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Topic: Galaxy Online / Quality Gifts for a Quality Game! (unlocked)

Dont see why if you actually play the game you wouldnt just rate it 5 star nd get ur free resource…. Whats the point in not getting free stuff.

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Topic: Call of Gods / What is this Shit?

Despite whether you can use em or not, people like PINKPUFFBALL or whatever his name is really should spend more time playing the game then shitting on CoG in forums. All i ever see the pink puff do is complain and ask for fixes on everything. him and GREENLIZARD should get together and have a pitty party cuz the easiest solution i have found to any of the issues they most often like to complain about is to just stop playing. Even better. PINKPUFFBALL calls CoG malicious for the obviously humorous response given when really if you look at almost any post he gives, he is more then simply disrespectful to the CoG people. Obviously i am not gonna bother to look for pink puffs name or green lizard for all that matters in this forum or in the game. Anyone who is that rude on a regular basis to not only staff but to his fellow players should take a loud off of everyone else’s backs and stop playing.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Have you changed the loot table again?

Here is what i get from this. The higher level you are the more you think things should drop for you, i agree the drop rates are dumb but honestly, I just dropped 4 times in a row from d6h, last night my last drop from d7h was good and i did one run of d8h and once again, drop occurred. Purg drops have always sucked and are not steady. I do think it is funny that when the guy says “yeh maybe if people would leave us alone we would look at things more concretely at times” you don’t get the point. This has been the reason from the start. These forums have always been negative and riddle me this, has gotten nothing accomplished. Mind you its a low budget flash game and if you really pump money into the game like s8 high levels in united then its your own fault that your mad.