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Topic: General Gaming / BHA's Game Reviews

Originally posted by DarkRainyKnight:

Boo, you gave my favorite game a poor rating. Your opinion is wrong!

I was thinking about how I’ve been rating things, and really the overall score isn’t too relevant. But just reading through the reviews and seeing what the positive and negative points are should explain it. Going just by the final ratings, you’d think I hate everything, since few games pull off everything well.

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Topic: General Gaming / BHA's Game Reviews

Chuck’s Challenge 3D [A BHA Steam Review]

Chuck’s Challenge is a top down tile based puzzle game made by the creator of the classic game, Chip’s Challenge from the late 1980’s. The goal of the game is to make it to the exit in each level, doing so by solving various puzzles, acquiring certain items, and avoiding enemies all at the same time.

Mechanics/Gameplay – The mechanics in Chuck’s Challenge 3D were well implemented and expanded upon. Starting with the first level pack, the player is already exposed to the basics through a few easy to pick up tutorials in which afterwards you get to demonstrate your knowledge of the mechanic in upcoming levels. Each level starts off with you in one spot and the goal in some other spot, and you must gather the necessary collectibles and/or items to be able to get to the exit tile. There are a variety of difficulties of levels, separated into 6 level packs, although they all feel on average the same difficulty, just with a couple really hard levels in each pack. The gameplay was fluid, and with the ability to rewind back your moves as much as you wanted, it allowed for quick adapting to solve puzzles, and to keep trying different methods. There were not really any major bugs that I encountered while playing, as the game has a really solid design base to work off of. Some exploits were found, but those were usually just people making custom levels to show off an exploit that you can only do in that specific custom circumstance, so really, it was irrelevant. There’s a few different types of levels: Sokoban Switch puzzles, which require the player to move boxes around onto certain switches to open gates. There’s also action levels, which focus more on the player getting through a pattern or series of enemies along a path, to get to the exit. Finally there’s more traditional puzzle levels where the player must get keys and objects to be able to move more freely on different terrains. As I mentioned earlier, the progression is rather nice, because no matter which level pack you choose, there will be a couple levels that can be solved rather easily, but then they get harder and each pack has a couple of really hard levels. Really quite a solid foundation and does not add too much to make it overwhelming, but really, it doesn’t add much that the 1989 Chip’s Challenge didn’t have. That makes it keep its charm though, even if the overall difficulty seems a bit toned down. 7.5/10

Fun Factor – Fun? Yes I had fun! I actually enjoyed this game so much that I managed to beat every level without looking up walkthroughs (there were none at the time of my completion). Usually I do not get into puzzle games too much, but seeing as I enjoyed Chip’s Challenge so much as a kid, and had almost forgotten about it, I decided to give it a try. Chip’s Challenge was an amazingly well designed game, and although I found this sequel a bit more toned down in terms of puzzle solving ingenuity, I really still had fun solving some of the harder levels. There was one achievement that affected my fun factor a little bit, and before you say I should not use achievements as a source of fun, that is partially what I’m basing the scoring for this section on, only because I, personally, go for all the achievements and there are many others out there like that. The achievement in question is for beating 99 user created levels. Now this wouldn’t be so bad, if a majority of the user made levels weren’t recreations of normal levels, ‘how to break the game’ levels, or completely unwinnable levels. Also, the way the user created levels section was designed makes the achievement far more annoying than it already sounds. I will cover this in more detail under the achievements section as this is not the main focus of the game, and neither is the achievement. This is a small distraction from the core level sets of the game, and the enjoyment I had while playing those was rather high, although I did get stuck at times, I always went back and managed to eventually figure it out. 7/10

Graphics/Animation – First off, the enemies don’t look menacing at all. The game is kind of adorable in terms of graphics. It uses as much color as it can to paint it as a colorful pretty puzzle game, not like the roots it has with being a complex puzzle game. It just looks so friendly and like it was meant for kids, especially with the character you play as, as well as the cartoonish gleeful representation of the developer used as ‘Mr Tutorial’. The theme of the art is really consistent, and everything just looks so snuggly. You’ll grow to learn that basically everything that moves will kill you, so it sort of makes up for the fact that the enemies do not look all that menacing. Anything that would make you lose does not really appear as if it would. Because of the easy rewind feature though, truly nothing is really that menacing anyways, so it is fitting that the monsters are not terrifying at all. It must have taken some time to get smooth animations for all the types of enemies, as well as the player. Since the camera isn’t completely top down, and is at more of an angled view from above, the characters had to be 3D, hence the 3D in the title compared to the predecessor. It looks good 7.5/10

Music/Sound – The music is alright for a casual puzzle type of game, but it is rather mindless and soporific. I’ll admit, the cheesy title screen music got stuck in my head a little bit, so I’ll give it that, but overall the music was eh, not spectacular. The rewinding also messed up the sounds a bit, which is to be expected, but is still a pain to the ears. Overall the sound effects were really nice and polished and I especially love when getting a certain transformation item and travelling on a new surface, the noises that it makes. The noise when there were enemies moving was just really annoying and drowned out the music. The music, when you can actually hear it without interruption, is alright, but bland as I mentioned before. I just listened to more of the levels total sound composition and was not impressed. The sound effects drown out the music and get annoying in more than just a few levels. On their own, the SFX are great, but how they were executed made a nightmare for ears everywhere. 3/10

Replayability – There is quite a bit of potential for replayability in this game, but as with the sounds, it was done rather poorly. I’ll start off this section with saying what the game did right in terms of creating an enticing experience to get users to replay levels. Beating the levels as fast as possible, which I do not really like with puzzle games, is not too bad in this. This awards the players with medals depending on if they beat the bronze, silver, or gold times. The problem with competing with other players to get the top time, is that not that many people have played past the first world in this game, or even own the game to begin with. As the levels went on, I was easily getting top 10 times in the world on my first completions, while still only getting bronze medals sometimes. The competitive scene for this game just isn’t there really in a big force. There are a few people trying to optimize it, but that’s it. Now the user levels. This could have added a lot of replayability if there were better levels, a better way to search for them, and to filter through them. Not enough of a user base to really make this work as well as it could have. There is also still updates being added to the game, by means of free and paid DLC’s, which add level sets (and achievements darn it). I wouldn’t really consider this replayability though but rather extending the game. 3/10

Level Design – There is a good variety to the levels and puzzles in this game. By the time your brain starts to get worn out and you want a break, the game provides an action level where you have to dodge enemies for the most part and that really breaks up the monotony. The puzzle design is fairly good, and often works with the mechanic of pushing boxes around to help you do things, such as float in water and cover buttons and reroute enemy paths. There are a bunch of deaths that don’t really feel fair, but that is pretty easily remedied by the much talked about rewind feature, which you can do even after death. This means that once you die, you can just rewind until you’re out of range of the enemy and then try to dodge it again. Or, if you screw up a puzzle for sure, but only in a recent step, you can undo it, allowing for fluid quick thinking and trying to calculate when you made certain fatal mistakes. Between the enemy types, there is a good mixture of them. There are enemies that only go back and forth, enemies that run away from you, enemies that run towards you, enemies that turn at walls, and enemies that only move when activated. There were very few times where the level could not be solved eventually given enough time, so for me, the difficulty was always spot on. 7.5/10

Achievements – For the most part, the achievements here cover pretty much all that the game has to offer, excluding speedrunning the puzzles, which would be unnecessary anyways. Firstly there are the basic achievements, for clearing levels in each level pack. For each level pack there is an achievement for clearing all 5 blocks (beating about 20/25 of the levels), and for clearing all 25/25 levels in a pack. These achievements are rather straight forward, and are part of the main gameplay. There are then achievements for creating a custom level and then uploading it, which encourages people to make levels, but unfortunately a vast amount of the uploaded levels are poorly made, mine included. Finally, the rest of the achievements are for completing user made levels. These achievements are not necessary, especially the way they were put in the game. One of the achievements is for beating the weekly level, which is usually a fairly well made level, believe it or not. The problem with this is that I got the achievement for just beating a regular level someone made, so perhaps there’s a bit of a bug there and I may have beaten a level that was the weekly puzzle in the past. Then there are achievements for beating 1,25,50, and 99 user levels. The way the user levels section is set up only creates confusion and annoyance. First off, there is no way to know which levels you’ve done, other than remembering yourself, so if you’re going for this achievement, you’ll probably want to do it in one go, or do 50 and remember what you stopped on, and continue later. The less sessions you do, the better. Another problem with the layout is that there is no good way to search through levels. You are stuck with 5 on screen at a time, only sorted by the newest first it seems, and you have to keep clicking the arrow to slowly go through pages. There is no page jumping, and you must keep clicking until you get to the last level you played. Say for example you’ve done the most recent 50 levels. Every time you exit out of a level or beat it, it takes you back to the first page of levels, rather than the page with the one you just beat. You then have to click the arrow, wait for it to go to the next page, click the arrow again, and repeat, going through 5 levels at a time, until you get back to the level you remembered you played last. Remember, it doesn’t tell you if you’ve beaten it or not, as it’s up to you to keep track. Luckily I went for this achievement first, but it did take a couple hours and it really was not all that enjoyable. The only good thing that came from it, is that a lot of the levels are exact copies of levels in the game, so when I got to those levels in the main game, I already knew how to beat them. I forgot to mention, there’s a featured tab of levels, and a newest tab of levels, although they overlap a bit, so sometimes you’ll do the same level twice and it won’t count 2 times, but sometimes you’ll play a level that looks just like one you’ve beaten, but instead it is an exact clone and will count towards the 99. The featured tab also sorts by newest first, and both featured and newest only seem to show 100 levels at once, meaning at any given time, there are only 150-200 user levels available to play. This is neglecting to mention that many of the levels are either unfairly designed, or impossible to complete, so good luck finding 99 of them that are unique that you can beat. 4.5/10

+ Cute character design
+ Variety in levels to keep players interested
+ Main game relatively bug free
+ Rewind mistakes for fluid puzzle solving
+ Hats

- Music/SFX is an earsore sometimes
- Dumbed down from Chip’s Challenge
- User-created levels section is a nightmare
- No replay value

Overall Score: 5.7/10

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Topic: General Gaming / BHA's Game Reviews

Snapshot [A BHA Steam Review]

Snapshot is a 2D puzzle platformer where the player must control a little golden robot through various scenarios to get to a goal by means of using photography to move objects and forces around. There are four chapters, each with nine levels, each level with 3 parts. Brings the total to a game with 9*3*4 = 108 levels. So it’s not a small game, and if you are going for a full completion, it could take a few days.

Mechanics/Gameplay - The main mechanic is simple enough. Players use the left mouse button to take ‘snapshots’ of various objects and things in the level to capture them. You can store a total of three snapshots at once, and they can contain as many objects as you can fit in the rectangular capture bounds. Right clicking allows the player to paste the snapshots back into the game, effectively allowing the player to take objects with them throughout the level. The object can be rotated before being placed and I have to say that this part of the mechanic is the most consistently used throughout the game out of all the little quirks, but I’ll get to that shortly. Objects captured keep whatever momentum and properties they had when captured, so say the player is pushing a crate while they capture it into the snapshot storage. When they place the crate back into the world, it will move with a little bit of force, which is whatever speed it was moving at while being pushed. Using gravity to constantly catch and place objects to go faster and faster and then using the objects to hit certain things, including yourself, is but one of the innovative ways to use this ability. Besides basic platforming after all, this is all the player has to use. One little bit I did not like about the mechanics is that the developer seemed to introduce almost a new feature every level. Even the third last level introduces a feature of the main mechanic that has been the sole concept of entire games! This is alright by me, except for the fact that since they add so much sub features of the main mechanic, they are often abandoned and never seen again on any other level but the one. At least levels have three parts, so in most cases, the player gets to learn the mechanic in the first part, use it in the second, and prove their mastery and forget about it in the third. The game did not have too many major bugs. The wind forces used later on had the potential to cause a lot of lag (and believe me, I tapped into that potential). There was also a problematic bug where sometimes loading a level, I would not be able to move, pause, or do anything but listen to the sounds of the game. I had to then close and reopen the game, and this happened a few dozen times in my time playing this game. After I got the hang of some advanced tricks with the mechanic, I was solving the puzzles left and right without ever really thinking of using a guide. The challenge never seems to grow though from world to world (internally in the levels it progresses a bit), and the game just feels like a bunch of concepts of levels thrown together 7/10

Fun Factor - I raged a bit playing this game. Some people can vouch that it seemed like I did not enjoy it, and at times it was pretty frustrating to deal with. As I started going farther and farther into the game though, I started to appreciate it more. Although there wasn’t much challenge, I still felt good about completing the puzzles and doing the speedruns. A lot of times there were awkward parts and unfair deaths such as jumping on a box next to another box only to go right in between them and land on spikes. This is when there was practically a no pixel gap in between the two boxes. That brings me to the instant deaths. With no checkpoints or anything like that, the unfair instant deaths can be frustrating. Each level has four ‘goals’: Completing the level, speedrunning it, collecting all the stars (collectibles) and taking a picture of a ‘special item’. The special item is usually found by doing something you wouldn’t do to beat the level, and to go out of the way for. The problem is that there’s almost always stars there, so you might as well do the collectibles at the same time as the picture of the special item, making either one kind of redundant. The special item leaves the player with only 2 slots for taking pictures though, adding a bit more challenge as well. Using magnets to cross spike gaps was a bit finicky as well and I did not enjoy that, and some of the features I did enjoy, such as making platforms with needles shot at the player, were rarely expanded upon. I had fun a bit, but it wasn’t as much as I thought it could be. 5/10

Graphics/Animation - Really not much to complain about here. The cutesy graphics really caught the image of the game. It all looks very nice, and the animation was really smooth, except for the holding onto ledges animation would sometimes glitch out. I also really liked how you could see capturable objects behind other objects by putting the mouse over the area as they’d highlight in yellow. The only bug I saw with this is that when exploding objects hit a wall, the particles could be seen in the wall behind and in front of it, looking quite jarring. This is only when moused over though, so usually it wasn’t a problem. Usually the game was pretty warm feeling, and always seemed happy, which was fitting as the only enemies were cute cannon things as well as giant hippos that spit at you basically. Even in the coldness of the lab area, it still felt warm because of the cute character sprite. Pasting the pictures onto the world did look a bit odd sometimes, and I get the feel that the developers were going for, but it still didn’t feel right. 7/10

Music/Sound - The music was pleasant, as were the sounds. Nice new type of retro tracks filled the levels, which was an interesting choice but it worked well. There was a good use of directional sounds too, so when you dropped a box for example way on the left of the screen, you’d hear it in the left headphone. This was also a nice way of saying that the goal is nearby, even though you can usually see it before you can hear it anyways. The snapshot noises are what I should be focusing on, because the game focuses on that. I never once felt annoyed hearing that sound despite how many time I captured objects, so that’s a plus. There was one level that was so brutally bad on my ears though, that it warrants this section at a 7 rather than a 7.5. It was a level with three cannon enemies, and for some reason, once you get to a certain point in the level, the sounds just seem to keep layering and layering and it’s a type of unnerving scratching noises that nobody ever wants to hear, especially late at night. I wasn’t expecting to play a horror game! I just wanted to beat that level, and do the speedrun, and get out of there as fast as I could. Luckily nothing like that happened in any other levels. 7/10

Replayability - The way I played this game, as an achievement hunter, I did the photo and collectibles the first run of a level, then the speedrun the second time. If I was just playing through the game normally, I feel like I’d have no desire to replay the levels once I had beaten them. Not even to try and get a faster time, although I have to admit something. At first I was skeptical of there being speedrun challenges in a puzzle platformer like this, but it actually worked out quite nicely. I could usually get the speedrun times the first time I replayed the level though, and there isn’t much in the way of leaderboards. In short, there is not much replayability here, even though if you plan on getting 100%, it will take a while, but it is pretty tedious in a lot of cases. I did like to go to levels I skipped the first time I played through though, to see what kind of new twist they would add to the mechanic or what new obstacle there would be. As for replaying levels I have already done, not so much fun. 4/10

Level Design - The level design was done alright, and fairly straightforward. I almost always knew what I was going to try for the puzzle, and it never took much time to scout out the majority of the level. I still had to think about what I had to do though. The only time the level design was not clear was when I first had to figure out that I had to capture an object with momentum and then rotate it to change its’ direction in order to solve a puzzle. That could have been done in a tutorial manner a little better. Once I solved that though, I started to manipulate the levels by using things that hurt me to launch me over certain obstacles, or jumping off of a spring, capturing it, placing it under me as I start to fall, and then capturing it again, in order to jump infinitely. It takes some mastery to that, but it made speedrun challenges a lot more interesting. There are also levels that have two doors that you can essentially teleport between. You can use these doors as great shortcuts in some levels if used not how you think they should be, and the game seems to really be open to thinking of creative solutions to beating levels faster in order to get the speedruns. The puzzles however, were often tame and never got much harder as the game progressed. I never really felt challenged after the first chapter or two. As I said before though, the deaths in this game never really felt fair. There was one level with a wind gust right above my head at the start and when speedrunning I often forgot not to jump in that area and it just blew me off the map. 6/10

Achievements - Ahhh, I always love talking about achievements! These achievements were terrible and bland for the most part. Terrible in the sense that the way to unlock them is completely counter intuitive and glitchy, and bland for being well, bland. There were only about three different achievements that were anything besides just completing stuff in the game. These achievements were for moving really fast, for capturing something that’s moving really fast, and for using the infinite jump method I mentioned earlier. I really did enjoy these three achievements because they highlighted some advanced tactics of the game that seemed so weird that I did not think it was intentionally supposed to be like that, until I found puzzles that needed these skills. All the other achievements were completely standard, and had to do with getting the four medals types in every level of the world. There was an achievement per world for each of the following: Completing every level, capturing every special picture, getting all the stars, and doing all the speedruns. Boooring. Now I talk about the glitchiness. Holy hell it was a nightmare. First off, there are achievements for finishing the game with 25,35,45,55,65,75, and 100% completion. You would think that completing the game at 100% would give you them all right? Nope. You have to watch the end credits at each percentage threshold. I was aware of this before I started playing, so I skipped as many levels as I could and came out at 29% at the end, getting the first achievement. Since there was no way I found of checking percentage in game, I had to constantly go and watch the credits every few levels completed to make sure I did not miss a percentage threshold. That was my major problem with the achievements, luckily though they all are attainable. There was also a rather annoying bug where upon loading the game after beating the first chapter to completion, I was instantly awarded the speedrun achievements for the other three chapters. Sort of frustrating, and I still had to do all the speedruns for 100% anyways. Getting 100% completion in this game did take me a while, but that’s because I did not want to do very many levels at once. It did not really challenge me, especially since I’m rather weak in puzzle platformers compared to other genres. The speedruns and some collectible levels were tough and took a few tries, but in the end it really did not take much. I think the achievements are under earned, but really I just think that is because people got tired of the game after a few hours, and not everyone is a completionist. 3/10

+ Nice music and sounds
+ Levels were well designed
+ Solid core mechanic
+ Consistent, well toned art style

- Froze quite often
- Buggy Achievements
- Little challenge
- Obnoxious deaths / no checkpoints
- Too many gimmicks, not enough expanding

Overall Score: 5.6/10

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Topic: General Gaming / BHA's Game Reviews

Reviews: (R-Z)



Snapshot (Steam)








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Topic: General Gaming / BHA's Game Reviews

Reviews: (I-Q)










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Topic: General Gaming / BHA's Game Reviews

Reviews: (0-H)





Chuck’s Challenge 3D (Steam)






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Topic: General Gaming / BHA's Game Reviews

Hello Kongregate!

I’m planning on creating full, detailed reviews to brush up on my writing skills. I’ll be reviewing games I play to completion for the most part, so I’ll be able to cover most aspects of the games fairly well hopefully :)

I will be starting with steam games, but I may also expand onto other games such as flash and perhaps console games; who knows! These guides will also put a bit of emphasis on the achievement section, as that is something I plan on focusing on in reviewing, but I will be sure to hit the other points as well!

I do actually have a degree in Visual Art as well as Game Design, and I’m always open to critique as I want these reviews to be as detailed as possible. Any suggestions for rating subsections are welcome as I write better with more precise focuses~

Hope I can help you decide whether a game is worth it or not, or even just provide an informative review for those that like this kind of writing.

Game on!

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Topic: Forum Games / The List

I should host and make every round about games. :3

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Topic: Off-topic / Over cook food or under cook food

Over cooked is safer. Unless it’s just a completely burnt mess. It’d still be safer probably. Depends what type of food too and how it’s prepared “under cooked”.

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Topic: Kongregate / What was that site

Perhaps this?

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Topic: Forum Games / The List


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Topic: Forum Games / The List

Originally posted by occooa:

Root beer.

Root beer is not a brand. :3

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Topic: Forum Games / The List

Originally posted by SamsterSamster:

Really? Chaos is chaotic? >.>


Yes, very much so :>

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Nikhil the Cman is the next Kongpanion! :D Panda~

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Topic: Technical Support / Kong Bot: username's room is no longer available.

I noticed a similar thing earlier.

On my other account, I was in a user’s private chat room. I was in that chatroom until I was the only one left. I signed out of my account and into this one, to find I still had the tab to that room. Upon clicking it, it wasn’t available (I was the last one holding it up, after all.) I think that it would have let me stay in that chat had there been others in there, even on another account, which was strange.

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Topic: Off-topic / Alts

I haven’t been on this alt in ages, it’s funny that I do the day this topic come up.

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Topic: Off-topic / So I plan to move on and go to SD... (nvm it sucks :D)

Honestly, SD is no better than OT. FGF (sometimes) and the main forum are cool though.

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Topic: Kongregate / New badge discussion

What’s this? An old game getting badges :O

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Topic: Off-topic / who do you miss the most?

SpeaksfortheDead, Strawuni, Maik50, Braves055, AZ, Fullycharged.

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Topic: Kongregate / Should Kongregate continue giving badges to New Games even if they are all rubbish?

Originally posted by DarkRainyKnight:

Why do all of these stupid MMOs use the same words in their titles?

Dawn = Dawn of Darkness, Dawn of the Dragons, Battle Dawn
Kings = Kings and Legends, King’s Bounty: Legions
Dragons = Dawn of the Dragons, Clash of the Dragons, Dragon’s Call
Legacy = Legacy of a Thousand Suns, Legacy of Heroes
Saga = Epic War Saga, Crystal Saga
Heroes = Legacy of Heroes, Heroes of Gaia
Papa’s = -Papa’s Hot Doggeria, Papa’s Wingeria, Papa’s Pancakeria, Papa’s Freezeria, Papa’s Taco Mia!, Papa’s Burge

Don’t forget the rhyming “ee” sounds


Oh and

Dragon’s Call, Call of Gods, Call of Duty

E: Well it seems I caught you before you edited your post, not once, but twice XD

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Topic: Kongregate / Post Your Wins.

Emerald is definitely my favorite traditional Pokemon game. I like your team too; I always try to level evenly, because it’s so easy to just rely on one.

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Topic: Kongregate / Level capacity

What with these recent posts I just had to join in. I’m BHA and I’m a Badgeaholic.

To stay relevant: Like I said before, it really isn’t as big a deal as some people make it seem; being at the level cap shouldn’t stop you from earning badges and playing games.

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Topic: Kongregate / Badge Hunters Anonymous

Originally posted by Bilious:
Originally posted by BadgeHuntersAnon:

Pillage the Village in its long and glitchy glory. Yes, I made the whole video one part

That’s really impressive, just for how fast you did it considering the glitchiness of the last 10 levels.

Thanks; to be honest, I was pretty fed up when I had figured the strategy and could do levels on my first try, but every level would crash the first time I would go through it.

On a side note, I’m probably going to take another big break before I truly attempt Zunderfury, maybe play some random games. :P

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Topic: Kongregate / Badge Hunters Anonymous

Pillage the Village in its long and glitchy glory. Yes, I made the whole video one part

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Topic: Kongregate / Level capacity

The Cap only stops you from earning badges/points and having fun if you let it. It’s not really a big issue.