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Topic: Kongregate / who else besides me got all 62 shiny kongpanions


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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

RIP, elephancy

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Topic: Curio Quest / Guide to Curio Quest - From starting the game to dominating wars

@Fish, I’ve played well over a thousand games at this point, and my favorite by a landslide is Spiral Knights. The game does f2p perfectly, has fair fights (with enough skill you can beat any level in the game with just starting 0* gear), and has an amazing community. You can choose to pay to get gear faster, but you can grind up to 5* within a week if you’re good enough. It’s the first and only game that’s given me a true feeling of immersion.

Other great f2p games without p2w include league of legends, tf2, dota 2, PoE, and ember strike (a lesser known puzzlequest-like game here on kong with a fantastic dev team – it isn’t always active, but when an update comes out and the game is advertised it’s a blast to play). Hopefully you end up liking at least one of those!

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Topic: Curio Quest / Guide to Curio Quest - From starting the game to dominating wars

I’m quitting the game so this guide will no longer be updated – I’ve put reasons in the Q&A post. Good luck to everyone, and maybe we’ll meet again on another game!

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Topic: Curio Quest / Guide to Curio Quest - From starting the game to dominating wars

Agreed. Many people make the mistake of running 2 fritters, and tend to be some of the easiest players to beat in pvp. Gryph, gent, fritter is definitely the way to go.

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Topic: Curio Quest / Guide to Curio Quest - From starting the game to dominating wars

^added to Q&A post

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Topic: Curio Quest / Guide to Curio Quest - From starting the game to dominating wars

Even if fritter’s only move was crossfire and it still had a 5 turn cooldown, fritter would be stronger than any other 3* curio. No other move in the game can deal 6k damage + apply 6 hits worth of boost effects.

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Topic: Curio Quest / Guide to Curio Quest - From starting the game to dominating wars

I can’t include this part of capturing curios in the guide since the link breaks the formatting. Different nodes have different curios, you can check out for an incomplete list of what’s available.

Key, the brackets just sort clubs together by groups of 4 ranks. If you’re in the rank 1 club, you’ll be able to fight people from the clubs ranked 2-4. If you’re in the ranked 10 club, you’ll fight clubs from rank 9, 11, and 12.

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Topic: Curio Quest / Guide to Curio Quest - From starting the game to dominating wars

Yes, that order @dlung

Roustor, I’ve added your question to the guide itself since it’s a very important topic – I’m not sure how I didn’t think of including it in the guide in the first place! It’s in a new section labeled “battle strategies”

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Topic: Curio Quest / Guide to Curio Quest - From starting the game to dominating wars

@lance I’m interpreting that question as wondering what you should replace them with/in what order. I’d swap the boone out first when you get your first 3*, and swap whichever is the lower level between blue and hydragon out second.

@dlung Noxie’s pretty good, better than stacking double water types at least. Go with Blue, Jaw, Noxie.

@hgbf I’d stick with blue, jack, hydragon. Jack’s actually pretty good for a 2*; boone’s just “okay”.

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Topic: Curio Quest / Guide to Curio Quest - From starting the game to dominating wars

Use Blue, Boone, Arachnice

You have two air types in your team, which is not ideal. The pelica is a 1* and the boone in your inventory is 2* that covers a different type, so that’s worth swapping.

When you get another 2* that covers a type other than earth or air, swap out arachnice

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Topic: Curio Quest / Guide to Curio Quest - From starting the game to dominating wars

Thanks for the reminder! I’ve added a section on gems to the main guide.

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Topic: Curio Quest / Guide to Curio Quest - From starting the game to dominating wars

You do get gems slowly, but not as fast as 200 a day. I believe you get 150 per week from login rewards and you can also get up to ~500 weekly from cvc rewards

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Topic: Curio Quest / Guide to Curio Quest - From starting the game to dominating wars

Paying players certainly get a huge advantage, but thundiger and roclocust are both capturable in the wild and will suffice for pvp. As for a third team member, you will have to get lucky on premium packs (cvc always includes gems as a reward, challenge mode gives gems each node you clear, and daily logins can give gems, so best start saving!)

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Topic: Curio Quest / Guide to Curio Quest - From starting the game to dominating wars

Why is the guide no longer being updated?

I have quit the game because of the inane changes to pvp making it even more p2w (who would’ve thought that was possible?). Stick with me here, I’m not quitting because I’m no longer able to do well in pvp – I’m actually in rank 1 of the current pvp rotation at the time of writing this. I’m quitting because the only reason that I’m in rank 1 of this pvp rotation is that I’ve spent money on the game. There’s no longer any point to calculating damage tables or deciding on what skills would be most effective in a situation since such a huge change has been made to the pvp system that there’s no longer any point – just put together a strong team of the right element and click any skills you want, you’ll win every match.

Each pvp rotation, an element is chosen to get +50% attack and +50% hp, and another element gets +30% attack +30% hp. Why is this a big deal? The type that gets +50%s ends up being 2.25x as effective (1.5x effectiveness from health, which stacks with the 1.5x effectiveness from attack). If you don’t buy multiple curios of each type with boosts, you can’t stay competitive unless you buy pvp tickets since having 3 of the 2.25x effectiveness curio types on your team is like having 6.75 curios worth of stats on your team!

It’s a very greedy system that hopes to make people spend more. I suggest not falling for it unless you enjoy paying hundreds of dollars on a flash game when far better games are available for free. Either way, best of luck to you all!

This second post is where I’ll put general Q&A that don’t fit into the main guide. If you’ve got questions, fire em at me and I’ll answer here.

Is the starter pack worth getting?
Not really. While you do get a 3* from it, it’s one of the worse 3*s and you’ll eventually want to replace it. Save your gems for packs of premium discs instead!

Can I sell curios?
You can use the curio exchange in the lab to sell off unneeded ones for small amounts of exp. Keep a duplicate or triplicate of each type for challenges, though!

Good starter curios for non paying people?
Hydragon is certainly the best 2* curio you’ll be able to obtain easily, just trade referral codes with someone. Boone is another easy to get 2* – while not quite as good as hydragon, you just have to log in for 8 days to get it. Once you reach zone 3, noxie is also quite powerful for a 2* curio and is relatively easy to catch without using gems.

How are chances to get the 3 best curios with 3 purchases (3*1500 gems)?
Very, very low. First of all, skoll and silveris are both legendaries meaning that they will never be in the rotation at the same time. The best thing you could hope for is a one of the legendaries + fritter. Since it’s unrealistic to hope for all 3, let’s just count the odds of getting a legendary in those 3 purchases and the odds of getting a fritter (assuming both appear in the same rotation). Legendaries have 2% drop rates per premium disc in the 5 pack. In 15 total discs, you have a 26.14% chance (less than 30% since some scenarios result in getting doubles) of getting a legendary. Fritter has a 5% drop rate per disc in the 5 pack. In 15 discs, you have a 53.67% chance of getting a fritter if it is in the rotation.

Got Thundiger and Fritter in my first pack… what boosts should I get for them?
Thundiger is an interesting case since the main reason it’s so powerful is its “immortal” move. This makes it benefit more from damage amplification/healing than most curios. You’ll want a heal boost of some sort in your red slot, a jolt boost in your yellow slot, and either a briar or mana boost in your blue slot. Fritter benefits from either a hit boost of some sort, a toxic boost, or a scorch boost in the red slot along with a scorch boost, toxic boost, or flame boost in the yellow slot. Fritter is usually able to defeat a team without running out of mana, so use either a briar boost or karma boost in the blue slot.

I have Anzu, Fritter, and Penzai. How should I build them?
Fritter’s the easiest one to build – go with raw damage red boosts, DoT yellow boosts (ideally scorch, toxic, or greater bleed), and briar blues (luck if you don’t have access to briar). Use crossfire, fair flare, burn notice, and cinder. You take burn notice over flameside because your anzu also has a way to damage benched enemies and your fritter will be able to alternate cinder, burn, cinder for 3 turns of damage against an active enemy in a pinch. It also has the added bonus of dealing heal reduction to thundiger and silveris. For penzai, use healing + damage red boosts if possible (raw damage otherwise), earth damage amplification yellows (these increase the effects of your heal too, so penzai gets more use out of them than DoT), and briar blues. Use rock n’ roll, landslide, rock throw, and rejuvenate, making sure to landslide before rock throw when possible. For anzu, use raw damage or strong DoT (toxic/scorch/greater wound) red boosts, DoT or air damage amplification yellow boosts, and briar blues. I did not save the stats on anzu’s moveset, but you should be able to calculate the ideal moves for yourself.

Which is better, Noxie or Proteus?
In general, proteus. Against thundiger in particular, noxie. Noxie has more powerful heal reduction which lets it kill thundiger faster, while proteus does more damage against pretty much any other curio (save for possibly penzai/pterowatt). Pick noxie if you’re struggling against thundigers, and proteus if you’re just in need of another damager on your team.

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Topic: Curio Quest / Guide to Curio Quest - From starting the game to dominating wars

THIS GUIDE IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED! Reasons are in the post below.

A bit of background on why you should even bother listening to what I have to say: My player name/id is Rynth; I consistently place towards the top of the pvp/club wars leaderboard. I'm also a member of the rank 1 club in the game, collateral. I've spent a fair bit of time calculating damage and stat tables and piecing together a tier list for the strongest curios, and I'll eventually get to expanding that tier list to include even the starting curios.

First, and easily the most important thing when starting off - DO NOT USE THE REFERRAL CODES SPAMMED IN CHAT. You can only ever type in one referral code, and you only get referral rewards when another player types in your code, not when you type someone else's. Trade codes with another new player and you will both get hydragon!

Now that that's out of the way, let's start with the basics.

Capturing Curios

There are a few ways to get new curios. The most basic methods are buying curios in the shop and capturing from DNA, but they can also be obtained from referrals, by crafting in the lab, or as rank rewards in club wars/pvp.

- Premium discs in the shop can be bought with gems (1 for 300 or 5 for 1500). You'll want to save your gems for the 1500 pack, as the odds of getting stronger curios are higher when you buy in bulk. Curios available from premium discs rotate every few days, so hold off on buying until there is a worthwhile selection. (Towards the bottom of this guide is a tier list. My suggestion is to wait until at least two curios from tier 1, 2, or 3 are in the rotation before spending your gems.)

- Regular discs can be bought with coins, but jack is the only one worthwhile even in the early game, and none of the curios from the regular disc selection are useful in the lategame. I would advise you to save your coins for more important things.

- The arcade (found in the bottom left of the shop) supposedly has a chance to give out a curio as a prize. I have only heard of getting 2*s from the arcade and have not won any myself, but it is entirely possible that other rarities are available as well.

- DNA of a curio can be found randomly after winning a fight against it in a wild node. Wild nodes are nodes with a ? symbol on the map, and are repeatable. If DNA shows up after a battle it will be of one of the curios that you've just fought, so keep on repeating a node if you find a curio there that you want. You can use coins to potentially capture a curio from its DNA, or gems to guarantee the capture. Just play it smart and use coins - the gems would be better used on premium discs. Prices for capture attempts are 4000 coins for 1* curios, 30000 coins for 2* curios, and 150000 coins for 3* curios. The price of a 3* may sound a bit steep, but some curios are well worth it.

- Referrals give hydragon (1 referral) and jawroger (25 referrals). Hydragon is quite strong for a 2*, but jawroger is weaker than many 3*s. Both can be captured in the wild/appear in premium disc rotations as alternative methods of capture.

- The lab occasionally offers event curios, craftable with materials obtained within the event. Macrobe, a 1*, is also offered. Macrobe is garbage.

- PVP/Clan wars occasionally offer 2* and 3* curios as rank rewards. These are usually quite weak relative to what your team needs to be to earn them, but occasionally a powerful 3* will appear.

Getting Gems

The strongest curios in the game can only be obtained by using gems, but there are a number of ways to get gems without paying a cent.

- Login rewards include gems, both in the weekly rewards and the prize wheel. Hop on every day to build up some gems in addition to other rewards!

- Achievements can give gems, usually for the 3rd and 4th achievements in a set. Go to your profile page to check what achievements are available to you.

- Referrals can give some gems, though not many. If you have a lot of friends who you think would be interested in playing the game, go ahead and refer them. If not, it's not worth spamming the chat with referral codes.

- Jobs sometimes give gems. There aren't too many jobs though, so don't count on them as a reliable source!

- CVC gives gems as a reward for your club rank, and occasionally for player rank as well. Between club rank and player rank, there is the potential to earn around 500 gems a week just from CVC! You will likely get much less than that until you get into a high ranked club, but club wars are always worth participating in.

- Challenges (unlocked after completing an area) give you 10 gems each. Each challenge has 3 tiers, after which they cannot be repeated any more. There are a few hundred gems to obtain from challenges in each zone, but they'll require some powerful curios/odd teams to complete!

Once you have a few curios, you'll probably want to know what they do. Clicking on their picture when out of battle brings up the curio profile, which has a lot of useful information about the curio.

Curio Profile

1. Elemental Types

You start with blue, an air curio. Air is strong against earth but weak to fire. All curio types have one weakness and one resistance, with the exception of physical types. In the picture above, the skoll is a water type curio which is strong against fire but weak to electric. Curios take more damage from types that they are weak to, and receive less damage from types that they resist.

Air > Earth > Light > Darkness > Electric > Water > Fire > Air

Physical types have no weakness or resistance.

2. Rarity

Each curio has a rarity that determines how difficult it is to get. Curios with higher rarities almost always have better stats/attacks, with a few exceptions.
1* is common, 2* is rare, 3* is epic, and 4* is legendary.

3. Rank

Curios all start at C rank. Rank tokens are required to upgrade to B, A, and S rank. Higher ranks of curio have slightly higher stats (including mana), so upgrading is important. The tokens are obtainable as login bonuses, as arcade rewards, as drops from zone bosses, as rewards from clearing challenges, and as rewards from pvp/club wars. You'll get a B rank and A rank token from login bonuses each week, but the S rank tokens are far more difficult to obtain - you must place 1st in pvp or club war player rankings on a week where they tokens are in the prize rotation. Don't fret if you can't obtain S rank tokens, as rank stat bonuses are extremely small.

4. Stats

- Damage determines the damage that your skills do. No kidding.
- Health determines how much damage your curio can take. If it drops to 0 in a fight, your curio is down for the rest of the battle! Fortunately, your curios regenerate to full health after each battle.
- Level, when increased by using exp, increases all other stats except for mana. It is also a requirement for evolution.
- Healing affects how much health your curio's healing skills recover. Keep in mind that not all curios have healing skills!
- Mana is depleted when using some of your curio's stronger skills during battle. It does not increase with level; only rank, evolution, and boosts increase your mana pool. Your curios' mana regenerates to full after each battle.
- Luck increases the change that your curio will land a critical hit, dealing 1.5x the base effect. Even healing moves and DoT (damage over time) effects can be boosted by a critical hit! Note that luck does not increase the accuracy of your moves.

5. Exp and Evolution

- Exp is gained after each battle. You have a choice of assigning it to curios immediately after the battle, but if you deselect all of your curios from the exp assigning it will be stored in your exp pool (seen below the evolve button) for later use. When a curio gets enough exp, it will gain a level. It is a good idea to store your exp rather than assigning it immediately, as you can assign it for a full level-up all at once rather than having a bit of overflow after each level. This prevents any exp from being wasted if you swap a curio out of your team for a new one. It is generally best to level up one curio at a time rather than distribute levels evenly among your team.
- Evolution costs coins and resets your curio to level 1, but additional stats/skill points/level cap are gained from each evolution. To evolve, your curio must be at the level cap (10 for first evolution, 25 for second evolution). After the second evolution, your curio can reach the final level cap of 40 but cannot evolve any further. Save up some exp rather than evolving as soon as you can so that you can immediately get your curio back to its level (this saves you the trouble of being stuck with a level 1 for a while). Leveling a curio back up to 10 from lv 1 will take 4860 exp, and getting it back to 25 from lv 1 will take 34560 exp.

6. Boosts

Boosts make your curio more powerful and can be leveled up to increase the effect. You cannot level up a boost after equipping it, so be sure to level it up first. Boosts fit into 3 slots:
- Red boosts are usually flat stat gains for power/health/healing, with very rare exceptions. Greater hit boosts are usually the way to go unless you have one of the more powerful pvp boosts for this slot.
- Yellow boosts are usually damage over time or damage amplifier effects. These have a chance of applying every time you hit, making them more effective on curios with multiple hits per attack. If a damage over time effect applies, it will affect the opponent's active curio (even if it triggered by hitting a benched curio). Which boost is best depends on your curio unless you have one of the more powerful pvp boosts or a yellow briar boost for this slot.
- Blue boosts are usually flat stat gains for mana/luck/health, with very rare exceptions. Mana boosts are usually ideal for curios that tend to run out of mana, with karma boosts being great alternatives for those that do not struggle with mana. If you have a briar boost for this slot, use it instead.

Some boosts are special and can be put into multiple slots. Purple boosts are usable in blue + red, orange boosts are usable in red + yellow, and green boosts are usable in yellow + blue.

In the attached curio profile picture, my skoll has a Toxic boost in the red slot, an Enervate boost in the yellow slot, and a Briar boost in the blue slot.
Toxic boosts are very rare pvp rewards that apply powerful darkness DoTs when attacking. The outer border is red, but the inner border is orange - this means that it can be placed in either the red or yellow slot.
Enervate boosts are rare boosts from the shop. They apply a DoT that is as strong as a regular yellow boost's DoT, but also give your curio +2 mana. The outer border is yellow, but the inner border is green meaning that it can be placed into either the yellow or blue slot.
Briar boosts are very rare boosts from the shop. They are quite unique, as they cause the enemy to take some damage when damaging your curios. These are especially effective against enemies that deal plenty of hits, and often deal more than 1000 damage over the course of a single battle on a level 40 curio. This briar boost is blue, but some are also usable on the yellow slot.

7. Skills

Clicking on the skills button will allow you to view all of the skills that your curio can learn, and lets you spend your skill points to unlock/upgrade them. By level 40, you get enough skill points to fully upgrade all skills on a curio. Only 4 skills can be equipped at once, as seen in the equipped skills bar. Most curios have 1 or more skills which are far stronger than the average skill. For example, most of my Fritter's (3* fire curio) skills deal ~1000 damage, but fair flare does over 2000 to a random benched enemy over 2 turns and crossfire does over 6000 damage in total to the enemy's bench over 2 turns. These standout skills must be included in order to make the most of the curio - be aware of what your curios' most powerful skills are and be sure to equip them.

Many skills have cooldowns and/or mana costs. Cooldowns prevent you from spamming skills - a cooldown of 1 on a skill means that you must take a different action for at least 1 turn between uses of that skill. Defending and switching to a benched curio do count as actions, so keep that in mind for times when you absolutely need to stall for a cooldown. Your curio must have enough mana to pay the mana cost in order to use a skill, so plan your moves accordingly.

Now that you certainly know what your curios do well, let's move on to the bread and butter parts of the game: pvp and clan wars.

Battle Strategies

More than just a strong team is required for pvp and cvc. You'll need to be able to decide on the best skills for each situation and when switching curios is worth sacrificing a turn.

- At the start of the battle, you'll either go first but only see the types of curios on the enemy team or go second and get to see what curio your opponent is sending out as well. Since you take an extra turn of damage if you go second, you'll need to use the information about your opponent's first curio to your advantage. If you have a curio that has type advantage and do not have a fritter, send your type advantaged curio out first. If you do have a fritter, send it out first to use crossfire and fair flare before swapping to your type advantage as long as the enemy did not send out skoll, in which case send your type advantaged curio out.

- Skills that target all enemy curios are more useful when more enemies are alive. Some skills that target all enemies are still better than your regular skills when 2 enemies are alive, but you'll need to calculate the damage/accuracy to be sure. To get the effectiveness of a skill, use this formula: ((Lowest possible damage+highest possible damage)/2)*%accuracy of the skill*number of targets hit by the full skill. Since number of targets is a factor, this may change during the battle. Note that moves that hit multiple times across random targets do not get more effectiveness with more enemies, since they will end up dealing the same damage when 1 enemy is alive as when 3 enemies are. Use skills in descending order of effectiveness in almost all situations - you'll have to figure out the exceptions for yourself since they're specific to individual curios.

- Switch out your curio for type advantage or to avoid type disadvantage unless you have a high cooldown skill that can target the bench or a high power skill that can target a benched enemy against which you have type advantage. Great examples of this are skoll's deluge fang against a benched enemy fire type or fritter's crossfire. Both of these skills are powerful enough to justify staying in an extra turn even with type disadvantage.


PVP pits your team against another player's team (controlled by an AI, not a live player). You gain points for winning, lose points for losing, and need to reach certain point/rank milestones by the end of the pvp cycle (which lasts between 24 and 72 hours) in order to get rewards. pvp tickets regenerate at a rate of 1 per 10 minutes, and 2 are required per match. You can also get pvp tickets as rewards from club wars, from the daily prize wheel, from the arcade, and by buying them. I'd advise against buying them unless you are close to an extremely good reward and just need a few more tickets - if you want that S rank token and just need 20 more tickets, fair enough. If you'd need 500 more tickets, you might want to consider how much impact that S rank token would actually have. Worth 5k gems? Probably not.

Some of the best rewards have absurd requirements - in the first screenshot of this forum post I ended the pvp cycle with 20.9k points, while the second place player ended with 15.5k points. The best point reward, the toxic boost, had a point requirement of 20.3k - I barely even made it to that point milestone despite using almost all of the tickets for the 72 hour cycle! In order to get these rewards, you will need to log in frequently (20 tickets, the most you can hold, takes 3 hours and 20 minutes to regenerate) and win often. I believe I had ~230 wins and 8 losses, and even then barely made it.

20.3k points took me 222 wins worth of points (as losses remove points and are effectively -1 win), which works out to ~91 points per win on average. Expect to get a bit more than that if you are at a lower rank, since you seem to gain more points for defeating someone higher up on the leaderboards than you.

If you are new to the game, expect every team you go against to include Blue as their strongest member, as it is a powerful curio compared to most of the curios you can catch in the starting areas of the game. Since fire is strong against air, you may want to capture a fire curio (even if a weak one) to help you deal with the Blues if you are interested in jumping right into pvp. When a pvp cycle first starts, wait a few minutes as the high ranked players will be mixed in with the new players and you risk getting into an unfair fight otherwise.

If you want to place high up on the pvp leaderboards, log on every 3 hours if possible and assemble a team of high tier curios as soon as you can. The tier list for the top few tiers is included at the end of this guide.


CVC is much like pvp, except your personal points also contribute to your club's points. Club wars last between 24 and 72 hours, with a 24 to 72 hour downtime between each war where clubs can recruit and remove members. You cannot switch clubs during a war.

Club wars are separated into brackets of 4 clubs. CVC matches will only pit you against players from the other clubs in your bracket, and you have a choice of which club to fight at each time (a player from each of these other clubs is selected at random before every fight for you to select from) - always fight the weakest player in the bracket, as every win gives 50 points and every loss gives 10 regardless of your opponent's rank. As with pvp, a strong team is key if you hope to win every match. The club that scores the most points in a bracket gets a 2x multiplier on those points, second place gets 1.5x, and third place gets 1.25x (these multipliers do not affect your personal score). Log on frequently to help your club win each bracket!

CVC gives rewards based on club points, club rank, and player rank. Even if you are the only person in your club, you will be able to earn the player rank rewards as only your personal score before club multipliers matters. Your club points are the sum of all player points in the club plus any bonus points from bracket multipliers. The club rank is determined by comparing club points of each club. All players of a club will receive the club point and rank rewards earned.

Tier List

Tier 1
Skoll (4* water)
Silveris (4* light)
Fritter (3* fire)

Tier 1 curios are the best of the best. Fritter has the potential to deal 8k total damage to the enemy bench within the first 2 turns of a match, skoll deals nearly 2k damage per turn while buffed (the buff ability itself deals ~1.5k damage while buffed and lasts longer than its cooldown), can target the bench, can lifesteal, and gets massive damage reduction bonuses, and silveris has a spammable lifesteal move along with some powerful single target skills. With the right boosts, these curios will almost always defeat multiple enemies, and frequently wipe full teams.

Tier 2
Anzu (4* air)
Penzai (4* earth)

Tier 2 curios may not be able to compete toe to toe with tier 1s, but still have very strong kits compared to most curios. These are good enough to win almost all pvp/cvc matches at the highest levels of pvp provided you play them properly and have strong boosts.

Tier 3
Erebus (4* darkness)
Thundiger (3* electric)

Tier 3 curios are adequate to win against all but the best of pvp/cvc in most cases provided you play them well and swap liberally to give yourself type advantages. If the AI starts off with a fritter's crossfire and fair flare, these curios will not be fast enough to deal with it.

Tier 4
Roclocust (3* earth)
Gentacles (3* water)
Pterowatt (3* electric)

Tier 4 curios are "fine". Barely passable at the highest levels of pvp, these tend to only be able to defeat a tier1/2 curio if you get lucky with the ai choosing poor skill orders/missing or you make use of elemental type advantages.

Below this, most 3*s are grouped into tier 5 as their power variations are small compared to the differences between other tiers. I'll eventually attempt to determine lower tiers, but anything below tier 4 is not good enough if you hope to top pvp.

Thanks for reading! If you have anything to add, feel free to message me. If you found this useful, please post a reply to keep it bumped and alive!
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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Time Pirates] Feedback

The main issues that I’ve had with the game fall into three aspects – controls, pricing, and weapon balance.

The most important thing to change is the way the game controls – the little player input that exists during a firefight is extremely unresponsive and does not allow for basic mechanics in similar games such as leading shots or switching targets effectively. If the controls were simplified to arrows for movement and mouse to aim/fire, the whole experience would be a lot more enjoyable.

The pricing is strange, to say the least. Reviving a teammate costs far too much – considering you may only get a few thousand dark matter in a raid, why would you ever revive a teammate for 5k? Once you get buildings producing dark matter and coins, most prices become a non-issue anyways. It may make sense to increase the amount of money you gain from single player missions, as you hardly get anything for actually playing the game compared to just waiting around for buildings to produce money. Weapon/character upgrades are priced reasonably, though.

Some weapons are extremely powerful, while others are nearly useless. The dragon breath premium weapon dishes out absurd damage (which I suppose is to be expected for a gun that costs $5), whereas the other premium weapon deals almost no damage and is only useful for stunning organic enemies, yet costs the same. If the clouds made by the weapon did a damage over time effect, the gun wouldn’t be useless against machines. As it stands, the higher end non-premium weapons are just more useful than the sniper rifle in many situations. The way damage is balanced seems to favor weapons that fire out multiple projectiles, which doesn’t work too well with the current control system’s poor accuracy either.

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / Things to take note while playing TDD

Here are answers to a few more questions that have been very frequently asked on the chat.

Are there any ways to lower how many 1s I roll? – Early on in the game you’ll unlock the PVP area. There you can unlock rewards for earning trophy dice, and some of the left column rewards reduce the chance of you rolling a 1. Get them ASAP!

When do I get to use items? – You’ll get the item NPC about halfway through the main game. After that, you can equip items freely.

Why can’t I capture monsters? – To capture a monster, it must be the last one alive. You’ll need to deal exactly as much damage as it has health – you can take as many turns as you want to weaken the monster down, but if you overroll even once then you will no longer be able to capture the monster. The trick is to rent a monster catcher, put at least one heal die on all but one of your party members so that they can skip their turns without doing damage, and equip items that lower your damage on one of your party members, preferably a party member with only a 1x core die (your adventurer is a great choice for this!). If you lower your damage to 10 or 20%, you’ll have no problem avoiding an overroll.

Can you capture bosses? – You can’t catch bosses when they appear as a boss, although almost all bosses appear later in the game as normal enemies and can be captured then. The remaining bosses can be obtained through the monster hunter.

Does my storage need to be full to get DNA from catching monsters? – You normally get DNA instead of a monster from catching a monster when you are out of storage space, but you can also get a captured monster’s DNA by releasing it. It is strongly recommended that you get DNA by releasing monsters rather than having a full party, as you may get items, phoenix ups, or dice shards as an added bonus.

Wiki? – Wiki.

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / Suggestion Superthread

At very least, the rare monsters need to have some benefit. Right now, rare monsters are just boring roadblocks with too much health. Adding exclusive items that only drop from rares or placing double the overkill coin cap on rare monsters would at least give some purpose to them existing.

Core dice have a huge impact on how useful a character is – a monster with a quad core die and 3 multiplier dice stacked on will always be more useful than a main hero stuck with a 1x core die and the same multiplier dice. Giving the option for players to swap a hero’s core die with other risky dice (anything except health, multiplier, or >1 dice) would make the heroes useful later in the game where monsters are currently doing most of the damage.

Poison dice are just too weak without multiplier dice right now, but would be too strong if just given normal multiplier dice. Instead, why not have poison multiplier dice but give them a 0 side. If the 0 is rolled, all poison damage on that roll is set to 0 but the turn would not end. There would still be risk attached, but not severe enough to be unviable.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Feature Requests (not multiplayer)

Originally posted by Behemoth542:

A mute button would be appreciated too. Also the ability to add music ourselves to the game

There are already two mute buttons in the game. One is at the title screen, and another is on the options panel at the bottom left during any level.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] Feedback Thread

Good to hear you’re all still alive! Other than mobile, where do you plan to release the game? It’d be nice to get back into it once there’s a playerbase built up again.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Lunaria Story] New Server

Originally posted by InVasNox:

Blue VIP is VIP6

Vip 6 is $250+
Green vip is Vip5

Vip 5 is $100

Wow… you obviously have not a clue what you’re talking about. Green VIP is 1-3, which ranges from $5-45. Blue VIP is 4-6, which begins at $50. Also, VIP 6 isn’t even at $250.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] Is the game pay to win? Experiment time!

Glad I was able to help you, and thanks for the kind words =)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] Is the game pay to win? Experiment time!

Originally posted by skullhead51:

So at the 2100 rating range the AIs are really easy? Well new bots are coming so that might change.

It’s not that the AIs are easy – they do keep getting more difficult. What changes is that you start losing more rank on a loss and gaining less on a win to the point where you’ll need multiple wins to make up for a loss. If your skill is staying the same, so should your rating, and that means you’re winning more often than you’re losing.

I’ll give a quick example – let’s say your skill maximum is about 2250 and your current rating is 2230. You might need to win a few times to get to 2250, at which point you’ll lose because the bots will be better than you. Losing will drop you back to 2230, and so you’ll win a few times more before hitting that 2250 mark.


Win: 2230-2235 ranking. Gain 40000 nuggets.
Win: 2235-2240 ranking. Gain 40000 nuggets, giving you a total of 80000 gain.
Win: 2240-2245 ranking. Gain 40000 nuggets, giving you a total of 120000 gain.
Win: 2245-2250 ranking. Gain 40000 nuggets, giving you a total of 160000 gain.
Lose: 2250-2230 ranking. Lose 50000 nuggets, giving you a total of 110000 gain but setting you back to where you began. Every time you repeat that cycle, you’re gaining a large amount of money.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] Is the game pay to win? Experiment time!

I’ve seen a lot of people complaining that the game is about buying new items before you can gain rank, or that skill is less important than gear. In order to prove that mindset wrong, I made an account named NotPayToWin to start fresh with 1500 rating and no items, and set some ground rules:

1. I could not buy anything with kreds on that account

2. The only power I was allowed to buy would be the slingshot. The slingshot is the one power that I would say is vastly superior to its alternative, the cannon. Anyone who doesn’t yet have this unlocked should really invest in it as it hits harder and can be fired faster than the cannon.

3. I would not be allowed to use any lucky mystery box finds (gear that would give a large stat advantage), nor would I be allowed to even buy mystery boxes with earned currency.

4. If I got more than one loss before reaching 2100 rating, I would automatically give up and no longer argue against anyone who claims that the game is p2w. This would give me a safety net in case of any stupid mistakes while playing, but would still keep things strict enough that it would be a true challenge to prove my viewpoint that the game can be played without spending any real money.

(Note that once you reach around the 2100 rating range, you can simply farm inferno for nuggets and get a maxed set of legendary gear within 5-7 hours assuming you maintain your rating for that time, so no kreds are required to unlock everything quickly and get your desired item sets. If able to make it to that point without spending a cent and without trouble, I would have proof that the game is not pay to win.)

Within 45 minutes, the account had 2227 rating and no losses, putting it at 3rd place on the rankings. If that isn’t proof enough that items aren’t the main factor, I don’t know what is.

The game is not pay to win, it’s simply pay to get content faster. Once you get a solid grasp on the mechanics, you’ll have no trouble rising up the ranks regardless of if you’re able to spend money to help out the devs or not.
Best of luck!