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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / With Which class Did You complete the Game?

I did the whole game with Ranger after I unlocked him. Apparently, the dog can be a monstrous tank that can instakill any Horror that didn’t start blocking a lot.

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Topic: Curio Quest / Blank Screen

I got a bit farther, but I cant get past the loading screen. Outline besides the loading circle just has music playing and black screen, none else.

Pretty much the same problem here!

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / It seems like Poison Dice miss more often than other dice.

Originally posted by jfirecat1998:

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Sir, this is the wrong post. Please leave if you are for the wrong game.

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / how to roll a dice correctly!

Originally posted by runeman64:

almeck,take a look at my instructions carefully,it will come to expectation,just look at the top of the die,make sure it does not have a red dot,then click the die,the top of the die is the indication

You cant even indicate it because of, like Almeck said, the reaction time needed to have your mouse lose virginity at the speed your clicking. Even if you followed those direction’s you’d get a Red eventually…

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Topic: Redshift / We need more use for Carbon

I would think that 5K would be for commons, 15K for rares, 30K for epics, 60K for Legendaries and 100K for immortals.

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Topic: Astroflux / New ship = farmer / tractor

A slow ship that can take a lot of stuff…sounds like a carrier to me more than a “Hypernova fast OP WTFREMOVEITPLOX” ship. Mows down small enemies…hmmm. Perhaps it could send out bots that do damage based on how small an enemy is (Things like Zlattes die, including Larvae and other small things. Aureus take moderate damage but not enough to OP kill them. Large things such as the Bionic Queen, Dread Queen, Queen and Drak cant be effected by it either…) and it could also possibly have a Sucker weapon, that drains the materials out of an enemy. The higher the amount its latched on to the enemy, the more materials you get. Scales with the enemy’s level perhaps?

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Topic: Astroflux / illegal website and illegal contents of( http://astrofluxfreeforum.enji

All I read is Drug Handouts and Sex sites. Seriously…I can understand the Sex Site thing is bannable, but how can you hand some guy a drug through a computer? Shove your fist into your computer and hope your hand doesn’t go into the cooling fan but the guy/girl’s face holding a drug bottle?

Too much trolling. Here’s something to keep your cool. And yes, this is my face. (Warning: Jumpscare with sound.)

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / REMOVE FAGITUE BAR

Its irritating as heck to deal with the Fatigue bar in all standards. Xp boost when rested? That’s fine with me, actually. It makes sense with THAT part. The “Removal of not allowed to open chests at end of run because your lazy” part though, good lord. If your strong enough to walk by a load of chests that could probably make you trip, it wouldn’t kill you to open at least 1. “Your too tired!” I just walked from Nearby Village to the Volcanic area, I doubt he should be tired if he does that every day to catch a monster. Seriously, just remove the bar altogether, its annoying and the punishments of it are just ridiculous.

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / A few things that need fixed.

I have to agree with most of these: I have met Null before, and I agree the Fatigue System is rather nasty.

Its still a great game, but I discovered one OTHER bug that’s extremely exploitive:

When you meet the Hunter in the burned down Town Hall, if you somehow manage to beat him in his game of dice, you will obtain the boss beforehand, Plasmoid.

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / Suggestion Superthread

It seems that the only chest that usually has okay loot (300-500 coins or an item) is #3. Also, I think we should be able to get 1 boss monster for our team for large battles, like Boss vs Boss if the normal team dies and the Boss is still alive. It takes damage as it goes also, meaning monsters from the sides decide to try their luck and get owned at the cost of the boss’ HP.

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Topic: Astroflux / Pets

@Rune sometimes, patience is not the key. Sometimes, the key is knowing your info first and THEN having patience getting your pet meatshields. Zicky got his from Hyp elite triads…not sure about the others in Antor though. To be safe, just grind around Kapello, Hyperion and Arrenius.

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Topic: Astroflux / fulzar idea

Not everything was destroyed…they blew up the warp gate and killed off all the people, yes, but they didn’t kill off the spawners or planets because of resources and more ships to use against their enemies. Technically Azuron is still alive, just not with humans or other creatures, just LOADS AFTER LOADS OF NEZERIANS. It could possibly be linked to a unknown system in the Rapir system anyway, as its literally at its borders.

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Topic: Astroflux / Ship Idea Forum

It was found in an abandoned hangar they were trying to reclaim. After a pretty bloody battle they got killed and got it. And this was in a hangar from a long time ago where the Aureus were only JUST beginning to make its giant armada of mass destruction, thus the reason why its a prototype.

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Topic: Astroflux / Ship Idea Forum

Aureus Shard Prototype

The Aureus Shard was salvaged after destroying the Aureus aliens inside it, and it’s systems show very strange arsenals for weapons…and it also seems to have Shield Regeneration capabilities even though it has none.


Armor 10

Shield 0

Health 10

Shield Regen 10

Specialties: 30%+ energy resist
100%+ Kinetic dmg
50%+ Corrosive resist


Dash n’ Slash

This was found on the Shard’s weapon holder. It seems the Shards would rush into AF (or Nezerian) ships, then shred them to bits as they drove through their armor like butter. Be careful…

Damage: 10

Range: 5

Speed: 10 (you rush like a freaking meteor at your enemy.)

Difficulty, 10

Specialties: Armor Pierce
Shield Pierce
Take damage as you deal damage

Zlatte Launcher

The Shard must have been on board the Judicator that escaped the AFIS HQ, because this Shard has the capability to produce Zlatte’s for the Judicator to use as a bullet shield.

The Shard itself, however, does not seem to have the capabilities to normally use this…

Damage: 6

Range: 11 (As long as the Zlatte is near its enemy, it can shoot.)

Speed: 0 (Your not shooting meatshields. Your shooting robots that become meatshields.)

Difficulty: 5

Specialties: Comes from the mission chain “Aureus Threat” part 6: Destroy Judicator.

The ship itself is from Part 4: Abandoned Aureus Hangar.

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Topic: Astroflux / Ship Idea Forum

Post your idea’s of ship’s here instead of just making endless Ship Idea: [name here] posts! Its easier, and allows more then one ship idea then just one.

I got a few myself…

Mighty Oak

A strange, ancient relic discovered on a planet in Cynapsian. From the technology and looks found within this ship, it is said that it can come back from the dead if destroyed, then planted back into the ground with a repair seed. Obtainable at Cynapsian.

HP: 10
Armor: 10
Shield: 4
Speed: 3

40% Corrosive resist
60% Kinetic resist
-20% Energy resist (Lightning burns trees, and this is a tree.)

Wooden Spikes (Melee)

A weapon born from inside the Mighty Oak. It’s ability to grow back from severe damage by using charred ashes around it allow it to launch parts of itself as damage!

Damage: 10
Range: 2
Energy: 10
Speed: 8
Type: Kinetic

Repair Seed

The seed that gave birth to this monstrosity of a ship. It was analyzed and has the power to repair wood, metal and even technology in mere seconds. It has a charge, though, so use it wisely.

Heal: 10
Range: 0 (Used on self only)
Energy: 11 (11 is for weapons that can only be used once until a long time after, like after 10 minutes.)
Speed: 10 (instant)

Type: Heal

This ship is found on the mission chain “Meaning of Life”

And heres another ship:

Bionic Vanguard

A abandoned ship from the Nezerians. It was tested by the AFIS, and the results were horrifying. Its weaponry is of Aureus technology combined with a Bionic implant, on a living cannonmouth worm.

HP: 7
Armor: 6
Speed: 5
Shield: 2

Kinetic Damage 100%+
Energy Resist 30%+
Corrosive resist 30%+
Kinetic Resist 50%-

The ship itself is a giant container holding one of the most dangerous Nezerian lifeforms known at the moment. the Cannonmouth Worm, also known as Armageddon Worms, shoot some of the hardest material in space. If killed, will spawn a Armageddon Worm with 30000 HP, extremely low armor but very high resistance (80% on everything until armor is broken off) and half a million shield.


Unleash the Beast! (Non-transferrable)

Kills you, but unleashes the Armageddon Worm from the ship. Cannot be controlled, and can attack you and other players if in PvP. Any spawner killed by it becomes a Swarm enemy (Bionic Spawner,1000 HP but 99% resistance on everything, armor piercing lasers and the ability to spawn Bionic Locust, which have 20 HP and 99% Resistance, however are extremely fast and low damaging.)

Damage: 11 (Kills you, but spawns a ‘pet’ that does major damage.)
Energy: 11 (Again, your not using energy if your dead are you?)
Range: 11 (Can go as far as it can go with its AI, so long as it sees an enemy that isn’t you.)
Difficulty: 10 (Hardest weapon to use, considering you die and you probably wont know where the giant monster went in a large system.)

Type: Every type (Kinetic if it rams you and fires boulders formed in its stomach as ammo, Corrosive if it vomits acid at low health, and Energy if it latches onto you and uses the Bionic implant’s battery to fry your ship’s circuits.)

Charge (Non-transferrable)

Your container of death rushes forward, letting the Worm attack anything near it with its teeth, dealing Kinetic damage.

Damage: 7
Range: ??? (Depending on your ship’s speed when used, it could be fast or slow. Same duration but slower or faster rushs.)
Energy: 10 (It takes a lot to keep the Worm from breaking through your iron grasp.)
Difficulty: 10 (If you miss, you hope to god it decides to bite the enemy as you pass by. If you do hit though, the enemy can still damage you as you tear it to shreds with bullets.)

Giga Cannon

A organic weapon inside the Worm, it is said that it uses acids from inside the Worm’s belly to solidify into a projectile to hunt its prey. It also has the ability to spray a corrosive counterpart if it is injured badly.

Type: 50% Kinetic 50% Corrosive (Kinetic if its a boulder, Corrosive if its the acid spray.)

Damage: 10 (Its a freaking rock going a lot of miles through space, non stop…its gotta hurt.)
Energy: 10 (Vomiting a huge boulder through your mouth at an enemy makes you nauseous. Same goes with this worm.)
Range: 9
Speed: ??? (Can be charged, like the Nuke Launcher. Has a very long time to fully charge, and its speed is depending on how much is charged.)
Difficulty: 10 (Many people can see this weapon coming from the glow, and it is also expected if you get up close while not going very fast. If you DO hit though, your rewarded. If you miss, energy loss.)

That’s about it. The Armageddon Worm is also a ship itself, however it is a very large ship (Tefat size) that is compressed inside the tiny container with a temporary shrink ray to contain its body, and leave the Head to be seen as a weapon. It is black, with red spots on its back and large white fangs. Its eyes are seen near the head on the sides of it. Its tail also servers as a smaller Acid Spray, like Chel’s Flame Trail. It is like Chel and Advectorian: Once you kill a part of it off, it is useless unless it kills enough ships to regen the parts.

The worm cannot be spawned in Antor systems, or the following systems: King of the Zone, Dm2 (NO GIANT WORM SPAM.), Kritillian, Hozar, Zergilin. The remaining systems can allow Unleash the Beast. Obtainable at Fulzar. However, it CAN be used in Elite Zones, and doing so will force the worm to stay within the reach of the Elite Zone’s limits. Go past the yellow line and it will begin taking massive damage until it dies, dropping nothing. Still cannot be used in Hyperion, Kapello, or Arrenius. Durian’s elite zone is actually very hard, with 2: Renegades and ??? Blobs.

The reason it is a Vanguard is because of the fact the Nezerians actually used it once, which was to destroy Azuron while using Mandrom as a main attack force. the Vanguard was used to kill the Elite zones of it, which were very well defended and killed most of Mandrom’s weaponry circuits as it tried to attack.

The worm is Bionic, so enemies in Fulzar will not attack it unless it is of the Aureus faction.

Cost: 6000 (Huge cost for a ship that can spawn a boss that could help you kill the enemies in hard sectors like Fulzar or have fun mob battles. Note that it scales with level of enemies that you kill with the ship first before using Unleash the Beast! This means, if you kill a crappy level 12 first, it will be level 12. If you have a very high leveled person, such as at level 112, it will be of that Level.

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Topic: Astroflux / CORRUPTED MODS

Originally posted by runeman64:

i have been banned for no reason by real fatality,was only talkin to a person,then i was emidiately banned from chat for 360 min,he should not be part of the mods,an attitude of his is should not be in from,for it is too strict,and a mod is never strict,but follow a rule

RealFatality is a good man…he helped me kill off a raging troll in Global. In my opinion, your more corrupt then they are, but quite a few are corrupt. Pzratnog isn’t corrupt, he just likes pet punching bags like me around, but the others that are getting a bit rude are becoming corrupt. If you wish to dance to monkey porn, do so outside of Astroflux outside the exit to the left.

Originally posted by Smokescreem:
Originally posted by runeman64:

DUDE,i think your just here to troll read what porridgehead said cause that does not clearly give you the right to act that way

Originally posted by porridgehead:

Awesomeguy: Rule number 2: NO ALL CAPS. Shouting at other users is not acceptable.

Perhaps some of you folks should read the rules. They’re really quite simple and would go a long way to helping you not get banned. Astroflux Rules

And keep in mind, getting camped, killed, loot stolen, arts snatched or simply having a bad hair day does not grant you the right to swear or otherwise break the rules. They are all part of the game. Chat infractions are not.

This is priceless. Guy depending on the rules he doesn’t give a damn about as a threat.

Im not going to feed him. Someone else do…

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Originally posted by runeman64:

Robert,just in case you think hands are just hands,if your left handed,you use the right side of your brain,if your right handed,you use the left side of your brain,pretty much something you woudnt expect but actually matters and another(only 10% of hte world is left handed,sounds impossible right?,but it is),and tomorrow,its left handers day!,HURRAY

oh and i got other evidences:turns out,religion does something to do with left handers,if you can kindly do your research or check a youtube vid about it(which has a lot of vids about it)right handers hate left handers upon religion,and if possible,todays present time

Sorry about that. 10% though…thats pretty low in amount of use. I guess most people just hate the left hand. I dont mind though, because usually no one brings it up.

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Topic: Astroflux / You could make this game into a MOBA

I can see that kind of thing happening…thing is, you’d have to limit the weaponry thats usable in order to make it fair. Death Cloud’s too OP in so many ways even though its nerfed, Plasma Torps DoT can kill anything weak to its type if its upgraded enough, Razor can lower your armor and increase damage output, etc…You’d also have to keep the items that spawn things like the Constructors and Bait alone with Controllers out of the way. It’d be too hard to code normally in the period of time the dev has.

Otherwise, if you exclude that, it could be possible. Spawners colored red or blue would spawn certain factions (You, your drones, your Carriers that spawn more drones, the Frigates that spawn Carriers that spawn Drones, etc.) along with possible neutral factions (The Swarm, Nezerians, Aureus) and allied factions depending on the team color (AFIS vs Pirates) And possibly a 4 way battle (Between the Aureus, the Nezerians, the Swarm, and the AFIS) against eachother, with rewards of troons that can be used to buy the ships you used in those battles. (All the ships would be of certain teams, and each team would have seperate Troon banks. No farming with Dread Queen and then grabbing a Aureus Sidus.)

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It might be any of those honestly. Im a left hander, and I dont get any hate from a right hander. I dont see why people should go “OMFG U LEFTAH IMA KILL U NAOW!” just because of your hands! Religion, its not really true as some of the stories in the Bible dont speak of the difference of hands. Social skill is literally useless with your hands unless its sign launguage, and talking…you dont have your vocal cords in your hands do you.

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Topic: Astroflux / BWACK SCWEEN!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for necro’ing this page that is from a 5 year old, but I have a black screen also. Any idea’s on how to fix it? Flash is completely updated, so is Java. Cache is cleared, no memory leaks, etc…

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Topic: Astroflux / missing ship where is the location

You must mean Retro. It is in Hyperion’s Hangar.

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Topic: Astroflux / rising upgradee prices when you upgrade

HALLAUJAH! HALLAUJAH! Its finally come…Steel is now MUCH better to get now, making it not much of a living hell. Thank you!

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

Granted, but then I ask for a donation.
I wish for the ability to open Belladonna’s Garden whenever I want at any time.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Pocket Starships] more hotkeys!

A configuration menu would allow you to keep the WASD and change anything else that you would want to change anyway. Some people prefer the arrow keys, others prefer WASD (Blind and me), but still, it would be nice.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Pocket Starships] Ideas for improvement

Originally posted by branden23:

a different outer lighting for fight groups that have been looking for people to join for a long period of time and a hold on button for pvp fight groups AND A MUSIC MUTE BUTTON MY GOD THATS ANNOYING

We already have a mute music button. look below when you restart the game in the right hand bottom corner. If not just go to settings and shut it off. I think we need more unique ways to fight instead of just shooting and healing/nuking…perhaps abilities for certain ships? For example, Unicorn has Unicorn EMP. Bloodstorm and the rest have nothing, making Unicorn unique that it is the only ship that an EMP an enemy at low HP.