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Topic: Off-topic / Airsoft Megathread

Originally posted by cesarcurado:
Originally posted by Mordius:
Originally posted by Pokarnor:
Originally posted by Mordius:
Originally posted by lonewolf1621:

Travel to Afghanistan and buy a real AK47 there.

Dont need to go there to buy a real one, they are sold in any gun store

You’re only going to find civilian semi-automatic variants (legally) in the US.

Friends dad was in the marines, has a legit one in his gunsafe

lol where do you live?
lol who even have ak47s apart from poor and cheap countries these days they are old as ww2.

they are old but it is the most reliable gun in the world

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Topic: Off-topic / Charlie the dog returned home!

i hate charlie the dog

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Topic: Off-topic / Glorious Mother Russia

all hail russia

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Topic: Off-topic / how to killl some1

Originally posted by JaumeBG:
Originally posted by googoolyeye:

Induce a seemingly natural heart attack. (cookies to those who get the reference)

Haven’t got a clue… :/

death note reference

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Topic: Off-topic / What is your internet speed?

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Topic: Off-topic / Gangnam Style is the greatest one hit wonder in the history of one hit wonders

psy should make a song that surpasses gangnam style

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Topic: Off-topic / If girls can create rainbows, what do boys create? and why?


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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Think of your own bloons!

zombie bloon

looks: like a regular bloon
speed: very very slow
apperance: round 60
description: survives anything you must destroy the head to kill it

hot air bloon

looks: like a hot air bloon
speed: slow to fast
apperance: round 70
description: able to dodge your bullets you must destroy the basket to kill it or hit it when it is not aware of you

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / think of your own towers and upgrades for them

uzi monkey
description: has a powerful and fast uzi to shoot at enemies
path 1
1. more strength: shoots faster and with more accuracy (price 350,400,450
2. piercing bullets: bullets pierce enemies and do more damage(price 450,550,660
3. dual uzis: gives the monkey 1 more uzi (price 900,1100,1300
4. dual laser uzis: gives you an 2 uzis that shoots lasers that shoots 2 times faster, increased accuracy, and does double damage to moabs ballooon types (price 4000,4500,5000
path 2
1. laser sights: uzi is equipped with laser sights that have more accuracy(price 350,400,450
2. rage: angry at the balloons you shoot twice as faster, do more damage, but at reduced accuracy( allows you to control the monkey for this) exit out of from rage by pressing 0) price 500,600,700
3. grenades: the monkey randomly throws large grenades at the enemies(price 650,750,850
4. monkeys: calls fellow monkeys with upgraded uzis to help damage the enemies does even more damage(price 2000,2500,3000
unlocked at start
rank 15 to unlock tier 4 upgrades

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Topic: Off-topic / I Nominate Myself As Mod Overlord.

is that good or bad

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Topic: Off-topic / What will you do at 12/12/12?

go to school

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Topic: Off-topic / Is it hot at where you live?

no its not hot

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Topic: Off-topic / i've known, and been friends with a girl for five years, but i still dont have the gut to ask her out. what do i do?

dont ask her out

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Topic: Off-topic / Right now im preatty sick

haha you sick

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Topic: Off-topic / you ever like a girl and find out she has a boyfriend?

why fight in the first place

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Topic: Off-topic / I just got a letter in the mail

just open the mail already

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Topic: Off-topic / So I've recieved a 1 terabyte external drive

give to me

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Topic: Kongregate / If you woke up tommorow and Kongregate took over the world...

no school

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Topic: Off-topic / If You Were To Commit Suicide How Would You?

jump off a very tall buliding

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Topic: Off-topic / My parents are fighting again

why do you care if they fight


Topic: Off-topic / My Dog has Bone Cancer

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Topic: Off-topic / Remember that friend of mine that said she wanted to commit suicide a few days ago?

fuck that bitch she was threatning to commit suicide she doesnt deserve to have friends

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Topic: Off-topic / What's your worst class this year?

spanish 1-2 i have to repeat it again becuase i failed it the other year

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Topic: Off-topic / What should I use my 35 kreds for?

give it to me

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Topic: Off-topic / Nobody loves me

nobody cares