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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Platform Racing 4 IS Coming Out!

Originally posted by Gloopy7:

hopefully pr4 is not going to die like pr3 did


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Topic: Sandbox Hero / New tile ideas

Heatzone and coldzone, which you can’t stay in for x seconds or you will be hurt peryodicaly until die or get out. Lava already have a heatzone of 2 blocks and ice of 1. You can delete the heatzone of a block or add more zones, for story maps like when you are in a hot place.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Less coin grinding or lower box price?

The basic limit for me is good. The problem is when a map gets harder coins with 11+ and we can get only 2 to fill all of coins and the others with 11+ makes no more sense to you… This limit of maps with promoved coins should be very bigger!!

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Topic: ShellShock Live 2 / Just Chattin' (Shellshock Live 2)

Nuke strike: A yellow grenade that after 5 seconds down a atomic bomb from sky at a very high speed, your range is the same than nuke but does 15+ max damage.

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Topic: ShellShock Live 2 / vote kick ingame

I agree a lot, there have many trollers or annoying players that you wanted a lot to kick him. Will be a good idea but some people will abuse of this kicking the enemy when he’s winning.

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Topic: Technical Support / Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy, Can't play it?

I just want play it again, I have a total of more than 2.900.000$ and mora than 7000 kills, I dont want lose all in one time…