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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / New userscript (based on Sreject's one)

Helpful tip for anyone having this issue :

For Chrome users trying to install the script you may get an error telling you you can’t install from that website. Easy fix, if a bit annoying.

First open Explorer (or browser of your choice) navigate to the raid script page. Find the green install button on the upper right, right click it and click ‘save target as’. Save it somewhere you can find it.

Open Chrome and type chrome://extensions into the address bar. Drag and drop the saved script file onto the extension page. Good to go.

This is currently the only way around the error.

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Topic: Wild West Town / Hireing Thread

5 for sherrif :3

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Transformice] STOP CURSING SO MUCH

Ah, children playing with children.

If you tell people not to swear, they will swear to annoy you. Most of us learn this in kindergarten.

This is closely followed by the old ‘Sticks and Stones’ rule.

Originally posted by PAIGEEPY:

… if I were a parent and I let my kid play this game with a bunch of cussing going on I’d report and sue Tigrounette because guess what… THE KIDS WILL START SWEARING TOO! WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE AN 8 YEAR OLD SWEARING!? I WOULDN’T! I’m somewhat happy they have the ignore button, but things like that are getting out of hand… older children such as teens are setting bad exsamples for all the kids 10- in age. It’s not good, not mature, not good at all! STOP SWEARING! I believe this game should be appropriate for all ages and if cussing doesn’t stop… Tigrounette won’t be liked by some people anymore… including ME…

First of all, I highly doubt you will successfully sue anyone for swearing. Good luck, though. Secondly, your job as a parent is to teach your kids what’s right, not try and parent everyone else’s kids. Hopefully you’ve figured this out before you breed. And finally, I like how you mentioned ‘maturity’. Your final sentence is the epitaph of maturity.

You have options. You are able to choose a different tab so as not to see the chat box. You are able to block people you don’t want to see.

Quit whining and act like the adults (or at least the maturity level) you’re pretending to be.

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Topic: Wild West Town / Need Care package

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Topic: Wild West Town / Neighbor URL Thread