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Topic: General Gaming / Pwong 3

@Indix Try the 2-Player mode. You control the paddle with the arrow keys there. Arrow keys don’t really work with multiple balls, far too slow.

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Topic: General Gaming / Pwong 3

Jup, I’m still reading this, keep it coming!

@Gama11: Whenever you miss a ball your score gets decreased, and whenever your opponent misses a ball your score gets increased. The more balls are in play the less it counts if you miss one.

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Topic: General Gaming / Pwong 3

Hi everyone,

I am the creator of the Pwong series and I am thinking about making a third one. If you haven’t played Pwong yet, here’s the Link:

I would be happy if you could take this survey about Pwong 3 to help me make it as awesome as possible.


Note: I am only thinking about Pwong 3 at the moment. Until I actually have the time to make it could still be quite a while.

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Topic: Kongregate / EPIC WEEK!!

I hope you didn’t forget my epic game this time ^^.

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Topic: Kongregate / Has there been an increase for badges made lately?

Hey guys,

I’m glad you found my game :). I just added tracking that it submits:

- the number of achievements you earned
- if you fully upgraded everything

It also tracks:

- Score in Normal Easy Mode
- Score in Normal Medium Mode
- Score in Normal Hard Mode
- Score in Extreme Mode
- Score in Insane Mode
- games won
- credits earned


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Topic: Game Programming / The blurs in Pwong


I’m glad that you liked my cool color+blur effect :). I’m actually just drawing everything on a bitmapdata, and the bluring it and applying a colormatrixfilter.

It’s a cool effect, but use it with care. It will sure use a lot of CPU. Making the effect is very easy, but the real challenge is keeping your game at a good frame rate.