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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Thank you both!

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread


GAME #1: sidescrolling shooter with awesome graphics and destructible scenery. I remember that you fight in a train and then the train crashes. Later you are on board a nuclear missile and have to fight the bad guy and disarm the nuke. The main reason I remember this game is the levels are very dynamic and change a lot. There are levels where you get to drive a tank or APC (still side scrolling).

GAME #2: it was a platformer/adventure game where you had to go from screen to screen and each item you collected gave you a new power, like double jump. It was NOT Robot Wants Kitty/Puppy/IceCream. I remember there were boots that let you jump higher. I think there was an underwater level and also a snow level (with a yeti?) and at the end you had to go to the final part of the game by triple-jumping up a cliff on the left side of the starting zone.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / June 18, 2012 Update Build Notes

I have some real problems with Lunar. I don’t want to prejudge it, I’ll probably play a day or two more before typing up some thoughts about it.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / New Map, Moon Base, Update

I’m gonna give this map another try today and see if I feel differently.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / New Map, Moon Base, Update

New map: I like it but it feels very open and exposed compared to Shuttle Bay. The “edges” of the map also make less sense, as a scout I don’t like bumping into invisible walls and ceiling. I love the speed-ramp and the green boosts.

New mode: Don’t like at the moment. VERY chaotic. It feels like a race to get from point to point. Once a point is captured suddenly it stops mattering. This is exacerbated by the lack of places to rest, heal, team up, etc. Kills also seem to matter less, whereas Shuttle Bay was closer to team deathmatch. Lag is high, not sure if it’s the map, or all the people logging in to see, or the move from 12 to 16 players.

SUGGESTION: Make the grey CAPTURE symbol in the HUD a different color, brighter, bigger etc. Right now it gets lost in the clutter and it’s very important for this mode.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / New Map, Moon Base, Update

Today or tomorrow, I can’t wait to go to the Mooooon :D

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Best Scouts?

Why is it always Tank players who rag on Scout for being a supposed no-skill class? Is it because y’all are insecure? :p

Anyway, prepkunow is one of the top five.

The most important skills for a scout to master are, in no particular order

1. Multitasking and switching quickly between capturing, clearing snipers, mopping up wounded, turning 1v1 duels into 2v1s, basically being wherever you are needed and getting in and out quickly.

2. Grenade aiming and timing, particularly “airstrike grenades” that hit the target from high up, forming a damage burst with your other attacks.

3. Mobility tricks. Anticipating enemy’s line of fire and either maneuvering out of the enemy’s sight while continuing to fire, or drawing their fire to distract them so a nearby teammate can melee.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Dotrawr's Tanking Guide

Summarized from a Scout’s point of view:

1. Jump into the CP
2. Use the hammer
3. Use buckler and shell to cheat death
4. VS Scout: wait for them to come to you, then hit them. If they’re not stupid, you should turn on shield and back away into your base.

Can you tell I love Tanks

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / TECH-nically Not Viable

By the way… LFT is not a skill level.

The game runs on an ELO system which implies that once everyone’s ELO ranking is balanced against everyone else’s, then you should win exactly 50% of your games.

So rank is just a function of how many games you have played. The people who have reached LFT are the ones who play five, ten, or even more games per day.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / TECH-nically Not Viable

Back on topic, in the early days of exploring the game many people thought Tech was OP and Gunner was UP. Now we have learned the utility of sniping, especially on this particular map (clear the CP from a safe distance) so Gunner is more appreciated. WRT Tech, people used to let a Sup reach III (or even two SupIIIs), that does not happen anymore because people understand the danger.

The Tech’s contribution to the game at this new level of play is more about its healbeam. Yes the Tech has less survivability but that has to be balanced against the survivability increases of the players all around a good tech. The Tanks especially.

Somewhat like DualSmoke, I would like to see the repairbeam be rebalanced so that it could either heal yourself (left click?) OR heal ONE teammate (right click). No chaining. This new healbeam would be more powerful to compensate.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / TECH-nically Not Viable

Originally posted by freerangegames: we don’t have enough mechanisms in place to encourage coordination.

Graphical icon next to each player’s name in the tab screen showing which class they have selected.

Hammer for Tank
Wings for Scout
Rifle for Gunner
Medic cross for Tech

With a red X over it if the player is currently in respawn.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / 3 vs 8 screanshot

i dont get why the game put you and shin on the same team.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / New Weapons Coming Soon

I distinctly remember FRG promising that Scout would get nunchucks. where are my nunchucks?!!?!?!? DISAPPOINTED

just kidding of course. this will be great.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Best Place for Tech Suppressor

Two rules

Can it be sniped? = bad position
Can it be melee’d? = bad position

Thus one of the best positions is inside the hole at the top of the ship

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / How to beat a team with too much of one class

1 Tank 1 Tech 1 Gunner 3 Scouts?

Too many Scouts

My team switches to 3 Tanks 2 Scouts 1 Tech

Tanks win the center battle 3>1, 2 Scouts keep your Gunner from sniping them, and the Tech sets up the sups. We win on points while your Scouts fly around the outside desperately looking for something to kill

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / New Map Ideas

I want a map that is so tall it takes the Scout two or three full jetpacks to reach the top of it.

Right now, Shuttle Bay is about one and a quarter Scout-jetpacks tall.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / How to beat a team with too much of one class

It follows naturally from this that the following team is very hard to beat:

2-3 Tanks in the control point to hold it for points
2-3 Techs with Turrets in the control point to back the Tanks up and heal them
2-3 Scouts to keep the alcoves clear of snipers and to harass enemies that get ejected from the control point
1-2 Gunners to protect against the enemy switching to entirely-Tank-charge mode.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / How to beat a team with too much of one class

1. If you notice the enemy team has lots of Scouts

Switch your team over to Tanks, with a few Techs for backup.

Scouts prey on wounded or isolated enemies, using hit-and-run tactics. Scouts have no staying power and do poorly in toe-to-toe battles.

Thus, use tanks in the control point and back them up with techs and suppressors. Any damage the scouts do to your tanks will quickly be healed by the techs. The suppressors will make the control point a death zone for enemy scouts.

2. If you notice the enemy team has lots of Gunners

You need to be playing more Scouts.

Gunners need peace and quiet to snipe. Scouts are the best class for taking on a sniper. The others are two slow; they’re liable to either be sniped, or let the Gunner escape.

3. If you notice the enemy team has lots of Techs

You must start playing lots of Tanks and Gunners.

If left alive, Techs will quickly shut down your team. You need to kill the Techs before turning to the other enemies. If the tech is surrounded by teammates, you also need to deal lots of damage FAST or they will heal themselves. This can be done by sniping them, or by charging them with the tank.

4. If you notice the enemy team has lots of Tanks

The situation for dealing with lots of enemy tanks depends on if they are actively backed up by Techs. If so, you need to countercharge with Tanks and Gunners.

If the Tanks are not in a controlpoint defense, the best tool is Scouts. The Scouts need to cooperate with your other teammates; frighten the enemy Tanks into triggering their bubble shield, then swoop in with Scout when it expires.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Exquisite

Thank you for making changes based on player suggestions.

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Shinichi used the Turbo Kick to repeatedly kick my butt out of the air last night :P

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / DEVS: please reign in the AFK timer

Originally posted by freerangegames:

The new map will also alleviate some of the imbalance because higher ranked players will get to player there.

very good idea. MSg and above?

I’ve noticed that MSg-dominated games are much better balanced. Presumably because the Elo system has seen us play long enough to rank us accurately.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tutorial

I think you guys really need a controls tutorial. Here’s my whack at it:


Use WASD + mouse to move around the map.

Tap the Space ket to leap forward. Hold down Space to fly. Your jetpack has limited fuel but refills over time.
If you are a Tank, holding down Space charges your super-jump. You will fly forward at high speed when you release Space.

Left mouse button to shoot. Your gun reloads automatically when out of ammo. You can also press R to reload.
Hold down the right mouse button for lock-on aiming. This will lock your gun onto an enemy providing the target enemy is near enough and you are aiming in his general direction. WARNING: when locked-on, your gun will fire more slowly, meaning less damage.

Every class has a gun and an alternate weapon. You can switch to the secondary weapon with the 2 key. Switch back to primary by pressing 1.

The SCOUT has a melee sword.
The TANK has a melee hammer.
The GUNNER has a sniper rifle.
The TECH has a healing ray (can heal self, teammates, turrets).

Every class can unleash a powerful melee attack by pressing E. This has a short cooldown.

Every class has a super attack that uses the Q button and has a long cooldown.

The SCOUT gains super speed.
The GUNNER kneels, cannot move, but gains super accuracy. This power does not have a cooldown.
The TANK gains an armor bubble that is practically invulnerable. Only concussion grenades can disable it. This power has a very long cooldown.
The TECH deploys a Suppressor, which is a turret sentry gun. The Suppressor can be upgraded to Level II and Level III by pressing Q again when you’re near it.

Each class has Armor and Health. If your Armor is damaged, it will repair itself every once in a while to full capacity (accompanied by a “power up” sound). However, if your Armor is reduced to zero, you will start taking damage to your Health. The first damage to your Health is accompanied by a loud alarm. Health doesn’t heal back by itself.

To heal your Health, collect one of the large floating red crosses scattered on the battlefield. There are 2 in your base, and 2 more in alcoves on the map. You can also be healed by the Tech’s secondary weapon, the heal ray.

You can carry three grenades at a time. Use F to fire one. Collect more grenades from the purple bomb symbols at either end of the map. Grenades are very useful for stunning and killing enemies. However beware, you can harm yourself with your own grenades.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / DEVS: please reign in the AFK timer

Played another couple of games today where this was a real problem :\

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / DEVS: please reign in the AFK timer

1. Please change the AFK timer to 1 minute as soon as you can.

2. When you have resources to devote to it, I suggest a 1 minute timer starts every time you are inside your own base, whether you are AFK or not, that ends with you being kicked to lobby. There can be a visual cue for the last 10 seconds of the countdown.

Reason: I asked FRG tonight in chat, when would the Elo system be implemented, he said it has been already. That was a big surprise… Really cannot tell that it’s in the game.

One of the reasons is the AFK timer. Players can sit AFK for about 4-6 minutes and not get ejected. Meanwhile because of their Elo contribution, the other team gets stacked.

It’s fairly common to have a nominally “balanced” 5v6 or 7v7 server but the real situation in terms of people who are outside the base, playing the game, is 2v5 or even 3v8.

Making sure the teams are balanced is one of the larger holes in the game right now especially since you haven’t implemented players getting to choose their teams. When one team gets outmatched, that leads to a death spiral. The losing team quits to lobby because they don’t want to play a frustrating game where every time they leave the base they are pounced on by Scouts like me that are desperate for something to shoot at.

I know that the Elo system is still getting a feel for everyone’s skill and eventually games will be more even. However, 5 minutes is way too much time for the AFK timer.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Hackers, Bugs, or Glitches

user: haviken
time: right now

He was tank, but zipping around at Scout speed for more than a minute. As a scout I had difficulty keeping up with him. He was able to zoom all over the base with the melee. He said it was a glitch he discovered.