
2: 750
3: 1000
4: 1250

Secondary Weapon: Nano Saber – Melee Weapon, Hitting enemys with High Shields grants a damage bonus (+200 per 200 shields) R Ability – Honered Slash – The User does a spinning- slash and kick, The Nano Saber doing It’s regular damage but a 300 bonus, And the kick doing 250 but with some Knockback. (The nano saber when using R ability still uses damage bonuses from the Shield Damage Bonus)

Does 300 Damage (Without Bonus).

Q Skill: CamoFluage – Disguise yourself as an enemy turret. (works like gunner’s crouch)

E Skill: Haunt – Does no damage, but casts a kick that gives your opponent a De-buff called “Cursed.” This effect is not stackable(it still refreshes duration though). It lasts for 30 seconds. If a cursed unit recieves healing, a buff, or just anything good really, he does not recieve it, and the infiltrater recieves the healing/buff instead. doesen’t apply to De-Buffs

F Bomb: Camo Bomb – Press f to activate, press f to deactivate. while activated, you will appear as a dead body and if an enemy walks over you, they explode taking 2500 damage and you lose a bomb. This bomb, however, does not hurt the infiltrater. if deactivated, you get back up and the bomb will not go off if you are touched until you re-activate it.

+1. I like the spies in games (Like in TF2).
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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Perfect 72

Originally posted by coolguy128:

i got 87 0 not sure if you guys mean in one round or not though cuz it was in 3

It’s only in one round.
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Topic: Freefall Tournament / DAT PING

I switched to wired. But only for freefall. xD

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

I suggest this Heavy armored, yet focused on melee and DoT abilities, class.

Inquisitor (:P I took your cancelled name cloakerx)

Role – Receives and deals heavy damage.

Primary Weapon – Arch-Angel. Fires lasers that deals DoT stuff.

Secondary – Devil’s Broadswords. Fires a big laser beam when ready.

Q Ability – Charge. Locks on your nearest target and automatically charges with Broadswords equipped.
E Ability – Sap. Regains 10% (or something) of your health when getting a kill. (Can be either Passive or Active. Idk.)
F Bomb – Plasma Void. – When fired at a surface, it slows enemies going through it and slowly saps their HP away. (Can hurt yourself, so be careful)

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / DAT PING

I have no idea how to reduce my INCREDIBLY high ping levels. When I click a room, the ping just goes bonkers and changes randomly from 15 to 900+. When I join, it says I can’t connect to the host. Again, how can I reduce my ping?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Donation Items

Originally posted by Dewottpoke:

Nah, I don’t like the gore part. Probably because the guys are mostly robot, from a that health and shields.

I like gore. I think they should spill out oil when they die. But it’s the future, why would robots need oil anyway? Idk, to not rust or something? Still, I think there should be some kind of gore when they die.

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Topic: CS Portable / Someone claimed to be the owner of my clan.

Originally posted by slixtrix:

You know… you could very well both be leaders of VENOM. Perhaps you both started a clan called VENOM, unaware of the existence of the other.

Screw it. I’m leader of VEMON!

VEMON? ’Kay.

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Topic: CS Portable / Killstreaks

11 straight posts that are off-topic. Nice job guys. Make that 12 cause of this post.

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Topic: CS Portable / Join *AMF* Clan ''OPEN'' NOW FILIPINO ONLY

AMF? AMFutek?

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Topic: CS Portable / *Official Forum Page of Suggestions*

My Suggestion.

Death Run – I just suggested this ‘cause, I don’t know…Besides most games have it. It’s a mode where 1/2 players are chosen to become the activators behind a one way mirror wall thing. The other players have to escape the traps set off by the activators. Blah blah blah.

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Topic: CS Portable / hard to kick

Originally posted by prakka_:

Absolutely slix =)

I’d like some way to know how many votes are required to kick a person. Or how many votes remain to kick them.

I think people get kicked when…idk how to explain it. I’ll make an example, Someguy is hacking then Anotherguy spots him, so people vote kick him. If there were 30 people in the room, I think it would take 16 people for him to get kicked.

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Topic: CS Portable / PINOY clan recruiting pinoy lng

Sali ako.
CSP Name:DarkChaos45 (alam ko nakita mo n ko proud)
Rank:9 (1.15 KDR)
Tinatamad n ko yan lng nilagay ko :D

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / If you had 1,000,000,000 cheese what would u buy?

Everything. ’Nuff said.

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Topic: CS Portable / f2004w - He's back ;)

Hey, I have an idea for a new map why not a primitive map in the era of the dinosaurs? That would be cool. I’m not forcing you to do it so please do it if you have the time. (P.S. If you don’t want to make it it’s okay.)

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Topic: CS Portable / Most Generals In 1 Match?

Thread is worthless but the most I’ve seen was a while ago where there was 6. Not including me.

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Topic: CS Portable / PINOY clan forums

Because PINOY is actually filipino. PINOY is just what they call filipinos.

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Topic: CS Portable / if u like trolling add TROLL

Originally posted by Rawwk:
Originally posted by helltank:

Basically, he’s butthurt at being spawnkilled so he’s making a clan to kill the spawnkillers.

but what if you are trying to kill spawnkillers, but you get spawnkilled so can not kill the spawnkillers cause they are spawnkilling you?

Too much words involving ‘spawn’ and ‘kill’.
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Topic: Freefall Tournament / New classes coming

3 of them sounds like they were from TF2 but robots. Blazer = Pyro, Assassin = Spy, and Blaster = Soldier (because of the bazooka thingy).

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Topic: CS Portable / PINOY clan forums

What about me? I’m part of PINOY.

PINOY – DarkChaos45

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Topic: CS Portable / M4A1 Sound

In my opinion, I actually like the new M4A1 sound. The only sound I hate is the AWP reload sound. It sounds incredibly weird.

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Topic: CS Portable / My Opinion on the New Update (And yours)

I actually like the M4A1 sound. But the AK-47 really is too loud. The ADS and sprint are very useful in matches. The sound when you fall is very annoying too.

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Topic: CS Portable / f2004w - He's back ;)

Looks like Tron or something.

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Topic: CS Portable / What's your name on CS Portable?

Name: DarkChaos45
Good at: Knife and sniping
Fave game: Classic (especially on de_dust2x2 maps)
Rank: 17 or something
Clan: I WIN (not really a clan, i just spray it when we win on a classic game. implying that im still alive)

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Originally posted by WeaponsDealer:
Originally posted by Battery125:

Please do not rush the creators. They are doing their best to improve the game and work on suggestions that you make, but give them some time, it is not easy to control a game like this.

Congratulations, for your outstanding understanding skills, you receive a virutal cookie!

I want a virtual cookie too. But not a VIRUTAL cookie.