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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Parallel Kingdom] Bug reports

Toimu, thanks for the reports. They are very helpful. Here are some responses:

I had to refresh my browser (Chrome) to stop chopping and do other stuff.

Occasionally the browser loses connection with the game server. It’s somewhat typical on browser games that require a constant server connection such as this one. We are always working on ways to improve the system, so it happens less or fixes itself automatically. That said, a quick refresh will fix a lot of problems.

I cannot use my Kong character on the main site or iPhone app. I don’t want to remake my character, I don’t want to play 2 characters, just wish I could play on multiple platforms.

We are working on a way for you to be able to play your Kong character on the main site. This functionality should be live within a week or so. For the mobile versions (iPhone/Android), they are actually a completely different world on a different server. You are free to create a new account to play on the mobile world using your mobile device. This is done mostly for security purposes to keep web browsers from wreaking any sort of havoc on the mobile world server.

Under ‘New Person Protection’ I was able to enter some peoples private (Black Flag) areas, fight monsters, and cut down trees (they didn’t have any other built resources). I was able to [Attack and Declare War] on their un-built Oil Wells (once, then got the message I can only attack each well once every 22 hours), but I wasn’t able to attack their built structures. After ending my protection (while still in their area) I was able to [Attack and Declare War] damaging their flag and cottage. I left their area and tried to return 5 minutes later but it would not let me.

There are a couple things to note here. First, black flags are public flags of a nearby city. These flags are public to anyone for hunting/harvesting. You were able to attack the unbuilt oil wells because those aren’t claimed by another player. Built structures on the other hand are claimed by another player so you would not have been able to attack them until your new player protection was off. Also, if you attack someone’s structures, it makes you their enemy, and then you are not able to use that player’s structures for travel. That is most likely why you couldn’t return back to the area after you attacked the player’s flag and cottage. It’s a bit complicated until you get used to it, but it is generally a fair system. Just remember that aggressive actions towards other players tend to come with some sort of in-game consequence. Most players are forgiving though and willing to make amends through diplomacy.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Parallel Kingdom] Suggestions

I think this is a good idea overall, but I would also offer up some things to think about. First, some players have many flags, into the thousands. Putting each flag on a list might not be feasible or really all that useful. Also, there are a couple features which may already do part of what you want. Your “Travel” menu contains a listing of many of your most important claimed buildings. It contains your log cabin/country manor/city house, all of your claimed oil wells, roc shrines and country towers you’re built, your Castle (if you’re in Kingdom), plus any city center you have ever visited… and a few other buildings. So this list has much of what you’re asking for, plus you can use it to instantly travel to any of these buildings. The second feature is the Compass. These are crafted by anyone with the Cartography skill, but anyone can use them (you can also just buy one from a trade post). The Compass will bring up a zoomed out map that contains all of the buildings on your Travel list. It is very helpful for getting a bigger picture of where your stuff is.