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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#50] Voting

After playing the majority of the games, I’ve found some of them to be pretty good, some that were ok, and the rest of them I did not enjoy (some of which were not bad games). Here’s my list of my top 2 picks and the honorable mentions (will be updated as I play more and revisit them again).

1. Aisleen
2. Interdimensional Dave

Honorable Mentions (not in any particular order):
Our Earth
Carpe Diem
Pressure between Lasers
I’m Sorry, this game is Impossible

Game in 10 secondsTukkun always happens to make games that get me addicted, and it’s almost always an idle game like this one xD

CiggbitCembly – Reminds me of when I first started coding simple programs. Unfortunately I found some obstacles when I did start programming (namely, cooperating with others who simply did not cooperate at all) that convinced me that this was not what I will do in the future. I miss those days though, and this game is a great game that can help revive the few good times I had back then.

Extreme Electronic Evasion

With all these games in this contest, I enjoyed playing most of them, finding any bugs (to help with improving the game after the contest ends), and either completing the game, getting all the achievements (if possible), or reaching the high scores with each one.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / [GUIDE] PLAY EE ON KONG - WHEN ITS DOWN

works for me, thanks xfrogman43 (and lrussell).

Note: Yeah, I’m having issues too, at least around 3 hours ago I stopped connecting to the game, and cannot access it again. The game does load, but fails to get past the winter loading screen.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / magic coins more difficult to get now?

No, magic coins are not removed. They are still around. It’s just a significantly low chance of getting them.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Pol Warbot stopped or not?

He’s working on a newer version of the bot. Pol Warbot version 3.0. It’s the main reason why he’s not around.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Energy amount

Mine is 513. How is it that high? Magic coins. It’s the only way to increase your max energy. By your first post, if you meant to say that you wanted a way to upgrade how fast you get your energy back? It’s not going to happen. The timer has and always will be 2 minutes and 30 seconds for each energy. I think it’s enough, considering that the updates aren’t very often nowadays.

And magic coins are still around. By magic being disabled, i think what is meant is that either magic coins can no longer be found in coin farms, or that the older system of level-up magic has been removed. Everyone has been refunded a good amount of max energy (the amount refunded was based on your current level at that time). I always felt that the level-up magic system felt quite restricting, as many items that are available now (especially potions) were previously restricted by your current level.

If anyone replies that getting magic coins during that time was easy, i have to remind you guys about when they first brought it out. Sure, getting them WAS easy, but your level went down based on how long you went without playing, and your current level. The longer you went without playing, the faster you went down to level 1. The higher your level, the faster it dropped. I believe it was around that time that the owner, MrShoe, left the game, and MrVoid, joined and removed the magic coin removal system.

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Topic: War of Omens / Communication Error

I just experienced one, but it was due to the use of the card Corruption at extremely high values (around 1500+ skulls, Merchant Guild might do the same thing as well). I was curious about whether there was a limit on resources, since health has a limit of 99. I was about to reach 100,000 coins using Corruption multiple times when the communication error message popped up. It didn’t help that the game was slowing down to a crawl with the high number of coins being generated by Corruption.

Don’t ask why I wanted to know about the limits for resources. I just wanted to know (not that I could do anything with it anyways). All I found out was that the game cannot display more than 4 digits of a resource at a time. For example, 15,214 was read as 1521 by the game (while still keeping count of that 4 when adding up the coins).

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Topic: Everybody Edits / kicking peoples for no reason

Originally posted by MillionAEuro: And I know why they have long names… to be pure noobs so people get bored when typing.

Me? I don’t like the sound of that :P

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Topic: Everybody Edits / PC (Phoenix Crew)

Hmm… I might join, but I will be on and off at times, mostly due to college.

IGN: Bored5555
Role: Mini Maker
Rank: Private
Levitation Challenge (Update: Maze 2 got buffed and two harder minis were added)
Impossible Mission (Sword was done by someone else)
Impossible Mission 2 (Dragon Art was done by someone else)
Coin Block Mission 1
Backtrack Mission 1
Speed RGB 1
Speed RGB 2
Auto Coaster 1
Auto Coaster 2
Auto Coaster 3
Win to get Edit (Art is done by other users, not me)

Level that is currently a work in process:
Speed Challenge WIP

Also, a few for art (I will only assist with art, not make it):
Easy Background Art1
Easy Background Art2
Easy Background Art3

I have some more, but these are the more significant ones, despite being quite old. Unless mentioned otherwise, I did some of the art in my own levels.

I excel at making difficult minis, testing minis, and making blockless AFKs.

Note: For Speed Challenge, I need some suggestions for what minis i should make that require the extra speed needed to complete them, and some testers to help out with it as well.

Second Note: Due to the update removing potions and adding effects to the game (fly effect, jump effect, curse, zombie, protection, speed, all of which are permanent buffs until removed, as well as teams), Jump Challenge is currently impossible to beat and I cannot continue my work on Speed Challenge until I buy the Speed effect. Levitation Challenge features a zombie section, which is currently unplayable until I get the Zombie Effect.

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Topic: League of Angels / [Forum Event] Start the New Year the Right Way!

Happy Birthday LoA!
Server 3

Quite thankful to everyone for, well, everything. Kongregate, for being made and providing us a chance to access these games, LoA, for giving us these servers to play the game, each and everyone’s families for helping us get this far (and getting us here period), schools for giving us the proper education, and our friends for just being there when we really need them. Also anyone else that wasn’t mentioned

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Topic: League of Angels / Diamond Roulette bug

Hmm… Maybe all 5 attempts must be in the same day? or did you do all five in a single day? If three attempts were done yesterday and two today, I would assume that it wouldn’t count. But a lack of a concrete description on how this works does bother me.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / how do level 6 cities score so high on contested?

Most likely depends on how you upgraded stuff. If you upgraded immediately whenever you were able to, your level goes up that much more slowly. On the other hand, if you’re focused on having a variety of buildings and expansion, you will have a high level but low firepower.

I’m not sure if CT can differentiate between whether someone is lvl 6 on the first city or the second city, or at least tell other players that they are using a lvl 6 city that happens to be their 2nd city (which has the advantage of engineering monkeys).

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Pacifist Mode?

Not me. Did you activate Pacifist Mode? It doesn’t do it for you if that’s what you thought it did. Mind you, I’m the type to get attacked every day and lose every battle, so I feel much safer with it on.

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Topic: League of Angels / Question on HoC vouchers

The cards will carry over from event to event, but the points accumulated from the cards will not.

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Topic: League of Angels / [Forum Event] Autumn Reflections

To be honest, October doesn’t really mean much to me. If anything, i get to see all the silly costumes kids and teenagers dress up in when they go trick-or-treating to my house. Hmm… what are the odds of someone designing a costume based on this game? Nah… that would be too silly, and very unlikely to occur. But, those “what if’s” can always occur.

I tend not to do much on Halloween. Maybe watch other people play horror-based games with jump scares, and buy and give out some candy to everyone else who comes to visit.

- Bored of Kongregate S3

Note: My tag is Bored. Although I am starting to feel Bored about this game and server… and my inability to catch up with others as a free-to-play player. Kongregate doesn’t make me feel Bored though xP

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What happens to free-to-play players? Cant exactly expect diamonds to be transferred if there were none in the first place. Do we just lose everything and get no compensation in return? (presumably if this were to happen to us, of course)

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Topic: League of Angels / Cross-Server War Bugs, Post here!

I’ve been able to join CS (Server 3), but only by closing the Queue window after starting one. It then lets me in normally. Otherwise, keeping the Queue window open doesn’t let me into CS.

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Topic: League of Angels / League of Angels System Update 9/3 - New PVE Dark Abyss

S3- Selecting Trench Knights causes (seemingly) infinite loading. For now, I say we should avoid selecting Trench Knights, as this choice will end a Dark Abyss run.

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Topic: League of Angels / [Announcement] US-East Servers Team Arena Issue

Due to the TA bug (and I had only gotten on for the morning) I am currently unable to get the sky Archer clothing by 2 pieces (assuming the TA attempts count today and tomorrow). It’s frustrating to be busy so often that a bug like this could jeopardize my attempts to get even one piece of clothing that is supposed to be free.

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Topic: League of Angels / Gold Organza Shard Information Typo

For some reason, the Gold Organza Shard reads as follows:

Collect 250 to synth Dragonblood Drapes clothing.

Although the statement is true, in that you need 250 to synth Dragonblood Drapes clothing, or that you need 250 Gold Organza shards to synth Gold Organza clothing, the typo makes it confusing for those who just got the Gold Organza Shards.

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Free DP's

About making it easier to get dp a little easier… it was one of their updates that did such a thing (arena, completing a chapter for dp, etc.). An update before that had risen the prices of the cards from the original 40k coins, 90 cp, 3 dp, 5 dp, 10 dp, 20 dp (all series 1), to the prices you see now. Why so high an increase in price? The addition of a few cards; specifically, the addition of 3-4 arena cards per series 1 pack. Since the arena cards had no prices before (due to being top-ranking arena rewards only), they changed that by increasing the series 1 packs prices to amounts free-to-play players (like myself) would not be able to afford as easily. I don’t play arena like many others do, so I rarely had much dp at any time. You won’t find me joining any of the tourneys either.

I’ve pretty much left the game, only coming back rarely to see if a new chapter is out (and if not, then collecting more energy gifts).


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Topic: League of Angels / Get Ready for a New Event: Angel Exclusive!

I’d prefer not to spend kreds on this game. I would rather use it for something else.

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Topic: League of Angels / Get Ready for a New Event: Angel Exclusive!

so… basically, free to play players cannot participate in this event, unless they got lucky in the group buy Lotto event?

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / series 2 update

At the rate it is going, I would say that it won’t be anytime soon. I’ve been waiting for 2 months at this point for the next chapter. The last chapter released was on April 30th. It is about to hit the 3 month mark now, and they typically take 2 weeks to release chapters. The fact that they haven’t released any spoilers about what to expect for the next chapter means that they have not started working on it, or that they do not plan on working for it until they finish the next ‘big’ thing coming up, whatever that may be.

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Topic: League of Angels / [BUG] S3: list of known bugs

If and when compensation is made for this, I’m a bit annoyed with the thought of getting honor for compensation. I have soooo much that I dont need to do the Cross Server for a long while. I would like something else for the compensation, like a large amount of Prestige (since raiders has been crippled so much that earning prestige quickly through other means is not likely until it raiders is fixed, both for the false/tatum bug and the raiders activity itself).

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Topic: League of Angels / [BUG] S3: list of known bugs

First, Character Data vs Battle Data (In regards to HP)
(Note: A single arena attempt was used immediately after getting the images for each character’s data, continuously replaying it until all information had been placed in screenshots.)

(Important Note: A Clash of Might replay was used for the angel images only. The one replay used for the Angel data is the one displayed at the top of this particular image:

Main Hero





One thing I’ve noted from the use of past battles (through the use of logs in Clash of Might) is that the true HP is actually that from the battles, and not the HP from the character/hero stats screens. By extension, one can assume that the actual stats for each character could be wrong as well.

Next, the Display Issues with each of the windows for each activity on the main screen. Due to the fact that one cannot simply access the server time for each activity (Raiders, Arena, Garden, Gemology, Dragonsouls, etc.), the following images deal with those that can see the server time:





And finally, the case with the False opponents in Arena, and Tatum and False in Raiders:
(Note: Since there is no possible way to see the server time, we can only deal with seeing more images of their existence in both raiders and arena)


Final Note: Due to the large amount of files that had to be uploaded to make this post, would it actually be necessary to have each individual image shown rather than be a clickable link for one to see for themselves?