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Topic: Off-topic / Minecraft or Oblivion?

Originally posted by darkscanner:
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Originally posted by HappyAlcoholic:

Oblivion’s one of my favourite games.
MineCraft looks really fun, but I never really do much in sandbox games.

I’d have to go for Oblivion.

Morrowind is better.

What are you talking about? Morrowind is like oblivion, but with less content.


Morrowind is bigger than Oblivion by a long shot
There are still things I find to this day like the Banhammer

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Topic: Off-topic / To all my haters.

Originally posted by Dartjat:
Originally posted by babygangster911:
Originally posted by HappyAlcoholic:

He went and de-nubbed his name.
You should do the same.


Yup, everyone likes their initial letter in caps.

I like Caps so much I have 2 in my name :P

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Topic: General Gaming / Pandemic 2 -- Disease Names

This is why

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Topic: General Gaming / Portal Request Thread

i would like orange plz

i have a blue portal to give away

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Topic: General Gaming / fallout 3 weps

laser rifle – its just cool

screw plasma lasers are better

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Topic: General Gaming / Pandemic 2 -- Disease Names